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Inverse dynamic estimates of muscle recruitment and joint contact forces are more realistic when minimizing muscle activity rather than metabolic energy or contact forces.

Assessment of contact forces is essential for a better understanding of mechanical factors affecting progression of osteoarthritis. Since contact forces cannot be measured non-invasively, computer simulations are often used to assess joint loading. Contact forces are to a large extent determined by muscle forces. These muscle forces are computed using optimization techniques that solve the muscle redundancy problem by assuming that muscles are coordinated in a way that optimizes performance (e.g., minimizes...

(De)form and Function: Measuring Cellular Forces with Deformable Materials and Deformable Structures.

The ability for biological cells to produce mechanical forces is important for the development, function, and homeostasis of tissue. The measurement of cellular forces is not a straightforward task because individual cells are microscopic in size and the forces they produce are at the nanonewton scale. Consequently, studies in cell mechanics rely on advanced biomaterials or flexible structures that permit one to infer these forces by the deformation they impart on the material or structure. Herein, the scie...

Characteristics of Academic-Affiliated Health Systems.

Changing market forces increasingly are leading academic medical centers (AMCs) to form or join health systems. But it is unclear how this shift is affecting the tripartite academic mission of education, research, and high-quality patient care. To explore this topic, the authors identified and characterized the types of health systems that owned or managed AMCs in the United States in 2016.

Atopic dermatitis in the US military.

Nonmilitary providers play a critical role in the diagnosis and management of atopic dermatitis (AD) in children and adolescents who may one day desire to join military service as well as current military members who do not have access to military dermatologists. Failure to diagnose or incorrect diagnosis of AD in a child, adolescent, or current service member may have negative implications on their ability to effectively and safely serve in the US Military.

Paraxial optical fields whose intensity pattern skeletons are stable caustics.

We construct exact solutions to the paraxial wave equation in free space characterized by stable caustics. First, we show that any solution of the paraxial wave equation can be written as the superposition of plane waves determined by both the Hamilton-Jacobi and Laplace equations in free space. Then using the five elementary stable catastrophes, we construct solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi and Laplace equations, and the corresponding exact solutions of the paraxial wave equation. Therefore, the evolution ...

A Contemporary Black Perspective on the 1793 Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia.

Richard Allen, one of the authors of was born into slavery in 1760. Owned first by Benjamin Chew and then Stokely Sturgis, Allen experienced fair treatment by his own accounts but still yearned for his freedom. Allen would eventually purchase his freedom in the 1780s. After converting to Methodism, he traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he made ends meet by working as a shoemaker and preaching to African Americans at the St. George's Methodist Church (African Americans received their services sep...

From energy to cellular forces in the Cellular Potts Model: An algorithmic approach.

Single and collective cell dynamics, cell shape changes, and cell migration can be conveniently represented by the Cellular Potts Model, a computational platform based on minimization of a Hamiltonian. Using the fact that a force field is easily derived from a scalar energy (F = -∇H), we develop a simple algorithm to associate effective forces with cell shapes in the CPM. We predict the traction forces exerted by single cells of various shapes and sizes on a 2D substrate. While CPM forces are specified di...

Reconsideration of Dr. Allen's Report about Hemoptysis Patients from High Prevalence of Archaeoparasitological Paragonimiasis in Korea.

Horace N. Allen, an American physician, was a Presbyterian missionary to Korea. In 1886, he wrote the annual report of the Korean government hospital, summarizing patient statistics according to outpatient and inpatient classification for the first ever in Korean history. In the report, he speculated that hemoptysis cases of outpatient might have been mainly caused by distoma. Allen's conjecture was noteworthy because only a few years lapsed since the first scientific report of paragonimiasis. However, he w...

Phase difference between normal and shear forces during tactile exploration represents textural features.

Contact forces and skin deformation induced during tactile exploration have been investigated in the frequency domain to understand finger-material interaction. Their power spectra are one of the representative feature quantities that have been associated with the surface properties of materials. However, thus far, the phase information of these quantities has not been studied. Furthermore, most previous studies focused on uni-dimensional signals such as forces in either the normal or tangential directions....

Proteins: 'Boil 'Em, Mash 'Em, Stick 'Em in a Stew'.

Cells of the vast majority of organisms are subject to temperature, pressure, pH, ionic strength and other stresses. We discuss these effects in the light of protein folding and protein interactions in vitro, in complex environments, in cells, and in vivo. Protein phase diagrams provide a way of organizing different structural ensembles that occur under stress, and how one can move among ensembles. Experiments that perturb biomolecules in vitro or in-cell by stressing them have revealed much about the under...

Dentist required to join expedition to Mongolia.

Is the DSM-5 Anxious Distress Specifier Interview a valid measure of anxiety in patients with generalized anxiety disorder: A comparison to the Hamilton Anxiety Scale.

DSM-5 includes criteria for an anxious distress specifier for major depressive disorder, and measures have been developed to assess these criteria. The validity of measures of the severity of anxious distress has been established in depressed patients. In the present report from the Rhode Island Methods to Improve Diagnostic Assessment and Services (MIDAS) project, we examined whether a severity measure of anxious distress was as valid as the Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAMA) as a measure of the severity of anx...

Applying Swiss Armed Forces Training Didactics and Methodology for Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training.

Some of the current methods of instruction used within international armed forces courses are not always goal oriented and satisfactory for both the teaching staff and the student. The Swiss Armed Forces approach presented here has been historically effective in preparing and sustaining national conscription with large numbers of recruits and new cadres every year.

"Our house is on fire. Join us in the streets."

Manipulating the Patterns of Mechanical Forces That Shape Multicellular Tissues.

During embryonic development, spatial and temporal patterns of mechanical forces help to transform unstructured groups of cells into complex, functional tissue architectures. Here, we review emerging approaches to manipulate these patterns of forces to investigate the mechanical mechanisms that shape multicellular tissues, with a focus on recent experimental studies of epithelial tissue sheets in the embryo of the model organism .

An approximate analytical solution of the Allen-Cahn equation using homotopy perturbation method and homotopy analysis method.

In this paper, an approximate analytical solution of the bistable Allen-Cahn equation is given. The Allen-Cahn equation is a mathematical model to study the phase separation process in binary alloys and emerged as a convection-diffusion equation in fluid dynamics or reaction-diffusion equation in material sciences. A phase transition occurs at the interface when one material changes its composition or structure. The homotopy perturbation method and homotopy analysis method are used for finding the approxima...

Influence of musculotendon geometry variability in muscle forces and hip bone-on-bone forces during walking.

Inverse dynamics problems are usually solved in the analysis of human gait to obtain reaction forces and moments at the joints. However, these actions are not the actual forces and moments supported by the joint structure, because they do not consider the forces of the muscles acting across the joint. Therefore, to analyse bone-on bone forces it is necessary to estimate those muscle forces. Usually, this problem is addressed by means of optimization algorithms. One of the parameters required to solve this p...

Relationship of Knee Forces to Subjective Function Pre and Post ACL Reconstruction.

Although basic objective measures (e.g. knee laxity, strength, hop tests) have been related to subjective measures of function, associations between knee-specific objective and subjective measures have yet to be completed. The objective was to determine if knee joint contact and ligament forces differ between pre and post-ACL reconstructed states and if these forces relate to their patient's respective subjective functional ability scores.

Ambassadors, friends and family join charitable walk to honour Anoop Maini.

How Can Dental Practitioners Join the Fight Against HPV-Associated Oropharyngeal Cancer?

Debby Hamilton, MD, MPH: Research on Pain.

No Abstract Available.

Forces between solid surfaces in aqueous electrolyte solutions.

This review addresses experimental findings obtained with direct force measurements between two similar or dissimilar solid surfaces in aqueous electrolyte solutions. Interpretation of these measurements is mainly put forward in terms of the classical theory of Derjaguin, Landau, Verwey, and Overbeek (DLVO). This theory invokes a superposition of attractive van der Waals forces and repulsive double layer forces. DLVO theory is shown to be extremely reliable, even in the case of multivalent ions. However, su...

Experiment to Detect Dark Energy Forces Using Atom Interferometry.

The accelerated expansion of the universe motivates a wide class of scalar field theories that modify general relativity (GR) on large scales. Such theories require a screening mechanism to suppress the new force in regions where the weak field limit of GR has been experimentally tested. We have used atom interferometry to measure the acceleration of an atom toward a macroscopic test mass inside a high vacuum chamber, where new forces can be unscreened. Our measurement shows no evidence of new forces, a res...

Why should I join the Vascular Quality Initiative?

Motion-based prediction of external forces and moments and back loading during manual material handling tasks.

This paper evaluates a method for motion-based prediction of external forces and moments on manual material handling (MMH) tasks. From a set of hypothesized contact points between the subject and the environment (ground and load), external forces were calculated as the minimal forces at each contact point while ensuring the dynamics equilibrium. Ground reaction forces and moments (GRF&M) and load contact forces and moments (LCF&M) were computed from motion data alone. With an inverse dynamics method, the pr...

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