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Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia Following Three Different Species of Hump-Nosed Pit Viper (Genus: Hypnale) Envenoming in Sri Lanka.

There are 3 species of hump-nosed pit vipers in Sri Lanka: Hypnale hypnale, Hypnale zara, and Hypnale nepa. The latter 2 are endemic to the country. Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia (MAHA) is a known complication of hump-nosed pit viper bites. It was previously documented as a complication of general viper bites and not species specific. We report a series of 3 patients who developed MAHA after being bitten by each species of hump-nosed pit viper. The first patient was bitten by H hypnale and developed a s...

The right to sexual health and the role of doctors.

Sexual health is an internationally recognised human right, imposing obligations on States to promote the aspirations enshrined in this right. However, from a legal and ethical perspective, the right to sexual health also creates duties for doctors to protect, respect and - where possible - fulfil. By means of a number of scenarios, we discuss how doctors should react to these situations. The responsibility of doctors concerning the sexual health of patients goes further than many would assume, but also has...

You only have one chance for a first impression! Impact of Patients' First Impression on the Global Quality Assessment of Doctors' Communication Approach.

Patients' first impressions obtained during early contacts with doctors represent the basis for relationship building processes. Aim of this study was to verify how patients' first impression of doctors' communication approach influences patients' global assessment of doctors' performance. This cross-sectional study was part of a larger, multicenter observational study aiming to assess lay-people's preferences regarding patient-doctor communication. All participants (N = 136) were equally distributed over...

Practice Patterns of Referring Physicians in Management of the Dysphonic Patient.

Objective Dysphonia is commonly encountered by primary care physicians and general otolaryngologists. We examine practice patterns of referring physicians to a tertiary voice clinic, including adherence to evidence-based guidelines. Study Design Retrospective case series with chart review. Setting Academic tertiary care hospital. Subjects and Methods In total, 821 charts of patients with voice complaints seen at a tertiary voice clinic between January 2011 and June 2016 were reviewed. Included charts (n = 7...

Perception of sexual ramification among women toward male doctors in today's Indian society.

The objective of the study was to assess the perception of women patients toward attitude of health professionals who have undergone physical examination.A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among 1,257 women. A self-administered structured questionnaire comprising of 16 questions was designed to assess perception of patients toward attitude of health professionals.Mean perception scores of the study population were 19.79 ± 1.78. Women in the age group of 29-38 years had a greater perception (...

Can doctors identify older patients at risk of medication harm following hospital discharge? A multicentre prospective study in the UK.

Medication-related harm (MRH) is common in older adults following hospital discharge. In resource-limited health systems, interventions to reduce this risk can be targeted at high-risk patients. This study aims to determine whether (1) doctors can predict which older patients will experience MRH requiring healthcare following hospital discharge, (2) clinical experience and confidence in prediction influence the accuracy of the prediction.

How many doctors should we train for Sri Lanka? System dynamics modelling for training needs

Over the years, Sri Lanka has achieved remarkable health gains for the money spent on health. Currently about 1450 doctors enter the health system annually. While some advocate opening up of new medical schools to address an apparent shortage of doctors in the country, others argue against it.

Awareness about medico legal aspects and Consumer Protection Act among dentists.

The practice of medicine in India has undergone considerable change affecting delivery of health in both positive and negative directions. As a result, there was a growing feeling that medical treatment should be made accountable and this led to doctors and dentists becoming subject to the process of law. Patients have become more aware of their right to compensation and as a consequence doctors and dentists should be knowledgeable about the laws that govern them.

Gendered Expectations: Do They Contribute to High Burnout Among Female Physicians?

Patients have differing expectations of female versus male physicians. Female patients tend to seek more empathic listening and longer visits, especially with female physicians; however, female doctors are not provided more time for this. Female doctors have more female patients than male doctors, and more patients with psychosocial complexity. We propose that gender differences in patient panels and gendered expectations of female physicians may contribute to the high rate of burnout among female clinician...

More sensitive approach to question of sexual orientation.

Doctors encounter lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) patients. Most LGBs are physically and mentally healthy, but LGBs also have unique healthcare needs, that is mental health issues, sexually-transmitted diseases including HIV infection, substance use, and avoidance of healthcare. Sexual minority stress due to stigmatisation, rejection, internalised homophobia, bullying and violence is a causal issue. Optimising care for LGBs involves knowing patients' sexual orientation by asking them. As sexual orientation ...

Essential Diseases in prescribing: a national Delphi study towards a core curriculum in pharmacotherapy education.

Prescribing is a core skill for junior doctors, yet 8-10% of their prescriptions contain errors. To ensure adequate training in prescribing, it is important to define the diseases for which junior doctors should be competent to prescribe. The aim of the present study was therefore to identify the Essential Diseases in prescribing for junior doctors.

What do doctors know about assessing decision-making capacity?

To survey hospital doctors (HDs) and general practitioners (GPs) on what they know about assessing capacity, and to determine their educational needs.


At the end of 2017, the worldwide spread of the #MeToo symbol clearly showed the extent of sexual harassment in both the public domain and the workplace. In healthcare too, it is known that some doctors have unwanted sexual contact with their patients and with young doctors in training. In the opinion of the authors, measures taken against sexual harassment in healthcare so far do not seem to be very effective. Therefore, we are calling for an intrinsically motivated conscious attitude to recognize the prob...

Knowledge, attitudes and practice regarding copper intrauterine contraceptive devices among doctors in Malaysia.

Intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) are an important method to reduce unmet need for family planning and for prevention of unintended pregnancy. However, IUD use in Malaysia is still low. Doctors play a major role in influencing IUD uptake among women. This study was designed to evaluate doctors' knowledge, attitudes and perceptions towards IUDs and factors associated with their current practice.

In Rural Towns, Immigrant Doctors Fill A Critical Need.

Immigrant doctors have helped fill physician shortages for years. In the current political climate, are they welcome?

Abortion Bans, Doctors, and the Criminalization of Patients.

January 2018, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology issued a position statement opposing the punishment of women for self-induced abortion. To those unfamiliar with emerging trends in abortion in the United States and worldwide, the need for the declaration might not be apparent. Several studies suggest that self-induced abortion is on the rise in the United States. Simultaneously, prosecutions of pregnant women for behavior thought to harm the fetus are increasing. The ACOG statement responds t...

WASP: (Write a Scientific Paper). Doctors in Star Trek - Correctly compassionate, caring Kantian Zampolit.

Doctors in Star Trek are vital and central characters, often crucial in helping their captains to reach command decisions. They are also interdisciplinarians, performing not only medical tasks but also any form of work related to all fields of biology. Furthermore, these doctors also carry out any required research that pertains to the biological sciences. It is perhaps this unique blend of skills, combined with a fundamental orientation towards humanism and compassion, that leads to their default position,...

A pragmatic comparative study of palliative care clinician's reports of the degree of shadowing visible on plain abdominal radiographs.

The assessment of constipation symptoms is based on history and physical examination. However, the experience is highly subjective perhaps explaining why palliative medicine doctors continue to use plain abdominal radiographs as part of routine assessment of constipation. Previous studies have demonstrated poor agreement between clinicians with this work in palliative care, limited further by disparity of clinicians' experience and training. The aim of this work was to explore whether there was less variati...

Well-informed decision-making in cancer.

Patients with cancer often do not have an accurate perception of their prognosis and the risks and side effects associated with potential treatments. Research has highlighted several reasons for these information gaps. Where more than one medically acceptable treatment is available, doctors may have a strong preference for a particular treatment option and steer the treatment decision by skewed information disclosure. Also, fear of the nocebo effect may prevent the provision of balanced information on side ...

Alexithymia and tic disorders: a study on a sample of children and their mothers.

Tic disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders characterised by the presence of motor or phonic tics, or both. Patients with tic disorders commonly report premonitory urges of tics. Alexithymia is a psychological trait characterised by a difficulty in identifying and expressing one's own feelings and by an externally oriented thinking. We aimed to explore alexithymia in children with tic disorders and in their mothers. Global alexithymia scores of both children with tic disorders and of their mothers did no...

The Assistant Doctors' Experience and Vocational Training Satisfaction in Ophthalmology in Bavaria: Outcomes of an Online Survey with Evaluation of the Vocational Training in Ophthalmic Surgery.

The following paper presents findings of an online survey on the assistant doctors' vocational training experiences and satisfaction in Bavaria with a special focus on the evaluation of their ophthalmic surgery training. The starting point for the survey were recent studies and experience reports on the situation of assistant doctors in ophthalmology, which have rudimentarily unveiled the assistant doctors' dissatisfaction with their ophthalmic surgery training as well as the neglect of support for acquirin...

Smoking prevalence among doctors and nurses-2013 New Zealand census data.

To examine recent smoking trends among doctors and nurses in New Zealand.

Practice of code of ethics and associated factors among medical doctors in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In the health sector, questions are being raised about the possible threats to the accepted principles of ethics such as autonomy, beneficence, non malfeasance and justice in the delivery of health care. There is limited information in Ethiopia regarding to practice of code of ethics among medical doctors. Hence, this study aimed to assess practice of code of ethics and associated factors among medical doctors working in governmental and private hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Foundation Year 2 doctors' reasons for leaving UK medicine: an in-depth analysis of decision-making using semistructured interviews.

To explore the reasons that doctors choose to leave UK medicine after their foundation year two posts.

Assessing bioethics education: Teaching to be virtuous doctors or just doctors with practical ethical skills.

In the last decades, bioethics has been incorporated into the academic training of the Medical Schools. Some studies analyze the ethical-moral development of medical students and the effect of ethical education in other countries. This evaluation is done by measuring Kohlberg's moral reasoning (virtuous doctors), or ethical sensitivity to resolve clinical cases (physicians with ethical skills). The following study is proposed to assess the impact of bioethics training on these two variables, in Spanish medi...

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