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The neural correlates of trustworthiness evaluation of faces and brands: Implications for behavioral and consumer neuroscience.

When we buy a product of a brand, we trust the brand to provide good quality and reliability. Therefore, trust plays a major role in consumer behavior. It is unclear, however, how trust in brands is processed in the brain and whether it is processed differently from interpersonal trust. In this study, we used fMRI to investigate the neural correlates of interpersonal and brand trust by comparing the brain activation patterns during explicit trustworthiness judgments of faces and brands. Our results showed t...

Welding strength of NiTi wires.

To identify the appropriate power level for electric welding of three commercial brands of nickel-titanium (NiTi) wires.

Assessments of some metals contamination in lipsticks and their associated health risks to lipstick consumers in Iran.

In this study, the concentrations of lead, cadmium, and chromium in lipstick samples were evaluated. The samples were from different brands and produced in different countries. The average lead, cadmium, and chromium concentrations in all lipstick samples were 1.851, 0.017, and 4.300 mg kg ww, respectively. There was a significant difference in the concentrations of lead, cadmium, and chromium among the brands (p 

Volume, nature and potential impact of advertisements on Facebook and YouTube by food brands popular in New Zealand.

To analyse extent, nature and potential impact of marketing by food and beverage brands popular in New Zealand on Facebook and YouTube.

Data on spot-kits versus titration method for iodine determination in salt: Performance and validity.

The aim of this data is comparison of achieved data from salt iodine measurement by titration method with using sodium thiosulfate in presence of lugol׳s reagent and commercial spot- kit. Titration measurement was carried out in two different laboratories using standard samples. 437 samples including 20 commercial brands were collected throughout Iran. The iodine contents of the samples were measured by both the titration method and two most frequently used spot-kit brands in Iran. There is no significant ...

Squeaking in fourth-generation ceramic-on-ceramic total hip replacement and the relationship with prosthesis brands: meta-analysis and systematic review.

Postoperative squeaking in patients who applied the fourth-generation ceramic bearing in primary hip replacement has not been reported systematically; we aim to study the squeaking incidence in the fourth-generation ceramic bearing and related risk factors for squeaking, and we also attempt to explore the relationship between squeaking and prosthetic brands.

In vitro head-to-head comparison of anticoagulation properties of two heparin brands in a human blood miniature mock loop.

The first aim was the development of a human blood miniature mock-loop system consisting of 2 identical extracorporeal circuits, which enable systematic head-to-head comparisons of test substances. In a second step, we evaluated the suitability of the mock-loop system, by comparing 2 different brands of heparin (ROTEXMEDICA vs B.BRAUN), which have showed different anticoagulation capacities in the clinic.

Immobilized Poly(aryleneethynylene) pH-Strips Discriminate Different Brands of Cola.

Fluorescent, water-soluble poly(p-aryleneethynylene)s (PAE) were immobilized on commercially available nylon mem-branes using a slot plotter, creating fluorescent, barcode-like sensor strips. Digital imaging, using a standard digital camera, before and after immersion of the strips in buffers of different pH, displays a unique color for each pH value. Statistical evaluation - MANOVA and PCA - of the acquired data reveals that the immobilized PAEs are superior to the identical fluorophores when dissolved. Th...

Comparative Efficacy of Four Hermetic Bag Brands Against Prostephanus truncatus (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in Stored Maize Grain.

Hermetic storage technology using plastic liners is threatened by the boring action of Prostephanus truncatus Horn. (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae), a major insect pest of stored maize in sub-Saharan Africa. We investigated the performance of four brands of hermetic storage bags against adult P. truncatus in maize stored for 90 d under simulated resident and incoming infestation. Five treatments were used: four hermetic bag brands; SuperGrain Bag (SGB) IV-R, SGB Farm, Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bag, and...

The erosive potential of additive artificial flavoring in bottled water.

Acidic beverage consumption is a well-recognized contributor to extrinsic dental erosion. Although the pH values of some commercially available bottled waters are below neutral pH, water is still considered to be a safe and healthy choice. Artificial flavoring liquids or powders, known as water enhancers (WEs), have been introduced to the market to modify the taste of water. The purposes of the present study were to measure the pH and titratable acidity of WEs and to perform gravimetric analysis of teeth im...

Tobacco outlet density and tobacco knowledge, beliefs, purchasing behaviours and price among adolescents in Scotland.

Despite long-term falls in global adult smoking prevalence and over 50 years of tobacco control policies, adolescent smoking persists. Research suggests greater densities of tobacco retail outlets in residential neighbourhoods are associated with higher adolescent smoking rates. Policies to reduce retail outlets have therefore been identified by public health researchers as a potential 'new frontier' in tobacco control. Better understanding of the pathways linking density of tobacco retailers and smoking be...

The Wild West of E-Cigarettes.

The popularity of e-cigarettes is growing exponentially. Yet, the health risks associated with their use remain unclear, mainly due to the fact that they are not "one product", but a combination of ever-evolving designs, flavors, brands, and modes of use. Research needs to better understand how these variables affect toxicity.

Anthropogenic contamination of tap water, beer, and sea salt.

Plastic pollution has been well documented in natural environments, including the open waters and sediments within lakes and rivers, the open ocean and even the air, but less attention has been paid to synthetic polymers in human consumables. Since multiple toxicity studies indicate risks to human health when plastic particles are ingested, more needs to be known about the presence and abundance of anthropogenic particles in human foods and beverages. This study investigates the presence of anthropogenic pa...

Predicting Consumer Responses to a Chatbot on Facebook.

As chatbots have become increasingly popular over the past years, most social networking sites have recognized their far-reaching potential for commercial purposes. Their rapid and widespread usage warrants a better understanding. This study examines the effectiveness of chatbots on Facebook for brands. The study proposes and tests a model based on the Consumer Acceptance of Technology model (CAT-model) including three cognitive (i.e., perceived usefulness, perceived ease-of-use, and perceived helpfulness) ...

Is the menstrual cup harmless? A case report of an unusual cause of renal colic.

Menstrual cup is increasingly gaining acceptance among women to control the menstrual period. The majority of brands advocate that these devices are 100% safe to the users, notwithstanding there are some reports of rare complications associated with these devices.

In-vivo compatibility between pacemakers and dental equipment.

In-vitro studies suggest that electromagnetic interference can occur under specific conditions involving proximity between electronic dental equipment and pacemakers. At present, in-vivo investigations to verify the effect of using electronic dental equipment in clinical conditions on patients with pacemakers are scarce. This study aimed to evaluate, in vivo, the effect of three commonly used electronic dental instruments - ultrasonic dental scaler, electric pulp tester, and electronic apex locator - on pat...

Analysis of elemental and isotopic variation in glass frictionators from 0.22 rimfire primers.

The majority of 0.22 calibre rimfire ammunition available in Australia, and overseas, tends to use glass powder rather than antimony sulfide frictionator in the primer. This glass can be the nucleus of a GSR particle, with other primer components condensing around and onto the glass structure. As the composition of glass frictionator remains largely unaltered during ammunition discharge [1] there is the possibility that frictionator composition could be used in GSR examinations to either correlate or discri...

The haptoglobin promoter polymorphism rs5471 is the most definitive genetic determinant of serum haptoglobin level in a Ghanaian population.

The serum haptoglobin (HP) level varies in various clinical conditions and among individuals. Recently, the common HP alleles, rs5472, and rs2000999 have been reported to associate with serum HP level, but no studies have been done on Africans. Here, we explored the relationship of not only these polymorphisms but also rs5470 and rs5471 to the serum HP level in 121 Ghanaians.

Alcohol Advertising on Social Media: Examining the Content of Popular Alcohol Brands on Instagram.

There is considerable evidence that exposure to alcohol marketing increases the likelihood of adolescents initiating and engaging in alcohol consumption. There is a paucity of research, however, specifically examining industry generated alcohol marketing occurring on social media/networking platforms.

Guideline Implementation: Manual Chemical High-Level Disinfection: 1.5

The Spaulding system recommends sterilization or, at minimum, high-level disinfection for semicritical medical items (ie, items that come into contact with mucous membranes or nonintact skin). High-level disinfection deactivates all types of microorganisms except bacterial spores and prions. If high-level disinfection is not performed correctly, however, contaminated medical or surgical devices could transmit pathogens to patients. Reusable semicritical items may be processed using manual methods when manua...

Pure-three-level Yb:GdCOB CW laser at 976  nm.

We present what is, to the best of our knowledge, the first pure-three-level Yb:CaGdO(BO) (Yb:GdCOB) laser emitting at 976 nm based on the F2-F2 transition, generally used for a quasi-three-level emission at 1032 nm. A maximum power of 782 mW at 976 nm has been achieved in continuous-wave (CW) operation pumped by a quasi-three-level Nd:SrLaAlO laser emitting at 902 nm. Moreover, a self-frequency-doubling CW blue laser has also been demonstrated with a maximum power of 133 mW at 488 nm.

Assessment of human health risk associated with methylmercury in the imported fish marketed in the Caribbean.

The decline in marine and freshwaters catches in recent years in Colombia has led to a change in dietary habits, with an increase in the purchase and consumption of imported fish. This is of particular concern as fish are sometimes caught in mercury-contaminated waters, and are subsequently sold canned or uncanned. In addition, canned tuna has received little attention as it is widely assumed that concentrations are low. In this study, total mercury (THg) and methylmercury (MeHg) concentrations were evaluat...

Long-Term Esthetic Outcome of Tissue-Level and Bone-Level Implants in the Anterior Maxilla.

The aim of this study was to assess and compare the esthetic outcome of tissue-level (TL) and bone-level (BL) implants that had been placed as single implants in the anterior maxilla.

The immunogenicity of ReFacto AF (moroctocog alfa AF-CC) in previously untreated patients with haemophilia A in the United Kingdom.

Factor VIII inhibitor development is currently the most serious complication of the treatment of haemophilia A. Differences in manufacturing and the molecular structure of brands of recombinant factor VIII have led to speculation that concentrates may differ in immunogenicity. This has led to a regulatory focus on the immunogenicity of factor VIII concentrates both before and after licensure.

Daily Drinking Is Associated with Increased Mortality.

There is evidence that low-level alcohol use, drinking 1 to 2 drinks on occasion, is protective for cardiovascular disease, but increases the risk of cancer. Synthesizing the overall impact of low-level alcohol use on health is therefore complex. The objective of this paper was to examine the association between frequency of low-level drinking and mortality.

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