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Associations between cognitive performance and sigma power during sleep in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, healthy children, and healthy adults.

Sigma power during sleep is associated with cognitive abilities in healthy humans. We examined the relationship between sigma power in sleep EEG and intelligence and alertness in schoolchildren with ADHD (n = 17) in comparison to mentally healthy children (n = 16) and adults (n = 23). We observed a positive correlation between sigma power in sleep stage 2 and IQ in healthy adults but a negative correlation in children with ADHD. Furthermore, children with ADHD showed slower reaction times in alertness testi...

Power and social information processing.

We review the scientific evidence concerning the relation between power and social information processing. Does having or obtaining power affect how we perceive and judge our social interaction partners and how accurately we do this? High power individuals perceive others as more agentic and tend to project characteristics of themselves onto others. People in power tend to stereotype others more and see them as less human and generally in a more negative way. Powerholders are not more or less accurate in as...

Power struggles: when and why the benefits of power for individuals paradoxically harm groups.

Research on the dysfunctions of power for group interactions is covered in this review. While individuals generally benefit from possessing power, groups often are plagued by power struggles when one or more individuals within the group possess power, such as in groups with high intra-group power dispersion (e.g. a clear job title hierarchy or differences in salary levels) or a high average level of member power (e.g. management teams, all-star sports teams). In such groups with at least one powerful member...

Age and autonomic control, but not cerebral oxygenation, are significant determinants of EEG spectral power in children.

Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) in children has significant effects on daytime functioning and cardiovascular control; attributed to sleep fragmentation and repetitive hypoxia. Associations between electroencephalograph (EEG) spectral power, autonomic cardiovascular control and cerebral oxygenation have been identified in adults with SDB. To date, there have been no studies in children. We aimed to assess associations between EEG spectral power and heart rate variability as a measure of autonomic control, ...

Network analysis to evaluate the impact of research funding on research community consolidation.

In 2004, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation launched a new program focused on incubating a new field, "Microbiology of the Built Environment" (MoBE). By the end of 2017, the program had supported the publication of hundreds of scholarly works, but it was unclear to what extent it had stimulated the development of a new research community. We identified 307 works funded by the MoBE program, as well as a comparison set of 698 authors who published in the same journals during the same period of time but were not p...

Perceived influence of power distance, psychological safety, and team cohesion on team effectiveness.

Interprofessional education needs a stronger theoretical basis informed by the challenges facing collaboration across professions. This study explores the impact of power distance (perception of role hierarchy), on team effectiveness as mediated by team cohesion and psychological safety (believe one can speak up without the fear of negative consequences). Furthermore, it tests for differences between medical and nursing students in these concepts. Final-year medical and nursing students completed a paper su...

Women's decision-making power and undernutrition in their children under age five in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A cross-sectional study.

Undernutrition in children remains a major global health issue and the prevalence of undernutrition in children under age five in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is among the highest in the world. Both biological and socioeconomic factors contribute to undernutrition, and the literature reports an association between women's empowerment and lower rates of child undernutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the relationship between women's decision-making power and child undernutrition is less un...

Effects of functional power training on gait kinematics in children with cerebral palsy.

Muscle weakness is one of the most prevalent symptoms in children with cerebral palsy (CP). Although recent studies show that functional power training can improve strength and functional capacity in young children with CP, effects on specific gait parameters have not previously been reported.

Children's Repetitive and Intermittent Sprinting Performance (CRISP) Test: A new field-based test for assessing anaerobic power and repeated sprint performance in children with developmental coordination disorder.

Evidence on anaerobic power and sprinting performance of children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is limited.

Increased sharing between collaborators extends beyond the spoils of collaboration.

Research has shown that preschoolers increase equal sharing after collaborating to earn resources, suggesting that collaboration may be an important context for the development of fairness. The current study explored the influence of specific components of collaborative interactions to better understand the social cognitive foundations of this precocious increase in equal sharing. The effects of three forms of collaborative interaction on children's sharing were compared: collaborating toward a joint concre...

Development and validation of a short form Children's power of Food Scale.

To develop and validate a shortened form of the Children's Power of Food Scale (C-PFS), which measures anticipated reward from consuming highly palatable foods (i.e., hedonic hunger). Presently, two gaps exist with the C-PFS: the need for a shorter tighter measure, and evidence to support similar item function across populations.

Harnessing the Power of Collaboration for Postmarket Surveillance of Hernia Mesh Devices.

Frequency coupling of low and high frequencies in the EEG of ADHD children and adolescents in closed and open eyes conditions.

The present report examines the possible differences in absolute Power Spectral Density (PSD), the topography of brain rhythms, and low frequency (delta and theta) vs. beta PSD when attention deficit disorder (ADHD) children and controls are compared. These results would potentially be useful to test the validity of the developmental lag and differential developmental models for ADHD. The EEG resting state under the experimental conditions of open and closed eyes were recorded in samples of control subjects...

Relationship between bone mineral content and bone turnover markers, sex hormones and calciotropic hormones in pre- and early pubertal children.

We investigated associations between bone mineral content (BMC) and bone-related biomarkers (BM) in pre-and early pubertal children of both sexes. In this population, we found that bone turnover markers explain a small part of BMC variance.

Power and status across cultures.

This article synthesizes recent psychological research at the intersection of power, status, and culture. Our review shows that culture affects how status and power are conceptualized, who attains them, and what their consequences are. In individualistic cultures (and particularly vertical ones that emphasize hierarchical arrangements), power is conceptualized in personalized terms (i.e. focus on self-benefits), competence drives status attainment, norm violations increase power, and individuals strive prim...

Intermittent catheterisation: challenges when children move to adult services.

, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, outlines approaches to self-catheterisation for children and young people,

Violent crime against children with disabilities: A nationwide prospective birth cohort-study.

The rate of violent victimization against children with disabilities is thought to be lower than the rate for children without disabilities but several studies shows otherwise.

Comprehensive Care for Cuban Children in the First 1000 Days of Life.

The first 1000 days of life constitute a short and exceptionally important period when the foundation is established for children's growth, development and lifelong health. Cuba has a comprehensive care system for this population that aims to promote the best start in life so that children can reach their highest development potential. This is carried out through the national public health and education systems and also includes elements of health protection, prevention of harm and disease and social welfar...

Civilian-military collaboration: From expectations to the reality.

The current global security threats indicate a need for a change in the Swedish defense policies including the role of civilian and military healthcare in an armed conflict. The magnitude, outcome and management of the recent terror and mass casualty incidents in Europe necessitate a closer Swedish civilian-military collaboration. However, in reality, such a collaboration might be more difficult than expected. The aim of this article is to comment on some of the critical points of such collaboration from a ...

How do new members affect the relationship between principal investigator's network position and academic output of granted funds?

The paper focuses on how to improve academic output of a granted fund when the adding of new members changes principal investigator's network position. This objective is refined by exploring how new members affect the relationship between principal investigator's network position and the academic output of granted funds, and whether this effect is similar in high-output and low-output collaboration networks. New members are divided into two groups, namely, international collaboration and inbound mobility. U...

Florence Nightingale Foundation: what next?

Newly appointed Chair of the Florence Nightingale Foundation, shares her vision for the Foundation.

Correlation of Gut Microbiome Between ASD Children and Mothers and Potential Biomarkers for Risk Assessment.

Variation of maternal gut microbiota may increase the risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in offspring. Animal studies have indicated that maternal gut microbiota is related to neurodevelopmental abnormalities in mouse offspring, while it is unclear whether there is a correlation between gut microbiota of ASD children and their mothers. We examined the relationships between gut microbiome profiles of ASD children and those of their mothers, and evaluated the clinical discriminatory power of discovered ...

A Power Supply Technology for a Low-Power Online Monitoring Sensor Based on Electric Field Induction.

In order to provide a safe and stable power supply for low-power online monitoring sensors of transmission lines, a method of harvesting space electric field energy by using the impedance conversion characteristics of the transformer and the reactive compensation characteristics of the capacitor is proposed. The method effectively solves the key problem that the power of energy harvesting based on electric field induction is limited by the transformer excitation reactance and is difficult to upgrade. In thi...

Measuring Local Public Health and Primary Care Collaboration: A Practice-Based Research Approach.

To describe the degree of public health and primary care collaboration at the local level and develop a model framework of collaboration, the Community Collaboration Health Model (CCHM).

Power, Politics and Population Health: The Strength of Collaboration.

Medicine is a social science, and politics nothing else but medicine on a large scale. His point is well taken. Articles in this issue of MEDICC Review explore the often turbulent relationship between science and those with the power to use it. Eventually, it is they who can wield science for their benefit alone or to improve population and planetary health. They can pay attention to science, they can ignore science, or, in the worst cases, they can bend it to serve their own narrow interests.

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