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The Florence Nightingale Foundation: developing nursing's leaders.

Ursula Ward, Chief Executive, Florence Nightingale Foundation, , describes the role of the foundation and its plans for the future.

Hurricane knowledge and interpretation of forecasted error cone and wind potential graphics.

The purpose was to examine how participants understand, interpret, and make decisions using hurricane forecast graphics.

Disaster Management in a Nephrology Service: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico suffered a major humanitarian -crisis after Hurricane Maria. We describe our experience with patients with renal disease in an academic medical center.

Hurricane Katrina: A nurse practitioner's experience.

Storm preparedness and recovery has shown much improvement since Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005, during which more than 1,000 people died. The floodwaters did not recede for weeks. The purpose of this article is to provide readers with information on the lived experience of a nurse practitioner during Hurricane Katrina. Health care providers are not immune from the life-changing effects of a disaster. Readers are provided resources to access disaster preparedness information.

Is Italian population protected from Poliovirus? Results of a seroprevalence survey in Florence, Italy.

Periodical assessments of population susceptibility to polioviruses (PV) is essential for evaluating population protection and planning appropriate vaccination strategies. The aim of the current work was to assess serological protective titers against all three polioviruses in the general population of Florence.

Temperature and Manure Placement in a Snowpack Affect Nutrient Release from Dairy Manure during Snowmelt.

Agricultural nutrient management is an issue due to N and P losses from fields and water quality degradation. Better information is needed on the risk of nutrient loss in runoff from dairy manure applied in winter. We investigated the effect of temperature on nutrient release from liquid and semisolid manure to water, and of manure quantity and placement within a snowpack on nutrient release to melting snow. Temperature did not affect manure P and NH-N release during water extraction. Manure P release, but ...

The Impact of Hurricane Sandy on HIV Testing Rates: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis, January 1, 2011‒December 31, 2013.

Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the eastern coast of the United States on October 29, 2012 resulting in 117 deaths and 71.4 billion dollars in damage. Persons with undiagnosed HIV infection might experience delays in diagnosis testing, status confirmation, or access to care due to service disruption in storm-affected areas. The objective of this study is to describe the impact of Hurricane Sandy on HIV testing rates in affected areas and estimate the magnitude and duration of disruption in HIV testing asso...

Release of phosphorus from sediments under wave-induced liquefaction.

The endogenous release of nutrients from marine or lacustrine sediment is an important factor in water eutrophication. Overlying water dynamic actions (waves) may lead to sediment resuspension and even sediment liquefaction, especially under strong wind-induced waves, which may subsequently lead to the release of nutrients from sediments and contribution to water eutrophication. A wave flume simulator was used to study changes in the phosphorus concentrations in the overlying water at different consolidatio...

Assessment of heavy metals in loose deposits in drinking water distribution system.

Heavy metal accumulation and potential releases from loose deposits in drinking water distribution system (DWDS) can have critical impacts on drinking water safety, but the associated risks have not been sufficiently evaluated. In this work, the potential biological toxicity of heavy metals in loose deposits was calculated based on consensus-based sediment quality guidelines, and the effects of some of the main water quality parameters, such as the pH and bicarbonate and phosphate content, on the release be...

Four release tests exhibit variable silver stability from nanoparticle-modified reverse osmosis membranes.

Modification of polyamide reverse osmosis (RO) membranes with silver nanoparticles (AgNP) may effectively control biofouling. While silver leaching tests are usually performed during membrane development, the lack of common testing protocols limits cross-comparison among different labs. We compare four release tests to quantify the release of dissolved and nanoparticulate silver from polyamide RO membranes prepared through in situ surface functionalization: (1) batch immersion, (2) dead-end filtration, (3) ...

Investigation on extracellular polymeric substances, sludge flocs morphology, bound water release and dewatering performance of sewage sludge under pretreatment with modified phosphogypsum.

Modified phosphogypsum (MPG) was developed to improve dewaterability of sewage sludge, and dewatering performance, properties of treated sludge, composition and morphology distribution of EPS, dynamic analysis and multiple regression model on bound water release were investigated. The results showed that addition of MPG caused extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) disintegration through charge neutralization. Destruction of EPS promoted the formation of larger sludge flocs and the release of bound water ...

Characteristics of Nitrogen Release at the Sediment-Water Interface in the Typical Tributaries of the Three Gorges Reservoir During the Sensitive Period in Spring.

Overlying water and sediment interstitial water samples were acquired to study the nitrogen release between sediments and water interfaces in Xiangxi Bay in April 2016 during the Sensitive Period in spring. The spatial distribution of different forms of nitrogen in the sediment was analyzed, the diffusion fluxes of different forms of nitrogen in the sediments and water systems were also measured, and a correlation analysis with environmental factors was conducted. The results show that overlying water and s...

Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Background Quantifying the effect of natural disasters on society is critical for recovery of public health services and infrastructure. The death toll can be difficult to assess in the aftermath of a major disaster. In September 2017, Hurricane Maria caused massive infrastructural damage to Puerto Rico, but its effect on mortality remains contentious. The official death count is 64. Methods Using a representative, stratified sample, we surveyed 3299 randomly chosen households across Puerto Rico to produce ...

High ammonium loading can increase alkaline phosphatase activity and promote sediment phosphorus release: A two-month mesocosm experiment.

In aquatic ecosystems, ammonium is one of the dominant substances in the effluent discharge from wastewater treatment plants and its impact has been widely explored as it is thought, in its toxic form (NH), to cause stress on organisms. Little is, however, known about its potential effect on the release of phosphorus (P) from the sediment. In a two-month mesocosm (150 L) experiment, we tested if high loading of ammonium promotes sediment P release and investigated the dominant underlying mechanisms. A gra...

Impacts of Environmental Conditions on the Soaking Release of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from (Linn.) Pers. in the Water-level Fluctuation Zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir Region.

The flooding-drying cycles in the water-level fluctuation zone (WLFZ) of the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR) result in an abundance of plants that are submerged and decomposed to release nutrients. This has the potential to lead to water quality deterioration of the TGR. (Linn.) Pers., one of the typical plants in the WLFZ, was collected and inundated in the laboratory under different conditions under temperatures of 15℃ and 25℃, a pH 5.0 to 9.0, and under light and dark conditions, respectively, to measu...


This study explores the effects of social and environmental disruption on emergency housing transitions among older adults following Hurricane Sandy. It is based upon the Sandy Child and Family Health (S-CAFH) Study, an observational cohort of 1,000 randomly-sampled New Jersey residents living in the nine counties most affected by Sandy.

Challenges of service coordination for evacuees of Hurricane Maria through the National Disaster Medical System.

To describe the challenges of service coordination through the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) for Hurricane Maria evacuees, particularly those on dialysis.

Using biochar capping to reduce nitrogen release from sediments in eutrophic lakes.

The effects of reduced nitrogen release from sediments were studied using biochar (BC) capping in simulated water-sediment systems. Dried solid waste of Phyllostachys pubescens was used to produce BC, which was then pyrolyzed at 500 °C. Subsequently, 14 sediment cores were collected, including the sediment-water interface and some overlying water, from two sites in Baiyangdian Lake (China). The sediment cores were split into two batches (A and B), and then two each were capped with soil, BC or a BC/soil ...

Solvent exchange and drug release characteristics of doxycycline hyclate-loaded bleached shellac in situ-forming gel and -microparticle.

Doxycycline hyclate (DX)-loaded bleached shellac (BS) in situ forming gel (isg) and in situ microparticle (ism) were prepared using dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP) and 2-pyrrolidone (PYR) as solvents. Solvent and drug release characteristics of them were investigated. Diffusion rate of solvent applied in formulation was as following: DMSO > NMP > PYR. In situ forming systems comprising PYR had the slowest release rate of solvent and drug while water flowed into system in rank o...

Impact of chlorination on silver elution from ceramic water filters.

Applying silver nanoparticles (nAg) or silver nitrate (AgNO) to ceramic water filters improves microbiological efficacy, reduces biofilm formation, and protects stored water from recontamination. A challenge in ceramic filter production is adding sufficient silver to achieve these goals without exceeding the maximum recommended silver concentration in drinking water. Silver release is affected by silver type, application method, and influent water chemistry. Despite a lack of data, there is an assumption th...

Estimation of the water cycle related to shale gas production under high data uncertainties: Dutch perspective.

The potential water demand for fracturing fluids along with the possible flowback and produced water production is assessed for the Dutch Posidonia shale. Total water demand estimated for 25 years of the field development using historic data from the U.S. plays varies between 12.2 and 36.9 Mm. The maximal annual water consumption of 0.95-2.88 Mm is expected in the peak years of shale gas production. These figures are much lower than the availability of any potential water sources, which include drinking...

JXB at SEB Florence 2018.

Distribution and Emission Flux Estimation of Phosphorus in the Sediment and Interstitial Water of Xiangxi River.

The distribution and vertical variation of phosphorus forms in sediments along Xiangxi River were analyzed with Hedley classification method, meanwhile the influences of physical and chemical properties of overlying and interstitial water on the release of phosphorus in sediment were discussed. The major findings showed that the pH values in the overlying and interstitial water increased from 4.72 to 8.55, and were slightly acidic in summer, while weak alkaline in other seasons. The redox potential of sedim...

Impact of eutrophication on arsenic cycling in freshwaters.

Many arsenic-bearing freshwaters are facing with eutrophication and consequent algae-induced anoxia/hypoxia events. However, arsenic cycling in eutrophic waters and its impact on public health are poorly understood. Laboratory simulation experiments are performed in this study to investigate the effect of algal blooms on the cycling of arsenic in a sediment-water-air system. We found that the anoxia induced by the degradation of algal biomass promoted an acute arsenic (mostly As(III)) release within two day...

Lead and copper release from full and partially replaced harvested lead service lines: Impact of stagnation time prior to sampling and water quality.

Partial lead service line replacement (PLSLR) results in the addition of a new galvanic connection and can increase lead concentrations at the tap. Focus has been given to minimizing lead release after PLSLR, but little information is available on the impact of lead remedial actions on copper concentrations, especially before passivation occurs. The impact of water quality (decreased chloride-to-sulfate mass ratio from 0.9 to 0.3; addition of orthoP; pH increase to 8.3) on lead and copper concentrations was...

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