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Surface Coverage-Regulated Cellular Interaction of Ultrasmall Luminescent Gold Nanoparticles.

Investigations for accurately controlling the interaction between functional nanoparticles (NPs) and living cells set a long-thought benefit in nanomedicine and disease diagnostics. Here, we reveal a surface coverage-dependent cellular interaction by comparing the membrane-binding and uptake of three ultrasmall luminescent gold NPs (AuNPs) with different surface coverages. Lower surface coverage leads to fast cellular interaction and strong membrane-binding but low cellular uptake, whereas high surface cove...

Recent Progress in Sublimable Cationic Iridium(III) Complexes for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes.

Sublimable cationic iridium(III) complexes consisting of light-emitting coordinated iridium(III) cations and nonluminous negative counter-ions, show excellent photophysical properties, superior electrochemical behaviors and high thermal stabilities, therefore have emerged as a new library of phosphorescent materials for various organic optoelectronic devices. Here we summarize and highlight the recent progress in sublimable cationic iridium(III) complexes, regarding the material design strategies, synthetic...

Iridium-Catalyzed Electrooxidative C-H Activation by Chemo-Selective Redox-Catalyst Cooperation.

Iridium-catalyzed electrochemical C-H activation was accomplished within a cooperative catalysis manifold, setting the stage for electrooxidative C-H alkenylations through weak O-coordination. The iridium-electrocatalyzed C-H activation featured excellent functional group tolerance through assistance of a metal-free redox-mediator through indirect electrolysis. Detailed mechanistic insights provided strong support for an organometallic C-H cleavage and a synergistic iridium(III/I)/redox catalyst regime, ena...

Iridium-Catalyzed Reductive Nucleophilic Addition to Secondary Amides.

An iridium-catalyzed reductive nucleophilic addition to secondary amides is reported. After the iridium-catalyzed reduction, the resulting imines can undergo the Strecker reaction, the Mannich reaction, allylation, and [3 + 2]-cycloaddition. The method shows high chemoselectivity in the presence of other functional groups such as methyl ester.

Highly Linearized Twisted Iridium(III) Complexes.

Improving the spatial alignment of emitting molecules has long been a goal of organic-light-emitting-diode development to improve device efficiencies and to generate polarized emission. Herein we describe a simple approach employing Sonogashira coupling with alkyne iridium(phenylpyridine)(acetylacetone) synthons (2-5) to generate eight linear iridium complexes (6-13) with crystallographically determined lengths of up to 5 nm. By embedding these "long" complexes into a polymer matrix and stretching it, an im...

Recent progress and developments of iridium-based compounds as probes for environmental analytes.

Metal complexes based on iridium metal centers have attracted attention as probes due to their tunable biological and chemical characteristics. This review highlights recent examples of iridium-based compounds that have been developed as probes for various environmental analytes. We also discuss the further challenges to be overcome for this class of probes in the future.

Iridium(III)-based chemosensors for the detection of metal ions.

In recent years, transition metal complexes with their prominent photophysical properties have emerged as versatile chemosensors to probe different target analytes, including metal ions. By incorporating specific metal ion receptors, various iridium(III) complex-based cation sensors have been developed using different mechanisms. In this review, we survey examples of iridium(III) complex-based metal ion chemosensors that have been reported in the literature. Their design, mechanism and outlook will also be ...

A Robust Approach for Mitigating Risks in Cyber Supply Chains.

In recent years, there have been growing concerns regarding risks in federal information technology (IT) supply chains in the United States that protect cyber infrastructure. A critical need faced by decisionmakers is to prioritize investment in security mitigations to maximally reduce risks in IT supply chains. We extend existing stochastic expected budgeted maximum multiple coverage models that identify "good" solutions on average that may be unacceptable in certain circumstances. We propose three altern...

Iridium and a Brønsted acid cooperatively catalyzed chemodivergent and stereoselective reactions of vinyl benzoxazinones with azlactones.

Under cooperative catalysis of iridium and a Brønsted acid, different C4-substituted azlactones react with vinyl benzoxazinones via a formal [4+2] cycloaddition or substitution reaction in a chemo- and stereoselective mode. Furthermore, the catalytic asymmetric version of the formal [4+2] cycloaddition established cooperative catalysis of iridium and a chiral thiourea-tertiary amine.

Study of the Coordination Modes of Hybrid NNCp Cyclopentadienyl/Scorpionate Ligands in Ir Compounds.

A new coordination mode for the hybrid scorpionate/cyclopentadienyl ligand bpzcp, [bpzcp = 2,2-bis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)-1,1-diphenylethylcyclopentadienyl] is observed in iridium complexes. The reaction of the lithium precursor, [Li(bpzcp)(THF)], with a range of [IrCl(diene)] compounds leads to an unprecedented binding mode of the hybrid scorpionate/cyclopentadienyl ligand as η-Cp-coordinated and the formation of Ir(I) derivatives [Ir(η-Cp-bpzcp)(η-cod)] (1), [Ir(η-Cp-bpzcp){η-CH═C(Me)C(Me)═CH}...

Telemedicine Coverage of Intensive Care Units: A Narrative Review.

Telemedicine coverage of intensive care units (ICUs) is an organizational innovation that has been touted as a means to improve access to and quality of critical care. The purpose of this narrative review is to discuss the different organizational models of ICU telemedicine and factors that have influenced its adoption, and to review the existing literature to consider whether it has lived up to its promise. We conclude by suggesting future directions to fill in some of the existing gaps in the evidence.

Approaching the Volcano Top: Iridium/Silicon Nanocomposites as Efficient Electrocatalysts for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.

Electrolysis of water to generate hydrogen is an important issue for the industrial production of green and sustainable energy. The best electrocatalyst currently available for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) is platinum. We herein show that iridium can be manipulated to achieve a record high HER activity surpassing platinum in every aspect: a lower overpotential at any given current density, a higher current density and mass activity for all bias potentials applied and a catalyst cost reduction of 50...

Unusually strong electrochemiluminescence from iridium-based redox polymers immobilized as thin layers or polymer nanoparticles.

A new class of redox metallopolymer based on cyclometalated iridium(III) centers is described with unusually intense luminescent properties in aqueous media. We report their facile synthesis, photophysical and electrochemical characterization, supported by DFT calculations and their electrochemiluminescence (ECL) properties which, under some circumstances, are significantly greater than the analogous ruthenium-based materials. The photoluminescence (PL) and ECL of these materials are further dramatically en...

Analysis of adoption rates for Needs Driven versus Value Driven innovation water technologies.

This paper analyzes six case studies of new water technology innovations in the last three decades and investigates the differences in timelines for moving through the various stages of water technology commercialization. The concept of two different types of innovation was explored: Crisis/Needs Driven and Value Driven. It was found that the case studies that mapped to the Crisis/Needs Driven innovation moved relatively quickly compared to Value Driven innovations and in most cases involved new entrants. N...

Adoption of Health Information Technology Among US Nursing Facilities.

Nursing facilities have lagged behind in the adoption of interoperable health information technology (ie technologies that allow the sharing and use of electronic patient information between different information systems). The objective of this study was to estimate the nationwide prevalence of electronic health record (EHR) adoption among nursing facilities and to identify the factors associated with adoption.

Human Factors-Based Mobile Application Design for Global Health.

The rapid adoption of smartphones and software applications (apps) has become prevalent worldwide, making these technologies nearly universally available. Low-cost mobile health (M-health) platforms are being rapidly adopted in both developed and emerging markets and have transformed the health care delivery landscape. Human factors optimization is critical to the safe and sustainable adoption of M-health solutions. The overall goal of engaging human factors requirements in the software app design process i...

Three-Dimensional Host Bone Coverage Required in Total Hip Arthroplasty for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and Its Relationship With 2-Dimensional Coverage.

In total hip arthroplasty, the minimum host bone coverage required on the cup for stable fixation has been previously reported; however, the coverage was generally evaluated on a 2-dimensional (2D) image and 3-dimensional (3D) coverage has not been well described.

Selective alkyl ether cleavage by cationic bis(phosphine)iridium complexes.

Catalysts capable of heterolytic silane activation have been successfully applied to the conversion of alkyl ethers to silyl ethers via C-O bond cleavage. The previously-reported cationic pincer-supported iridium complex for this transformation suffers from poor selectivity with regard to monodealkylation of substrate ethers. We demonstrate that a simple non-pincer iridium complex offers improved selectivity and is capable of benzylic ether cleavage in the presence of reductively-labile alkyl and aryl halid...

A multi-objective scheduling optimization algorithm of a camera network for directional road network coverage.

Effective video monitoring systems require optimization of camera and road network coverage, to exploit fully the hardware and software solutions in smart city traffic applications. Monitoring requirements have grown increasingly diverse as scenes are becoming increasingly complex, thereby transforming the camera and road network coverage optimization issue into a nonlinear, high-dimension, and multi-objective problem. Previous research on this topic however, has focused on a single, specific optimization o...

Breaking Long-Range Order in Iridium Oxide by Alkali Ion for Efficient Water Oxidation.

Oxygen electrochemistry plays a critical role in clean energy technologies such as fuel cells and electrolyzers, but the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) badly restricts the efficiency of these devices due to its slow kinetics. Here we show that via incorporating lithium ion into iridium oxide, the thus obtained amorphous iridium oxide (Li-IrOx) demonstrates outstanding water oxidation activity with OER current density of 10 mA/cm2 at 270 mV overpotential for 10 hours of continuous operation in acidic electr...

Bond strength of resin cement to ceramic with simplified primers and pretreatment solutions.

Manufacturers have recently introduced surface primers and pretreatment solutions that reportedly simplify the bonding process of resin cements to ceramics through various combinations of etchant and coupling agents. This study evaluated the shear bond strength (SBS) of a resin cement to a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic material pretreated with various new surface treatment solutions and compared the results to those of a control group prepared with the traditional application of hydrofluoric acid (HF) an...

Stereoselective Synthesis of Cyclohexanes via an Iridium Catalyzed (5 + 1) Annulation Strategy.

An iridium catalyzed method for the synthesis of functionalized cyclohexanes from methyl ketones and 1,5-diols is described. This process operates by two sequential hydrogen borrowing reactions, providing direct access to multisubstituted cyclic products with high levels of stereocontrol. This methodology represents a novel (5 + 1) strategy for the stereoselective construction of the cyclohexane core.

Iridium(III)-Catalyzed Tandem Annulation Synthesis of Pyrazolo 1,2-α Cinnolines from Pyrazolones and Sulfoxonium Ylides.

A highly efficient iridium-catalyzed cascade annulation of pyrazolones and sulfoxonium ylides to access various pyrazolo [1,2-α] cinnoline derivatives has been achieved. This novel approach expanded the application scope of coupling partners to ylides. The control experiments were performed to give insight to the mechanism of this reaction.

Cellular landmarks of Trypanosoma brucei and Leishmania mexicana.

The kinetoplastids Trypanosoma brucei and Leishmania mexicana are eukaryotes with a highly structured cellular organisation that is reproduced with great fidelity in each generation. The pattern of signal from a fluorescently tagged protein can define the specific structure/organelle that this protein localises to, and can be extremely informative in phenotype analysis in experimental perturbations, life cycle tracking, post-genomic assays and functional analysis of organelles. Using the vast coverage of pr...

Half-sandwich iridium(III) complexes with α-picolinic acid frameworks and antitumor applications.

Eight half-sandwich iridium (Ir) complexes of the general formula [(η-Cp)Ir(O^N)Cl] (Cp is tetramethyl(biphenyl)cyclopentadienyl, and the O^N is α-picolinic acid chelating ligand and its derivatives) were synthesized and characterized. Compared with cis-platin widely used in clinic, target Ir complexes showed at most five times more potent antitumor activity against A549 cells by the MTT (3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) assay. Ir complexes could be transported by serum albumi...

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