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Escalating utilization of inpatient surgery for pelvic floor dysfunction in the elderly in Taiwan.

The direct cost of operations and health care expenditure for treating pelvic floor dysfunction are substantial. In this study, we evaluate the number of inpatient surgical procedures and direct expenditures for treating pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence under the coverage of National Health Insurance (NHI) in Taiwan.

An Interactive Voice Response and Text Message Intervention to Improve Blood Pressure Control Among Individuals With Hypertension Receiving Care at an Urban Indian Health Organization: Protocol and Baseline Characteristics of a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial.

Efficient and effective strategies for treating chronic health conditions such as hypertension are particularly needed for under-resourced clinics such as Urban Indian Health Organizations (UIHOs).

Comparison of the Efficacy of Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate in Treating Prostate Volumes of ≤80 and > 80 mL.

Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) is becoming the new standard procedure for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a common condition in aging men. Most studies have focused on proving its efficacy in treating large prostates. In this study, we compared its efficacy in treating small (< 80 mL) and large (> 80 mL) prostates.

Treatment of amphetamine abuse/use disorder: a systematic review of a recent health concern.

The study systematically reviewed the effectiveness of pharmacological treatments alone or combined with brief cognitive-behavioural therapy (BCBT) for treating Iranian amphetamine abusers. The secondary aim was to review the efficacy of BCBT alone or combined with pharmacological treatments for treating amphetamine abusers in the world.

The Costs of Hepatitis C by Liver Disease Stage: Estimates from the Veterans Health Administration.

The release of highly effective but costly medications for the treatment of hepatitis C virus combined with a doubling in the incidence of hepatitis C virus have posed substantial financial challenges for many healthcare systems. We provide estimates of the cost of treating patients with hepatitis C virus that can inform the triage of pharmaceutical care in systems with limited healthcare resources.

Elements of community-based models for treating hepatitis C virus in supporting HCV elimination in Australia: A Delphi study.

A key to achieving the goal of hepatitis C virus (HCV) elimination is the provision of its treatment in community settings. This study aimed to identify the important organisational and operational elements of community-based models for treating HCV and their feasibility in the Australian context.

What makes a difficult patient so difficult? Examining the therapist's experience beyond patient characteristics.

The primary aim of this study is to improve our understanding of therapists' experience of a "difficult patient" and consider the different variables involved in this label. What makes a patient be perceived as difficult by a therapist in public health services? Results of our analysis of 10 qualitative semistructured interviews of therapists working in public health service in Chile indicated that therapists' perceptions of a "difficult patient" depend on variables that go beyond the patient's intrinsic ch...

Financial risk protection at the bedside: How Ethiopian physicians try to minimize out-of-pocket health expenditures.

Out-of-pocket health expenditures can pose major financial risks, create access-barriers and drive patients and families into poverty. Little is known about physicians' role in financial protection of patients and families at the bedside in low-income settings and how they perceive their roles and duties when treating patients in a health care system requiring high out-of-pocket costs.

Challenges of Treating Mental Health Issues in Correctional Settings.

The current article explores the challenges of correctional nursing and provides implications for nursing practice and advocacy for optimal outcomes for incarcerated individuals with mental illness. The role of the nurse as advocate and educator is discussed. Opportunities for changing the conversation that addresses the criminalization of mental illness, stigma, and social policy is presented as a path forward. [Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, 57(7), 7-12.].

The role of diet in preventing photoaging and treating common skin conditions.

As interest in complementary and alternative medicine has grown, the relationship between diet and skin health has become an active area of research. Various supplements, plant derivatives, and antioxidants have gained attention as possible tools to prevent signs of aging and improve skin conditions. As such, knowledge of clinical trial data is important to counsel patients appropriately on risks and benefits of these complementary treatments and lifestyle modifications. Herein, we review the role of diet a...

Systematic Reviews of Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder: Should we be using Third Wave Therapies?

Third wave therapies have shown efficacy for treating emotional disorders and potential for treating substance use disorders. There is developing interest in whether they can more specifically be used for treating alcohol use disorders (AUDs). We were interested in whether third wave therapies have value alongside current evidence-based psychosocial treatments for AUDs.

Big City Health Officials' Conceptualizations of Health Equity.

Senior health officials of local health departments are uniquely positioned to provide transformational leadership on health disparities and inequities.

Gut Microbiota, a Potential New Target for Chinese Herbal Medicines in Treating Diabetes Mellitus.

The gut microbiota, as an important factor affecting host health, plays a significant role in the occurrence and development of diabetes mellitus (DM), and the mechanism may be related to excessive endotoxins, altered short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), and disordered bile acid metabolism. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a long history of treating DM, but its mechanism is not very clear. Recent research has suggested that Chinese herbal medicine can improve glucose metabolism by remodeling the gut micro...

Effects of non-health-targeted policies on migrant health: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Government policies can strongly influence migrants' health. Using a Health in All Policies approach, we systematically reviewed evidence on the impact of public policies outside of the health-care system on migrant health.

Analyzing the Performance of a Blockchain-based Personal Health Record Implementation.

The Personal Health Record (PHR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) play a key role in more efficient access to health records by health professionals and patients. It is hard, however, to obtain a unified view of health data that is distributed across different health providers. In particular, health records are commonly scattered in multiple places and are not integrated.

Treatment decisions regarding caries and dental developmental defects in children - a questionnaire-based study among Norwegian dentists.

Current knowledge on treatment strategies and choice of restorative materials when treating deep caries or severe dental developmental defects (DDDs) in young individuals is scarce. Therefore, the aim was to investigate Norwegian dentists´ treatment decisions and reasons for treatment choice when treating deep caries in primary teeth and severe DDDs in permanent teeth in children.

The impact of savings and credit on health and health behaviours: an outcome-wide longitudinal approach.

This study evaluated decisions related to debt and savings on physical health, emotional health and health behaviours.

Efficacy of Abdominal Control Feedback and Scapula Stabilization Exercises in Participants With Forward Head, Round Shoulder Postures and Neck Movement Impairment.

Signs and symptoms of impaired function of the musculoskeletal system may be targeted by treating dysfunction located elsewhere.

Wastewater treatment in amine-based carbon capture.

Amine-based CO capture (ACC) has become one cost-effective method for reducing carbon emissions in order to mitigate climate changes. The amine-rich wastewater (ARWW) generated from ACC may contain a series of degradation products of amine-based solvents (ABSs). These products are harmful for ecological environment and human health. Effective and reliable ARWW treatment methods are highly required for mitigating the harmfulness. However, there is a lack of a comprehensive review of the existing limited meth...

Development and Validation of the Health Literacy Scale for Workers.

Health literacy has received growing attention in recent years to reduce health disparities. Health literate individuals can gain access, understand and use health information to maintain, improve and promote good health.

Development and validation of the Health Visual Information Preference Scale.

Patients are likely to have individual preferences for learning about health, which may influence their comprehension and utilization of health information. Some patients may prefer visual health information, which can make complex health information easier to understand. Aligning health information presentation with preferences may increase understanding and improve health outcomes, yet no scale measures preferences for visual health information.

Health-related quality of life change in patients treated at a multidisciplinary pain clinic.

Multidisciplinary pain management (MPM) is a generally-accepted method for treating chronic pain, but heterogeneous outcome measures provide only limited conclusions concerning its effectiveness. Therefore, further studies on the effectiveness of MPM are needed to identify subgroups of patients who benefit, or do not benefit, from these interventions. Our aim was to analyze health-related quality of life (HRQoL) changes after MPM and to identify factors associated with treatment outcomes.

Predictors of Clostridioides difficile recurrence across a national cohort of veterans in outpatient, acute, and long-term care settings.

The greatest challenge in treating Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI) is disease recurrence, which occurs in about 20% of patients, usually within 30 days of treatment cessation. We sought to identify independent predictors of first recurrence among a national cohort of veterans with CDI.

A Dictator's Gift: Dominant party regimes and health expenditures.

A country's health expenditure significantly improves its population health status. This study aims to examine the determinants of health expenditure in dictatorships.

Public health: who, what, and why?

There has been renewed concern about the state of public health in Canada, with several recent articles in this journal suggesting that the discipline of public health is under threat and that there has been a significant erosion of its core infrastructure. We strongly agree with the need for a well-resourced formal public health system and preservation of capacity to carry out core public health functions, while also positing a complementary narrative that emphasizes the possibility for a broad notion of p...

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