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Evaluating the causal impact of individual alcohol licensing decisions on local health and crime using natural experiments with synthetic controls.

Given the costs of alcohol to society, it is important to evaluate whether local alcohol licensing decisions can mitigate the effects of alcohol misuse. Robust natural experiment evaluations of the impact of individual licensing decisions could potentially inform and improve local decision-making. We aimed to assess whether alcohol licensing decisions could be evaluated at small spatial scale by using a causal inference framework.

A little good is good enough: Ethical consumption, cheap excuses, and moral self-licensing.

This paper explores the role of cheap excuses in product choice. If agents feel that they fulfill one ethical aspect, they may care less about other independent ethical facets within product choice. Choosing a product that fulfills one ethical aspect may then suffice for maintaining a high moral self-image in agents and render it easier to ignore other ethically relevant aspects they would otherwise care about more. The use of such cheap excuses could thus lead to a "static moral self-licensing" effect, and...

Options to Reform the European Union Legislation on GMOs: Scope and Definitions.

We discuss options to reform the EU genetically modified organisms (GMO) regulatory framework, make risk assessment and decision-making more consistent with scientific principles, and lay the groundwork for international coherence. The first in a three-part series, this article focuses on reform options related to the scope of the legislation and the GMO definition.

Reasons behind stymied public hospital governance reform in China.

The public hospital governance reform in China is pledged to improve the governance of public hospitals and deliver affordable and high-quality care. However, progress in public hospital reform has been slow. The reason is poorly understood.

Introduction to Special Issue on Political Economy of Health Financing Reform.

Missed opportunities to advance knowledge on traffic safety: Accessibility of driver licensing and crash data for scientific research.

Identifiable individual-level driver licensing and motor vehicle crash data are essential to advancing transportation safety research. However, epidemiologic studies using such data are rare, which may reflect their inaccessibility. We conducted a legal mapping study to evaluate US state laws regulating access to driver licensing and motor vehicle crash data for use in scientific research.

Status of healthcare workers after comprehensive reform of urban public hospitals in Beijing, China: sustainable supply, psychological perception, and work outcomes.

Healthcare reform in China has attracted worldwide interest and reached a new juncture. In an attempt to improve healthcare quality and patient satisfaction, the government of Beijing introduced comprehensive reform of urban public hospitals in 2016 and implemented new policies on personnel, compensation, management, and diagnosis and treatment. As the agents of healthcare service, and a target of reform measures, healthcare workers were greatly affected by these reforms but have not been carefully studied.

Health Reform On The Campaign Trail.

The health reform debate heats up in the Democratic primary while Republicans grapple with developing their own plan.

Interactions of Oral Molecular Excipients with Breast Cancer Resistance Protein, BCRP.

Mechanistic understanding-based selection of excipients may improve formulation development strategies for generic drug products and potentially accelerate their approval. Our study aimed at investigating the effects of molecular excipients present in orally administered FDA-approved drug products on the intestinal efflux transporter, BCRP (ABCG2), which plays a critical role in drug absorption with potential implications on drug safety and efficacy. We determined the interactions of 136 oral molecular exci...

Reform at the FDA-In Need of Reform.

Psychiatric reform and counter-reform: an analysis of a socio-political and sanitary crisis at national and regional level.

This article addresses recent political, legal and welfare changes to mental health policies in Brazil, demonstrating their effects of Psychiatric Counter-Reform. Based on documentary analysis, we explain the tensions generated by this process, with its repercussions for the complex process of Brazilian Psychiatric Reform, particularly for the Psychosocial Healthcare Network. We discuss the paradoxical case of Counter-Counter-Reform, using the state of Bahia as an example because of its recent proposal to c...

An Essential and Cell-Cycle-Dependent ORC Dimerization Cycle Regulates Eukaryotic Chromosomal DNA Replication.

Eukaryotic DNA replication licensing is a prerequisite for, and plays a role in, regulating genome duplication that occurs exactly once per cell cycle. ORC (origin recognition complex) binds to and marks replication origins throughout the cell cycle and loads other replication-initiation proteins onto replication origins to form pre-replicative complexes (pre-RCs), completing replication licensing. However, how an asymmetric single-heterohexameric ORC structure loads the symmetric MCM (minichromosome mainte...

Physician-initiated payment reform: a new path toward value.

In the move toward value-based payment, new payment models have largely been designed by payers and focused on the role of primary care providers. We examine a new phase of payment reform wherein providers, mostly specialists, are designing alternative payment models (APMs) for their own practices through a task force, called the Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee, created by the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015. Although it is a potentially notable shift in pay...

Glycine microparticles loaded with functionalized nanoparticles for pulmonary delivery.

The use of nanoparticles for pulmonary delivery poses challenges such as the presence of anatomical barriers, and the loss of bioactive components. Excipients are often used to facilitate delivery. Excipients suitable for nanoparticle delivery are still being explored. Herein we introduce for the first time, spray-dried glycine microparticle-based excipients loaded with nanoparticles of the size range known to be taken up by alveolar macrophages. Using a microfluidic jet spray dryer, we produced glycine mic...

Leadership Politics and the Evolution of the Universal Health Insurance Reform in Peru.

Peru is now on a path toward achieving universal health coverage (UHC), with 87% of its population covered by health insurance. This paper describes the politics surrounding the agenda setting and policy formulation process that led up to the adoption of Peru's Universal Health Coverage Act in 2009, which has been instrumental in expanding coverage. This reform established a mandatory health insurance system, which includes an Essential Health Benefit Package (Plan Esencial de Aseguramiento en Salud-PEAS) t...

Considerations For Determining Direct Versus Indirect Functional Effects Of Solubilizing Excipients On Drug Transporters For Enahancing Bioavailability.

Excipients used in drug formulation at clinically safe levels have been considered to be pharmacologically inert, however, numerous studies have suggested that many solubilizing agents may modulate drug transporter activities and intestinal absorption. Here, the reported interactions between various solubilizing excipients and drug transporters are evaluated to consider various potential underlying mechanisms. This forms the basis for debate in the field in regards to whether or not the effects are based on...

Towards an Improved Understanding of Drug Excipient Interactions to Enable Rapid Optimization of Nanosuspension Formulations.

Suspensions of drug nanoparticles known as nanosuspensions have emerged as a successful enabling formulation approach for poorly soluble drug candidates. These nanoparticles typically require stabilization with specific polymer or surfactant excipients to prevent aggregation from occurring. This study demonstrates the necessity of formulating drug nanosuspensions with amphiphilic excipients possessing long hydrophobic alkyl or polymer block chains to produce stable nanoparticles. 28 different excipients and...

Basics: Excipients Used in Nonsterile Compounding, Part 2.

The July-August 2019 issue of the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding includes part 1 of a 3-part article on the topic of excipients used in nonsterile compounding. This article, which discusses dosage form design and excipients related to appearance, palatability, flavoring, sweetening, and coloring, represents part 2 of this 3-part series. Part 3 will discuss preservatives used in nonsterile preparations. The topics presented in part 2 are very important for patient compliance. The colors,...

Research on information disclosure strategies of electricity retailers under new electricity reform in China.

The Chinese government has issued "No.9 document" to start a new round of reform. Retail competition mechanism has been launched and more participants are encouraged to involve into the sell side. However, the electricity retail market is still imperfect and needs continuously improving at current stage, in which information disclosure mechanism is of great significance. This paper analyzes and compares the information disclosure strategies of power retailers under new electricity reform in China. The resul...

Safety assessment of excipients (SAFE) for orally inhaled drug products.

The development of new orally inhaled drug products requires the demonstration of safety which must be proven in animal experiments. New in vitro methods may replace, or at least reduce, these animal experiments provided they are able to correctly predict the safety or eventual toxicity in humans. However, the challenge is to link human in vitro data to human in vivo data. We here present a new approach to the safety assessment of excipients (SAFE) for pulmonary drug delivery. The SAFE model is based on a d...

From Quantum Chemistry to Prediction of Drug Solubility in Glycerides.

Lipid-based delivery is a key technology for dealing with the challenges of poorly soluble drugs. Therefore, prediction of drug solubility in lipid-based excipients and their mixtures is an important research goal in computational pharmaceutics. This study is based on the Conductor-like Screening Model for Real Solvents (COSMO-RS), which combines quantum chemical surface calculations with fluid phase thermodynamics. An experimental dataset of 51 drugs was collected with measured thermochemical data and solu...

A survey on the effectiveness of WhatsApp for teaching doctors preparing for a licensing exam.

The use of WhatsApp for health professional education is not novel and is described increasingly in literature as an affordable, familiar, and convenient tool for collaboration. Social media technologies for health practitioner education allow the use of text and audio-visual aids, peer-to-peer based learning, and problem-based learning. This study presents a survey on the effectiveness of WhatsApp in doctors' preparation for a medical licensing exam.

Technology-Enabled Mental Health Service Reform for Open Arms - Veterans and Families Counselling: Participatory Design Study.

The impact of mental ill-health on every aspect of the lives of a large number of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, their partners, and their families is widely recognized. Recent Senate inquiries have highlighted gaps in service delivery as well as the need for service reform to ensure appropriate care options for individuals who are currently engaged with mental health and support services as well as for those who, for a variety of reasons, have not sought help. To that end, successive Australian ...

Reporting of the Medical Licensing Examination.

Reporting of the Medical Licensing Examination.

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