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Correction to: Near infrared laser irradiation induces NETosis via oxidative stress and autophagy.

The published online version contains mistake on the author names. The first names and family names were interchanged. Corrected names are shown in the author group section above.

Correction to: Health status of Polish children and adolescents after cancer treatment.

The first and family names of the authors were interchanged. The correct author names are now correctly presented in this article.

Use of Proprietary Names by Prescribers for Generic Products.

Proprietary names are often used when prescribing drug products in the United States. The purpose of this study is to describe prescribers' use of proprietary names for generic products, branded-generic names, on prescription orders and to identify prescribing practice trends to inform the development and evaluation of new proprietary names.

Use of Proprietary Names by Prescribers When Prescribing Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drug Products.

To identify if proprietary names are used by health care practitioners when prescribing over-the-counter (OTC) drug products. These findings can inform evaluation of proposed proprietary names for both prescription and OTC drug products.

Enabling clinicians to easily find location-based travel health recommendations-is innovation needed?

The types of place names and the level of geographic detail that patients report to clinicians regarding their intended travel itineraries vary. The reported place names may not match those in published travel health recommendations, making traveler-specific recommendations potentially difficult and time-consuming to identify. Most published recommendations are at the country level; however, subnational recommendations exist when documented disease risk varies within a country, as for malaria and yellow fev...

Design of Brand Names of Medicines Considering Subjects' Preferences.

Only recently, regulations on the names of medicines were developed. Regulations are mainly focused on avoiding the approval of medicine names that may be confusing to others. Furthermore, legal requirements do not include testing for human factors, such as potential users' preferences.

Testing domain general learning in an Australian lizard.

A key question in cognition is whether animals that are proficient in a specific cognitive domain (domain specific hypothesis), such as spatial learning, are also proficient in other domains (domain general hypothesis) or whether there is a trade-off. Studies testing among these hypotheses are biased towards mammals and birds. To understand constraints on the evolution of cognition more generally, we need broader taxonomic and phylogenetic coverage. We used Australian eastern water skinks (Eulamprus quoyii)...

Why are so many effectively published names of prokaryotic taxa never validated?

Nearly half of the new names of prokaryotic taxa between the ranks of subspecies and class that were effectively published in journals other than the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM) in the period 2014-2017 were never submitted for validation. A survey of such effectively published names that include information on the etymology of the name, a description of the taxon, and for species and subspecies generally at least one culture collection deposit, shows that for mo...

Feasibility of A-mode ultrasound based intraoperative registration in computer-aided orthopedic surgery: A simulation and experimental study.

A fast and accurate intraoperative registration method is important for Computer-Aided Orthopedic Surgery (CAOS). A-mode ultrasound (US) is able to acquire bone surface data in a non-invasive manner. To utilize A-mode US in CAOS, a suitable registration algorithm is necessary with a small number of registration points and the presence of measurement errors. Therefore, we investigated the effects of (1) the number of registration points and (2) the Ultrasound Point Localization Error (UPLE) on the overall re...

Feasibility of using smartphones by village health workers for pregnancy registration and effectiveness of mobile phone text messages on reduction of homebirths in rural Uganda.

Homebirths are common in low and middle income countries and are associated with poor child survival. We assessed the feasibility of using smartphones by village health workers for pregnancy registration and the effectiveness of health text messages (SMS) sent to pregnant women through village health workers in reducing homebirths in rural Uganda.

Adolescent self-rated health predicts general practice attendance in adulthood: Results from the Young-HUNT1 survey.

Self-rated health (SRH) is a predictor of future health. However, the association between SRH in adolescence and health problems and health care utilization in adulthood has rarely been investigated. The aim of this study was to examine adolescent SRH as a predictor of general practitioner consultations in adulthood.

Normalized Total Gradient: A New Measure for Multispectral Image Registration.

Image registration is a fundamental issue in multispectral image processing, and is challenged by two main characteristics of multispectral images. First, the regional intensities can be essentially different between band images. Second, the local contrasts of two difference band images are inconsistent or even reversed. Conventional measures can align images with different regional intensity levels, but may fail in the circumstance of severe local intensity variation. In this paper, a new measure called no...

3D/2D model-to-image registration by imitation learning for cardiac procedures.

In cardiac interventions, such as cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), image guidance can be enhanced by involving preoperative models. Multimodality 3D/2D registration for image guidance, however, remains a significant research challenge for fundamentally different image data, i.e., MR to X-ray. Registration methods must account for differences in intensity, contrast levels, resolution, dimensionality, field of view. Furthermore, same anatomical structures may not be visible in both modalities. Current...

Sound Symbolic Patterns in Pokémon Names.

This paper presents a case study of sound symbolism, cases in which certain sounds tend to be associated with particular meanings. We used the corpus of all Japanese Pokémon names available as of October 2016. We tested the effects of voiced obstruents, mora counts, and vowel quality on Pokémon characters' size, weight, strength parameters, and evolution levels. We found that the number of voiced obstruents in Pokémon names correlates positively with size, weight, evolution levels, and general strength p...

The relationship between general health and coping style with the perceived stress in primigravida healthy pregnant women: using the PATH model.

The aim of this study was to analyze relationships among general health, coping style, and perceived stress in healthy primigravida pregnant women. A cross-sectional study was conducted at public health clinics in Hamadan city, Iran between July and December 2015. In total, 380 pregnant women were selected through stratified random sampling. Data were collected using the Revised Prenatal Coping Inventory and General Health Questionnaire. Perceived stress was assessed through an interview comprised of open-e...

Mental and physical health-related quality of life in patients with hepatitis C is related to baseline comorbidities and improves only marginally with hepatitis C cure.

The objective of the study was to analyze the relationship between patient characteristics and the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) among patients with hepatitis C at the start of treatment, 2-12 weeks of treatment and ≥3 months post treatment using Short-Form 36 (SF-36). The eight domains and two composite scores of SF-36 were analyzed using 236 individuals. Compared to US general population norms, on average, the physical health scores were significantly lower for the studied hepatitis C populatio...

Intellectual disability content within pre-registration nursing curriculum: How is it taught?

Despite experiencing higher rates of physical and mental health conditions compared with the general population, people with intellectual disability face inequitable access to healthcare services. Improving education of healthcare professionals is one way to reduce these inequalities.

Experiences of General Practitioners and Practice Support Staff Using a Health and Lifestyle Screening App in Primary Health Care: Implementation Case Study.

Technology-based screening of young people for mental health disorders and health compromising behaviors in general practice increases the disclosure of sensitive health issues and improves patient-centered care. However, few studies investigate how general practitioners (GPs) and practice support staff (receptionists and practice managers) integrate screening technology into their routine work, including the problems that arise and how the staff surmount them.

Intrasubject multimodal groupwise registration with the conditional template entropy.

Image registration is an important task in medical image analysis. Whereas most methods are designed for the registration of two images (pairwise registration), there is an increasing interest in simultaneously aligning more than two images using groupwise registration. Multimodal registration in a groupwise setting remains difficult, due to the lack of generally applicable similarity metrics. In this work, a novel similarity metric for such groupwise registration problems is proposed. The metric calculates...

Point-cloud registration using adaptive radial basis functions.

Non-rigid registration is a common part of bioengineering model-generation workflows. Compared to common mesh-based methods, radial basis functions can provide more flexible deformation fields due to their meshless nature. We introduce an implementation of RBF non-rigid registration with iterative knot-placement to adaptively reduce registration error. The implementation is validated on surface meshes of the femur, hemi-pelvis, mandible, and lumbar spine. Mean registration surface errors ranged from 0.37 to...

Variation assessment of deformable registration in stereotactic radiosurgery.

The regular functions of CT-MRI registration include delineation of targets and organs-at-risk (OARs) in radiosurgery planning. The question of whether deformable image registration (DIR) could be applied to stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) in its place remains a subject of debate.

Registration of Laser Scanning Point Clouds: A Review.

The integration of multi-platform, multi-angle, and multi-temporal LiDAR data has become important for geospatial data applications. This paper presents a comprehensive review of LiDAR data registration in the fields of photogrammetry and remote sensing. At present, a coarse-to-fine registration strategy is commonly used for LiDAR point clouds registration. The coarse registration method is first used to achieve a good initial position, based on which registration is then refined utilizing the fine registra...

Registration of Panoramic/Fish-Eye Image Sequence and LiDAR Points Using Skyline Features.

We propose utilizing a rigorous registration model and a skyline-based method for automatic registration of LiDAR points and a sequence of panoramic/fish-eye images in a mobile mapping system (MMS). This method can automatically optimize original registration parameters and avoid the use of manual interventions in control point-based registration methods. First, the rigorous registration model between the LiDAR points and the panoramic/fish-eye image was built. Second, skyline pixels from panoramic/fish-eye...

The rise of medicalization of plants in Brazil: A temporal perspective on vernacular names.

Brazilian plant species used in folk medicine have acquired several popular names related to commercial medicines in recent decades. This fact has directly effect to the medicalization process.

Event-related desynchronization of mu and beta oscillations during the processing of novel tool names.

According to the embodied cognition framework, the formation of conceptual representations integrates the type of experience during learning. In this electroencephalographic study, we applied a linguistic variant of a training paradigm, in which participants learned to associate novel names to novel tools while either manipulating or visually exploring them. The analysis focused on event-related desynchronization (ERD) of oscillations in the mu and beta frequency range, which reflects activation of sensorim...

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