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Are census data accurate for estimating coverage of a lymphatic filariasis MDA campaign? Results of a survey in Sierra Leone.

Preventive chemotherapy was administered to 3.2 million Sierra Leoneans in 13 health districts for lymphatic filariasis, onchocerciasis, and soil transmitted helminthes from October 2008 to February 2009. This paper aims to report the findings of a coverage survey conducted in 2009, compare the coverage survey findings with two reported rates for lymphatic filariasis coverage obtained using pre-mass drug administration (MDA) registration and national census projections, and use the comparison to understand ...

A New Species of (Nemata: Strongylida: Ancylostomatidae) from Two Species of in Lowland Bolivia.

From the small intestines of both and collected from August 1984 through June 1990 from the eastern lowlands of the Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia a total of 36 specimens of were recovered. Morphological investigation and comparisons with known species described and reported from mammals in the Neotropical Region show that this is an undescribed species, herein described as new. These nematans were collected from individuals of collected from near a locality called Caranda (northwest of Santa Cruz de...

Examining patterns of dose response for clients who do and do not complete cognitive processing therapy.

Trauma-focused therapies, including Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT; Resick et al., 2016), are effective at reducing clients' PTSD symptoms. A limitation to these treatments, however, is client completion of them. The current study examined temporal patterns of treatment non-completion and the relationships among non-completion, PTSD, and overall mental health functioning outcomes, among clients in a randomized controlled CPT implementation trial. Two models of symptom change were tested: 1) dose-effect m...

Concurrent Alcohol and Opioid Use Among Harm Reduction Clients.

Harm reduction services infrequently address alcohol use among clients using opioids, despite the evaluated risk of overdose or medical consequences for clients with viral infections. The purpose of this study is to assess concurrent alcohol and opioid use among syringe services and overdose prevention program participants predominately in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky.

Causes of hospitalization and predictors of HIV-associated mortality at the main referral hospital in Sierra Leone: a prospective study.

HIV infection is a growing public health problem in Sierra Leone and the wider West Africa region. The countrywide HIV prevalence was estimated at 1.7% (67,000 people), with less than 30% receiving life-saving ART in 2016. Thus, HIV-infected patients tend to present to health facilities late, with high mortality risk.

A cephalosporin-chemiluminescent conjugate increases beta-lactamase detection sensitivity by four orders of magnitude.

The expression of beta-lactamases in bacteria is a central cause of drug resistance. In this report, we present a beta-lactamase chemiluminescent probe, termed CCP, which can for the first time detect beta-lactamase activity via chemiluminescence and can detect beta lactamase with a sensitivity that is 4-orders of magnitude higher than the commercially available fluorescent lactamase substrate fluorocillin.

Beta cell senescence in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes prevalence increases with aging. The type 2 diabetes developing in the elderly is often accompanied by gradual impairment of beta cell function and reduced beta cell mass along with aging. However, the contribution of beta cell senescence to the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes remains uncertain. In a recent Cell Metabolism article, Aguayo-Mazzucato et al. described their efforts to identify the signatures of senescent beta cells and explored role(s) of senescent beta cells in type 2 diabetes...

Do professionals ask about children when establishing a collaborative individual plan for clients? A cross-sectional study.

To examine the extent to which structured action plans, i.e. collaborative individual plans (CIPs), used by professionals within the psychiatric care, substance use treatment services and social services, evaluate if clients have children, and if professionals take actions if clients do have children. According to Swedish law, a CIP should be established when a client is in need of care from more than one branch of the care network. Professionals who meet adult clients have the opportunity to identify child...

Beta-distributed oscillator model as an empirical extension to the Lorentzian oscillator model: physical interpretation of the ${\beta \_{{\rm do}}}$β_do model parameters.

The physical sense of the free parameters of the beta-distributed oscillator (${\beta \_{{\rm do}}}$β_do) dispersion model is discussed. It is shown that the set of six model parameters provides information on central wavenumber, oscillator strength, absorption edge position, asymmetry, as well as homogeneous and inhomogeneous linewidth of a complicated absorption feature. For materials satisfying the Moss rule, the number of independent ${\beta \_{{\rm do}}}$β_do parameters decreases down to five. We als...

Unmet needs and behaviour during the Ebola response in Sierra Leone: a retrospective, mixed-methods analysis of community feedback from the Social Mobilization Action Consortium.

The west African Ebola epidemic (2014-15) necessitated behaviour change in settings with prevalent and pre-existing unmet needs as well as extensive mechanisms for local community action. We aimed to assess spatial and temporal trends in community-reported needs and associations with behaviour change, community engagement, and the overall outbreak situation in Sierra Leone.

Use of HIV Self-Testing Kits to Screen Clients Among Transgender Female Sex Workers in New York and Puerto Rico.

Transgender female sex workers (TFSW) are highly affected by HIV, with a global prevalence of 27%. HIV self-testing (HIVST) to screen sexual partners has helped men who have sex with men and female sex workers make informed sexual decisions and avoid HIV exposure. This is the first report on TFSW's experiences screening clients using HIVST. Ten TFSW were each given ten HIVST kits and returned after 3 months to complete an online questionnaire and undergo an interview. Eight of them reported using HIVST wit...

Plague Epizootic Dynamics in Chipmunk Fleas, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA, 2013-2015.

We describe Yersina pestis minimum infection prevalence in fleas collected from Tamias spp. chipmunks in the Sierra Nevadas (California, USA) during 2013-2015. Y. pestis-positive fleas were detected only in 2015 (year of plague epizootic), mostly in T. speciosus chipmunks at high-elevation sites. Plague surveillance should include testing vectors for Y. pestis.

Are high-performing therapists both effective and consistent? A test of therapist expertise.

Therapist effectiveness has primarily been defined as being the aggregate of the client therapy outcomes within a therapist's caseload. It may seem intuitive that the most skilled therapists are both effective (in the way defined above) and consistent in facilitating positive outcomes across their clients; however, this premise has not been fully tested. The present study sought to empirically examine this question in a large, multisite, geographically diverse sample. We first computed a consistency variabl...

Photocatalytic water splitting properties of Cu2+ exchanged beta zeolites.

Photocatalytic water splitting with solar energy is the most promising and friendly hydrogen production method. Efficient and cost-effective photocatalyst is the key to hydrogen production. The Cu dopant has been shown to greatly enhance the photocatalytic activities. In this work, the Cu2+ ions were doped into Beta zeolite powders (Cu-Beta) by the ion exchange method. The hydrogen evolution efficiency of Cu-Beta was much higher than the raw Beta zeolites without Cu loading. After solid phase reaction, the ...

Advances and considerations in AD tau-targeted immunotherapy.

The multifactorial and complex nature of Alzheimer's disease (AD) has made it difficult to identify therapeutic targets that are causally involved in the disease process. However, accumulating evidence from experimental and clinical studies that investigate the early disease process point towards the required role of tau in AD etiology. Importantly, a large number of studies investigate and characterize the plethora of pathological forms of tau protein involved in disease onset and propagation. Immunotherap...

Missed opportunities for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis during a rapid scale-up program at Sydney Sexual Health Centre.

We aimed to estimate HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake and missed opportunities for PrEP through a retrospective review of medical records of clients at high risk of HIV attending the Sydney Sexual Health Centre. Most clients (69%) were taking PrEP, and 7% of those eligible for PrEP were classified as a missed opportunity for PrEP. Although missed opportunities were uncommon, PrEP discussions should be a standard component of care for all clients at risk of HIV acquisition.

Pattern of health care utilization and traditional and complementary medicine use among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone.

It is well established that Ebola Survivors experience a myriad of physical and psychological sequelae. However, little is known about how they seek care to address their health needs. Our study determines the current healthcare seeking behaviour among Ebola survivors and determines the prevalence, pattern of use and correlates of traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) use among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone.

Pregnancy Outcomes among Women Receiving rVSVΔ-ZEBOV-GP Ebola Vaccine during the Sierra Leone Trial to Introduce a Vaccine against Ebola.

Little information exists regarding Ebola vaccine rVSVΔG-ZEBOV-GP and pregnancy. The Sierra Leone Trial to Introduce a Vaccine Against Ebola (STRIVE) randomized participants without blinding to immediate or deferred (18-24 weeks postenrollment) vaccination. Pregnancy was an exclusion criterion, but 84 women were inadvertently vaccinated in early pregnancy or became pregnant

The association between exposure to interferon-beta during pregnancy and birth measurements in offspring of women with multiple sclerosis.

Interferon-beta (IFN-beta) is a commonly used treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). Current guidelines recommend cessation of treatment during pregnancy, however the results of past studies on the safety of prenatal exposure to IFN-beta have been conflicting. A large scale study of a population of MS women is therefore warranted.

Key barriers and enablers associated with uptake and continuation of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in the public sector in Zimbabwe: Qualitative perspectives of general population clients at high risk for HIV.

Understanding the perspectives and preferences of clients eligible for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is essential to designing programs that meet clients' needs. To date, most PrEP programs in limited-resource settings have been implemented by partner organizations for specific target populations, but the government of Zimbabwe aims to make PrEP available to the broader population at substantial risk in public sector clinics. However, there is limited information on general population perspectives about P...

Predicting homelessness among individuals diagnosed with substance use disorders using local treatment records.

One in five homeless people in the United States has a substance use and/or a mental health disorder. Substance use disorders substantially impact the ability to obtain and retain appropriate housing. Professionals who provide substance use treatment are typically required to provide housing assistance by prioritizing clients according to their risk for becoming or remaining homeless; however, existing methods for prioritizing clients can be time-consuming and staff- and training-intensive. This study analy...

Breakfast Consumption Is Positively Associated with Usual Nutrient Intakes among Food Pantry Clients Living in Rural Communities.

Breakfast consumption has declined over the past 40 y and is inversely associated with obesity-related diet and health outcomes. The breakfast pattern of food pantry clients and its association with diet is unknown.

Beta blockers in the perioperative period.

The cardiovascular effects of beta blockers are widespread, so their use in the perioperative period ought to be beneficial, although this is not clear cut. This article discusses the evidence for and against the use of beta blockers perioperatively and gives guidance for best practice.

Antibacterial activity of (clove) against uropathogens producing ESBL, MBL, and AmpC beta-lactamase: Are we close to getting a new antibacterial agent?

The present study was done to access the antibacterial activity of clove () against extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL), metallo-beta-lactamase (MBL), and AmpC beta-lactamase-producing gram-negative bacteria causing urinary tract infection.

Measuring the Effect of Sexual Health Education Training in Professionals: Structure of the Sexual Health Education for Professionals Scale (SHEPS) Among Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Students.

Marriage and family therapists and sexual health therapists are likely to receive training in graduate school that prepares them to encounter sexual concerns among clients, but there are few standard ways to assess the efficacy of this training. The Sexual Health Education for Professionals Scale (SHEPS) was developed to address this deficit. In this preliminary study, 163 marriage and family therapy graduate students completed the SHEPS prior to starting a graduate course in assessing and treating sexual c...

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