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Fragile x-associated premature ovarian failure in a large Turkish cohort: Findings of Hacettepe Fragile X Registry.

To determine frequency of fragile X associated premature ovarian insufficiency (FXPOI) among Turkish premutation carriers.

Fragile X checklists: A meta-analysis and development of a simplified universal clinical checklist.

Clinical checklists available have been developed to assess the risk of a positive Fragile X syndrome but they include relatively small sample sizes. Therefore, we carried out a meta-analysis that included statistical pooling of study results to obtain accurate figures on the prevalence of clinical predictors of Fragile X syndrome among patients with intellectual disability, thereby helping health professionals to improve their referrals for Fragile X testing.

Fragility Extraordinaire: Unsolved Mysteries of Chromosome Fragile Sites.

Chromosome fragile sites are a fascinating cytogenetic phenomenon now widely implicated in a slew of human diseases ranging from neurological disorders to cancer. Yet, the paths leading to these revelations were far from direct, and the number of fragile sites that have been molecularly cloned with known disease-associated genes remains modest. Moreover, as more fragile sites were being discovered, research interests in some of the earliest discovered fragile sites ebbed away, leaving a number of unsolved m...

Diurnal changes of glycogen molecular structure in healthy and diabetic mice.

Glycogen is a complex branched glucose polymer functioning as a blood-sugar reservoir in animals. Liver glycogen β particles can bind together to form α particles, which have a slower enzymatic degradation to glucose. The linkage between β particles in α particles in diabetic liver breaks (is fragile) in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), a H-bond disruptor, consistent with blood-sugar homeostasis loss in diabetes. We examined diurnal changes in the molecular structure of healthy and diabetic mouse-liver glycog...

Development of White Matter Circuitry in Infants With Fragile X Syndrome.

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is a genetic neurodevelopmental disorder and the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability in males. However, there are no published data on brain development in children with FXS during infancy.

Risperidone Treatment for Irritability in Fragile X Syndrome.

The goal of this study was to assess the effectiveness of risperidone monoantipsychotic therapy targeting irritability in patients with Fragile X syndrome (FXS) in a naturalistic outpatient clinical setting.

Repurposing available drugs for neurodevelopmental disorders: The fragile X experience.

Many available drugs have been repurposed as treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders. In the specific case of fragile X syndrome, many clinical trials of available drugs have been conducted with the goal of disease modification. In some cases, detailed understanding of basic disease mechanisms has guided the choice of drugs for clinical trials, and several notable successes in fragile X clinical trials have led to common use of drugs such as minocycline in routine medical practice. Newer technologies li...

Fragile X syndrome and FMR1-dependent diseases - clinical presentation, epidemiology and molecular background.

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is the second most common inherited cause of intellectual disability (ID), after Down syndrome. The severity of ID in FXS patients varies and depends mainly on the patient's sex. Besides intellectual disorders, additional symptoms, such as psychomotor delay, a specific behavioral phenotype, or emotional problems are present in FXS patients. In over 99% of the cases, the disease is caused by the presence of a dynamic mutation in the FMR1 gene localized on the X chromosome. Due to the...

Health problems in females carriers of premutation in the FMR1 gene.

Premutation in the FMR1 gene occur in the general population with an estimated prevalence 1 in 130-260 females and 1 in 250-810 males. Carriers of premutation are at risk of development of spectrum of neurological, psychiatric and immunological disorders in adulthood. Fragile X-associated disease caused by dynamic mutation (expansion of CGG repeats) can be divided into three disorders: FXS - Fragile X syndrome, FXPOI - Fragile X-associated primary ovarian insufficiency, FXTAS -Fragile X-associated tremor/at...

AID and Reactive Oxygen Species Can Induce DNA Breaks within Human Chromosomal Translocation Fragile Zones.

DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) occurring within fragile zones of less than 200 base pairs account for the formation of the most common human chromosomal translocations in lymphoid malignancies, yet the mechanism of how breaks occur remains unknown. Here, we have transferred human fragile zones into S. cerevisiae in the context of a genetic assay to understand the mechanism leading to DSBs at these sites. Our findings indicate that a combination of factors is required to sensitize these regions. Foremost, ...

Non-weight-related body image concerns and Body Dysmorphic Disorder prevalence in patients with Anorexia Nervosa.

Patients with Anorexia Nervosa (AN) and patients with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) are both characterized by body image disturbance and dissatisfaction; furthermore, these disorders share clinical features and frequently co-occur. However, few studies have explored the relation between AN and BDD. Therefore, the first aim of the study was assessing the prevalence of BDD and presence of non-weight-related body image concerns in patients with AN. Second, we were interested in comparing patients with AN and ...

High-speed image-reconstruction algorithm for a spatially multiplexed image and application to digital holography.

We propose a high-speed image-reconstruction algorithm for a spatially multiplexed image that is obtained by spatial frequency-division multiplexing. The algorithm utilizes smoothing and does not require any Fourier transform (FT) or iterative procedure to extract the desired information selectively from a single image. Numerical and experimental results show its validity and color holographic imaging ability. Calculation time of the proposed is less than a tenth of that of the FT method when using a centra...

Image quality improvement in cone-beam CT using the super-resolution technique.

This study was conducted to improve cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) image quality using the super-resolution technique, a method of inferring a high-resolution image from a low-resolution image. This technique is used with two matrices, so-called dictionaries, constructed respectively from high-resolution and low-resolution image bases. For this study, a CBCT image, as a low-resolution image, is represented as a linear combination of atoms, the image bases in the low-resolution dictionary. The correspo...

Designing a stable feedback control system for blind image deconvolution.

Blind image deconvolution is one of the main low-level vision problems with wide applications. Many previous works manually design regularization to simultaneously estimate the latent sharp image and the blur kernel under maximum a posterior framework. However, it has been demonstrated that such joint estimation strategies may lead to the undesired trivial solution. In this paper, we present a novel perspective, using a stable feedback control system, to simulate the latent sharp image propagation. The cont...

Technical Note: The impact of deformable image registration methods on dose warping.

To investigate the clinical-relevant discrepancy between doses warped by pure-image based deformable image registration (IM-DIR) and by biomechanical-model based DIR (BM-DIR) on intensity homogeneous organs.

$L_{0}$ -Regularized Image Downscaling.

In this paper, we propose a novel -regularized optimization framework for image downscaling. The optimization is driven by two -regularized priors. The first prior, gradient-ratio prior, is based on the observation that the number of edges in the downscaled image is approximately inverse square proportional to the downscaling factor. By introducing norm sparsity to the gradient ratio, the downscaled image is able to preserve the most salient edges as well as the visual perception of the original image. The ...

Body image: a survey of children in Caribbean Bonaire.

In Bonaire, the prevalence of overweight and obesity is twice as high compared with Northern Europe but similar to other Caribbean Islands and the USA. Having a realistic body image may be an important tool in the battle against childhood obesity. Previous studies have demonstrated associations between having a realistic body image and efforts to control weight. The aim of the study was to explore the body image of children in Bonaire.

Region-Based Prediction for Image Compression in the Cloud.

Thanks to the increasing number of images stored in the cloud, external image similarities can be leveraged to efficiently compress images by exploiting inter-images correlations. In this paper, we propose a novel image prediction scheme for cloud storage. Unlike current state-of-the-art methods, we use a semi-local approach to exploit inter-image correlation. The reference image is first segmented into multiple planar regions determined from matched local features and super-pixels. The geometric and photom...

Energy Spectrum CT Image Detection Based Dimensionality Reduction with Phase Congruency.

The image feature detection is widely used in image registration, image stitching and object recognition. The feature detection algorithm can be applied to the detection of artificial images, and can be used to detect the energy spectrum CT image. A new algorithm of phase consistency detection based on dimensionality reduction is proposed in this paper. We mainly focus on the phase congruency of the spectral CT images in the paper and try to use dimensionality reduction to integrate the information of phase...

Loving Oneself: The Associations Among Sexually Explicit Media, Body Image, and Perceived Realism.

Online sexually explicit material (SEM) is a popular media source, but little is known about its association with body image. This study explored whether perceived realism of SEM mediated the direct association of SEM use on body image while accounting for gender differences. Young adults (N = 393; ages 19 to 30; 53.4% women) recruited through a crowdsourcing Web site completed an anonymous online survey that assessed SEM use, perceptions of the realism of SEM, and body image. Body satisfaction, genital s...

Mammographic Phantoms Frequently Used to Determine Image Quality: A Comparative Study.

Appropriate diagnosis depends on the image quality of the mammographic system. Phantoms are normally used, since they have physical properties similar to those of different human tissues, and are important tools for quality assurance of mammography equipment, evaluation of image quality, and accurate determination of patient dosage. The aim of this study was to evaluate various mammographic phantoms used to determine the image quality of digital mammographic equipment.

Low-level image properties in facial expressions.

We studied low-level image properties of face photographs and analyzed whether they change with different emotional expressions displayed by an individual. Differences in image properties were measured in three databases that depicted a total of 167 individuals. Face images were used either in their original form, cut to a standard format or superimposed with a mask. Image properties analyzed were: brightness, redness, yellowness, contrast, spectral slope, overall power and relative power in low, medium and...

Image classification by addition of spatial information based on histograms of orthogonal vectors.

The Bag-of-Visual-Words (BoVW) model is widely used for image classification, object recognition and image retrieval problems. In BoVW model, the local features are quantized and 2-D image space is represented in the form of order-less histogram of visual words. The image classification performance suffers due to the order-less representation of image. This paper presents a novel image representation that incorporates the spatial information to the inverted index of BoVW model. The spatial information is ad...

FANCD2 binding identifies conserved fragile sites at large transcribed genes in avian cells.

Common Chromosomal Fragile Sites (CFSs) are specific genomic regions prone to form breaks on metaphase chromosomes in response to replication stress. Moreover, CFSs are mutational hotspots in cancer genomes, showing that the mutational mechanisms that operate at CFSs are highly active in cancer cells. Orthologs of human CFSs are found in a number of other mammals, but the extent of CFS conservation beyond the mammalian lineage is unclear. Characterization of CFSs from distantly related organisms can provide...

Adult self-image and well-being after testicular cancer: The role of agency and meaning.

Cancer during young adulthood can limit the extent to which one adopts an adult self-image. However, the relationship of adult self-image to cancer-related adjustment remains unexplored. The current study examines relationships of adult self-image and social/emotional well-being and job-related problems in young testicular cancer survivors. Factors thought to facilitate future-oriented goals (i.e. agency and meaning) are examined as intermediary processes.

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