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Special Issue on "Smart Homes": Editors' Notes.

In this editorial, we provide an overview of the content of the Special Issue on "Smart Homes". The aim of this Special Issue is to provide a comprehensive collection of some of the current state-of-the-art technologies in the context of smart homes, together with new advanced theoretical and technological solutions that enable smart technology diffusion into homes.

An Ecological Approach to Smart Homes for Health Care Services: Conceptual Framework of a Smart Servicescape Wheel.

Smart homes are considered effective solutions for home health care for the elderly, as smart home technologies can reduce care costs and improve elderly residents' independence. To develop a greater understanding of smart homes for health care services (SHHSs), this study accentuated the necessity of ecological approaches with an emphasis on environmental constraints. This study was based on 2 rationales: (1) users are inclined to perceive the service quality and service experience from environments (ie, s...

Power-system protection device with IoT-based support for integration in smart environments.

This paper proposes a power-system protection device designed to be integrated in smart environments based on Internet-of-Things technologies. The proposed system enhances electrical safety by fast disconnection of the power supply in case of fault events like leakage current, electrical arc, overcurrent or overvoltage and has been designed with the goal to be integrated in smart environments like smart homes or smart cities for protecting the electrical equipment. The system also enables real-time monitori...

Investigation of Energy Band at Atomic-Layer-Deposited ZnO/β-GaO (Formula: see text) Heterojunctions.

The energy band alignment of ZnO/β-GaO ([Formula: see text]) heterojunction was characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The ZnO films were grown by using atomic layer deposition at various temperatures. A type-I band alignment was identified for all the ZnO/β-GaO heterojunctions. The conduction (valence) band offset varied from 1.26 (0.20) eV to 1.47 (0.01) eV with the growth temperature increasing from 150 to 250 °C. The increased conduction band offset with temperature is mainly contr...

Smart systems for determination of drug's solubility.

The solubility of drugs is a crucial physicochemical property in the drug discovery or development process and for improving the bioavailability of drugs. There are various methods for evaluating the solubility of drugs including manual measurement methods, mathematical methods and smart methods. Manual measurement and mathematical methods have some defects which make the smart systems more reliable and important in this field. In this review, various instruments used for the solubility determination, along...

Smart tattoo: technology for monitoring blood glucose in the future.

New ways of measuring blood glucose bring hope of easing the burden of diabetes management for patients living with the conditions. The smart tattoo is an innovation that represents a nascent nanotechnology, which is designed to be implanted within the skin to provide continuous and reliable glucose detection for individuals diagnosed with diabetes. The potential benefits of the smart tattoo are compelling not only due to the potential of these nanodevices to prevent diabetic complications and decrease the ...

Crystallization of Human Erythrocyte Band 3, the anion exchanger, at the International Space Station "KIBO″.

Band 3 mediates the Cl and HCO exchange across the red blood cell membrane and plays a pivotal role for delivering oxygen appropriately to metabolically active tissues. For understanding molecular mechanisms, it is essential to know the structure and function relationship. In terrestrial environments, however, nobody could make good quality crystals of Band 3 for the X-ray crystallographic study. In this study, we purified the transmembrane domain of Band 3 from human red blood cells and crystallized the pu...

Probing the band gap of liquid ammonia with femtosecond multiphoton ionization spectroscopy.

The electronic band gap, i.e. the energy difference between the top of the valence band and the bottom of the conduction band, is widely recognized as the key property characterizing the electronic structure of bulk liquids and liquid solvents like water or ammonia. Here, the band gap of liquid ammonia at 270 K and 300 bar was studied with 2-photon ionization spectroscopy using the solvated electron primary yield as a near-infrared action-spectroscopic probe. The experimentally determined escape probability...

Smart device usage in early childhood is differentially associated with fine motor and language development.

We evaluated the relationships between the use of smart devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, and the development levels and language scores in young children.

An efficient heterogeneous signcryption for smart grid.

A smart grid, considered the next-generation type of power grid, combines a traditional power grid with information and communication technologies to effectively facilitate power generation and ensure transmission security and reliability in real-time. Only authorized consumers should be able to access the smart grid because the information gathered by smart meters includes users' private information. However, smart grid security is still a challenge. Motivated by this challenge, in this paper, we propose a...

Evaluating quality and safety in long term care: results from the experimentation of the Smart Star model.

The Smart Star model is a rating system to evaluate the quality of care in nursing homes for the elderly; it uses a five star rating score. We tested the model in a sample of 16 nursing homes in Italy. The Smart Star model showed to be effective in the multidimensional evaluation of the performance of nursing homes. One of the major strengths of the model consisted in its flexibility of application, that suggested its possible adaptation for different areas of healthcare.

Residential HVAC Runtime from Smart Thermostats: Characterization, Comparison, and Impacts.

In North America, the majority of homes use forced-air systems for heating and cooling. The proportion of time these systems operate, or runtime, has a significant impact on many building performance parameters. The recent adoption of smart thermostats in many North American homes presents a potential data source for runtime. Smart thermostat data collected from over 7,000 homes were compared with nine other investigations and a runtime estimation method based on exterior temperature. The smart thermostat r...

SMART coils for intracranial aneurysm embolization: Follow-up outcomes.

The SMART coil (Penumbra Inc., Alameda, CA, USA) is a new microcoil designed to enhance deliverability. Although prior studies have described its perioperative safety and efficacy, the follow-up outcomes after embolization of intracranial aneurysms using SMART coils have not been reported. Therefore, the aim of this retrospective cohort study is to assess the angiographic outcomes at interim follow-up after aneurysm embolization with SMART coils. We reviewed data from consecutive patients with intracranial ...

An unusual case of a completely eroded gastric band and port tubing removed via endoscopy alone.

Bariatric surgery is an established intervention providing significant health benefits to patients with obesity. As a result, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence now recommends bariatric surgery for those that fulfil the eligibility criteria, while emphasising the need for multidisciplinary care before and after surgery. The UK National Bariatric Surgery Registry shows gastric band procedures to be the second most common bariatric procedure performed in the UK. Gastric band erosion is a kn...

Validation of a 3 day electronic bladder diary as an app for smart-phone.

To validate an electronic 3-day bladder diary (BD) as an easy-to-use app for smart-phone (eDM3d).

Genotoxic and mutagenic assessment of spinosad using bioassays with Tradescantia pallida and Drosophila melanogaster.

Spinosad (SPN) is a naturally-occurring insecticide obtained from the fermentation process of the actinomycete Saccharopolyspora spinosa. Owing to the larvicidal action, the compound has been used in the control of Aedes aegypti. As a new insecticide commercially available in the market, few data are reported on genotoxic effects in non-target organisms. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the mutagenic effect of SPN through the Micronucleus Test in Tradescantia pallida (Trad-MCN) and using t...

Requirements for band-pass activation of Ca-sensitive proteins such as NFAT.

Several proteins are sensitive to frequency-modulated oscillations of calcium levels. Most of them exhibit increased activities for faster frequencies, a characteristic here referred to as high-pass activation. In contrast, the transcription factor NFAT is optimally activated at a specific frequency, a behaviour we call band-pass activation. We constructed a kinetic model of NFAT activation, confirming its ability for band-pass activation at experimentally observed frequencies. To characterise the requireme...

Quantification of Temporal Resolution Improvement Factor in SMART-RECON Based Time-Resolved C-arm Cone Beam CT Angiography (TR-CBCTA).

In a recently published paper by Li \etal \cite{LiPMB2018}, reconstruction parameters were optimized for the so-called Synchronized MultiArtifact Reduction with Tomographic reconstruction (SMART-RECON) method to enable time-resolved cone beam CT angiography (TR-CBCTA) from a single short-scan CBCT data set. However, the paper did not quantitatively address how much temporal resolution can be improved by using the SMART-RECON algorithm in TR-CBCTA. The purpose of this note was to present a method to quantify...

Using a Smart Textile System for Classifying Occupational Manual Material Handling Tasks: Evidence from Lab-based Simulations.

Physical monitoring systems represent potentially powerful assessment devices to detect and describe occupational physical activities. A promising technology for such use is smart textile systems (STSs). Our goal in this exploratory study was to assess the feasibility and accuracy of using two STSs to classify several manual material handling (MMH) tasks. Specifically, commercially-available "smart" socks and a custom "smart" shirt were used individually and in combination. Eleven participants simulated nin...

Spin Structure of K Valleys in Single-Layer WS_{2} on Au(111).

The spin structure of the valence and conduction bands at the K[over ¯] and K[over ¯]^{'} valleys of single-layer WS_{2} on Au(111) is determined by spin- and angle-resolved photoemission and inverse photoemission. The bands confining the direct band gap of 1.98 eV are out-of-plane spin polarized with spin-dependent energy splittings of 417 meV in the valence band and 16 meV in the conduction band. The sequence of the spin-split bands is the same in the valence and in the conduction bands and opposite ...

Implementation of the Smart Use of Antibiotics Program to Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Use in a Neonatal ICU: A Prospective Interrupted Time-Series Study in a Developing Country.

We aimed to implement our Smart Use of Antibiotics Program to ensure the proper use of antimicrobials, improve patient care and outcomes, and reduce the risks of adverse effects and antimicrobial resistance.

Carrier dynamics in silicon nanowires studied via femtosecond transient optical spectroscopy from 1.1 to 3.5 eV.

We present femtosecond transient transmission (or absorbance) measurements in silicon nanowires in the energy range 1.1-3.5 eV, from below the indirect band-gap to above the direct band-gap. Our pump-probe measurements allow us to give a complete picture of the carrier dynamics in silicon. In this way we perform an experimental study with a spectral completeness that lacks in the whole literature on carrier dynamics in silicon. A particular emphasis is given to the dynamics of the transient absorbance at th...

U-shaped PN junctions for efficient silicon Mach-Zehnder and microring modulators in the O-band: erratum.

We correct two minor errors in the manuscript. The effective diameter of the ring modulator should be 62.5 μm rather than 65 μm. The factor, g, in the FOM for comparing between the O- and C-band results should be 0.83 instead of 0.7.

Pattern-Reversal Visual Evoked Potential on Smart Glasses.

this work presents an integrated device, based on smart glasses, for the pattern reversal visual evoked potential (PR-VEP) clinical test.

The M-band: The underestimated part of the sarcomere.

The sarcomere is the basic unit of the myofibrils, which mediate skeletal and cardiac Muscle contraction. Two transverse structures, the Z-disc and the M-band, anchor the thin (actin and associated proteins) and thick (myosin and associated proteins) filaments to the elastic filament system composed of titin. A plethora of proteins are known to be integral or associated proteins of the Z-disc and its structural and signalling role in muscle is better understood, while the molecular constituents of the M-ban...

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