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Optimization of MRI Turnaround Times Through the Use of Dockable Tables and Innovative Architectural Design Strategies.

The purpose of this study is to increase the value of MRI by reengineering the MRI workflow at a new imaging center to shorten the interval (i.e., turnaround time) between each patient examination by at least 5 minutes.

Differential response of T cells to an immunogen, a mitogen and a chemical carcinogen in a mouse model system.

In this study, we examined the relative immune response of T-lymphocytes and its intracellular cholesterol homeostasis, in a mouse model system, after treatment with immunogen, mitogen, and carcinogen. We studied the T-lymphocyte percentage, their LDL-receptor expression, along with the levels of serum interleukins (IL-2, IFNγ, IL-4, and IL-10) and intracellular cholesterol concentration (cytoplasmic and nuclear). The mitogen was found to be a better stimulator of T-cell marker expressions than the immunog...

Complete protection of the BALB/c and C57BL/6J mice against Ebola and Marburg virus lethal challenges by pan-filovirus T-cell epigraph vaccine.

There are a number of vaccine candidates under development against a small number of the most common outbreak filoviruses all employing the virus glycoprotein (GP) as the vaccine immunogen. However, antibodies induced by such GP vaccines are typically autologous and limited to the other members of the same species. In contrast, T-cell vaccines offer a possibility to design a single pan-filovirus vaccine protecting against all known and even likely existing, but as yet unencountered members of the family. He...

Digital pathology is a practical alternative to on-site intra-operative frozen section diagnosis in thoracic surgery.

Telepathology uses digitised image transfer to allow off-site reporting of histopathology slides. This technology could facilitate the centralisation of pathology services, which may improve their quality and cost-effectiveness. The benefits may be most apparent in frozen section reporting, where turnaround times are vital. We moved from onsite to offsite telepathology reporting of thoracic surgery frozen section specimens in 2016. This study compares turnaround times (TAT) before and after this service cha...

Appropriateness of repetitive therapeutic drug monitoring and laboratory turnaround time.

Using molecular descriptors for assisted screening of heterologous competitive antigens to improve the sensitivity of ELISA for detection of enrofloxacin in raw milk.

The use of the heterologous competitive strategy has become a vital method to improve the sensitivity of ELISA. In this work, we prepared an anti-enrofloxacin (ENR) mAb with ENR-bovine serum albumin (BSA) as immunogen. The molecular descriptors of quinolones were then used to screen heterologous coating antigens for the detection of ENR based on an ensemble learning method to improve the sensitivity of the ELISA. Results indicated that 6 of the 7 selected heterologous competitive antigens could enhance the ...

Germline VRC01 antibody recognition of a modified clade C HIV-1 envelope trimer and a glycosylated HIV-1 gp120 core.

VRC01 broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) target the CD4-binding site (CD4) of the human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) envelope glycoprotein (Env). Unlike mature antibodies, corresponding VRC01 germline precursors poorly bind to Env. Immunogen design has mostly relied on glycan removal from trimeric Env constructs and has had limited success in eliciting mature VRC01 bnAbs. To better understand elicitation of such bnAbs, we characterized the inferred germline precursor of VRC01 in complex with a modi...

HCV Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Use a CDRH3 Disulfide Motif to Recognize an E2 Glycoprotein Site that Can Be Targeted for Vaccine Design.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) vaccine efforts are hampered by the extensive genetic diversity of HCV envelope glycoproteins E1 and E2. Structures of broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) (e.g., HEPC3, HEPC74) isolated from individuals who spontaneously cleared HCV infection facilitate immunogen design to elicit antibodies against multiple HCV variants. However, challenges in expressing HCV glycoproteins previously limited bNAb-HCV structures to complexes with truncated E2 cores. Here we describe crystal st...

Possibility for non-invasive diagnosis of chronic endometritis in women at risk during pregravid preparation.

Introduction: Detection and treatment of chronic endometritis (CE) is clinically significant, though involves intrauterine intervention to collect endometrium. The aim: To estimate the possibility to use fertility α2-microglobulin (FAMG) as the marker of the high risk for CE.

Calibration of wrist-worn ActiWatch 2 and ActiGraph wGT3X for assessment of physical activity in young adults.

The validity of Actiwatch 2 in assessing sleep was evident, but its validity in assessing physical activity (PA) level was unknown.

Artificial Intelligence for Cancer Genomic Medicine: Understanding Cancer is Beyond Human Ability.

Cancer is a very complex disease that is caused by mutations in genomes and evolves spatiotemporally in a patient. Our institute implemented IBM Watson for Genomics and realized a turnaround time for patient diagnosis of less than four days that includes whole genome sequencing and interpretation of the data.

Clinical Yield of a Molecular Diagnostic Panel for Enteric Pathogens in Adult Outpatients With Diarrhea and Validation of Guidelines-Based Criteria for Testing.

Molecular diagnostic panels for enteric pathogens offer increased sensitivity and reduced turnaround time. However, many pathogen detections do not change clinical management, and the cost is substantial.

Altruism and the pressure to share: Lab evidence from Tanzania.

We propose a novel laboratory experiment to document the pressure to share income within social networks in Africa. We find that the redistributive pressure exerted via the possibility of receiving a claim increases altruism, while the possibility of hiding from such claim reduces it. Our results indicate that sharing norms are crucial drivers of giving to other members of the network. We also find that pressure to share has a detrimental effect on the undertaking of profitable but risky investments.

Androgen receptor in breast cancer: a wolf in sheep's clothing? A lesson from prostate cancer.

The possibility that a receptor for androgen is expressed in Breast Cancer (BC) is fascinating given that the tumor is predominantly estrogen-dependent. The androgen receptor (AR) is emerging as a new marker and a potential new therapeutic target in the treatment of BC patients. The recent availability of selective AR inhibitors (e.g. bicalutamide, enzalutamide, apalutamide) approved for the treatment of prostate cancer has opened up the possibility to use them in BC patients whose tumors express AR. Howeve...

Streamlining Quality Review of Mass Spectrometry Data in the Clinical Laboratory by Use of Machine Learning.

Turnaround time and productivity of clinical mass spectrometric (MS) testing are hampered by time-consuming manual review of the analytical quality of MS data before release of patient results.

CD4 occupancy triggers sequential pre-fusion conformational states of the HIV-1 envelope trimer with relevance for broadly neutralizing antibody activity.

During the entry process, the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) envelope glycoprotein (Env) trimer undergoes a sequence of conformational changes triggered by both CD4 and coreceptor engagement. Resolving the conformation of these transient entry intermediates has proven challenging. Here, we fine-mapped the antigenicity of entry intermediates induced by increasing CD4 engagement of cell surface-expressed Env. Escalating CD4 triggering led to the sequential adoption of different pre-fusion conform...

Heavy, Problematic College Drinking Predicts Increases in Impulsivity.

Impulsigenic personality traits are among the many factors demonstrated to predict drinking behavior among late adolescents. The current study tested the opposite possibility, that during the emerging adulthood developmental period, problematic drinking behavior predicts increases in impulsigenic traits. This possibility is important because such traits increase risk for multiple forms of dysfunction.

Assessing the transferability of landuse regression models for ultrafine particles across two Canadian cities.

Land use regression (LUR) models have been increasingly used to predict intra-city variations in the concentrations of different air pollutants. However, limited research assessing the transferability of these models between cities has been published to date. In this study, LUR models were generated for Ultra-Fine Particles (UFP) (

Assessing Impacts of Precocious Steroid Exposure on Thyroid Physiology and Gene Expression Patterns in the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis).

The thyroid gland is sensitive to steroid hormone signaling, and many thyroid disrupting contaminants also disrupt steroid hormone homeostasis, presenting the possibility that thyroid disruption may occur through altered steroid hormone signaling. To examine this possibility, we studied short-term and persistent impacts of embryonic sex steroid exposure on American alligator thyroid physiology. Alligators from a lake contaminated with endocrine disrupting contaminants (Lake Apopka, FL, USA) have been shown ...

Optimising fluorescein diacetate sputum smear microscopy for assessing patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.

Assessing Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) viability by fluorescein diacetate (FDA) microscopy can predict TB culture results, treatment response and infectiousness. However, diverse methods have been published. We aimed to optimise FDA microscopy, minimising sputum processing, biohazard and complexity for use in resource-constrained settings.

Do Undergraduate Dental Students Perform Well Detecting and Staging Caries and Assessing Activity by Visual Exam? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

To assess the undergraduate students' performance in detecting and staging caries and assessing activity using visual inspection.

Usefulness of Cerebral rSO Monitoring During CPR to Predict the Probability of Return of Spontaneous Circulation.

Cerebral oximetry (rSO) may be useful in assessing the probability of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC). However, the potential of assessing the trend in the rSO value has not been discussed when determining the probability of ROSC.

Reliability and validity of maxillary and sphenoid Sinus morphological variations in the assessment of Skeletal maturity.

The present study aimed at assessing the relationship between growth changes in maxillary (MS) and sphenoid sinus (SS) and cervical vertebral maturation (CVM) and to evaluate their reliability and validity in assessing the skeletal maturity of an individual.

Ivermectin: from theory to clinical application.

About 250 million people have been using ivermectin (IVM) annually to combat many parasitic diseases such as filariasis, onchocerciasis, strongyloidiasis, scabies, and pediculosis. Many clinical studies proved its efficacy against them and reported the optimum dose and duration of treatment. Moreover, its anti-parasitic range increases to cover more parasitic infections but still in need to be explored more e.g. in trichinosis and myiasis. In addition, IVM showed high efficacy in killing vectors of disease-...

Early and late cortical reactivity to passively viewed emotional faces in pediatric bipolar disorder.

We studied emotional information processing in youth with pediatric bipolar disorder (pBD) using the late positive potential (LPP), assessing automatic allocation of attentional resources to emotionally salient stimuli, and the occipital P1, assessing early sensory processing.

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