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Technical quality of delivery care in private- and public-sector health facilities in Enugu and Lagos States, Nigeria.

Private-sector providers are increasingly being recognized as important contributors to the delivery of healthcare. Countries with high disease burdens and limited public-sector resources are considering using the private sector to achieve universal health coverage. However, evidence for the technical quality of private-sector care is lacking. This study assesses the technical quality of maternal healthcare during delivery in public- and private-sector facilities in resource-limited settings, from a systems...

Development and validation of a weather-based warning system to advise fungicide applications to control dollar spot on turfgrass.

Dollar spot is one of the most common diseases of golf course turfgrass and numerous fungicide applications are often required to provide adequate control. Weather-based disease warning systems have been developed to more accurately time fungicide applications; however, they tend to be ineffective and are not currently in widespread use. The primary objective of this research was to develop a new weather-based disease warning system to more accurately advise fungicide applications to control dollar spot act...

Use of cross-sector apprenticeships in pharmacy: is it a sustainable quality education model for pharmacy assistants?

To establish whether undertaking cross-sector pharmacy apprenticeship training to become a pharmacy assistant equally split across the two main pharmacy sectors improves training experience and cross-sector understanding.

Willingness to pay for health insurance in the informal sector of Sierra Leone.

The objective of this project is to study the willingness to pay (WTP) for health insurance (HI) of individuals working in the informal sector in Sierra Leone, using a purposely-designed survey of a representative sample of this sector.

Getting to FP2020: Harnessing the private sector to increase modern contraceptive access and choice in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and DRC.

An estimated 214 million women have unmet need for family planning in developing regions. Improved utilization of the private sector is key to achieving universal access to a range of safe and effective modern contraceptive methods stipulated by FP2020 and SDG commitments. Until now, a lack of market data has limited understanding of the private sector's role in increasing contraceptive coverage and choice.

Proyección de médicos especialistas para el Sector Salud de México a 2030. Un método para estimar requerimientos y planificar su formación.

Carry out the projection of medical specialists in the Health Sector Mexico by 2030.

The Sand Dollar Sign: A Reliable EUS Image to Identify the Excluded Stomach during EUS-Guided Gastrogastrostomy.

The Foundation Pharmacist Project: exploring new models of dual-sector postgraduate pharmacy training.

To explore the experiences of primary care-based professional stakeholders in a dual-sector training programme for foundation pharmacists.

Water footprint characteristic of less developed water-rich regions: Case of Yunnan, China.

Rapid industrialization and urbanization pose pressure on water resources in China. Virtual water trade proves to be an increasingly useful tool in water stress alleviation for water-scarce regions, while bringing opportunities and challenges for less developed water-rich regions. In this study, Yunnan, a typical province in southwest China, was selected as the case study area to explore its potential in socio-economic development in the context of water sustainability. Both input-output analysis and struct...

The $2.5 Million Dollar Wage Gap in Cardiology.

The impact of economic growth on environmental efficiency of the electricity sector: A hybrid window DEA methodology for the USA.

This paper estimates the efficiency of the power generation sector in the USA by using Window Data Envelopment Analysis (W-DEA). We integrate radial and non-radial efficiency measurements in DEA using the hybrid measure while we extend the proposed model by considering good and undesirable outputs as separable and non separable. Then in the second stage, we perform parametric and non-parametric econometric techniques in order to model the relationship between the calculated environmental efficiencies and ec...

Private sector tuberculosis prevention in the US: Characteristics associated with interferon-gamma release assay or tuberculin skin testing.

To determine whether latent tuberculosis infection risk factors are associated with an increased likelihood of latent tuberculosis infection testing in the US private healthcare sector.

Regimen durability in HIV-infected children and adolescents initiating first-line ART in a large public sector HIV cohort in South Africa.

In April 2010 tenofovir and abacavir replaced stavudine in public-sector first-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) for children under 20 years old in South Africa. The association of both abacavir and tenofovir with fewer side-effects and toxicities compared to stavudine could translate to increased durability of tenofovir or abacavir-based regimens. We evaluated changes over time in regimen durability for pediatric patients 3 to 19 years of age at 8 public sector clinics in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Inter-sector network in Brazil's School Health Program: subjects, perceptions, and practices.

This study evaluated the implementation of the School Health Program (PSE in Portuguese) in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, the mechanisms favoring inter-sector action, and municipal administrators' perceptions concerning inter-sector collaboration. A case study was developed with document search and the application of an online questionnaire. The document search analyzed federal and municipal legislation on the PSE published in the Federal Register and Municipal Register and news on...

Finding the gap: An empirical study of the most effective shots in elite goalball.

This research identifies which shots types in goalball are most likely to lead to a goal and herby provides background information for improving training and competition. Therefore, we observed 117 elite level matches including 20,541 shots played in the regular situation (3 vs. 3) using notational analysis. We characterized the shots by using their target sector (A-E), technique (traditional, rotation), trajectory (flat, bounce), angle (straight, diagonal and outcome (goal, violation, out, blocked). In our...

Assessing Human Health PM and Ozone Impacts from U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Sector Emissions in 2025.

Incomplete information regarding emissions from oil and natural gas production has historically made it challenging to characterize the air quality or air pollution-related health impacts for this sector in the United States. Using an emissions inventory for the oil and natural gas sector that reflects information regarding the level and distribution of PM and ozone precursor emissions, we simulate annual mean PM and summer season average daily 8 h maximum ozone concentrations with the Comprehensive Air-Qua...

Complete Many-Body Localization in the t-J Model Caused by a Random Magnetic Field.

The many body localization (MBL) of spin-1/2 fermions poses a challenging problem. It is known that the disorder in the charge sector may be insufficient to cause full MBL. Here, we study dynamics of a single hole in one dimensional t-J model subject to a random magnetic field. We show that strong disorder that couples only to the spin sector localizes both spin and charge degrees of freedom. Charge localization is confirmed also for a finite concentration of holes. While we cannot precisely pinpoint the th...

Expansion of environmental impact assessment for eco-efficiency evaluation of China's economic sectors: An economic input-output based frontier approach.

Due to the increasing environmental burdens caused by dramatic economic expansion, eco-efficiency indicating how efficient the economic activity is with respect to its environmental impacts has become a topic of considerable interest in China. In this context, Economic Input-output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA) and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) are combined to assess the environmental impacts and eco-efficiency of China's 26 economic sectors. The EIO-LCA results indicate that Electricity Production and ...

Fostering the Catalyst Role of Government in Advancing Healthy Food Environments.

Effective approaches to non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention require intersectoral action targeting health and engaging government, industry, and society. There is an ongoing vigorous exploration of the most effective and appropriate role of government in intersectoral partnerships. This debate is particularly pronounced with regards to the role of government in controlling unhealthy foods and promoting healthy food environments. Given that food environments are a key determinant of health, and the com...

Next Generation of Phonon Tests of Lorentz Invariance Using Quartz BAW Resonators.

We demonstrate technological improvements in phonon sector tests of the Lorentz invariance that implement quartz bulk acoustic wave oscillators. In this experiment, room temperature oscillators with state-of-the-art phase noise are continuously compared on a platform that rotates at a rate of order of a cycle per second. The discussion is focused on improvements in noise measurement techniques, data acquisition, and data processing. Preliminary results of the second generation of such tests are given, and i...

Selective Transient Cooling by Impulse Perturbations in a Simple Toy Model.

We show in a simple exactly solvable toy model that a properly designed impulse perturbation can transiently cool down low-energy degrees of freedom at the expense of high-energy ones that heat up. The model consists of two infinite-range quantum Ising models: one, the high-energy sector, with a transverse field much bigger than the other, the low-energy sector. The finite-duration perturbation is a spin exchange that couples the two Ising models with an oscillating coupling strength. We find a cooling of t...

Was ist Schuppenflechte? - Wahrnehmung und Bewertung der Psoriasis in der deutschen Bevölkerung.

Die Versorgung der Psoriasis vulgaris nimmt in der Dermatologie einen wichtigen Stellenwert ein. Im Zuge der WHO-Resolution 2014 und des WHO Global Reports 2016 hat die öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit für die Psoriasis zugenommen. Unklar ist, wie Psoriasis in der Allgemeinbevölkerung wahrgenommen wird. Ziel ist die Erfassung der Wahrnehmung und Bewertung von Psoriasis in der Bevölkerung.

Cross-Sector Service Use Among High Health Care Utilizers In Minnesota After Medicaid Expansion.

Childless adults in the Medicaid expansion population have complex social and behavioral needs. This study compared the cross-sector involvement of Medicaid expansion enrollees who were high health care utilizers to that of other expansion enrollees in Hennepin County, Minnesota. We examined forty-six months of annualized utilization and cost data for expansion-eligible residents with at least twelve months of enrollment (N = 70,134) across health care, housing, criminal justice, and human service secto...

Medication coverage for lawmakers may worsen access for everyone else.

Despite numerous recommendations for universal public coverage of prescription drugs in Canada based on evidence that millions of Canadians cannot afford medications, no province or territory has adopted first dollar coverage for all residents. However, one group unaffected by the lack of public coverage are lawmakers. Lawmakers receive excellent drug coverage plans for themselves and their immediate families. Evidence suggests that lawmakers' decisions are influenced by their personal circumstances; in thi...

What are private sector physiotherapists' perceptions regarding interprofessional and intraprofessional work for managing low back pain?

In the last decades, interactions between health professionals have mostly been discussed in the context of interprofessional teamwork where professionals work closely together and share a team identity. Comparatively, little work has been done to explore interactions that occur between professionals in contexts where traditionally formal structures have been less supporting the implementation of interprofessional teamwork, such as in the private healthcare sector. The objective of this study was to identif...

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