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Surveillance to Track Progress Toward Polio Eradication - Worldwide, 2017-2018.

When the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) began in 1988, cases of poliomyelitis were reported from 125 countries. Since then, only Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan have experienced uninterrupted transmission of wild poliovirus (WPV). The primary means of detecting poliovirus is through surveillance for acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) among children aged

Association between leukocyte telomere length and hostility in US Army Service Members.

Hostility is a common form of emotionally charged anger which can lead to maladaptive and unhealthy behaviors. Significant association between shortened telomeres and greater levels of hostility has been observed in civilian populations, but has not yet been comprehensively studied in military populations. Our study investigates the relationship between hostility, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and leukocyte telomere length (LTL) in a sample of United States Army Special Operations personnel (n =...

Talk to Patients About: Polio.

Polio once terrified Americans. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the virus crippled around 35,000 Americans a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Because polio often attacked abdominal muscles used to breathe, many died or permanently needed a respirator called an iron lung.

Quality of life assessment scales in polio survivors: a scoping review.

Quality of life evaluation is essential to explore the effect of paralytic polio on the daily life experience of the polio survivor. Researchers have employed a range of assessment instruments to evaluate quality of life among polio survivors. Hence, to select the appropriate scale, it is crucial to compare the contents and psychometric properties of these instruments.

Progress Toward Polio Eradication - Worldwide, January 2017-March 2019.

Since the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) began in 1988, transmission of wild poliovirus (WPV) has been interrupted in all countries except Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. WPV type 2 (WPV2) was declared eradicated in 2015; WPV type 3 has not been detected since 2012 (1). After the certification of the eradication of WPV2, a global switch from trivalent oral poliovirus vaccine (tOPV, containing vaccine virus types 1, 2, and 3) to bivalent oral poliovirus vaccine (bOPV, containing types 1 and 3...

Neurological Symptoms in Danes with a History of Poliomyelitis: Lifelong Follow-Up of Late Symptoms, their Association with Initial Symptoms of Polio, and Presence of Postpolio Syndrome.

Previous studies suggest that patients with a history of poliomyelitis (PM) later in life experience a variety of symptoms. These studies were carried out in patients who later in life were admitted to hospital or became members of polio societies and may therefore not be representative of all polio patients. Little data have been published concerning patients actually discharged from hospital with a diagnosis of acute paralytic PM.

University of Alberta Hospital Acute and Convalescent Polio Care and the Reintegration of Polio Patients into Albertan Communities, 1953-80.

Following Canada's largest polio epidemic in 1953, Station 67 at the University of Alberta Hospital (UAH) in Edmonton became home to patients who contracted the virus. As young as nine years old, some of these patients lived at the UAH for more than three decades. Akin to wartime services, the epidemic banded together families, patients, doctors, nurses, community members, and later respiratory, physical, and occupational therapists. The nature of the disease, the government response, and the social and eco...

Borders and Blood Fractions: Gamma Globulin and Canada's Fight against Polio, 1950-55.

During the early 1950s, Canada's efforts to prevent polio became heavily influenced by developments in the United States. America's foremost polio charity, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, sponsored University of Pittsburgh researcher Dr. William McD. Hammon to evaluate the efficacy of a human blood fraction, gamma globulin (GG), to prevent paralytic polio. When the resulting clinical trial data appeared to show that the blood fraction offered some protection against the disease, Canadians e...

Poliovirus antibody levels and lameness among individuals in three regions of Ghana.

: Ghana recorded the last case of poliomyelitis caused by wild poliovirus in 2008 and the country was declared polio-free in 2015. Polio-neutralizing-antibody levels in the population of three geographically representative regions of Ghana was determined, to identify possible immunity gaps. : Cross-sectional, hospital (1-70 years old) and school (primary, 1-15 years old)-based studies were undertaken in three regions in 2016. Individuals who visited the three teaching hospitals of the regions and were refer...

Perception of Western governments' hostility to Islam among European Muslims before and after ISIS: the important roles of residential segregation and education.

Perception of Western governments' hostility to Islam is one of the indicating features of Islamic fundamentalism and, in some cases, is serving as a pull to join extremist groups. In this paper, using data from two waves of a cross-national survey, we investigate what affects European Muslims' opinions about Western governments. We find that residential segregation is associated with perceived hostility of Western governments to Islam. Further, we find that Muslims living in segregated neighbourhoods and e...

Factors associated with geriatric morbidity and impairment in a megacity of Pakistan.

The elderly population is increasing globally. In Pakistan, the elderly comprise 6% of the population that is predicted to triple by 2050. Non-communicable diseases are common health problems of the elderly in Pakistan, however, resulting geriatric impairments and disability are unknown. This study was conducted to determine geriatric impairments and identify associated socio-demographic factors and comorbidities among community dwelling elderly in Karachi, Pakistan.

Effect of HIV-exposure and timing of anti-retroviral treatment on immunogenicity of trivalent live-attenuated polio vaccine in infants.

The prevalence of HIV infection in South African pregnant women has been approximately 30% over the past decade; however, there has been a steady decline in mother-to-child transmission of HIV from 8% in 2008 to

Immune modulatory and anti-oxidative effect of selenium against pulmonary tuberculosis.

Prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in Pakistan is due to poor living conditions, malnutrition and low immunity. The present project was conducted to show the role of selenium complement to enhance the immune status against TB. Total of 80 human TB patients were divided into treatment (selenium and anti-tuberculosis drug) and control groups (anti-tuberculosis drug). Levels of selenium, immunoglobulin and leukocyte count were determined before and after treatment. Selenium showed significant increase i...

Introduction of rotavirus vaccine in Pakistan - the need to be vigilant for intestinal intussusception in children - letter to the editor.

Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of fractional dose compared with standard dose inactivated polio vaccination in children.

WHO recommends the introduction of at least one single dose of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) in routine immunisation schedules. Thus, there has been an increased demand and concurrent supply shortages of IPV worldwide. One of the strategies to improve access is the use of fractional instead of full doses of IPV. We aim to compare the effects of fractional with standard doses of IPV.

Progress Toward Poliomyelitis Eradication - Afghanistan, January 2018-May 2019.

Since October 2016, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been the only countries with reported cases of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) (1). In Afghanistan, although the number of cases had declined during 2013-2016, the polio eradication program experienced challenges during 2017-2019. This report describes polio eradication activities and progress in Afghanistan during January 2018-May 2019 and updates previous reports (2,3). During May-December 2018, insurgent groups (antigovernment elements) banned house-to-hous...

Immunogenicity of a combined schedule of trivalent oral and inactivated polio vaccines in South African infants.

: South Africa transitioned from using live-attenuated trivalent oral polio vaccine (tOPV), to a combination of tOPV and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) in April 2009. We evaluated the immunogenicity of the South African combined tOPV-IPV schedule versus the tOPV-only schedule in South African infants. : Serum samples of HIV-unexposed infants were analysed retrospectively from two cohorts; infants enrolled from April 2005 through June 2006 and infants enrolled from December 2009 to April 2010. The primary v...

Childhood health shocks, comparative advantage, and long-term outcomes: Evidence from the last Danish polio epidemic.

This paper examines the long-term effects of childhood disability on individuals' educational and occupational choices, late-career labor market participation, and mortality. We merge medical records on children hospitalized with poliomyelitis during the 1952 Danish epidemic to census and administrative data, and exploit quasi-random variation in paralysis incidence in this population. While childhood disability increases the likelihood of early retirement and disability pension receipt at age 50, paralytic...

Factors associated with the use of antenatal care in Sindh province, Pakistan: A population-based study.

Antenatal care (ANC) is critical to decrease maternal and neonatal mortality. However, little is known about the utilization of ANC services in Pakistan. This study assessed the utilization of ANC in Sindh province, Pakistan, and identified the factors that affect its use.

Polio-like Manifestation of Powassan Virus Infection with Anterior Horn Cell Involvement, Canada.

Evidence of spinal cord involvement in Powassan virus infection is largely limited to mouse models. We report a case of a polio-like illness caused by Powassan virus infection in a 62-year-old man in Canada. Magnetic resonance imaging showed T2 hyperintensities in the anterior horns of the cervical spinal cord.

In vitro and in vivo anti-arthritic evaluation of Polystichum braunii to validate its folkloric claim.

Medicinal plants are playing an imperative role in the therapy for treating various chronic ailments including arthritis. The present study was focused on finding in-vitro and in-vivo anti-arthritic potential of P. braunii roots. In vitro protein denaturation, membrane stabilization and anti-trypsinase assays were carried out to demonstrate anti-arthritic activity of the extracts. Furthermore, the extracts exerting promising in vitro anti-arthritic potential were tested orally at 150, 300 and 600mg/kg/day a...

Improvement in mitochondrial function underlies the effects of ANNAO tablets on attenuating cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injuries.

ANNAO tablets derive from Chinese classical prescriptions of Angong Niuhuang Pills with modified compositions, which have been singly or combined used for stoke associated neurological disorders. However the underlying mechanism is not yet well-defined, the present study investigated its anti-ischemic effects in rat middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) model and focused on mitochondrial quality control.

Elucidating various geochemical mechanisms drive fluoride contamination in unconfined aquifers along the major rivers in Sindh and Punjab, Pakistan.

The present study aims to investigate the spatial distribution and associated various geochemical mechanisms responsible for fluoride (F⁻) contamination in groundwater of unconfined aquifer system along major rivers in Sindh and Punjab, Pakistan. The concentration of F⁻ in groundwater samples ranged from 0.1 to 3.9 mg/L (mean = 1.0 mg/L) in Sindh and 0.1-10.3 mg/L (mean = 1.0 mg/L) in Punjab, respectively with 28.9% and 26.6% of samples exhibited F⁻ contamination beyond WHO permissible...

Cost analysis of registered brands of oral antidepressant drugs in Pakistan: A descriptive analysis.

: Depression is a global public health threat and its treatment constitutes drugs in psychopharmacology, a domain that is rapidly growing with addition of newer agents in market that are of high cost. Therefore, present study aims to investigate number of registered brands and price variation of oral antidepressants in Pakistan. : A descriptive observational study was carried out to analyze the cost of Oral antidepressants in Pakistan. Pharma guide 2019 was used to derive cost of antidepressants marketed in...

Test-retest reliability of the Re-Integration to Normal Living Index (RNL-I) to assess perceived participation in adults with late effects of polio.

Many individuals with late effects of polio have difficulties participating in daily activities. The Re-integration to Normal Living Index (RNL-I) is a self-report questionnaire that evaluates perceived participation, but knowledge of the test-retest reliability and measurement errors in this population is lacking.

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