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Impact of master's degree attainment upon academic career placement in neurosurgery.

Previous authors have investigated many factors that predict an academic neurosurgical career over private practice, including attainment of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and number of publications. Research has yet to demonstrate whether a master's degree predicts an academic neurosurgical career. This study quantifies the association between obtaining a Master of Science (MS), Master of Public Health (MPH), or Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and pursuing a career in academic neurosurgery.

The relationship between knowledge management and creativity in bachelor degree compared to master degree nursing students.

To investigate the relationship between knowledge management and creativity in undergraduate compared with master degree nursing students.

Entry-Level Master's Programs in Nursing: Review of Programmatic Features.

This review describes the programmatic features of entry-level master's programs in nursing in the United States that result in a generalist degree for individuals with a baccalaureate degree in another field. The number of entry-level Master of Science in Nursing programs has grown over the past decade, increasing the importance of understanding the features, similarities, and differences among these programs.

Comparison of Twitter Use of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

Twitter has become a powerful tool for dissemination of information. The objective of this study was to evaluate Twitter usage of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). All tweets from ASA ("@ASALifeline") and AANA ("@aanawebupdates") were collected over a 1-year time period. The content of each tweet was categorized using a rubric. ASA generated more original tweets than AANA. Twitter use was highest in October for ASA and September for AA...

Education is a private matter: Clinical midwives' experiences of being part-time master's students in midwifery.

When the master's degree in midwifery was introduced in Norway, clinical midwives with a professional diploma soon requested the possibility to upgrade their education to a master's degree. In 2014, a part-time master's program worth 40 ECTS credits was introduced at a Norwegian university. In this study, we aimed to explore clinical midwives' experiences of how taking a part-time master's program in midwifery was received at their workplace. We employed a qualitative research design and an explorative desc...

#EUROmicroMOOC: using Twitter to share trends in Microbiology worldwide.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks that, in recent years, has been increasingly used by researchers as a platform to share science and discuss ongoing work. Despite its popularity, Twitter is not commonly used as a medium to teach science. Here, we summarize the results of #EUROmicroMOOC: the first worldwide Microbiology Massive Open Online Course taught in English using Twitter. Content analytics indicated that more than 3 million users saw posts with the hashtag #EUROmicroMOOC, which...

Meritorious Academic Partnership (MAP) Designation Program.

A common concern of leaders of nursing professional development (NPD) or education departments in practice settings is hiring nurses with a master's degree in nursing education who lack the requisite knowledge and skills to adequately fulfill the position. As we speak with NPD practitioners around the country, we typically find less than one third who report NPD content in their master's in nursing education curriculum. Like NPD department leaders, these nurses recognize that they were prepared to work in a...

Scaling laws in geo-located Twitter data.

Twitter has become an important platform for geo-spatial analyses, providing high-volume spatial data on a wide variety of social processes. Understanding the relationship between population density and Twitter activity is therefore of key importance. This study reports a systematic relationship between population density and Twitter use. Number of tweets, number of users and population per unit area are related by power law functions with exponents greater than one. These relations are consistent with each...

A master equation for spin systems far from equilibrium.

The quantum dynamics of spin systems is often treated by a differential equation known as the master equation, which describes the trajectories of spin observables such as magnetization components, spin state populations, and coherences between spin states. The master equation describes how a perturbed spin system returns to a state of thermal equilibrium with a finite-temperature environment. The conventional master equation, which has the form of an inhomogeneous differential equation, applies to cases wh...

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the use of Twitter as a tool of antimicrobial stewardship.

Social media networks have transformed the sources of information, including health information. In particular, the microblogging service Twitter has been used as a learning tool in the field of medicine as well as a tool for disease surveillance and outbreak management. As antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest concerns of public health, we aimed to review how Twitter is being used as a tool for antimicrobial stewardship (AMS).

Twitter Conversations and English News Media Reports on Poliomyelitis in Five Different Countries, January 2014 to April 2015.

Twitter and media coverage on poliomyelitis help maintain global support for its eradication.

Stylistic variation on the Donald Trump Twitter account: A linguistic analysis of tweets posted between 2009 and 2018.

Twitter was an integral part of Donald Trump's communication platform during his 2016 campaign. Although its topical content has been examined by researchers and the media, we know relatively little about the style of the language used on the account or how this style changed over time. In this study, we present the first detailed description of stylistic variation on the Trump Twitter account based on a multivariate analysis of grammatical co-occurrence patterns in tweets posted between 2009 and 2018. We i...

Academic tweeting in #ObGyn. Where do we stand?

Objective To describe the scenario of academic tweeting and utilization of Twitter by editorial board members of the leading journal in obstetrics and gynecology. Methods The Twitter presence of an editorial board members of obstetrics and gynecology journal with an impact factor greater than 4 was determined. Details of their Twitter activity, year of graduation from medical school and gender were analyzed. Median SparkScore™, an online influence measure, of journals was compared to the highest impact fa...

"Can't Wait to Blackout Tonight": An Analysis of the Motives to Drink to Blackout Expressed on Twitter.

Alcohol-related blackouts are associated with a range of negative consequences and are common among social drinkers. Discussing alcohol use on social networking platforms (e.g., Twitter) is common and related to higher alcohol consumption levels. Due to the widespread nature of alcohol-related social networking posts and alcohol-related blackouts, we examined the content of alcohol-related blackouts posts/"Tweets" on Twitter, with a focus on intentions to blackout and specific motivations for blacking out.

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question: A randomized trial of Twitter effects in medical education.

Many medical education journals use Twitter to garner attention for their articles. The purpose of this study was to test the effects of tweeting on article page views and downloads.

Developing new health technologies for neglected diseases: a pipeline portfolio review and cost model.

:  Funding for product development for neglected diseases fell from 2009-2015, other than a short-term injection of Ebola funding. One impediment to mobilizing resources is a lack of information on product candidates, the estimated costs to move them through the pipeline, and the likelihood of specific launches. This study aimed to help fill these information gaps. : We conducted a pipeline portfolio review to identify current candidates for 35 neglected diseases. Using an adapted version of the Portfolio ...

Characterizing Swisher Little Cigar-Related Posts on Twitter in 2018: Text Analysis.

Little cigars are growing in popularity in the United States, and Swisher is the market leader. The contexts and experiences associated with the use of Swisher-related products is understudied, but such information is available via publicly available posts on Twitter.

Kitten checklist launches.

Zika discourse in the Americas: A multilingual topic analysis of Twitter.

This work examines Twitter discussion surrounding the 2015 outbreak of Zika, a virus that is most often mild but has been associated with serious birth defects and neurological syndromes. We introduce and analyze a collection of 3.9 million tweets mentioning Zika geolocated to North and South America, where the virus is most prevalent. Using a multilingual topic model, we automatically identify and extract the key topics of discussion across the dataset in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We examine the va...

Are Aspects of Twitter Use Associated with Reduced Depressive Symptoms? The Moderating Role of In-Person Social Support.

In a two-wave, 4-month longitudinal study of 308 adults, two hypotheses were tested regarding the relation of Twitter-based measures of online social media use and in-person social support with depressive thoughts and symptoms. For four of five measures, Twitter use by in-person social support interactions predicted residualized change in depression-related outcomes over time; these results supported a corollary of the social compensation hypothesis that social media use is associated with greater benefits ...

Nutrition for Master Athletes: Is There a Need for Specific Recommendations?

Master athletes are often considered exemplars of successful aging, thanks to their capacity to maintain a high sports performance during their entire life. A high training capacity, regular participation in sporting competitions, and delayed alterations in body composition and physiological capacities have been listed among the main factors contributing to impressive master athletes' performances. However, there is a paucity of data on the metabolism and dietary habits of master athletes, and the question ...

Ireland launches new oral health policy.

Towards a second generation of 'social media metrics': Characterizing Twitter communities of attention around science.

'Social media metrics' are bursting into science studies as emerging new measures of impact related to scholarly activities. However, their meaning and scope as scholarly metrics is still far from being grasped. This research seeks to shift focus from the consideration of social media metrics around science as mere indicators confined to the analysis of the use and visibility of publications on social media to their consideration as metrics of interaction and circulation of scientific knowledge across diffe...

RUMA launches new task force for post-2020 targets.

BDA launches updated tool for special care and paediatric dentistry.

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