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Quantifying NMR relaxation correlation and exchange in articular cartilage with time domain analysis.

Measured nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) transverse relaxation data in articular cartilage has been shown to be multi-exponential and correlated to the health of the tissue. The observed relaxation rates are dependent on experimental parameters such as solvent, data acquisition methods, data analysis methods, and alignment to the magnetic field. In this study, we show that diffusive exchange occurs in porcine articular cartilage and impacts the observed relaxation rates in T1-T2 correlation experiments. By...

Usage and accuracy of medication data from nationwide health information exchange in Quebec, Canada.

(1) To describe the usage of medication data from the Health Information Exchange (HIE) at the health care system level in the province of Quebec; (2) To assess the accuracy of the medication list obtained from the HIE.

A FAIR guide for data providers to maximise sharing of human genomic data.

It is generally acknowledged that, for reproducibility and progress of human genomic research, data sharing is critical. For every sharing transaction, a successful data exchange is produced between a data consumer and a data provider. Providers of human genomic data (e.g., publicly or privately funded repositories and data archives) fulfil their social contract with data donors when their shareable data conforms to FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) principles. Based on our experiences vi...

Development and application of an exchange model for anisotropic water diffusion in the microporous MOF aluminum fumarate.

Diffusion of water in aluminum fumarate was studied by means of pulsed field gradient (PFG) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Due to water molecules exchanging between the intracrystalline anisotropic pore space and the isotropic intercrystalline void space the model of intracrystalline anisotropic diffusion fails to describe the experimental PFG NMR data at high observation times. Therefore, the two-site exchange model developed by Kärger is extended to the case of exchange between an anisotropic and an i...

On-line Optimization of Total Acceptance in Hamiltonian Replica Exchange Simulations.

Replica exchange is a widely used sampling strategy in molecular simulation. While a variety of methods exist to optimize parameters for temperature replica exchange, less is known about how to optimize parameters for more general Hamiltonian replica exchange simulations. We present an algorithm for the on-line optimization of total acceptance for both temperature and Hamiltonian replica exchange simulations using stochastic gradient descent. We optimize the total acceptance, a heuristic objective function ...

Fast Magic-Angle-Spinning 19F Spin Exchange NMR for Determining Nanometer 19F-19F Distances in Proteins and Pharmaceutical Compounds.

Internuclear distances measured using NMR provide crucial constraints of three-dimensional structures, but are often restricted to about 5 Å due to the weakness of nuclear-spin dipolar couplings. For studying macromolecular assemblies in biology and materials science, distance constraints beyond 1 nm will be extremely valuable. Here we present an extensive and quantitative analysis of the feasibility of 19F spin exchange NMR for precise and robust measurements of inter-atomic distances to 1.6 nm at a magne...

Hospitals' adoption of intra-system information exchange is negatively associated with inter-system information exchange.

U.S. policy on interoperable HIT has focused on increasing inter-system (ie, between different organizations) health information exchange. However, interoperable HIT also supports the movement of information within the same organization (ie, intra-system exchange).

Water Exchange Produces Significantly Higher Adenoma Detection Rate Than Water Immersion: Pooled Data From 2 Multisite Randomized Controlled Trials.

To test the hypothesis that water exchange (WE) significantly increases adenoma detection rates (ADR) compared with water immersion (WI).

Probing the mechanism of thermally driven thiol-Michael dynamic covalent chemistry.

The kinetics and mechanism of the thermally activated dynamic covalent exchange of thiol-Michael adducts is investigated. A model system of thiol-Michael adducts between thiophenol and phenylvinylketone derivatives and adducts between 2-mercaptoethanol phenylvinylketone derivatives in N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) at elevated temperatures is used to probe the underlying exchange mechanism. The kinetic data show negligible free Michael acceptor, which is consistent with the highly efficient thiol-Michael react...

Impact of Feeding on Resting Metabolic Rate and Gas Exchange in Critically Ill Patients.

Feeding is understood to alter gas exchange and resting metabolic rate (RMR) in critically ill patients, but there are limited data describing such changes.

Indications for and outcomes of therapeutic plasma exchange after cardiac transplantation: A single center retrospective study.

Limited data are available describing indications for and outcomes of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) in cardiac transplantation.

Determination of Backbone Amide Hydrogen Exchange Rates of Cytochrome c Using Partially Scrambled Electron Transfer Dissociation Data.

The technological goal of hydrogen/deuterium exchange-mass spectrometry (HDX-MS) is to determine backbone amide hydrogen exchange rates. The most critical challenge to achieve this goal is obtaining the deuterium incorporation in single-amide resolution, and gas-phase fragmentation may provide a universal solution. The gas-phase fragmentation may generate the daughter ions which differ by a single amino acid and the difference in deuterium incorporations in the two analogous ions can yield the deuterium inc...

Effect of leader-member exchange on nurses'sense of calling in workplace.

To investigate the effect of leader-member exchange on nurses'sense of calling in workplace based on self-determination theory.A total of 381 nurses were randomly selected from five tertiary general hospitals in Zhejiang province, China from October to December, 2016. They were subjected to a survey using the Leader-Member Exchange Scale, Job Autonomy Scale, Core Self-Evaluation Scale, and Calling Scale. The mediating effect was used to test the procedures and the data were subjected to hierarchical regress...

Quo Vadis Data Linkage in Germany? An Initial Inventory.

In recent years, linking different data sources, also called data linkage or record linkage, to address scientific questions, is being increasingly used in Germany. However, there are very few published reports and new projects develop the necessary tools independently of each other. Therefore, a team of researchers joined together to exchange their experiences on data linkage and to give suggestions on how linkage could be done for scientists, reviewers as well as members of data privacy boards and ethics ...

Production of dynamic lipid bilayers using the reversible thiol-thioester exchange reaction.

Thiol lysolipids undergo thiol-thioester exchange with two phenyl thioester-functionalized tails to produce phospholipid structures that assemble into liposomes with differences in exchange rates, temperature sensitivity, permeability, and continued exchange behavior. This in situ formation reaction imparts dynamic characteristics into the membrane for downstream liposome functionalization and mimics native membrane remodeling.

Research on adsorption of Cr(Ⅵ) by Poly-epichlorohydrin-dimethylamine (EPIDMA) modified weakly basic anion exchange resin D301.

A novel composite, EPIDMA/D301, with high adsorption capacity and particular affinity toward Cr(Ⅵ) was well prepared utilizing cationic polyelectrolyte poly-epichlorohydrin-dimethylamine (EPIDMA) impregnated in the networking pores of the styrene macroporous weak basic anion exchange resin D301. The physicochemical characteristics of EPIDMA/D301 were characterized by the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET), zeta potential, FTIR, SEM-Mapping and XPS. The adsorption properties were researched via the influence of ...

Subunit Exchange in Protein Complexes.

Over the past 50 years, protein complexes have been studied with techniques such as X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy, generating images which although detailed are static and homogeneous. More recently, limited application of in vivo fluorescence and other techniques has revealed that many complexes previously thought stable and compositionally uniform are dynamically variable, continually exchanging components with a freely circulating pool of "spares". Here, we consider the purpose and prev...

Magneto-spin-orbit graphene: interplay between exchange and spin-orbit couplings.

A rich class of spintronics-relevant phenomena require implementation of robust magnetism and/or strong spin-orbit coupling (SOC) to graphene, but both properties are completely alien to it. Here, we for the first time experimentally demonstrate that a quasi-freestanding character, strong exchange splitting and giant SOC are perfectly achievable in graphene at once. Using angle- and spin-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, we show that the Dirac state in the Au-intercalated graphene on Co(0001) experiences...

Site-Specific Hydrogen Exchange in a Membrane Environment Analyzed by Infrared Spectroscopy.

Hydrogen exchange is a powerful method to examine macro-molecules. In membrane proteins, exchange can distinguish between solvent accessible and inaccessible residues due to shielding by the hydrophobic environment of the lipid bilayer. Herein, rather than examining which residues undergo hydrogen exchange, we employ a protocol that enables the full deuteration of all polar hydrogens in a membrane protein. We then measure the impact of hydrogen exchange on the shift of the amide I vibrational mode of indivi...

Exchange Coupling in Soft Magnetic Nanostructures and its Direct Effect on their Theranostic Properties.

Exchange coupling between hard and soft magnetic materials at the nanoscale exhibit novel or improved physical properties for energy and data storage applications. Recently, exchange coupling has also been explored in core/shell magnetic nanostructures (MNS) composed of hard and soft magnetic spinel ferrites but applications has been limited in biomedicine due to the presence of 'toxic' cobalt based ferrites as hard magnetic component. We report core/shell MNS where both core and shell components are soft m...

Arboreal crops on the medieval Silk Road: Archaeobotanical studies at Tashbulak.

During the first millennium A.D., Central Asia was marked by broad networks of exchange and interaction, what many historians collectively refer to as the "Silk Road". Much of this contact relied on high-elevation mountain valleys, often linking towns and caravanserais through alpine territories. This cultural exchange is thought to have reached a peak in the late first millennium A.D., and these exchange networks fostered the spread of domesticated plants and animals across Eurasia. However, few systematic...

Occupied-Orbital Fast Multipole Method for Efficient Exact Exchange Evaluation.

We present an efficient algorithm for computing the exact exchange contributions in the Hartree-Fock and hybrid density functional theory models on the basis of the fast multipole method (FMM). Our algorithm is based on the observation that FMM with hierarchical boxes can be efficiently used in the exchange matrix construction, when at least one of the indices of the exchange matrix is constrained to be an occupied orbital. Timing benchmarks are presented for alkane chains (C400H802 and C150H302), a graphen...

Automating HIM through Health Information Exchange: An Information Exchange: An Informatics Approach.

CH3NH34Ga4SbS9S0.28O0.72H: A Three-Dimensionally Open-Framework Heterometallic Chalcogenidoantimonate Exhibiting Ni2+ Ion-Exchange Property.

An open-framework chalcogenidoantimonate, namely, [CH3NH3]4Ga4SbS9S0.28O0.72H (1), has been solvothermally synthesized and structurally characterized. Interestingly, 1 showed Ni2+ ion-exchange properties and wide pH resistance, with a maximum exchange capacity of 76.9 mg/g. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first example of amine-directed three-dimensional (3D) heterometallic chalcogenidometalates for the highly selective Ni2+ ion capture with the high distribution coefficient (Kd = 1.65 × 105 mL/g...

Gas phase 1H NMR studies and kinetic modeling of dihydrogen isotope equilibration catalyzed by Ru-nanoparticles under normal conditions: dissociative vs. associative exchange.

The equilibration of H2, HD and D2 between the gas phase and surface hydrides of solid organic-ligand-stabilized Ru metal nanoparticles has been studied by gas phase 1H NMR spectroscopy using closed NMR tubes as batch reactors at room temperature and 800 mbar. When two different nanoparticle systems, Ru/PVP (PVP ≡ polyvinylpyrrolidone) and Ru/HDA (HDA ≡ hexadecylamine) were exposed to D2 gas, only the release of HD from the hydride containing surface could be detected in the initial stages of the reacti...

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