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The American Organization of Nurse Executives and American Hospital Association Initiatives Work to Combat Violence.

: Violence affecting healthcare workers and healthcare organizations continues to be a serious safety issue. In this Leadership Perspectives column, Karen Wray, an American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) member who has experienced a mass causality incident 1st hand, outlines AONE's continuing work to promote safety and combat violence. She discusses recent work on violence issues by the American Hospital Association, AONE's parent organization.

On measuring the quality of hospitals.

Researchers, policymakers and hospital managers often encounter numerous quality measures when assessing hospital quality. The purpose of this paper is to address the challenge of summarising, interpreting and comparing multiple quality measures across different quality dimensions by proposing a simple method of constructing a composite quality index. The method is applied to hospital administrative data to demonstrate its use in analysing hospital performance.

Glucose uptake via STP transporters inhibits in vitro pollen tube growth in a HEXOKINASE1- dependent manner in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Pollen tube growth requires a high amount of metabolic energy and precise targeting towards the ovules. Sugars, especially glucose, can serve as nutrient and as signaling molecules. Unexpectedly, in vitro assays revealed an inhibitory effect of glucose on pollen tube elongation, contradicting the hypothesis that monosaccharide uptake is a source of nutrition for growing pollen tubes. Measurements with FRET-based nanosensors revealed that glucose is taken up into pollen tubes and that the intracellular conce...

Work of breathing for cuffed and uncuffed pediatric endotracheal tubes in an in vitro lung model setting.

Over the last decade, cuffed endotracheal tubes are increasingly used in pediatric anesthesia and also in pediatric intensive care. However, the smaller inner diameter of cuffed endotracheal tubes and, implicitly, the increased endotracheal tube resistance is still a matter of debate.

Evaluation of BD Vacutainer® Barricor™ blood collection tubes for routine chemistry testing on a Roche Cobas® 8000 Platform.

Barricor™ Vacutainers® are a novel non-gel separator blood collection tube. These tubes enable faster pre-analytical processing which could reduce turnaround time and be beneficial in an acute care setting. We sought to evaluate the bias, stability, and integrity of plasma generated from these tubes compared to Plasma Separator Tubes™ (PST) for 50 routine chemistry analytes on a Roche Cobas® 8000 analyzer.

Two of a Kind: Multiple Discovery AKA Simultaneous Invention is the Rule.

Multiple discovery also known as simultaneous invention is the hypothesis that most scientific discoveries and inventions are made independently and more or less simultaneously by multiple scientists and inventors. Great minds think alike.

Towards a better recording of microtubule cytoskeletal spatial organization and dynamics in plant cells.

Numerous fluorescent marker lines are currently available to visualize microtubule (MT) architecture and dynamics in living plant cells, such as markers expressing p35S::GFP-MBD or p35S::GFP-TUB6. However, these MT marker lines display obvious defects that affect plant growth or produce unstable fluorescent signals. Here, a series of new marker lines were developed, including the pTUB6::VisGreen-TUB6-expressing line in which TUB6 is under the control of its endogenous regulatory elements and eGFP is replace...

Feeding tubes in children.

A practical guide to different feeding tubes available for nutritional support in children, focused on indications, placement methods and complications.

The right blood collection tube for therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology screening procedures: Standard tubes, gel or mechanical separator?

Stability data of toxics or drugs in gel-based or mechanical separation blood collection tubes are lacking, especially for therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical toxicology procedures. According to ISO 15189 accreditation standard, laboratories need to master the entire preanalytical process including the stability of analytes in a specific tube. Here we explored the impact of BD PST™ II and Barricor™ separator tubes on the stability of 167 therapeutic compounds and common drugs of abuse in plasma sam...

Protein phosphatase 2A is crucial for sarcomere organization in C. elegans striated muscle.

Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a heterotrimer composed of single catalytic and scaffolding subunits, and one of several possible regulatory subunits. We identified PPTR-2, a regulatory subunit of PP2A, as a binding partner for the giant muscle protein UNC-89 (obscurin) in C. elegans. PPTR-2 is required for sarcomere organization when its paralog, PPTR-1, is deficient. PPTR-2 localizes to the sarcomere at dense bodies and M-lines, co-localizing with UNC-89 at M-lines. PP2A components in C. elegans include ...

A comparative survey for assessing Rashidabad city hospitals quality with District Headquarter Hospital.

Patients are the key stakeholders of any hospital and it is important to satisfy them. The objective of this study was to compare the quality of hospitals within Rashidabad; a town in rural Sindh operated by Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization (RMWO), with District Headquarter hospital Tando Allahyar. A cross sectional survey, based on a questionnaire designed in congruence with literature, regarding the hospital quality was conducted on 150 patients in October 2016. The target population was defined as pa...

Examining the relationship between hospital ownership and population health efforts.

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between ownership type and population health initiatives adopted by hospitals using the 2015 American Hospital Association data.

Laboratory plasticware - Use at your own risk: Suitability of microcentrifuge tubes for spores' analysis of Clostridium difficile.

Clostridium difficile is a Gram-positive spore forming rod-shaped bacterium which causes mild to severe diarrhea. Spores play a key role in transmission of C. difficile in hospital environment. To investigate ability of spores to stay on fomites and to assess levels of contamination it is essential to prevent loss of spores collected for the analysis. Working with C. difficile spores we noticed a significant loss after vortexing of spore suspensions and investigated if it can be prevented by using a specifi...

Hospital-by-Hospital Carbapenem Use in Japan: A Nationwide Ecological Study.

To determine the nationwide distribution of carbapenem use on a hospital-by-hospital basis and to build predictive models using available hospital data from Japan.

The Arabidopsis CrRLK1L Protein Kinases BUPS1 and BUPS2 are Required for Normal Growth of Pollen Tubes in the Pistil.

In flowering plants, the interaction of pollen tubes with female tissues is important for the accomplishment of double fertilization. Little is known about the mechanisms that underlie signalling between pollen tubes and female tissues. In this study, two Arabidopsis pollen tube-expressed CrRLK1L protein kinases, Buddha's Paper Seal 1 (BUPS1) and BUPS2, were identified as being required for normal tip growth of pollen tubes in the pistil. They are expressed prolifically in pollen and pollen tubes and are lo...

World Health Organization Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Guideline and 2018 Implementation Guidance.

Barriers to Early Hospital Discharge: A Cross-Sectional Study at Five Academic Hospitals.

Understanding the issues delaying hospital discharges may inform efforts to improve hospital throughput.

Postdischarge engagement decreased hospital readmissions in Medicaid populations.

To investigate the effect of managed care organization (MCO)-implemented postdischarge engagement, supported by other broadly focused interventions, on 30-day hospital readmissions in 6 at-risk Medicaid populations.

Influence of collection tubes during quantitative targeted metabolomics studies in human blood samples.

Plasma and serum are the most widely used matrices in clinical studies. However, some variability in absolute concentrations of metabolites are likely to be observed in these collection tubes matrices.

A novel approach to stabilize fetal cell-free DNA fraction in maternal blood samples for extended period of time.

This study was undertaken to evaluate a novel method for stabilizing and preserving the original proportion of cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) in maternal blood for extended periods of time without using crosslinking agents, such as formaldehyde, which compromise DNA integrity and extraction efficiency. Blood was drawn from pregnant donors into K3EDTA and Blood Exo DNA ProTeck® (ProTeck) tubes. Blood drawn into both tubes were aliquoted and stored at three different temperatures. At indicated times sample ali...

The New Approaches to Organization of Medical Supplies Support of Patients in Hospital in Modern Conditions.

The article considers the results of complex scientific analysis of issues concerning medications' support of patients in hospital in modern conditions. The economic and social efficiency of proposed organizational methodological approaches to development of management of medications' support is demonstrated.

Quality of plasma samples and BD Vacutainer Barricor tubes: Effects of centrifugation.

The BD Vacutainer ® Barricor™ Plasma collection tube (BD Barricors) uses an innovative non-gel separation method. This study compared the plasma residual cell count (PRCC) obtained from BD Barricor and from BD PST II plasma tubes.

Out-of-bed mobilization of patients undergoing mechanical ventilation with orotracheal tubes: A survey study.

The aim of this study is to clarify intensive care unit (ICU)-level factors facilitating out-of-bed mobilization defined as a range of activities from sitting on edge of bed up to walking in mechanically ventilated patients with orotracheal tubes.

Mechanistic Studies in Photocatalysis.

The fast-moving fields of photoredox and photocatalysis have recently provided fresh opportunities to expand the potential of synthetic organic chemistry. Advances in light-mediated processes have mainly been guided so far by empirical findings and the quest for reaction invention. The general perception, however, is that photocatalysis is entering a more mature phase where the combination of experimental and mechanistic studies will play a dominant role in sustaining further innovation. This Minireview out...

Preanalytical stability of -2proPSA in whole blood stored at room temperature before separation of serum and plasma: implications to Phi determination.

Background [-2]proPSA seems to outperform free/total prostate-specific antigen (PSA) ratio in prostate cancer diagnosis. However, [-2]proPSA stability remains an underestimated issue. We examined [-2]proPSA stability over time in whole blood before separation of serum and plasma and its implications for prostate health index (Phi) determination. Total PSA (tPSA) and free PSA (fPSA) stabilities were also assessed. Methods Blood was drawn from 26 patients and separated in two tubes for plasma (K2EDTA and K2ED...

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