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Capabilities and Advantages of Cloud Computing in the Implementation of Electronic Health Record.

With regard to the high cost of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), in recent years the use of new technologies, in particular cloud computing, has increased. The purpose of this study was to review systematically the studies conducted in the field of cloud computing.

Cloud-Based Collaboration and Productivity Tools to Enhance Self-perception and Self-evaluation in Senior Dental Students: a pilot study.

web/cloud-based collaborations have been successively used in several educational and clinical settings with very satisfactory results against the traditional background. In this study, we assess the usefulness, ease of use, ease of learning and satisfaction of a cloud-based clinical progression practice record comparing to a traditional paper practice record.

Debunking superstition: Analyzing the cloud phenomenon in apheresis-Results of a 35-month study.

Many practitioners believe in the phenomenon of being labeled either a "black cloud" or "white cloud" while on-call. A "white-cloud" physician is usually defined as one who sees fewer cases while a "black-cloud" is one who often receives more cases. To evaluate these phenomena, a 35-month prospective study was designed to evaluate the number of times apheresis staff was involved with emergent apheresis procedures at a large institution in the off hours between 10 pm and 7 am, since this is the time period w...

Size-resolved surface active substances of atmospheric aerosol: reconsideration of the impact on cloud droplet formation.

Our current understanding of the importance of surface active substances (SAS) on atmospheric aerosol cloud-forming efficiency is limited, as explicit data on the content of size-resolved ambient aerosol SAS, which are responsible for lowering the surface tension (σ) of activating droplets, are not available. We report on the first data comprising seasonal variability of size-segregated SAS concentrations in ambient aerosol particulate matter (PM). To assess the impact of SAS distribution within PM on clou...

Offering pre-purchase clinics is a 'no brainer'.

High Spending Growth Rates For Key Diseases In 2000-14 Were Driven By Technology And Demographic Factors.

We introduce a new source of detailed data on spending by medical condition to analyze US health care spending growth in the period 2000-14. We found that thirty conditions, which represented only 11.5 percent of all conditions studied, accounted for 42 percent of the real growth rate in per capita spending during this period, even though they accounted for only 13 percent of overall spending in 2000. Primary drivers of spending growth included the use of new technologies, a shift toward the provision of...

The "speed limit" for macromolecular crystal growth.

A simple "diffusion-to-capture" model is used to estimate the upper limit to the growth rate of macromolecular crystals under conditions when the rate limiting process is the mass transfer of sample from solution to the crystal. Under diffusion-limited crystal growth conditions, this model predicts that the cross-sectional area of a crystal will increase linearly with time; this prediction is validated by monitoring the growth rate of lysozyme crystals. A consequence of this analysis is that when crystal gr...

Cloud computing applications for biomedical science: A perspective.

Biomedical research has become a digital data-intensive endeavor, relying on secure and scalable computing, storage, and network infrastructure, which has traditionally been purchased, supported, and maintained locally. For certain types of biomedical applications, cloud computing has emerged as an alternative to locally maintained traditional computing approaches. Cloud computing offers users pay-as-you-go access to services such as hardware infrastructure, platforms, and software for solving common biomed...

Prospects in bioelectrochemical technologies for wastewater treatment.

Bioelectrochemical technologies are emerging as innovative solutions for waste treatment, offering flexible platforms for both oxidation and reduction reaction processes. A great variety of applications have been developed by utilizing the energy produced in bioelectrochemical systems, such as direct electric power generation, chemical production or water desalination. This manuscript provides a literature review on the prospects in bioelectrochemical technologies for wastewater treatment, including organic...

Improvement of MODIS cloud mask over severe polluted eastern China.

Previous studies have proved that in the regions with severe air pollution, MODIS cloud mask product (MYD35) tends to overestimate the cloud cover largely. An important reason is that the dense aerosols could be misclassified as clouds. Identification of the misdetected "clouds" of passive remote sensing satellites remains challenging. In this study, we built an algorithm combining screening method and adjusted Fisher Discriminant Analysis (AFDA) to rectify the cloud free pixels misclassified as cloudy in t...

Cloud Quantum Computing of an Atomic Nucleus.

We report a quantum simulation of the deuteron binding energy on quantum processors accessed via cloud servers. We use a Hamiltonian from pionless effective field theory at leading order. We design a low-depth version of the unitary coupled-cluster ansatz, use the variational quantum eigensolver algorithm, and compute the binding energy to within a few percent. Our work is the first step towards scalable nuclear structure computations on a quantum processor via the cloud, and it sheds light on how to map sc...

First evaluation of the effect of microorganisms on steady state hydroxyl radical concentrations in atmospheric waters.

Clouds are complex multiphasic media where efficient chemical reactions take place and where microorganisms have been found to be metabolically active. Hydroxyl radical is the main oxidant in cloud water, and more generally in the atmosphere, during the day and drives the cloud oxidative capacity. However, only one measurement of the steady state hydroxyl radical concentrations in cloud water has been reported so far. Cloud chemistry models are used to estimate the hydroxyl radical concentrations with value...

Acoustic Methods for Increasing the Cavitation Initiation Pressure Threshold.

Histotripsy is a tissue ablation method that utilizes focused high amplitude ultrasound to generate a cavitation bubble cloud that mechanically fractionates tissue. Effective histotripsy depends on initiation, control, and maintenance of cavitation bubble clouds in the targeted area. In this study, we hypothesized that a low pressure acoustic pulse sequence applied before and/or during histotripsy therapy would increase the cavitation initiation pressure threshold and growth of cavitation bubble clouds. Thi...

cryoem-cloud-tools: A software platform to deploy and manage cryo-EM jobs in the cloud.

Access to streamlined computational resources remains a significant bottleneck for new users of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). To address this, we have developed tools that will submit cryo-EM analysis routines and atomic model building jobs directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) from a local computer or laptop. These new software tools ("cryoem-cloud-tools") have incorporated optimal data movement, security, and cost-saving strategies, giving novice users access to complex cryo-EM data processing pipel...

Summertime Primary and Secondary Contributions to Southern Ocean Cloud Condensation Nuclei.

Atmospheric aerosols in clean remote oceanic regions contribute significantly to the global albedo through the formation of haze and cloud layers; however, the relative importance of 'primary' wind-produced sea-spray over secondary (gas-to-particle conversion) sulphate in forming marine clouds remains unclear. Here we report on marine aerosols (PM) over the Southern Ocean around Antarctica, in terms of their physical, chemical, and cloud droplet activation properties. Two predominant pristine air masses and...

Analysing mHealth usage logs in RCTs: Explaining participants' interactions with type 2 diabetes self-management tools.

The Introduction of mobile health (mHealth) devices to health intervention studies challenges us as researchers to adapt how we analyse the impact of these technologies. For interventions involving chronic illness self-management, we must consider changes in behaviour in addition to changes in health. Fortunately, these mHealth technologies can record participants' interactions via usage-logs during research interventions.

The current state of long-acting growth hormone preparations for growth hormone therapy.

To discuss the rationale of developing long-acting growth hormone (LAGH) preparations, to describe the technologies designed to prolong GH action, and to address key issues regarding efficacy, safety, and monitoring while on treatment.

Short communication: The effects of offering a high or low plane of milk preweaning on insulin-like growth factor and insulin-like growth factor binding proteins in dairy heifer calves.

Although positive effects on growth have been shown when calves are placed on high planes of nutrition, little information exists regarding the effect of this feeding strategy on insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), a hormone whose fundamental action is to stimulate growth, and its binding proteins during the preweaning period. The objective of this study was to characterize IGF-1 and insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP) concentrations in plasma during the pre- and immediate postweaning perio...

Gazing at Cell Wall Expansion under a Golden Light.

In plants, cell growth is constrained by a stiff cell wall, at least this is the way textbooks usually present it. Accordingly, many studies have focused on the elasticity and plasticity of the cell wall as prerequisites for expansion during growth. With their specific evolutionary history, cell wall composition, and environment, brown algae present a unique configuration offering a new perspective on the involvement of the cell wall, viewed as an inert material yet with intrinsic mechanical properties, in ...

WITHDRAWN: Nursing record systems: effects on nursing practice and healthcare outcomes.

A nursing record system is the record of care that was planned or given to individual patients and clients by qualified nurses or other caregivers under the direction of a qualified nurse. Nursing record systems may be an effective way of influencing nurse practice.

Quality enhancement and GPU acceleration for a full-color holographic system using a relocated point cloud gridding method.

The calculation of realistic full-color holographic displays is hindered by the high computational cost. Previously, we suggested a point cloud gridding (PCG) method to calculate monochrome holograms of real objects. In this research, a relocated point cloud gridding (R-PCG) method is proposed to enhance the reconstruction quality and accelerate the calculation speed in GPU for a full-color holographic system. We use a depth camera to acquire depth and color information from the real scene then reconstruct ...

Research and Implementation of Vital Signs Monitoring System Based on Cloud Platform.

Through analyzing the existing problems in the current mode, the vital signs monitoring information system based on cloud platform is designed and developed. The system's aim is to assist nurse carry out vital signs nursing work effectively and accurately. The system collects, uploads and analyzes patient's vital signs data by PDA which connecting medical inspection equipments. Clinical application proved that the system can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of medical care and may reduce medic...

An overview of extant conifer evolution from the perspective of the fossil record.

Conifers are an important living seed plant lineage with an extensive fossil record spanning more than 300 million years. The group therefore provides an excellent opportunity to explore congruence and conflict between dated molecular phylogenies and the fossil record.

The crustacean cuticle does not record chronological age: New evidence from the gastric mill ossicles.

A proposed method to determine chronological age of crustaceans uses putative annual bands in the gastric mill ossicles of the foregut. The interpretation of cuticle bands as growth rings is based on the idea that ossicles are retained through the moult and could accumulate a continuous record of age. However, recent studies presented conflicting findings on the dynamics of gastric mill ossicles during ecydysis. We herein study cuticle bands in ossicles in four species of commercially important decapod crus...

A Secure Alignment Algorithm for Mapping Short Reads to Human Genome.

The elastic and inexpensive computing resources such as clouds have been recognized as a useful solution to analyzing massive human genomic data (e.g., acquired by using next-generation sequencers) in biomedical researches. However, outsourcing human genome computation to public or commercial clouds was hindered due to privacy concerns: even a small number of human genome sequences contain sufficient information for identifying the donor of the genomic data. This issue cannot be directly addressed by existi...

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