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Knowing Oneself: The First Step to Be an Effective Member of an Interprofessional Team.

Interprofessional health care teams begin with team members who know themselves and are flexible, trusting, and competent to speak up to prevent harm and take action to ensure quality and safety. Often, the soft skills necessary for team members to be effective are underrated and missing in team trainings. By clarifying the expectations of team members and using tools to assess individual ability, educators can enhance awareness and improve both individual and team civility and performance. This article is ...

Bouncing Back from Setbacks: On the Mediating Role of Team Resilience in the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Team Effectiveness.

The purpose of this study was to clarify the role of team resilience on different facets of effectiveness (team viability and quality of the group experience). Moreover, given the importance of team resilience for the organizational context, it was also our aim to contribute to the study of the conditions that promote team resilience, analyzing the role of transformational leadership. Finally, we examined whether the relationship between transformational leadership and team resilience stimulates positive te...

A taxonomy and rating system to measure situation awareness in resuscitation teams.

Team SA involves a common perspective between two or more individuals regarding current environmental events, their meaning, and projected future status. Team SA has been theorized to be important for resuscitation team effectiveness. Accordingly, multidimensional frameworks of observable behaviors relevant to resuscitation teams are needed to understand more deeply the nature of team SA, its implications for team effectiveness, and whether it can be trained. A seven-dimension team resuscitation SA framewor...

Importance of a team approach to recommending the human papillomavirus vaccination.

Few studies have examined human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine communication in the context of the health care team.

May Measurement Month 2017: an analysis of blood pressure screening results worldwide.

Increased blood pressure is the biggest contributor to the global burden of disease and mortality. Data suggest that less than half of the population with hypertension is aware of it. May Measurement Month was initiated to raise awareness of the importance of blood pressure and as a pragmatic interim solution to the shortfall in screening programmes.

A prospective questionnaire-based study on staff awareness of intimate partner violence (IPV) in orthopaedic trauma patients.

Investigate awareness in the multidisciplinary orthopaedic trauma team regarding intimate partner violence (IPV), willingness to ask patients and knowledge of available support.

Do Long-time Team-mates Lead to Better Team Performance? A Social Network Analysis of Data from Major League Baseball.

To estimate the effects of team-mate shared experience on overall team performance as well as to determine whether concentration of time together among subgroups of players and/or focal players enhances team performance.

The importance of equal treatment: Medical students'opinions on affirmative action, equal treatment and discrimination.

We assessed medical students' opinion of affirmative action programs (AAPs), perception of gender equality and discrimination. 276 medical students (56.2% female) participated. Women considered AAPs to be more important than did men. Most women (62.6%) and men (71.9%) received equal treatment, but significantly more women (22.6%) than men (11.6%) experienced discrimination. It is necessary to convey the importance of gender equality and equal treatment, including discrimination and mistreatment. Thus, we ha...

The Importance of Role Clarity for Development of Interprofessional Teams.

Members of an effective inter-professional team must work cooperatively to blend individual skills and leadership responsibilities and achieve the best outcome for the patient. Each member of an inter-professional team contributes to the diversity of needs required in patient care. Clarity of role responsibilities is essential to improving patient care and interprofessional team success. J Contin Educ Nurs. 2018;49(8):345-347.

Effects of designated leadership and team-size on cardiopulmonary resuscitation: The Basel-Washington SIMulation (BaWaSim) trial.

During cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), it remains unclear whether designating an individual person as team leader compared with emergent leadership results in better team performance. Also, the effect of CPR team size on team performance remains understudied.

Variables associated with interprofessional collaboration: The case of professionals working in Quebec local mental health service networks.

This study identified variables associated with interprofessional collaboration (IPC) among 315 mental health (MH) professionals working in primary health care (PHC) and specialized teams, within four Quebec (Canada) local service networks (LSNs). IPC was measured with a validated scale, and independent variables were organized according to a four-block conceptual framework that included Individual, Interactional, Organizational and Professional Role Characteristics. Bivariate and multiple linear regression...

The Conceptualization of Team Flow.

Despite the noted potential for team flow to enhance a team's effectiveness, productivity, performance, and capabilities, studies on the construct in the workplace context are scarce. Most research on flow at the group level has been focused on performance in athletics or the arts, and looks at the collective experience. But, the context of work has different parameters, which necessitate a look at individual and team level experiences. In this review, we extend current theories and essay a testable, multil...

Team composition and the ABCs of teamwork.

In teams, some combinations of people work together better than others. A large body of literature with a rich history suggests that the configuration of team member attributes, called team composition, has a fundamental influence on teamwork. Team composition shapes the emergence of affective states, behavioral processes, and cognitive states (the ABCs of teamwork), which ultimately affect how teams meet their objectives. The purpose of this article is to describe what is known about team composition and i...

Interdisciplinary team science and the public: Steps toward a participatory team science.

Interdisciplinary team science involves research collaboration among investigators from different disciplines who work interdependently to share leadership and responsibility. Although over the past several decades there has been an increase in knowledge produced by science teams, the public has not been meaningfully engaged in this process. We argue that contemporary changes in how science is understood and practiced offer an opportunity to reconsider engaging the public as active participants on teams and...

Public health implications of #ShoutYourAbortion.

Social media platforms such as Twitter allow members of the public to raise awareness for issues, causes and events. This study investigated the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion that was created to combat the stigma that can be associated with the medical procedure of abortion.

Going at the heart of social cognition: is there a role for interoception in self-other distinction?

Interoception describes the processing and awareness of bodily signals arising from visceral organs, essential for the organism's homeostatic needs. Beyond homeostasis, the integration of exteroceptive and interoceptive signals is required for the coherence of bodily self-awareness. Here we suggest that interoception also plays a critical role in social cognition. Relating to others as individuals who are distinct from one's self requires the simultaneous yet distinct co-representation of self and others. W...

A Rare Cause of Acute Anisocoria in a Child: The Angel's Trumpet Plant.

Anisocoria is a significant finding in several ocular and potentially life-threatening neurological disorders. The angel's trumpet (Datura suaveolens), widely used as a garden plant, is a natural alkaloid with anticholinergic effects containing high levels of scopolamine. The authors present a pediatric case of acute anisocoria secondary to contact with the angel's trumpet plant. This case report emphasizes the importance of considering herbal mydriatics in patients with acute, isolated, unilateral mydriasi...

Erratum for Sanders et al., "FusoPortal: an Interactive Repository of Hybrid MinION-Sequenced Genomes Improves Gene Identification and Characterization".

Obesity and Bariatric Surgery awareness in the Kocaeli province, a leading industrial city in Turkey.

An increase in the prevelance of obesity is a worldwide problem. It many serious health problems, especially cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes mellitus. Conservative therapies such as diet modification and exercise are the most preferable obesity treatments. Bariatric surgery is the most appropriate treatment in suitable patients. Several studies showed that a very low number of patients prefer bariatric surgery even though it would be appropriate. This study aimed to assess and raise awareness ab...

Teamwork in the intensive care unit.

Intensive care units (ICUs) provide care to the most severely ill hospitalized patients. Although ICUs increasingly rely on interprofessional teams to provide critical care, little about actual teamwork in this context is well understood. The ICU team is typically comprised of physicians or intensivists, clinical pharmacists, respiratory therapists, dieticians, bedside nurses, clinical psychologists, and clinicians-in-training. ICU teams are distinguished from other health care teams in that they are low in...

Impact of Team Communication Training on Performance and Self-Assessment of Team Functioning during Sophomore Surgery.

Collaboration and teamwork are important skills for veterinary professionals that affect relationship development, health and well-being, financial success, and clinical outcomes. This study explores the impact of team communication training on performance and assessment of team functioning during second-year surgery by comparing two different classes. The class of 2017 (control group) received no formal training in team communication before their participation in surgery, and the class of 2018 (treatment g...

Interprofessional training and team function in patient-centred medical home: Findings from a mixed method study of interdisciplinary provider perspectives.

Transitioning from profession-specific to interprofessional (IP) models of care requires major change. The Veterans Assessment and Improvement Laboratory (VAIL), is an initiative based in the United States that supports and evaluates the Veterans Health Administration's (VAs) transition of its primary care practices to an IP team based patient-centred medical home (PCMH) care model. We postulated that modifiable primary care practice organizational climate factors impact PCMH implementation. VAIL administer...

Return-to-play after concussion: state of knowledge, frequency of use and application barriers of guidelines among decision-makers in rugby.

Validated strategies and guidelines for a safe and individualized diagnosis and return-to-play (RTP) after concussion in rugby are needed. Little is known about the state of knowledge, frequency of use and application barriers of state-of-the-art guidelines among decision-makers in professional or semi-professional rugby teams. Participants (n = 195) from the coaching team (head coach, assistance coach, athletic coach), the medical team (physiotherapist, physician, rehabilitation therapist, neuropsycholog...

Validation Study of the Thumb Ossification Composite Index (TOCI) in Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Stage-to-Stage Correlation with Classic Tanner-Whitehouse and Sanders Simplified Skeletal Maturity Systems.

The new simplified thumb ossification composite index (TOCI) based on ossification of the thumb epiphyses and adductor sesamoid has demonstrated simplicity, excellent reliability, and high accuracy for predicting skeletal maturity, comparable with the Sanders simplified skeletal maturity system (SSMS). It was our belief that, because the terminology of the SSMS system has been commonly used for skeletal maturity prediction in idiopathic scoliosis in publications over the past decade, the clinical applicabil...

Team and individual influences on members' identification and performance per membership in multiple team membership arrangements.

Modern-day organizations often utilize team-based designs, and employees increasingly work simultaneously on multiple teams. These working arrangements have been referred to as multiple team memberships, and despite their prevalence, they have been the subject of relatively little research. Applying social identity theory as a theoretical lens, we advance a multilevel conceptual model that suggests both individual and team characteristics predict individuals' performance and satisfaction per membership, as ...

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