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Getting in the Flo: My year as a scholar.

In November 2016, I was awarded an Emerging Leaders Scholarship from the Florence Nightingale Foundation to help me positively impact patient care and also improve how I lead change within my organisation. This article highlights some of the learning experiences over the last year and the impact that the Scholarship has had.

Hunting for common ground between wildlife governance and commons scholarship.

Wildlife hunting is essential to livelihoods and food security in many parts of the world, yet present rates of extraction may threaten both ecological and human communities. As a result, governing sustainable wildlife use is a major social dilemma and conservation challenge. Commons scholarship is well-positioned to contribute theoretical insights and analytic tools to better understand the interface of social and ecological dimensions of wildlife governance, yet at present, the intersection of wildlife st...

Competencies, Milestones, and a Level of Supervision Scale for Entrustable Professional Activities for Scholarship.

Scholarship is an important element of both undergraduate and graduate medical education, and scholarly activity is required for all pediatric fellows. However, despite the creation of entrustable professional activities (EPA) for scholarship, the specific progressive levels of performance and the appropriate level of supervision for a given performance level have not been defined. The authors developed competencies and milestones for the scholarship EPA to provide a framework for assessment across the cont...

Influencing building design in care for older people.

A Florence Nightingale Foundation travel scholarship was used to support a nurse's journey to gather information and knowledge on aspects of building design for older people in emergency care. Evidence on the effect of the environment on senior care is well established and some areas have carefully considered this when planning facilities for older people. The travel opportunity was used to explore how large-scale building design was carried out, and to understand how mindsets, models of care and built envi...

Is the golden ratio a universal constant for self-replication?

The golden ratio, ϕ = 1.61803…, has often been found in connection with biological phenomena, ranging from spirals in sunflowers to gene frequency. One example where the golden ratio often arises is in self-replication, having its mathematical origins in Fibonacci's sequence for "rabbit reproduction". Recently, it has been claimed that ϕ determines the ratio between the number of different nucleobases in human genome. Such empirical examples continue to give credence to the idea that the golden ratio is...

Visibility in the pure model of golden spiral phyllotaxis.

This paper considers the geometry of plants with golden spiral phyllotaxis, i.e. growing leaf by leaf on a spiral with golden divergence angle. As is well-known, Fibonacci numbers appear by means of the order of parastichies. A rigorous and straightforward proof is provided with respect to pure visibility. This notion is very similar to that of contact parastichies. The 3-D cylindrical model of golden spiral phyllotaxis abstracts from the form of leaves and identifies them with points. Pure visibility is sp...

The Golden State Killer investigation and the nascent field of forensic genealogy.

The likely genetic analysis steps taken to identify suspect Joseph DeAngelo in the recently resolved Golden State Killer investigation are discussed. The consequences for the forensic genetics community of introducing much more detailed SNP analysis regimes, as used by the Golden State Killer investigators, are reviewed along with some of the limitations in accuracy and sensitivity that may be involved in such approaches.

Experiencing compassionate care in practice: a travel scholarship.

Alison Bunce, Director of Care at Ardgowan Hospice, Greenock, and Programme Lead for Compassionate Inverclyde ( ), describes her Florence Nightingale Foundation Travel Scholarship.

Diverse pathophysiological processes converge on network disruption in mania.

Neuroimaging of psychiatric disease is challenged by the difficulty of establishing the causal role of neuroimaging abnormalities. Lesions that cause mania present a unique opportunity to understand how brain network disruption may cause mania in both lesions and in bipolar disorder.

Survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella spp., and Listeria monocytogenes on Fresh and Sliced Green and Golden Kiwifruits.

Kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) is a high-acidity fruit, with two varieties available on the market. One is the green-fleshed, fuzzy, sweet but tangy-tasting kiwifruit, and the other is the yellow-fleshed variety called "golden" kiwifruit. While the whole kiwifruit is sold at room temperature at grocery stores, sliced kiwifruit is usually sold as a part of fruit salad in the refrigerated section. The survival of a five-strain Escherichia coli O157:H7 cocktail, a five-strain Salmonella cocktail, and a five-s...

Prevalence of Gene Mutation in 48 Breeding Golden Retriever Dogs.

A non-epidermolytic ichthyosis has been identified in Golden Retrievers due to a variant in the gene, and a genetic test is available to detect wild-type, heterozygous and homozygous dogs. The aims of this study were to investigate the prevalence of the gene variant in Golden Retrievers used for breeding and to provide more information to breeders in order to restrict the spread of this disease. Clinical examination and assessment of the genotype using PCR testing of oral swabs were performed in 48 breed...

MHC class IIα polymorphism and its association with resistance/susceptibility to Vibrio harveyi in golden pompano (Trachinotus ovatus).

The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) plays an important role in the vertebrate immune response to antigenic peptides, and it is essential for recognizing foreign pathogens in organisms. In this study, MHC class IIα (Trov-MHC IIα) from the golden pompano (Trachinotus ovatus) was first cloned and identified. The gene structure of Trov-MHC IIα was contained four exons and three introns. High levels of polymorphism were found in the exon 2 of Trov-MHC IIα. A total of 29 different MHC class IIα allele...

Data, Big and Small: Emerging Challenges to Medical Education Scholarship.

The collection and analysis of data are central to medical education and medical education scholarship. While the technical ability to collect more data, and medical education's dependence on data, have never been greater, it is getting harder for medical schools and educational scholars to collect and use data, particularly in terms of the regulations, security issues, and growing reluctance of learners and others to participate in data collection activities. These two countervailing trends present a growi...

First identification of Echinococcus multilocularis in golden jackals in Croatia.

Alveolar echinococcosis, caused by the tapeworm Echinococcus multilocularis, is one of the world's most dangerous zoonosis and an emerging disease with growing incidence in humans. The disease has been reported in new areas and host species in the last two decades, and the primary hosts of the parasite - red fox, golden jackal and grey wolf - are expanding their distribution in Europe. Here we report the morphological and molecular identification of Echinococcus multilocularis tapeworms in one of 29 carcass...

Queen's honours: CBE awarded to principal of RVC.

Golden Hour Protocol for Preterm Infants: A Quality Improvement Project.

Preterm infants are a vulnerable patient population, especially during the first hours of life. Hypothermia, hypoglycemia, and early-onset sepsis are common problems related to prematurity. Implementation of a Golden Hour protocol has been shown to improve outcomes for preterm infants.

Network Analysis: A Systems Framework to Address Grand Challenges in Plant Pathology.

Plant pathology must address a number of challenges, most of which are characterized by complexity. Network analysis offers useful tools for addressing complex systems and an opportunity for synthesis within plant pathology and between it and relevant disciplines such as in the social sciences. We discuss various applications of network analysis, which ultimately may be integrated together into more synthetic analyses of how to optimize plant disease management systems. The analysis of microbiome networks a...

Conference Report - Tim Jones Was Awarded a BACCN Grant.

Mutual benefits in academic-service partnership: An integrative review.

Academic and service institutions involve with many challenges. Partnership programs are a golden opportunity to achieve mutual benefits to overcome these challenges. Identifying mutual benefits is the cornerstone of forming a successful partnership and guarantee to its continuity. There are definitions and instances of mutual benefits in the literature related to partnership programs, but there is no coherent evidence and clear picture of these benefits.

2018 ISCB Overton Prize awarded to Cole Trapnell.

Modelling opportunity: An examination of quadratic effects of adolescent Venezuelan substance use.

Numerous studies have found a linear relationship between an exposure opportunity and age of first drug use. This study further tests this relationship by exploring whether a quadratic exposure opportunity best fits the data on age of first use and whether gender moderates this relationship. That is, is there a peak age in which the transition to use occurs for male compared to female adolescents?

Awards, Scholarships, and Grants Awarded at the SICB Meeting in January 2018.

Awards, Scholarships, and Grants Awarded at the SICB Meeting in January 2018.

Nonlinear imaging through a Fermat's golden spiral multicore fiber.

We report two-photon lensless imaging through a novel Fermat's golden spiral multicore fiber. This unique layout optimizes the sidelobe levels, field of view, crosstalk, group delay, and mode density to achieve a sidelobe contrast of at least 10.9 dB. We demonstrate experimentally the ability to generate and scan a focal point with femtosecond pulses and perform two-photon imaging.

New Similarity Metric for Registration of MRI to Histology: Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy Imaging.

Histology is often used as a gold standard to evaluate non-invasive imaging modalities such as MRI. Spatial correspondence between histology and MRI is a critical step in quantitative evaluation of skeletal muscle in golden retriever muscular dystrophy (GRMD). Registration becomes technically challenging due to non-orthogonal histology section orientation, section distortion, and the different image contrast and resolution.

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