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Causal interpretation of correlational studies - Analysis of medical news on the website of the official journal for German physicians.

Media frequently draws inappropriate causal statements from observational studies. We analyzed the reporting of study results in the Medical News section of the German medical journal Deutsches Ärzteblatt (DÄ).

Marital Status and Survival of Patients with Chondrosarcoma: A Population-Based Analysis.

BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that differences in marital status contribute to different prognoses for certain cancers, but the relationship between marital status and the prognosis of chondrosarcoma has not been reported previously. MATERIAL AND METHODS In this study, we selected 4502 eligible cases through the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database from 1977 to 2014 to analyze the impact of marital status on chondrosarcoma cancer-specific survival (CSS) by Kaplan-Meier method...

Sharing Serious News With Cancer Patients: Strategies That Can Help.

Sharing serious news is a key communication task that occurs frequently throughout the trajectory of caring for a cancer patient. When sharing serious news, it is important to consider many factors, including those related to patient diversity, such as cultural and family background; language barriers; socioeconomic factors; and health literacy. Importantly, the way in which serious news is discussed significantly affects many outcomes and aspects of patient care. Sharing serious news is not an innate skill...

News briefs.

News briefs.

News briefs.

News briefs.

Power structure in Chilean news media.

Even democracies endowed with the most active free press struggle to maintain diversity of news coverage. Consolidation and market forces may cause only a few dominant players to control the news cycle. Editorial policies may be biased by corporate ownership relations, narrowing news coverage and focus. To an increasing degree this problem also applies to social media news distribution, since it is subject to the same socio-economic drivers. To study the effects of consolidation and ownership on news divers...

Computer Simulation and Generation of Moving Sand Pictures.

Moving sand pictures are interesting devices that can be used to generate an infinite number of unique scenes when repeatedly being flipped over. However, little work has been done on attempting to simulate the process of picture formulation. In this paper, we present an approach capable of generating images in the style of moving sand pictures. Our system defines moving sand pictures in a few steps, such as initialization, segmentation and physical simulation, so that a variety of moving sand pictures incl...

Protecting the Value of Medical Science in the Age of Social Media and "Fake News".

Coronary calcium: 'bad news' for men, but even 'worse news' for women?

CUEDC1 is a primary target of ERα essential for the growth of breast cancer cells.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of malignancy in women with ∼1.7 million new cases diagnosed annually, of which the majority express ERα (ESR1), a ligand-dependent transcription factor. Genome-wide chromatin binding maps suggest that ERα may control the expression of thousands of genes, posing a great challenge in identifying functional targets. Recently, we developed a CRISPR-Cas9 functional genetic screening approach to identify enhancers required for ERα-positive breast cancer cell prolifer...

CV-building for medical students.

Today's medical students invest large amounts of time and energy into building what is believed to be the ideal résumé to ensure admission to residency programmes. In this clinical lesson, we present three Dutch pre-graduate medical students who approach CV-building and the perceived pressure to be a typical overachiever on paper in different manners. In addition, we conducted a survey among the heads of 160 Dutch residency programmes. Based on this, we discuss whether what is generally believed among stu...

Breaking Bad News.

Association between parental marital conflict and Internet addiction: A moderated mediation analysis.

The effect of parental marital conflict on Internet addiction has been well-established; however, little is known regarding the underlying mechanism of this effect. The aim of this study was to explore the mediating effect of depression and anxiety, as well as the role of peer attachment as a moderator in this relation between parental marital conflict and Internet addiction.

Application of the dyadic data analysis in behavioral medicine research: marital satisfaction and anxiety in infertile couples.

Dyadic data analysis (DDA) is increasingly being used to better understand, analyze and model intra- and inter-personal mechanisms of health in various types of dyads such as husband-wife, caregiver-patient, doctor-patient, and parent-child. A key strength of the DDA is its flexibility to take the nonindependence available in the dyads into account. In this article, we illustrate the value of using DDA to examine how anxiety is associated with marital satisfaction in infertile couples.

Health behaviors and illness according to marital status in middle-aged Koreans.

Marital status influences health and this association might differ by time and/or country. Divorce rates have increased abruptly in Korea. We investigated relationships between marital status and health behaviors and illness among middle-aged Koreans.

Partially ablative radiotherapy (PAR) for large mass tumors using simultaneous integrated boost: A dose-escalation feasibility study.

This study aimed to assess the feasibility to plan and deliver highly heterogeneous doses to symptomatic large tumors using volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) and simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) during a short course palliative accelerated radiotherapy.

Good News and Bad News.

What clicks actually mean: Exploring digital news user practices.

This article problematizes the relationship between clicks and audience interests. Clicking patterns are often seen as evidence that news users are mostly interested in junk news, leading to concerns about the state of journalism and the implications for society. Asking and observing how 56 users actually browse news and what clicking and clicking mean to them, we identified 30 distinct considerations for (not) clicking and classified them into three categories: cognitive, affective and pragmatic. The resu...

News coverage, digital activism, and geographical saliency: A case study of refugee camps and volunteered geographical information.

The last several decades have witnessed a shift in the way in which news is delivered and consumed by users. With the growth and advancements in mobile technologies, the Internet, and Web 2.0 technologies users are not only consumers of news, but also producers of online content. This has resulted in a novel and highly participatory cyber-physical news awareness ecosystem that fosters digital activism, in which volunteers contribute content to online communities. While studies have examined the various comp...

Using the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) outside acute hospital settings: a qualitative study of staff experiences in the West of England.

Early warning scores were developed to improve recognition of clinical deterioration in acute hospital settings. In England, the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) is increasingly being recommended at a national level for use outside such settings. In 2015, the West of England Academic Health Science Network supported the roll-out of NEWS across a range of non-acute-hospital healthcare sectors. Research on the use of NEWS outside acute hospitals is limited. The objective of this study was to explore staff ...

Life Course Trajectories of Negative and Positive Marital Experiences and Loneliness in Later Years: Exploring Differential Associations.

Loneliness is relatively common among older adults in the United States, and there can be significant physical, psychological, and cognitive impairments associated with feelings of loneliness. Consequently, this study seeks to uncover determinants of loneliness, particularly the impact of couples' negative and positive marital experiences (i.e., marital strain and strength) over the life course on loneliness in later adulthood. To accomplish this goal, an integrated analytical framework is utilized, incorpo...

Effect of marital relationship on women's quality of life: Testing the mediating role of subjective well-being.

Because of a large number of Chinese women and the widespread concern about women's living conditions, this study aimed to examine how subjective well-being mediates the association between marital relationship and women's quality of life in Chinese context. The data used in this study were collected by conducting a multi-stage cluster random sampling method of 756 women in Huai'an city of Mainland China. Data included women's basic demographics, women's quality of life and marital quality, and women's subj...

Beyond Science: Impact of Marital Status and Socio-Economic-Index on Outcomes of Spinal Cord Tumors, Analysis from A National Cancer Registry.

The impact of marital-status and living arrangement on health through modified health behaviors and social networks has been well-established in the literature with many experts claiming a "protective" effect that married life confers to individuals. Herein, we sought to study the impact of marital and socio-economic-status (SES) on outcomes of spinal-cord tumors.

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