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A Literature Review of Immersion Pulmonary Edema.

Immersion pulmonary edema (IPE) is a rare but important complication associated with surface swimming and underwater diving. It tends to reoccur and can be fatal. It is not very well known to clinicians involved in the care of individuals participating in aquatic activities. We performed a systematic review of immersion pulmonary edema to describe the condition and provide guidelines for its management.

Practitioner accreditation for the practice of water immersion during labour and birth: Results from a mixed methods study.

Water immersion for labour and birth is an option that is increasingly favoured by women. Australian water immersion policies and guidelines commonly specify that practitioners, such as midwives, must undertake further education and training to become accredited.

Effects of vertical water immersion on the nervous system: a systematic review.

Vertical immersion induces a variety of physiological responses in different body systems, depending on the properties of fluid mechanics, which are the basis that underpins aquatic therapy programs in different pathologies.

CORP: Partitional Calorimetry.

For thermal physiologists, calorimetry is an important methodological tool to assess human heat balance during heat or cold exposures. A whole-body direct calorimeter remains the gold standard instrument for assessing human heat balance; however, this equipment is rarely available to most researchers. A more widely accessible substitute is partitional calorimetry, a method by which all components of the conceptual heat balance equation - metabolic heat production, conduction, radiation, convection, and evap...

Effects of bet size and multi-line play on immersion and respiratory sinus arrhythmia during electronic gaming machine use.

Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) are regarded as a relatively harmful gambling product, and are associated with psychological immersion (the 'machine zone') and physiological arousal. Specifically, immersion is a phenomenon of attention manifesting as an intense focus on the game at the expense of peripheral stimuli and goals. Past research has indicated significant levels of immersion in response to modern multi-line EGMs when the overall bet is increased, which further scales with risk for problem gambli...

The Effect of a Perioperative Clinical Immersion on Senior Nursing Students' Perception of Readiness to Practice: A Quality Improvement Project.

Health care organizations have tasked nursing education leaders with increasing enrollment and graduating nursing students ready to practice. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to evaluate the effect of a perioperative clinical immersion on the perceptions of readiness for practice held by senior students working toward a bachelor of science in nursing. Seven senior nursing students participated in the perioperative clinical immersion at one midwestern university. At the end of the immersio...

Effects of ultraviolet treatment and alendronate immersion on osteoblast-like cells and human gingival fibroblasts cultured on titanium surfaces.

In this study, we evaluated the effects of ultraviolet (UV) treatment and alendronate (ALN) immersion on the proliferation and differentiation of MG-63 osteoblast-like cells and human gingival fibroblasts (HGFs) cultured on titanium surfaces. MG-63 cells were used for sandblasted, large grit, and acid-etched (SLA) titanium surfaces, and HGFs were used for machined (MA) titanium surfaces. SLA and MA specimens were subdivided into four groups (n = 12) according to the combination of surface treatments (UV...

Cooling Rates of Hyperthermic Humans Wearing American Football Uniforms When Cold-Water Immersion is Delayed.

Treatment delays can be contributing factors in the death of American football athletes from exertional heat stroke. Ideally, clinicians begin cold-water immersion (CWI) to reduce rectal temperature (T) to

Immersion pulmonary oedema: a cardiological perspective.

It is postulated that immersion pulmonary oedema (IPE) occurs because of combinations of factors that each increase the hydrostatic pressure gradient between the pulmonary capillaries and the alveoli. The factors, by definition, include the effects of immersion, particularly raised central blood volume and hence cardiac filling pressures. Breathing against a negative pressure is important but the magnitude of the effect depends on the relation of the diver's lung centroid to the source of the breathing gas ...

Effect of water immersion on a dental self-healing and antibacterial resin composite.

This investigation aimed to develop a novel self-healing and antibacterial dental resin composite. The effects of water immersion on its properties were also evaluated.

Effects of Water Immersion on Squat and Split-Squat Kinematics in Older Aged Adults.

This study examined the effect of water immersion on trunk and lower limb kinematics during squat exercises in older aged participants. Twenty-four active older aged adults (71.4 ± 5.4 yrs.) performed squats and split-squats on land and while partially submerged in water. Inertial sensors (100 Hz) were used to record trunk and lower-body kinematics. Water immersion increased the squat depth (squat: P=0.028, d=0.63, split-squat: P=0.005, d=0.83) and reduced the trunk flexion range (squat: P=0.006, d=0.76, s...

Nursing Students' Reactions to an Educational Experiential Immersion in Palliative Care.

The nursing role includes providing compassionate care at the end of life, yet many nurses feel unprepared to provide such care. We describe nursing students' reactions during participation in an experiential immersion in palliative care in which they interacted with seriously ill patients through gifting handmade shawls.

Radiative Energy Budgets in a Microbial Mat Under Different Irradiance and Tidal Conditions.

Irradiance and temperature variations during tidal cycles modulate microphytobenthic primary production potentially by changing the radiative energy balance of photosynthetic mats between immersion and emersion and thus sediment daily net metabolism. To test the effect of tidal stages on the radiative energy budget, we used microsensor measurements of oxygen, temperature, and scalar irradiance to estimate the radiative energy budget in a coastal photosynthetic microbial mat during immersion (constant water ...

Warm water immersion in patients with chronic heart failure: a pilot study : Shah immerse: HF.

Patients with chronic conditions, such as heart failure, swim regularly and most rehabilitation exercises are conducted in warm hydrotherapy pools. However, little is known about the acute effects of warm water immersion (WWI) on cardiac haemodynamics in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF).

Effect of rehydration schedule after four-hour head-out water immersion on running performance and recovery.

Head-out water immersion (HOWI) results in diuresis, which could potentially limit performance after egress to land. We examined the effect of rehydration on endurance, cardiovascular stability, and overnight recovery following a four-hour thermoneutral HOWI on 12 subjects.

Learning movements from a virtual instructor: Effects of spatial orientation, immersion, and expertise.

Motor learning is an essential task, but little is known about how it might be facilitated via instructional presentation, particularly with respect to recent technological advancements. We examined the effects of spatial orientation (0° vs. 180°) and immersion (immersive virtual reality vs. nonimmersive video) on the ability to reproduce complex, dynamic movement sequences. We also evaluated whether these effects were modulated by experience. Experienced dancers and novices practiced dances by imitating ...

Efficacy of injectable and immersion vaccines against streptococcal infections in broodstock and offspring of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).

A vaccine against streptococcosis, lactococcosis and enterococcosis in tilapia was formulated, ME-VAC Aqua Strept, as a polyvalent inactivated vaccine containing Streptococcus agalactiae, S. iniae, Lactococcus garvieae and Enterococcus faecalis along with a nano-particulate adjuvant. Use of ME-VAC Aqua Strept by injection or immersion resulted in an improved non-specific and adaptive immunity of broodstock and offspring. Intra-peritoneal vaccination of tilapia broodstock increased the total leukocyte count,...

Effect of electroacupuncture on the activity of corticotrophin-releasing hormone neurons in the hypothalamus and amygdala in rats exposed to restraint water-immersion stress.

To investigate the effects of electroacupuncture (EA) treatment on gastric mucosal lesions and the activity of corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH) neurons in the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of the hypothalamus and the central nucleus of the amygdala (CNA) in a rat model of restraint water-immersion stress (RWIS).

In situ co-amorphisation of arginine with indomethacin or furosemide during immersion in an acidic medium - a proof of concept study.

The concept of controlled in situ amorphisation of drug/polymer mixtures has been introduced previously with indomethacin-Eudragit® E and naproxen-Eudragit® E compacts. In the present study, the feasibility of in situ amorphisation of a crystalline API with the low molecular weight coformer arginine was investigated. This research was based on a previous study, which showed that a high relative humidity (75% RH) may induce co-amorphisation of indomethacin with arginine. It was assumed that an in situ co-a...

A new method for estimating time since death by analysis of substances deposited on the surface of dental enamel in a body immersed in seawater.

The present investigation was performed with the objective of developing a method to estimate how long a corpse had been immersed in water after death (the time since death). Accurate determination of the time elapsed since death may lead to identification of the place of drowning, and therefore, serves not only as a piece of information useful for determination of the cause of death but also leads to prompt identification of the body. The results showed that diatoms attached to the surface of dental enamel...

Properties of an acrylic resin after immersion in antiseptic soaps: Low-cost, easy-access procedure for the prevention of denture stomatitis.

Denture stomatitis triggered by Candida species requires better preventive measures. This study evaluated the physical and biological properties of a denture base acrylic resin after immersion in antiseptic soaps. Acrylic resin specimens were prepared and stored in distinct solutions for 0, 7, 14, 21, and 28 days. The solutions were as follows: DW: distilled water at 37°C (control group); DS: cycles of daily immersion in Dettol soap for 8 hours at room temperature, followed by immersion in distilled water ...

In situ co-amorphisation in coated tablets - the combination of carvedilol with aspartic acid during immersion in an acidic medium.

In the present study the feasibility of an in situ co-amorphisation of the basic drug carvedilol with the acidic co-former aspartic acid was investigated by immersion of film-coated tablets consisting of the two compounds in 0.1MHCl. Tablets containing either crystalline carvedilol with aspartic acid or only crystalline carvedilol were prepared and coated with a gastro-resistant but water-permeable coating of a methacrylic acid - ethyl acrylate copolymer (Eudragit®L55). The film-coated tablets were immerse...

Magnetic resonance imaging quantification of dehydration and rehydration in vocal fold tissue layers.

Clinicians commonly recommend increased hydration to patients with voice disorders. However, effects on clinical voice outcome measures have been inconsistent. Hydration-induced change within different layers of vocal fold tissue is currently unknown. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a promising method of noninvasively measuring water content in vocal folds. We sought to image and quantify changes in water content within vocal fold mucosa and thyroarytenoid muscle after dehydration and rehydration. Excis...

Evaluation of carbon dioxide induction methods for the euthanasia of day-old cull broiler chicks.

This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of 5 different CO2 euthanasia induction techniques for day-old cull chicks in minimizing distress and inducing a rapid loss of sensibility and death. Each induction treatment was characterized for concentration change over time, maximum concentration, and time to reach maximum. Sixteen chicks were euthanized with the gradual treatments to establish validity of treatment. Then, all 5 treatments were evaluated for effect on distress, insensibility, and death. ...

Effect of ice slushy ingestion and cold water immersion on thermoregulatory behavior.

Two studies were conducted to examine the effects of ice slushy ingestion (ICE) and cold water immersion (CWI) on thermoregulatory and sweat responses during constant (study 1) and self-paced (study 2) exercise. In study 1, 11 men cycled at 40-50% of peak aerobic power for 60 min (33.2 ± 0.3°C, 45.9 ± 0.5% relative humidity, RH). In study 2, 11 men cycled for 60 min at perceived exertion (RPE) equivalent to 15 (33.9 ± 0.2°C and 42.5 ± 3.9%RH). In both studies, each trial was preceded by 30 min of CWI ...

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