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Systems-wide Studies Uncover Commander, a Multiprotein Complex Essential to Human Development.

Recent mass spectrometry maps of the human interactome independently support the existence of a large multiprotein complex, dubbed "Commander." Broadly conserved across animals and ubiquitously expressed in nearly every human cell type examined thus far, Commander likely plays a fundamental cellular function, akin to other ubiquitous machines involved in expression, proteostasis, and trafficking. Experiments on individual subunits support roles in endosomal protein sorting, including the trafficking of Notc...

Psychiatric morbidity among physically injured Syrian refugees in Turkey.

To the best of our knowledge, the mental health status of physically injured Syrian refugees has not yet been investigated. The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity among physically injured Syrian refugees in Turkey receiving treatment at the main rehabilitation centre near the Syrian border.

The Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme: evaluation of Edinburgh's reception arrangements.

During 2015 and 2016 a group of Syrian refugees were resettled in Edinburgh, Scotland under the United Kingdom Government Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the settling in arrangements for these refugees.

Frequency and outcomes of new patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Hatay province after Syrian civil war.

It is known that tuberculosis is frequently seen among refugees. Hatay province is one of the cities that substantially expose to migration of refugees after Syrian civil war. In this study, it was aimed to compare frequency of new pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) cases and treatment success/cure rates between Turkish and Syrian patients.

Insecurity, distress and mental health: experimental and randomized controlled trials of a psychosocial intervention for youth affected by the Syrian crisis.

Strengthening the evidence base for humanitarian interventions that provide psychosocial support to war-affected youth is a key priority. We tested the impacts of an 8-week programme of structured activities informed by a profound stress attunement (PSA) framework (Advancing Adolescents), delivered in group-format to 12-18 year-olds in communities heavily affected by the Syrian crisis. We included both Syrian refugee and Jordanian youth.

Detection and identification of cutaneous leishmaniasis isolates by culture, Polymerase chain reaction and sequence analyses in Syrian and Central Anatolia patients.

To characterize the cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) isolates of Syrian and Central Anatolia patients at species levels. Methods: Skin scrapings of 3 patients (2 Syrian, 1 Turkish) were taken and examined by direct examination, culture in Novy-MacNeal-Nicole (NNN) medium, internal transcribed spacer polymerase chain reaction and sequence analysis (PCR). Results:According to microscopic examination, culture and PCR methods, 3 samples were detected positive. The sequencing results of all isolates in the study w...

The OTOGL p.Arg925* Variant is Associated with Moderate Hearing Loss in a Syrian Nonconsanguineous Family.

To screen for the genetic basis of congenital hearing loss in a Syrian family.

Diagnoses, infections and injuries in Northern Syrian children during the civil war: A cross-sectional study.

The civil war in Syria including the deliberate targeting of healthcare services resulted in a complex humanitarian emergency, seriously affecting children's health. The objectives of this study are to document diagnoses and disease categories in Northern Syrian children after four years of conflict, and to document infectious diseases and injuries in this vulnerable population.

Social identity continuity and mental health among Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Building upon social psychological work on social identity and mental health, this study among Syrian refugees in Turkey examined the importance of multiple group memberships and identity continuity for mental health and well-being.

Falls simulation room: Do you see what your patient sees?

Characterization of trapped charges distribution in terms of mirror plot curve.

Accumulation of charges (electrons) at the specimen surface in scanning electron microscope (SEM) lead to generate an electrostatic potential. By using the method of image charges, this potential is defined in the chamber's space of such apparatus. The deduced formula is expressed in terms a general volumetric distribution which proposed to be an infinitesimal spherical extension. With aid of a binomial theorem the defined potential is expanded to a multipolar form. Then resultant formula is adopted to modi...

The magic of caressing the mind by touching the body. Take care of depression, face up to cancer. A new frontier of psycho-oncology.

The new frontier of research in all areas that deal with health and wellness (medicine, psychotherapy, personal care in general) sees the increase of projects in which the individual is center-placed, as a whole, in a holistic view. The mind and the body are inseparable, as in a circularity and recursivity unique for each individual (Spurio, M.G., 2015). The results of the most innovative research would seem to suggest, therefore, that a state of psychological distress or depression, is often related to phy...

The impact of trauma exposure characteristics on post-traumatic stress disorder and psychiatric co-morbidity among Syrian refugees.

This study investigated the impact of trauma exposure characteristics on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and psychiatric co-morbidity among Syrian refugees. One thousand one hundred and ninety-seven refugees residing in Turkey and Sweden participated in the research. They completed the Harvard Trauma Questionnaire and the General Health Questionnaire-28. Forty-three percent of refugees met the cutoff for PTSD. After adjusting for location of residence, witnessing horror and exposure to life threat and...

Comparison of the Center and Flex-Center Methods of Corneal Endothelial Cell Analysis in the Presence of Guttae.

To compare endothelial cell analysis by the center and flex-center methods in corneas with guttae of differing severity and to determine the minimum countable cell number for using only the flex-center method.

Cancer Awareness and Barriers to Seeking Medical Help Among Syrian Refugees in Jordan: a Baseline Study.

Refugees in Jordan have an increased burden of cancer due to hard conditions and low income. An increase in awareness of the early signs of cancer could prompt early diagnosis. The current study aims to explore the level of cancer knowledge and barriers to seeking care among Syrian refugees in Jordan. A descriptive cross-sectional survey design was used. Two hundred and forty-one Syrian refugees living in the north of Jordan completed the Cancer Awareness Measure. The mean age was 27.9 (SD 9.1) years, rang...

The relationship between trauma centrality, self-efficacy, posttraumatic stress and psychiatric co-morbidity among Syrian refugees: Is gender a moderator?

This study examined the inter-relationship between trauma centrality, self-efficacy, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and psychiatric co-morbidity among a group of Syrian refugees living in Turkey, and whether gender would moderate the mediational effect of self-efficacy on the impact of trauma centrality on distress. Seven hundred and ninety-two Syrian refugees completed the Harvard Trauma Questionnaire, General Health Questionnaire-28, Centrality of Event Scale and Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale. The...

Germanium and Tin Monoxides Trapped by Oxophilic Germylene and Stannylene Ligands.

Germanium and tin monoxides (MO, M = Ge, Sn) were trapped by the 1,2,4-diazaphospholide-based germylene and stannylene M[3,5-tBu2dp]2 (M = Ge (2), Sn (3)), resulting in the Lewis acid-base adduct of composition M(μ-O)[M{η(1)(N)-(3,5-tBu2dp)}2]2 (M = Ge (4), Sn (5)). Compounds 4 and 5 were characterized by single-crystal X-ray structural analysis. The bonding features of 4 and 5 were supported by DFT calculations.

Whether the hearing brain hears it or the deaf brain sees it, it's just the same.

Delivery of Transverse-Lie Twins in a 15 year old Syrian Mother.

A lethal disease model for New World hantaviruses using immunosuppressed Syrian hamsters.

Hantavirus, the hemorrhagic causative agent of two clinical diseases, is found worldwide with variation in severity, incidence and mortality. The most lethal hantaviruses are found on the American continent where the most prevalent viruses like Andes virus and Sin Nombre virus are known to cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. New World hantavirus infection of immunocompetent hamsters results in an asymptomatic infection except for Andes virus and Maporal virus; the only hantaviruses causing a lethal disease...

Spectroscopic evidences of toxic trans-crotonaldehyde trapped and transformed by resveratrol to prevent the damage of mitochondrial DNA.

The purpose of this study is to probe the spectroscopic evidences of toxic trans-crotonaldehyde (TCA) trapped and transformed by resveratrol (Res) to prevent the damage of mitochondrial DNA. In aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) at the different pH or mitochondria, the spectroscopic characteristics of TCA trapped and transformed by Res were observed by means of both UV-vis and Raman spectra. When Res interacted with TCA, TCA peak at 316 nm immediately disappeared while Res main peak at 305 nm and shoulder peak a...

How Men with Prostate Cancer Choose Specialists: A Qualitative Study.

The specific specialist that a patient sees can have a large influence on the type of care they receive.

Elisa Gordon, PhD, MPH: Professor, Comprehensive Transplant Center, Department of Surgery; Center for Healthcare Studies, Institute for Public Health and Medicine; and Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, Department of Medical Education, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.

Impact of a Cleft and Craniofacial Center on an Academic Health System.

The contributions of all physician specialties and ancillary services involved in cleft and craniofacial center care must be evaluated to fairly assess the financial impact of a cleft and craniofacial center. The authors hypothesized that the cleft and craniofacial center generates profitable downstream productivity for the academic health system.

Positive Impact of an Aortic Center Designation.

In January 2015 we created a multidisciplinary Aortic Center with the collaboration of Vascular Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Anesthesia and Hospital Administration. We report the initial success of creating a Comprehensive Aortic Center.

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