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Exposure to radon in show caves is an existing exposure situation. A survey of radon levels in underground show caves around Australia, carried out in 1994, found that most of the show caves located in South-Eastern Australia had yearly average radon levels exceeding the Australian radon reference level of 1000 Bq m-3. At the time of the original survey, the radiation doses from exposure to radon progeny of the tour guides in these caves were estimated using the epidemiologically based dose conversion facto...


In published series, a large proportion of patients with craniosynostosis show impaired vision.

A statistical model for activation of Factor C by binding to LPS aggregates.

Published data on Factor C activity at various LPS and Lipid A concentrations (Nakamura et al. in Eur J Biochem 176:89, 1988; Kobayashi et al. in J Biol Chem 37:25987, 2014) were rearranged to show that Factor C exhibited its maximum activity at a specific concentration of LPS. A statistical model was proposed for examining whether a single LPS molecule binding activates Factor C (monomeric activation) or dimerization of Factor C is necessary for the activation (dimeric activation). In the monomeric activat...

Staffing in hospital transfusion laboratories: UKTLC surveys show cause for concern.

To monitor minimum standards in hospital transfusion laboratories in relation to qualifications, training, competency and the use of information technology over time against published recommendations.

The microdosimetric extension in TOPAS: development and comparison with published data.

Microdosimetric energy depositions have been suggested as a key variable for the modeling of the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) in proton and ion radiation therapy. However, microdosimetry has been underutilized in radiation therapy. Recent advances in detector technology allow the design of new mico- and nano-dosimeters. At the same time Monte Carlo simulations have become more widely used in radiation therapy. In order to address the growing interest in the field, a microdosimetric extension was ...

CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine Third Edition. Edited by Frances M. D. Gulland, Leslie A. Dierauf, Karyl L. Whitman. Published by CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), Boca Raton, London, New York. Published 2018. 1,124 pages. ISBN 9781498796873. $135.96.

Bias: A 30-Year Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Published in Three Prosthodontic Journals.

Bias can occur in various phases of an investigation, and its control is an important measure of the validity of results for randomized controlled trials (RCTs). The purpose of this study is to determine if bias control in prosthodontic RCTs published from 2008 to 2017 improved over those published from 1988 to 1997.

Utilization of the Genome Aggregation Database, In Silico Tools, and Heterologous Expression Patch Clamp Studies to Identify and Demote Previously Published Type 2 Long QT Syndrome-Causative Variants from Pathogenic to Likely Benign.

Loss-of-function variants in the KCNH2-encoded Kv11.1 potassium channel cause type 2 long QT syndrome (LQT2). Presently, hundreds of KCNH2 missense variants (MVs) have been published as "disease-causative". However, an estimated 10% of rare published LQTS MVs may be "false positives".

The 2019 guidelines from the American Society for Apheresis: what's new?

For over 30 years, the American Society for Apheresis (ASFA) has published practice guidelines on the use of therapeutic apheresis in the Journal of Clinical Apheresis (JCA) Special Issue. These guidelines are periodically reviewed with the addition of new indications, retirement of some former indications and the provision of updated recommendations for current indications based on new published literature. During the last 12 years, updated guidelines have been published every 3 years to provide a reflecti...

Centralized scientific communities are less likely to generate replicable results.

Concerns have been expressed about the robustness of experimental findings in several areas of science, but these matters have not been evaluated at scale. Here we identify a large sample of published drug-gene interaction claims curated in the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (for example, benzo(a)pyrene decreases expression of SLC22A3) and evaluate these claims by connecting them with high-throughput experiments from the LINCS L1000 program. Our sample included 60,159 supporting findings and 4253 oppos...

50 years of systemic therapy of urinary bladder cancer.

This review summarises the treatment strategies of the last five decades for metastatic urothelial cancer. The introduction of combination chemotherapy in the mid-1980s led to clinically significant response rates and prolonged survival. Two years ago, the results of a phase-3 clinical trial with the PD1 inhibitor pembrolizumab for second-line treatment of metastatic urothelial carcinoma were published. These data were the first to show an overall survival benefit in comparison with a conventional chemother...

Infrequent use of clinical trials registries in published systematic reviews in urology.

Validity of systematic reviews may be affected by non-publication of statistically non-significant or unfavorable clinical trial results. One function of clinical trial registries is to make these non-published studies available and thereby reduce potential publication bias. We aim to assess the use of clinical trial registries in published systematic reviews in urology.

Association of sprue-like enteropathy and angiotensin receptor-1 antagonists.

Over the past 5 years several case reports and cohort studies have been published that describe a sprue-like enteropathy (SLE) with abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea and weight loss, after taking angiotensin type 1 receptor blockers (ARB). The initial case series from the Mayo Clinic, which described 22 cases of olmesartan-induced SLE, was followed by numerous case descriptions for almost all ARBs. A total of 73 case reports have been described so far that show evidence of ARB-associated enteropathy wit...

KBbox: A Toolbox of Computational Methods for Studying the Kinetics of Molecular Binding.

The last few years have seen an increasing recognition of the importance of understanding molecular binding kinetics. This has led to the development of myriad computational methods for studying the kinetics of binding processes, and predicting their associated rate constants, which show varying degrees of accuracy, and vary greatly in the computational resources required for their application. In order to help researchers decide which method might be suitable for their projects, we have developed KBbox, a ...

Trends in High-Impact Neurosurgical Randomized Controlled Trials Published in General Medical Journals: A Systematic Review.

The neurosurgery literature lacks a comprehensive report of neurosurgical randomized control trials (RCTs) published in general medical journals. RCTs published in these journals have high visibility and impact on decision-making by general medical practitioners and healthcare policy makers.

Mortality in acromegaly decreased in the last decade: a systematic review and meta-analysis Letter to Editor.

Based on the erratum published in February 2019 issue of the European Journal of Endocrinology by Esposito et al, we have decided to update the meta-analyses of our systematic review published last year, in which the above mentioned study was included. The corrected data have not changed our conclusions. We reaffirm that in comparison with studies published before 2008, standardized mortality rate (SMR) in acromegaly decreased in the last decade, probably due to the most frequent use of somatostatin analogs...

Adipose Tissue: A Tertiary Lymphoid Organ: Does It Change with Age?

In this manuscript, we summarize published results showing that obesity and aging are inflammatory conditions associated with serious health problems, increased risk for disease and death. We show that fat mass increases with age and represents a major contributor to insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome. We summarize the effects of age on the adipose tissue (AT), related to the abundance, distribution, cellular composition, endocrine signaling and function of the tissue. The AT is an immunological ...

A bibliometric analysis of the conversion and reporting of pilot studies published in six anaesthesia journals.

Pilot and feasibility studies are preliminary investigations undertaken before a larger study. We hypothesised that only a small proportion of pilot or feasibility studies published in anaesthesia journals were correctly labelled as such. We searched for papers published between 2007 and 2017 in six anaesthesia journals using the text words 'pilot' OR 'feasibility' and included 266 original articles with 26,682 human participants. Only 34 (12.8%) were correctly labelled as a pilot or feasibility study. They...

Quality of evidence on pre-eclampsia in the last three decades: An analysis of published literature.

In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of information published on pre-eclampsia. We analyzed trends in pre-eclampsia literature between 1997 and 2016 and reported on the quality and utility of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) between 1987 and 2016.

Adverse events during apheresis: A 10-year experience at a tertiary academic medical center.

Apheresis can be associated with adverse events (AEs). Available studies published on apheresis-associated AEs lack uniformity of data. Unfortunately, there is no common database in the United States (US) to report apheresis-associated AEs. We evaluated our institutional incidence of apheresis-associated AEs and compared it with published literature.

Meta-analyses identify differentially expressed microRNAs in Parkinson's disease.

MicroRNA-mediated (dys)regulation of gene expression has been implicated in Parkinson's disease (PD), although results of microRNA expression studies remain inconclusive. We aimed to identify microRNAs that show consistent differential expression across all published expression studies in PD.

Predictors of Citations in Neurosurgical Research.

The number of citations an article receives is an important measure of impact for published research. There is limited published data on predictors of citations in neurosurgery research.

Automatic annotation of protein residues in published papers.

This work presents an annotation tool that automatically locates mentions of particular amino-acid residues in published papers and identifies the protein concerned. These matches can be provided in context or in a searchable format in order for researchers to better use the existing and future literature.

The Abbreviated Injury Scale is well described: A letter to the Editor re: Loftis et al., "Evolution of the Abbreviated Injury Scale: 1990-2015".

A recent study published in this journal has provided a description and summary of changes made to the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) through the 5 latest versions. However, there has already been a considerable body of related research published during the past decade.

Improved estimates for extinction probabilities and times to extinction for populations of tsetse (Glossina spp).

A published study used a stochastic branching process to derive equations for the mean and variance of the probability of, and time to, extinction in population of tsetse flies (Glossina spp) as a function of adult and pupal mortality, and the probabilities that a female is inseminated by a fertile male. The original derivation was partially heuristic and provided no proofs for inductive results. We provide these proofs, together with a more compact way of reaching the same results. We also show that, while...

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