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Trends and Patterns of Antidepressant Use in French Children and Adolescents From 2009 to 2016: A Population-Based Study in the French Health Insurance Database.

Over the last decade, the use of antidepressants (ATDs) in children and adolescents has markedly increased in several occidental countries, but recent data in French children are missing. This study aimed to assess trends of ATD use in French children (6-11 years) and adolescents (12-17 years) and to characterize changes in ATD prescribing patterns from 2009 to 2016.

Prevalence of major depressive disorder in children and adolescents in China: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Prevalence figures of major depressive disorder (MDD) in children and adolescents across various epidemiological studies have been inconclusive. This is a systematic review and meta-analysis of the pooled prevalence of MDD and its associated factors in children and adolescents in China.

Prevalence of anemia and consumption of iron-rich food groups in Mexican children and adolescents: Ensanut MC 2016.

To describe the prevalence of anemia and con-sumption of iron rich groups among Mexican children and adolescents who participated in the Halfway National Health and Nutrition Survey, 2016.

Prevalence of prediabetes by the fasting plasma glucose and HbA1c screening criteria among the children and adolescents of Shenzhen, China.

Prediabetes is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and all-cause mortality. No research in China has evaluated the prevalence of prediabetes among children and adolescents using the HbA1c criterion or the combined FPG-or-HbA1c diagnostic criterion, and researchers paid no attention to the distributions of blood glucose in Shenzhen, especially for juveniles.

Fluid intake patterns of children and adolescents: results of six Liq.In national cross-sectional surveys.

This study aimed to identify and characterize patterns of fluid intake in children and adolescents from six countries: Argentina, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Mexico and Uruguay.

Prevalence and trends of physical activity in children and adolescents: results of the Ensanut 2012 and Ensanut MC 2016.

To describe the prevalence and trends of physical activity (PA) in children and adolescents from Ensanut 2012 and Ensanut MC 2016.

Trends in the Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity among Chinese School-Age Children and Adolescents from 2010 to 2015.

In China, recent rapid economic growth has been associated with increasing prevalence of childhood obesity. This study aimed to provide the most updated prevalence and trends in overweight and obesity among school-age children and adolescents in Shanghai, China, in 2010-2015.

Influenza-Associated Hospitalization in Children Younger Than Five Years of Age in Suzhou, China, 2011- 2016.

Studying the burden and risk factors associated with severe illness from influenza infection in young children in eastern China will contribute to future cost-effectiveness analyses of local influenza vaccine programs.

Unwanted Side Effects in Children and Youth Psychotherapy - Introduction and Recommendations.

Psychotherapy in children and adolescents is effective, but unwanted effects can occur. Until now, psychotherapy research has neglected this important topic, although children and youths are in need of special protection. Unwanted effects caused by therapy are not systematically investigated and a corresponding conceptualization is missing. The aim of this article is to investigate whether the current classifications of unwanted effects of psychotherapy in adults are applicable to children and adolescents a...

Fluid intake of Latin American children and adolescents: results of four 2016 LIQ.IN National Cross-Sectional Surveys.

The primary aim of this survey was to report total fluid intake (TFI) and different fluid types for children (4-9 years) and adolescents (10-17 years) in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. The second aim was to compare TFI with the adequate intake (AI) of water from fluids as recommended by the USA Institute of Medicine.

Safety of two doses of an inactivated hepatitis a vaccine given 6 months apart in healthy toddlers, children, and adolescents aged 12 months to 15 years in China: a phase IV study.

Hepatitis A is a vaccine-preventable infection caused by the HA virus (HAV) with transitional to intermediate endemicity in China. An inactivated vaccine first licensed in China in 2010 (Avaxim® 80U Pediatric) is indicated for primary and booster vaccination in children from 12 months to 15 years of age. This Phase IV, open-label, single-arm trial supported licensure in pediatric age groups in China. A total of 355 healthy infants and toddlers (

Recent Increases in Injury Mortality Among Children and Adolescents Aged 10-19 Years in the United States: 1999-2016.

This report presents numbers of injury deaths and death rates for children and adolescents aged 10-19 years in the United States for 1999-2016. Numbers and rates are presented by sex for 1999-2016, by injury intent (e.g., unintentional, suicide, and homicide) and method (e.g., motor vehicle traffic, firearms, and suffocation). Numbers and rates of death according to leading injury intents and methods are shown by sex for ages 10-14 years and 15-19 years for 2016. Mortality statistics in this report are base...

Longitudinal anthropometry of children and adolescents using 3D-body scanning.

3D-body scanning anthropometry is a suitable method for characterization of physiological development of children and adolescents, and for understanding onset and progression of disorders like overweight and obesity. Here we present a novel body typing approach to describe and to interpret longitudinal 3D-body scanning data of more than 800 children and adolescents measured in up to four follow-ups in intervals of 1 year, referring to an age range between 6 and 18 years. We analyzed transitions between body...

Adolescents' sensitivity to children's supernatural thinking: A preparation for parenthood?

Young children often use magical explanations to account for ordinary phenomena (e.g., "The sun's not out today because it is mad"). We labeled these explanations supernatural thinking. Previous research reports that supernatural thinking attributed to preschool-age children evokes both positive affect and perceptions of helplessness from both adults and older (14-17 years old) but not younger (10-13 years old) adolescents. In this study, we asked if cues of cognitive immaturity are more influential in affe...

Medicaid/CHIP Participation Reached 93.7 Percent Among Eligible Children In 2016.

Children's participation in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) rose by 5 percentage points between 2013 and 2016. As a result, 1.7 million fewer Medicaid/CHIP-eligible children were uninsured in 2016. Participation was lower among adults than among children, and nearly 6 million Medicaid-eligible adults were uninsured in 2016.

Prevalence and genotypes of group A rotavirus among outpatient children under five years old with diarrhea in Beijing, China, 2011-2016.

Rotavirus is a leading cause of severe diarrheal disease, and one of the common causes of death in children aged under five years old. The dominant epidemic strains may change in different years in the same area. In order to provide evidence for rotavirus epidemic control and inform vaccine development, we analyzed epidemiological patterns and genetic characteristics of rotavirus in Beijing during 2011-2016.

Postdischarge Suicide and Death in South Korean Children and Adolescents Hospitalized for a Psychiatric Illness.

The postdischarge suicide rate in children and adolescents ever hospitalized for a psychiatric illness is much higher than that of children and adolescents in the general population. We aimed to investigate the postdischarge death and suicide among children and adolescents hospitalized for a psychiatric illness using the Korean National Health Insurance database and causes of death statistics from the National Statistics Office.

Measuring Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism in Children and Adolescents: The Narcissism Scale for Children.

Clinical and empirical research have consistently distinguished two dimensions of narcissism: grandiose narcissism and vulnerable narcissism. However, to date there is no psychometrically validated measure of grandiose and vulnerable narcissism for children. A measure that assesses both expressions of narcissism in children and adolescents is necessary to understand the causes and consequences of narcissistic self-views prior to adulthood. In this article, four studies are presented documenting the construc...

Physical activity is associated with lower insulin and C-peptide during glucose challenge in children and adolescents with family background of diabetes.

Children and adolescents with a family history of diabetes are at increased risk of overweight, but little is known about the potentially beneficial effects of physical activity on these children. The objective of this study was to investigate the association between moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and metabolic and inflammatory risks in children and adolescents with a family background of Type 1 diabetes or gestational diabetes.

Rehabilitation in Germany 2004-2016 A Multicenter Analysis Over a Period of 13 Years in Children and Adolescents with Diabetes Mellitus.

In the treatment of children/adolescents with diabetes medical rehabilitation plays an important role. It was the aim of the survey to analyze trends in the number of patients admitted to rehabilitation, the quality of diabetes care, the incidence of acute complications, risk factors for cardiovascular co-morbidities like lipids and blood pressure and the familial status nationwide and over a period of 13 years.

Monitoring the age-specificity of measles transmissions during 2009-2016 in Southern China.

Despite several immunization efforts, China saw a resurgence of measles in 2012. Monitoring of transmissions of individuals from different age groups could offer information that would be valuable for planning adequate disease control strategies. We compared the age-specific effective reproductive numbers (R) of measles during 2009-2016 in Guangdong, China.

Sleep and cognition in children and adolescents.

Sleep and cognition in children and adolescents Abstract. In this review, one of the most important functions of sleep was described: Its role in promoting cognitive processes in children and adolescents. Particularly, studies of older children and adolescents revealed that sleep interacts in a complex manner with cognitive performance. Moreover, it was shown that sleep supports long-term memory even in young children. This is true for many different long-term memory systems such as memory of factual inform...

The epidemiology of chronic pain in children and adolescents.

The review highlights the main aspects of the epidemiology of chronic pain (pain lasting more than three months) as a factor that has a significant impact on the quality of life of children and adolescents. The paper presents new data on the epidemiology of headache, abdominal pain, musculoskeletal pain and combined pain syndromes. The author draws attention to the importance of alexithymia as a factor aggravating chronic pain in children and adolescents.

Sclerostin and its association with insulin resistance in children and adolescents.

Recent studies have shown that sclerostin, which is mainly known as a negative regulator of bone formation, could play an important role in the crosstalk between bone and glucose metabolism. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between sclerostin, other bone and fat related factors as osteocalcin (OC), Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor NF-қB ligand (RANKL), leptin and adiponectin with glucose metabolism and insulin action in children and adolescents with obesity compared with health...

Polychlorinated biphenyls and chlorinated paraffins in home-produced eggs from an e-waste polluted area in South China: Occurrence and human dietary exposure.

The levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and short/median-chain chlorinated paraffins (S/MCCPs) in 68 home-produced eggs collected in 2013 and 2016 from an electronic-waste (e-waste) site in South China were measured and the human dietary exposure to these two classes of contaminants via egg consumption was calculated. The levels of PCBs, SCCPs, and MCCPs varied from 236 to 8870 ng/g lipid weight (lw), 477 to 111,000 ng/g lw, and 125 to 91,100 ng/g lw, respectively. There are no significant diff...

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