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Comparison of Three-Dimensional Accuracy of Digital and Conventional Implant Impressions: Effect of Interimplant Distance in an Edentulous Arch.

This study compared the three-dimensional (3D) accuracy of conventional impressions with digital impression systems (intraoral scanners and dental laboratory scanners) for two different interimplant distances in maxillary edentulous arches.

Accuracy of single crowns fabricated from ultrasound digital impressions.

This in vitro study aimed to evaluate marginal and internal fit of single crowns produced from high-frequency ultrasound based digital impressions of teeth prepared with finish lines covered by porcine gingiva, in comparison with those obtained by optical scanners with uncovered finish lines.

Impressions of sexual unfaithfulness and their accuracy show a degree of universality.

Forming accurate impressions of others' trustworthiness is a critical social skill, with faithfulness representing a key aspect of trust in sexual relationships. Interestingly, there is evidence for a small degree of accuracy in facial impressions of sexual unfaithfulness. Theoretical accounts suggest that these impressions may function to help with partner selection, and may be universal. If so, impressions should be similar for perceivers from different cultures and accuracy should not be limited to own-r...

Accuracy of four digital scanners according to scanning strategy in complete-arch impressions.

Although there are specific and general digital scanning guidelines depending on the system used, it is important to have the necessary flexibility in the acquisition of three-dimensional (3D) images to adapt to any clinical situation without affecting accuracy.

Correction: Accuracy of four digital scanners according to scanning strategy in complete-arch impressions.

[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0202916.].

A highly integrated real-time digital PCR device for accurate DNA quantitative analysis.

Misclassification of positive partitions in microfluidic digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) can cause the false positives and false negatives, which significantly alter the resulting estimate of target DNA molecules. To address this issue, establishing real-time fluorescence interrogation of each partition in microfluidic arrays is an effective way in which false positive and false negative partitions can be eliminated. However, currently available devices for real-time fluorescence interrogation are ...

Hepatic hepcidin/intestinal HIF-2α axis maintains iron absorption during iron deficiency and overload.

Iron-related disorders are among the most prevalent diseases worldwide. Systemic iron homeostasis requires hepcidin, a hepatic-derived hormone that controls iron mobilization through its molecular target, ferroportin (FPN), the only known mammalian iron exporter. This pathway is perturbed in diseases that cause iron overload. Additionally, intestinal HIF-2α is essential for the local absorptive response to systemic iron deficiency and iron overload. Our data demonstrate a hetero-tissue crosstalk mechanism,...

Illumination uniformity improvement in digital micromirror device based scanning photolithography system.

Illumination uniformity in photolithography systems determines the dimensional difference across the entire lithographic substrate. However, traditional lithography system relies on expensive and complex illumination system for achieving uniform illumination. In this paper, we propose a simple and cost-effective method based on the modulation of digital micromirror device to improve illumination uniformity. The modulation according to a digital mask achieved via an iteration program improves the uniformity ...

Multi-Implant Impressions. To Splint or Not to Splint: A Critical Review.

This invited commentary reviews the use of splinting vs nonsplinting in implant impressions.

Characterization of an imaging multimode optical fiber using a digital micro-mirror device based single-beam system.

This work demonstrates experimental approaches to characterize a single multimode fiber imaging system without a reference beam. Spatial light modulation is performed with a digital micro-mirror device that enables high-speed binary amplitude modulation. Intensity-only images are recorded by the camera and processed by a Bayesian inference based algorithm to retrieve the phase of the output optical field as well as the transmission matrix of the fiber. The calculated transmission matrix is validated by thre...

LightProbe: A Digital Ultrasound Probe for Software-Defined Ultrafast Imaging.

Digital ultrasound probes integrate the analog front-end in the housing of the probe handle and provide a digital interface instead of requiring an expensive coaxial cable harness to connect. Current digital probes target the portable market and perform the bulk of the processing (beamforming) on the probe, which enables the probe to be connected to commodity devices such as tablets or smartphones running an ultrasound app to display the image and control the probe. Thermal constraints limit the number of f...

Smartphone-based mobile digital PCR device for DNA quantitative analysis with high accuracy.

Digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) circumventing the external calibration and potentially providing absolute quantification of nucleic acids has become an increasingly popular manifestation of PCR in biological researches. However, currently reported or commercial dPCR devices are not suitable for applications in laboratories or zones with limited infrastructures, due to low function integration, cost-inefficiency, or weak mobility. Herein, in order to enable accurate DNA quantitative analysis in such...

Iron regulatory protein 2 deficiency may correlate with insulin resistance.

Iron is known to be a crucial regulator of glucose, and several studies have demonstrated that iron overload is one of the risk factors for insulin resistance and diabetes; however, the mechanism has not yet been clarified. To investigate the effect of iron overload on glucose metabolism and the underlying mechanism, Irp2 knockout (Irp2) mice (endogenous iron overload model) were used. We found that Irp2 mice exhibited hyperglycemia and iron overload in the liver and skeletal muscle. Increased MDA, decrease...

The digital pill, between beneficence and vigilance: ethical stakes.

Since November 2017, the digital pill, which makes it possible to know whether a patient has achieved compliance or not with the treatment has become a reality. This drug can benefit the patients by helping them to better follow their treatment and avoid misuse. However, even though the use of this device requests patient consent, major questions arise regarding the respect for privacy and freedom of action. Evidently, the correct use of drugs is both a public health and economic issue, but through this dig...

Initial Clinical Experience with Stationary Digital Breast Tomosynthesis.

A linear array of carbon nanotube-enabled x-ray sources allows for stationary digital breast tomosynthesis (sDBT), during which projection views are collected without the need to move the x-ray tube. This work presents our initial clinical experience with a first-generation sDBT device.

The Ethics of Smart Pills and Self-Acting Devices: Autonomy, Truth-Telling, and Trust at the Dawn of Digital Medicine.

Digital medicine is a medical treatment that combines technology with drug delivery. The promises of this combination are continuous and remote monitoring, better disease management, self-tracking, self-management of diseases, and improved treatment adherence. These devices pose ethical challenges for patients, providers, and the social practice of medicine. For patients, having both informed consent and a user agreement raises questions of understanding for autonomy and informed consent, therapeutic miscon...

Orchestrated regulation of iron trafficking proteins in the kidney during iron overload facilitates systemic iron retention.

The exact route of iron through the kidney and its regulation during iron overload are not completely elucidated. Under physiologic conditions, non-transferrin and transferrin bound iron passes the glomerular filter and is reabsorbed through kidney epithelial cells, so that hardly any iron is found in the urine. To study the route of iron reabsorption through the kidney, we analyzed the location and regulation of iron metabolism related proteins in kidneys of mice with iron overload, elicited by iron dextra...

The influence of subtle facial expressions on children's first impressions of trustworthiness and dominance is not adult-like.

Adults' first impressions of others are influenced by subtle facial expressions; happy faces are perceived as high in trustworthiness, whereas angry faces are rated as low in trustworthiness and high in threat and dominance. Little is known about the influence of emotional expressions on children's first impressions. Here we examined the influence of subtle expressions of happiness, anger, and fear on children's implicit judgments of trustworthiness and dominance with the aim of providing novel insights abo...

"Plug-n-Play" Sensing with Digital Microfluidics.

Digital microfluidics (DMF) is a platform that enables highly reconfigurable and automated fluidic operations using a generic device architecture. A unique hallmark of DMF is its "flexibility": a generic device design can be used and reused for many different, divergent fluidic operations. The flexibility of DMF is compromised when devices are permanently modified with embedded sensors. Here we introduce a solution to the "flexibility gap" between fluidic operations in digital microfluidics and embedded sen...

The involvement of iron responsive element (-) divalent metal transporter 1-mediated the spinal iron overload via CXCL10/CXCR3 pathway in neuropathic pain in rats.

Iron is pivotal for life, but it is toxic if in excess. Iron overload mediated by divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1) in the central nervous system has participated in various neuroinflammatory diseases. Chemokine-induced neuroinflammation involves the development of pathological pain. Recently, chemokine CXCL10 is implicated in the pathogenesis of chronic pain, however, little is known about the potential link between iron accumulation and CXCL10 in pain condition. Here, we examined whether iron accumulati...

Disruption of FBXL5-mediated cellular iron homeostasis promotes liver carcinogenesis.

Hepatic iron overload is a risk factor for progression of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), although the molecular mechanisms underlying this association have remained unclear. We now show that the iron-sensing ubiquitin ligase FBXL5 is a previously unrecognized oncosuppressor in liver carcinogenesis in mice. Hepatocellular iron overload elicited by FBXL5 ablation gave rise to oxidative stress, tissue damage, inflammation, and compensatory proliferation of hepatocytes and to consequent promotion of liver carc...

Preliminary Evaluation of a Wearable Camera-based Collision Warning Device for Blind Individuals.

This work describes a preliminary evaluation of a wearable collision warning device for blind individuals. The device was found to provide mobility benefit in subjects without (or deprived of) vision. This preliminary evaluation will facilitate further testing of this developmental stage device in more naturalistic conditions.

Configurable multifunctional integrated circuits based on carbon nanotube dual-material gate devices.

Nanoelectronic devices with specifically designed structures for performance promotion or function expansion are of great interest, aiming for diversified advanced nanoelectronic systems. In this work, we report a dual-material gate (DMG) carbon nanotube (CNT) device with multiple functions, which can be configured either as a high-performance p-type field-effect transistor (FET) or a diode by changing the input manners of the device. When operating as a FET, the device exhibits a large current on/off ratio...

Bidirectional image transmission through physically thick scattering media using digital optical phase conjugation.

We demonstrate the feasibility of bidirectional image transmission through a physically thick scattering medium within its memory effect range by digital optical phase conjugation. We show the bidirectional transmission is not simply the consequence of optical reciprocity. We observe that when the spatial light modulator (the device performing the digital optical phase conjugation) is relayed to the middle plane of the medium, the memory effect will be fully exploited and thus the transmitted images will ha...

Going digital with dermoscopy.

Digital dermoscopy refers to the acquisition and storage of digital images from a dermoscopic examination. In this article, we delve into the innovative world of digital dermoscopy with a review of its potential uses as well as some nuances of adapting this technology in a clinical setting, including sequential monitoring, teledermoscopy, and machine learning. We also discuss the acquisition and storage of dermoscopy images in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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