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Men don't talk about their health, but will they CHAT? The potential of online holistic needs assessment in prostate cancer.

Men don't talk about their health is a familiar trope. Evidence suggests that in the United States (US) and in the United Kingdom (UK) this is indeed the case. A survey of five hundred men in the US over the age of eighteen reported only 7% discussing their health with their peers [1]. Only 42% of men surveyed were prepared to consult a health care professional over a worrying symptom [1]. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Migration among temporary foreign workers: Examining health and access to health care among Filipina live-in caregivers.

In 2015, approximately 14,000 migrants were accepted into Canada as live-in caregivers. While extensive research has documented the working conditions of migrant live-in caregivers, few studies examine the health experiences of this population related to their employment as caregivers. This research examines the relationship between employment under the Federal Government's (Live-in) Caregiver Program and health and access to healthcare services among 21 Filipina caregivers working in the Greater Toronto Ar...

Exploring talk about sexuality and living gay social lives among Chinese and South Asian gay and bisexual men in Auckland, New Zealand.

To identify ways Chinese and South Asian gay and bisexual men living in Auckland talk about issues related to sexuality and experiences of living 'gay social lives.' Results will be available to inform health policy and practice.

Recently Described and Clinically Important Entities in Testis Tumors.

- In 2016 the World Health Organization published a revised classification of testicular neoplasms based upon advances in understanding their pathogenesis and molecular biology. The rationale for this revision and additional clinically relevant observations were the topics of a talk given to the Houston Society of Clinical Pathologists in April 2017. This paper summarizes that talk.

The role of fat talk in eating pathology and depressive symptoms among mother-daughter dyads.

The present study investigated how eating pathology and depressive symptoms were related to the dyadic dynamics of fat talk in mother-daughter relationships during adolescence. The current sample included 100 mother-daughter dyads who completed a survey on their fat talk disclosure, eating pathology, and depressive symptoms. The Actor-Partner Interdependence Model (APIM) was utilized for the dyadic data. Adolescent girls' and mothers' engagement in fat talk was related to their own eating pathology. Daughte...

Migrant Live-in Caregivers Mental Health in Canada.

Empirical evidence suggests rapid health decline among temporary migrant workers but there is limited knowledge about their mental health. This study explored live-in care givers' (LCs) mental health and its determinants. Using a mixed methods design, a purposeful sample of 30 LCs was recruited. Data were collected through a selfcompleted questionnaire. A third of participants reported their mental health as poor or fair. Almost half experienced major depression. The poor mental health was associated with t...

Prevalence of Trauma in an Australian Inner City Mental Health Service Consumer Population.

This study examined the rates and types of trauma reported by consumers utilising an inner city mental health service in Sydney, Australia. The study also explored whether consumers felt that it had been helpful to be asked about their experience of trauma, whether they thought that these questions should be asked routinely and if they wanted to talk about these experiences. Ninety-one consumers from an inner city mental health service were assessed. Eighty-eight percent of the consumers assessed reported t...

Simultaneous Multicolor Single-Molecule Tracking with Single-Laser Excitation via Spectral Imaging.

Single-molecule tracking (SMT) offers rich information on the dynamics of underlying biological processes, but multicolor SMT has been challenging due to spectral cross talk and a need for multiple laser excitations. Here, we describe a single-molecule spectral imaging approach for live-cell tracking of multiple fluorescent species at once using a single-laser excitation. Fluorescence signals from all the molecules in the field of view are collected using a single objective and split between positional and ...

Human health: is it who you are or where you live?

We have to talk about health-related quality of life.

Disparities and change over time in distance women would need to travel to have an abortion in the USA: a spatial analysis.

Abortion can help women to control their fertility and is an important component of health care for women. Although women in the USA who live further from an abortion clinic are less likely to obtain an abortion than women who live closer to an abortion clinic, no national study has examined inequality in access to abortion and whether inequality has increased as the number of abortion clinics has declined.

An investigation of maternal food intake and maternal food talk as predictors of child food intake.

Though parental modeling is thought to play a critical role in promoting children's healthy eating, little research has examined maternal food intake and maternal food talk as independent predictors of children's food intake. The present study examines maternal food talk during a structured eating protocol, in which mothers and their children had the opportunity to eat a series of familiar and unfamiliar vegetables and desserts. Several aspects of maternal talk during the protocol were coded, including over...

Let's not talk about sex : Unexpected tensions in teaching women's health.

Nature and consequences of positively-intended fat talk in daily life.

The current study used ecological momentary assessment to explore the frequency, trait predictors, and momentary consequences of positively-intended fat talk, a specific sub-type of fat talk that involves making negative comments about one's own appearance with the view to making someone else feel better. A total of 135 women aged 18-40 completed trait measures of appearance-based comparisons, thin-ideal internalisation, body shame, and body surveillance, before completing a state-based component, involving...

Catch the live show: Visualizing damaged DNA in vivo.

The health of an organism is intimately linked to its ability to repair damaged DNA. Importantly, DNA repair processes are highly dynamic. This highlights the necessity of characterizing DNA repair in live cells. Advanced genome editing and imaging approaches allow us to visualize damaged DNA and its associated factors in real time. Here, we summarize both established and recent methods that are used to induce DNA damage and visualize damaged DNA and its repair in live cells.

An introduction to global mental health.

In general, readers of (FSH) practice in high income countries and in settings that have adequate resources. Providers can usually count on being able to offer the material resources and skills that patients need to heal. This bounty of resources is in contrast to many clinics in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The need for mental health services in LMICs is significant and growing because of upheaval caused by war and other disasters. The topics in this issue talk about the obstacles to obtainin...

A Practice-Oriented Review of Health Concepts.

Whereas theories on health generally argue in favor of one specific concept, we argue that, given the variety of health practices, we need different concepts of health. We thus approach health concepts as a Wittgensteinian family of thick concepts. By discussing five concepts of health offered by (philosophical) theory, we argue that all capture something that seems relevant when we talk and think about health. Classifying these concepts reveals their family resemblances: each of these concepts differs from...

Live long in nature and long live nature!

Walk the talk: Leader behavior in parental education groups.

Expectant and new parents are offered parental education groups as a way to support their transition to parenthood. Group leadership in these groups has been found to be challenging. Using a qualitative and summative design, the aim of the present study was to investigate how health professionals describe their role in parental education groups compared to their actual behavior. Thirteen health professional leaders in antenatal and child health services were interviewed. These descriptions were compared wit...

Negative body talk measures for Asian, Latina(o), and White women and men: Measurement equivalence and associations with ethnic-racial identity.

Negative body talk measures have been developed with predominantly White, female samples. We tested measurement invariance (equivalence) of two available negative body talk scales for Asian, Latina(o), and White college women and men in the U.S. In Study 1 (n = 1501 women; n = 1436 men), multiple group confirmatory factor analyses indicated scalar (strong) invariance across groups for the Negative Body Talk (Engeln-Maddox, Salk, & Miller, 2012) and Male Body Talk (Sladek, Engeln, & Miller, 2014) sca...

Strengthening mental health nurses' resilience through a workplace resilience programme: A qualitative inquiry.

WHAT IS KNOWN ON THE SUBJECT?: Mental health nurses are affected by interpersonal, practice-related and organizational factors that can increase workplace stress and reduce their physical and mental health and well-being. Resilience programmes are a strength-based preventative approach to supporting individuals to overcome workplace adversities. WHAT THE PAPER ADDS TO EXISTING KNOWLEDGE?: This qualitative inquiry is the first study to report mental health nurses' perspectives and experiences on a workplace ...

Something to talk about: Topics of conversation between romantic partners during military deployments.

Long-distance communication has been frequently identified as essential to military couples trying to maintain their relationship during a deployment. Little quantitative research, however, has assessed the types of topics discussed during such communication and how those topics relate to overall relationship satisfaction. The current study draws on a sample of 56 Army couples who provided data through online surveys while the service member was actively deployed. These couples provided information on curre...

Visibility and meanings of partnership in health care for older people who need support to live at home.

Problems experienced by older people with complex needs to live at home have been reported in the literature. This qualitative study builds on previous research and investigates enduring issues older people face when interacting with healthcare services.

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