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The struggle for existence in the world market ecosystem.

The global trade system can be viewed as a dynamic ecosystem in which exporters struggle for resources: the markets in which they export. We can think that the aim of an exporter is to gain the entirety of a market share (say, car imports from the United States). This is similar to the objective of an organism in its attempt to monopolize a given subset of resources in an ecosystem. In this paper, we adopt a multilayer network approach to describe this struggle. We use longitudinal, multiplex data on trade ...

Utility of a single fenestrated mini-clip in the management of small cerebral aneurysm: Technical report of two cases.

Fenestrated mini-clips were developed as an effective tool for dog-ear-shaped remnants of aneurysms. However, the special property of these clips may have other applications. Here, we report two cases of ruptured small aneurysm and suggest the alternative utility of a single application of a fenestrated mini-clip.

Labor market engagement and the body mass index of working adults: Evidence from India.

Galvanized by rapid income growth, labor market transitions in the nature of jobs, and lifestyle factors, there has been an increase in rates of obesity in many developing countries. This paper examines the relationship between BMI and sector and physical intensity of work among urban adults in India. We document that BMI is positively and significantly associated with labor market inactivity. Women in white-collar work have about 1.01 kg/m higher BMI than women in blue-collar work. For working men, the c...

Trajectory modeling for estimating the trend of human papillomavirus infection status among men who have sex with men.

To investigate whether trajectory model can be used to explore the trend of anal human papillomavirus (HPV) infection status among HIV-negative men who have sex with men (MSM).

Industrially produced fat in popular foods in 15 countries of the former Soviet Union from 2015 to 2016: a market basket investigation.

To minimise the intake of industrially produced fat (I-TF) and decrease the risk of coronary heart disease, several countries have implemented a legislative restriction on I-TF in foods. The objective of this study was to investigate the presence of I-TF in biscuits/cakes/wafers in 15 countries of the former Soviet Union that all have a high coronary mortality rate compared with countries in Western Europe.

Recent Incidence Trend of Surgically Resected Esophagogastric Junction Adenocarcinoma and Microsatellite Instability Status in Japanese Patients.

The incidence trend of esophagogastric junction (EGJ) adenocarcinoma in Japan has not been sufficiently investigated. Little is known about the microsatellite instability (MSI) status of this tumor.

Internationalization of Traditional/Complementary Medicine products: market entry as medicine.

Internationalization of Traditional/Complementary Medicine (T&CM) products is important for initiating and sustaining developments in this field. Particularly for traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs), the global market continues to expand due to an interest in the potential clinical benefits of traditional approaches that are largely considered lower risk and lower cost than many conventional treatments. While the benefits of internationalization hold clear advantages for the business of T&CM products, keep...

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Reference Ranges in the First Trimester of Pregnancy in an Iodine-Sufficient Country.

Thyroid dysfunction is associated with negative neonatal and obstetric outcomes. Large differences in thyroid function reference intervals exist across different populations. These differences can be explained by population-specific factors, such as iodine status. Many countries in Latin America report iodine sufficiency, but relatively few countries have published up-to-date data on iodine levels and thyroid function in the overall population, and especially in pregnant women. We evaluated the iodine statu...

Laboratory Trend in Vitamin D Status in Ireland: Dual Concerns about Low and High 25OHD.

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) is the pre-eminent estimate of vitamin D status that we have been measuring in a hospital laboratory setting since the 1970s. We previously evaluated the trend in 25OHD results in our laboratory from 1993 to 2013. Using a time series analysis of monthly average 25OHD results the trend was modelled, and this was used to forecast monthly average 25OHD from 2014 to 2016. In this study, all 25OHD results from 2014 to 2016 were retrieved (n = 67,922) and trimmed to 40,307 re...

Rural and urban differences in treatment status among children with surgical conditions in Uganda.

In low and middle-income countries, approximately 85% of children have a surgically treatable condition before the age of 15. Within these countries, the burden of pediatric surgical conditions falls heaviest on those in rural areas. The objective of the current study was to evaluate the relationship between rurality, surgical condition and treatment status among a cohort of Ugandan children.

Urban population exposure to tropospheric ozone: A multi-country forecasting of SOMO35 using artificial neural networks.

Urban population exposure to tropospheric ozone is a serious health concern in Europe countries. Although there are insufficient evidence to derive a level below which ozone has no effect on mortality WHO (World Health Organization) uses SOMO35 (sum of means over 35 ppb) in their health impact assessments. Is this paper, the artificial neural network (ANN) approach was used to forecast SOMO35 at the national level for a set of 24 European countries, mostly EU members. Available ozone precursors' emissions...

The Progress of Glucose Monitoring-A Review of Invasive to Minimally and Non-Invasive Techniques, Devices and Sensors.

Current glucose monitoring methods for the ever-increasing number of diabetic people around the world are invasive, painful, time-consuming, and a constant burden for the household budget. The non-invasive glucose monitoring technology overcomes these limitations, for which this topic is significantly being researched and represents an exciting and highly sought after market for many companies. This review aims to offer an up-to-date report on the leading technologies for non-invasive (NI) and minimally-inv...

Right Mini-thoracotomy Bentall Procedure.

Bentall procedures are traditionally performed through a median sternotomy. The right mini-thoracotomy approach is increasingly used in aortic valve replacement. This approach has been shown to have decreased blood loss and hospital length of stay compared with sternotomy. A right mini-thoracotomy approach may also be beneficial in selected patients requiring aortic root surgery. We present our initial clinical experience of patients who have undergone a right mini-thoracotomy Bentall.

Prioritizing surveillance activities for certification of yaws eradication based on a review and model of historical case reporting.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has targeted yaws for global eradication. Eradication requires certification that all countries are yaws-free. While only 14 Member States currently report cases to WHO, many more are known to have a history of yaws and some of them may have ongoing transmission. We reviewed the literature and developed a model of case reports to identify countries in which passive surveillance is likely to find and report cases if transmission is still occurring, with the goal of reducin...

Characterization and evolution of countries affected by bovine brucellosis (1996 - 2014).

This paper describes the global distribution and temporal evolution of bovine brucellosis due to Brucella abortus during a 19-year period (1996 - 2014) using the information officially reported to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) by veterinary services of 156 countries. Variables that can influence the health status of bovine brucellosis (i.e., year, per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP), continent, and bovine population) were also analysed. Countries were classified into three categories of...

Current Trend of Invasive Orthopaedic Interventions for People with Haemophilia in Romania: Single Centre Experience.

 In countries with low factor concentrate consumption, disabling joint disease remains the major morbidity in patients with haemophilia. The objective of the present analysis is to express the trend and profile of invasive orthopaedic interventions in our country with low usage of factor replacement, lacking the prophylaxis program until recent years.

Ambulatory Tubeless Mini-PCNL using Moses Technology and Dusting Technique.

To demonstrate the use of the Moses technology for holmium laser lithotripsy in conjunction with mini-PCNL to treat a lower pole stone. The Moses technology is a pulse modulation method that can reduce stone retropulsion, which may have advantages when used during mini-PCNL.

The implementation of cattle market closure strategies to mitigate the foot-and-mouth disease epidemics: A contact modeling approach.

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is one of the most endemic diseases in livestock worldwide. The disease occurrence generally results in a huge economic impact. The virus may distribute across countries or even continents along the contact network of animal movements. The present study, therefore, aimed to explore a cattle movement network originated in Tak, a Thailand-Myanmar bordered province and to demonstrate how FMDV spread among the nodes of market, source and destination. Subsequently, we examined the ef...

Mini-Generator Based on Self-Propelled Vertical Motion of a Functionally Cooperating Device Driven by H2-Forming Reaction.

Mini-generators based on the locomotion of small objects have aroused widespread attention because of the potential application in powering small-scale electronic devices. Although improvement has been made in the development of mini-generators, the mini-generators still face some key challenges such as low power output and energy conversion efficiency, which limit the potential application of mini-generators. Herein, through integrating a superhydrophobic surface, chemical reaction and solenoid coil/magnet...

Socio-economic status and behavioural and cardiovascular risk factors in Papua New Guinea: A cross-sectional survey.

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) are negatively correlated with socio-economic status (SES) in high-income countries (HIC) but there has been little research on their distribution by household SES within low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). Considering the limited data from LMICs, this paper examines the association between behavioural and cardiovascular risk factors and household SES in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Cognitive Status and Functional Dexterity as Outcome Predictors Following Urinary Diversion: A Combined Retrospective and Prospective Observational Study.

The study aimed to evaluate the impact of the validated functional dexterity test and the Mini-Mental Status test on subjective functional outcomes, medical care situation, and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) after urinary diversion (UD).

Ten-years trend of dengue research in Indonesia and South-east Asian countries: a bibliometric analysis.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease with high incidence in over 128 countries. WHO estimates 500,000 people with severe dengue are hospitalized annually and 2.5% of those affected die. Indonesia is a hyperendemic country for dengue with an increasing number of cases in the last decade. Unfortunately, the trends of Indonesian dengue research are relatively unknown.

Mini-Sling Ophira at 8 Years Follow-Up: Does It Sustain Results?

To evaluate mini-sling long-term results and correlate them to failure predictors. Many studies show comparable results among different single-incision slings developed as an attempt to reduce complications while keeping good results, but there is a lack of evidence about mini-slings outcomes in the long term.

Dynamic Advisor-Based Ensemble (dynABE): Case study in stock trend prediction of critical metal companies.

Stock trend prediction is a challenging task due to the market's noise, and machine learning techniques have recently been successful in coping with this challenge. In this research, we create a novel framework for stock prediction, Dynamic Advisor-Based Ensemble (dynABE). dynABE explores domain-specific areas based on the companies of interest, diversifies the feature set by creating different "advisors" that each handles a different area, follows an effective model ensemble procedure for each advisor, and...

The increased trend of non-drinking alcohol among adolescents: what role do internet activities have?

Recently, an increased trend toward non-drinking among adolescents has been observed in several countries. The aim of the present study is to evaluate a common suggestion in literature, that adolescents do not drink alcohol because they spend more time on the internet, monitored at home, by examining associations between internet activities (social media/chatting and computer gaming) and non-drinking.

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