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Systematic Analysis of Drug Vulnerabilities Conferred by Tumor Suppressor Loss.

In addition to oncogene inhibition, targeting tumor suppressor deficiency could provide potential venues for precision cancer medicine. However, the full spectrum of drug vulnerability conferred by tumor suppressor loss remains unclear. We systematically analyzed how loss of 59 common tumor suppressors each affected cellular sensitivity to 26 different types of anticancer therapeutics. The experiments were performed in a one-gene, one-drug manner, and through such a large gene-drug iteration study, we were ...

The performance and potential of the Australasian Health Star Rating system: a four-year review using the RE-AIM framework.

The Health Star Rating (HSR) is a front-of-pack nutrition labelling system, implemented voluntarily in Australia and New Zealand since 2014. Our aim was to evaluate HSR's performance.

Cancer Chemotherapy drug wastage in a tertiary care hospital in India-A three-month prospective and one-year retrospective study.

This study prospectively quantified wastage of cancer chemotherapeutic drugs in oncology unit to find the associated cost in three months. Retrospective analysis of drug usage for 12 months was also conducted to determine the expected drug loss in one year. The effect of vial sharing was evaluated under the assumption of sharing. A significant drug wastage of 19.72% (95% CI, 14.52%-24.93%) in three months and 17.14% [95% CI 14.69%-19.59%] in one year occurred in our oncology unit. Number of vials purchased ...

Trusting the source: The potential role of drug dealers in reducing drug-related harms via drug checking.

Drug checking technologies (DCTs) have been implemented as a response to the ongoing opioid overdose epidemic. We examined the level of trust people who use drugs (PWUD) have in their drug dealers as well as their perspectives on the potential for drug dealers to use DCTs to provide knowledge of drug contents to their customers.

Examining Green Star certification uptake and its relationship with Building Information Modelling (BIM) adoption in New Zealand.

Although academia has concentrated on issues related to green building recently, Green Star, considered as the primary green rating system in New Zealand, has not caught adequate attention, leading to its slow development with a modest number of certified projects. This research aims to explore the perspectives of the key stakeholders in the New Zealand construction industry towards the use of Green Star, as well as its relationship and possible integration with Building Information Modelling (BIM). Specifi...

Variable reduction for past year alcohol and drug use in unmet need for mental health services among US adults.

No previous study has focused on the inter-relationship among alcohol and drug use variables in the past year. This study aimed to classify the past year alcohol and drug use variables and investigate the selected variables in past year alcohol and drug use with the unmet need for mental health services among US adults.

Evaluating quality and safety in long term care: results from the experimentation of the Smart Star model.

The Smart Star model is a rating system to evaluate the quality of care in nursing homes for the elderly; it uses a five star rating score. We tested the model in a sample of 16 nursing homes in Italy. The Smart Star model showed to be effective in the multidimensional evaluation of the performance of nursing homes. One of the major strengths of the model consisted in its flexibility of application, that suggested its possible adaptation for different areas of healthcare.

Prevalence of potential drug-drug interactions in Swedish pediatric outpatients.

To describe the occurrence of potential drug-drug interactions (DDIs) in prescribed drugs, dispensed to pediatric outpatients in Sweden.

Potential drug interactions with antibacterials in long-term care facilities analyzed by two interaction checkers.

Background Residents in long-term care facilities take many medications concomitantly, including antibacterials, which increases the risk of drug-drug interactions. Objectives The aims of the study were to investigate the prevalence of severe potential interactions between antibacterials and other medications in Slovenian long-term care facilities and to compare the performance of two different drug-drug interaction checkers in these settings. Setting Residents in long-term care facilities in Slovenia. Meth...

Performance Evaluation of MALDI-TOF MS MBT STAR-BL Versus In-House Carba NP Testing for the Rapid Detection of Carbapenemase Activity in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae Strains.

There is an urgent need to be able to identify carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales. In this study we aimed to compare the performance of the MALDI Biotyper Selective Testing of Antibiotic Resistance-βLactamase (MBT STAR-BL) test with the in-house Carba NP test in their ability to rapidly detect carbapenemase production in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae strains. MBT STAR-BL and Carba NP testing were performed in parallel. One hundred sixty-nine isolates in total were tested. K. pneumoniae (...

Trabecular bone score and bone remodeling markers identify perimenopausal women at high risk of bone loss.

Bone loss is accelerated in the late perimenopause and early menopause. The date of the final menstrual period cannot be stated until 1 year after it has ended, and at that time, most of the rapid bone loss phase will have elapsed. Therefore, early detection of bone loss is crucial.

A comparison of potential psychiatric drug interactions from six drug interaction database programs.

Harmful drug-drug interactions (DDI) frequently include psychiatric drugs. Drug interaction database programs are viewed as a primary tool to alert physicians of potential DDI, but may provide different results as there is no standard to define DDI. This study compared the category of potential DDI provided by 6 commercial drug interaction database programs (3 subscription, 3 open access) for 100 drug interaction pairs. The pairs involved 94 different drugs; 67 included a psychiatric and non-psychiatric dru...

Transcription regulation of NRF1 on StAR reduces testosterone synthesis in hypoxemic murine.

Male chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and sleep apnea patients are associated with serum testosterone level decline because of hypoxemia, resulting in male sexual dysfunction and lower reproductive capacity. Although testosterone replacement therapy used in clinic achieves good results, the side effects indicates that understanding the mechanism followed with targeted treatments are more meaningful. The known mechanism of Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) mediated steroidogenic acute regulatory...

Positrons and 511 keV Radiation as Tracers of Recent Binary Neutron Star Mergers.

Neutron-rich material ejected from neutron star-neutron star (NS-NS) and neutron star-black-hole (NS-BH) binary mergers is heated by nuclear processes to temperatures of a few hundred keV, resulting in a population of electron-positron pairs. Some of the positrons escape from the outer layers of the ejecta. We show that the population of low-energy positrons produced by NS-NS and NS-BH mergers in the Milky Way can account for the observed 511-keV line from the Galactic center (GC). Moreover, we suggest how...

Influence of Implant-Prosthetic Connection on Peri-Implant Bone Loss: A Prospective Clinical Trial with 2-Year Follow-up.

To analyze peri-implant bone loss around six different types of implant-prosthetic connections over a 2-year follow-up period.

New molecular therapies for the treatment of hearing loss.

An estimated 466 million people suffer from hearing loss worldwide. Sensorineural hearing loss is characterized by degeneration of key structures of the sensory pathway in the cochlea such as the sensory hair cells, the primary auditory neurons and their synaptic connection to the hair cells - the ribbon synapse. Various strategies to protect or regenerate these sensory cells and structures are the subject of intensive research. Yet despite recent advances in our understandings of the capacity of the cochle...

Universal Relations for Gravitational-Wave Asteroseismology of Protoneutron Stars.

State-of-the-art numerical simulations of core-collapse supernovae reveal that the main source of gravitational waves is the excitation of protoneutron star modes during postbounce evolution. In this work we derive universal relations that relate the frequencies of the most common oscillation modes observed, i.e., g modes, p modes, and the f mode, with fundamental properties of the system, such as the surface gravity of the protoneutron star or the mean density in the region enclosed by the shock. These rel...

Role of Ethnicity on Weight Loss and Attrition After Bariatric Surgery.

Ethnicity has been shown to affect weight loss outcome and attrition after bariatric surgery. We analyze data from a multiethnic urban cohort of patients (n = 570) followed up to 12 months after either gastric bypass (RYGB) or gastric banding (AGB) surgery. Percent total weight loss was greater at 1 year after RYGB (35%) compared with that of AGB (13%), regardless of ethnicity. Hispanics were more likely to undergo RYGB (77.3% vs. 61.2% of African-Americans and 50.4% of Caucasians). Ethnicity had no e...

Are patients with a nasally placed feeding tube at risk of potential drug-drug interactions? A multicentre cross-sectional study.

The primary aims were to determine the rate of potential drug-drug interactions (pDDIs) in patients with nasally placed feeding tubes (NPFT) and the factors significantly associated with pDDIs. The secondary aim was to assess the change in pDDIs for patients between admission and discharge.

Translocation of Star Polyelectrolytes Through a Nanopore.

The electric field driven translocation of charged star polymers through a cylindrical nanopore has been studied using dissipative particle dynamics simulations. The critical field strength required to induce translocation is found to depend on both the number of arms and the number of beads per arm. It may therefore be possible to separate star polyelectrolytes of different arm lengths using electric field driven translocation through a nanopore. The average translocation time exhibits non-monotonic variat...

Efficacy of Cannabinoids in a Pre-Clinical Drug-Screening Platform for Alzheimer's Disease.

Finding a therapy for Alzheimer's disease (AD) is perhaps the greatest challenge for modern medicine. The chemical scaffolds of many drugs in the clinic today are based upon natural products from plants, yet Cannabis has not been extensively examined as a source of potential AD drug candidates. Here, we determine if a number of non-psychoactive cannabinoids are neuroprotective in a novel pre-clinical AD and neurodegeneration drug-screening platform that is based upon toxicities associated with the aging bra...

Accelerated drug discovery by rapid candidate drug identification.

The eventual candidate drug (CD) is often already synthesized during early drug discovery but not nominated until much later. To facilitate the rapid identification of a potential CD, a thoroughly worked-out CD target profile (CDTP) with criteria acceptable for the disease target product profile (TPP) is required at the start of lead generation (LG). In addition to driving the compound property optimization, the preclinical project team has to understand the ultimate goal to be able to rapidly identify and ...

Influence of Energy Balance on the Rate of Weight Loss Throughout One Year of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: a Doubly Labeled Water Study.

To investigate the influence of changes in energy balance and body composition on the rate of weight loss throughout 1 year of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

Drug-Coated balloon angioplasty in clinical practice for below the knee, popliteal and crural artery lesions causing critical limb ischaemia: One-year results from the Spanish Luminor Registry.

Luminor is a new drug-coated angioplasty balloon, European Conformity (EC)-market approved. The aim of the present study is to analyse the one-year results, in terms of effectiveness and safety, of the Luminor 14/14M and 35 Drug-Coated Balloons (DCBs) in a special cohort of critical limb ischaemia (CLI) of the Luminor Registry.

Prevalence of drugs of abuse found in testing of illicit drug seizures and urinalysis of selected population in Hong Kong.

The study investigates the prevalence of drugs of abuse detected from 2011 to 2015 through (i) forensic drug testing of illicit drug seizures from law enforcement agencies; and (ii) analysis of common drugs of abuse in urine samples obtained from offenders/probationers under mandatory drug-use surveillance programmes. Under the selected drug testing groups, there were an average of 5334 cases/year of illicit drug seizures examined and 28,438 samples/year requiring drugs of abuse analysis in urine, from 2011...

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