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"Other minds than ours": a controversial discussion on the limits and possibilities of comparative psychology in the light of C. Lloyd Morgan's work.

C. Lloyd Morgan is mostly known for Morgan's canon (An introduction to comparative psychology, Walter Scott, Limited, London, 1894), still a popular and frequently quoted principle in comparative psychology and ethology. There has been a fair amount of debate on the canon's interpretation, function, and value regarding the research on animal minds, usually referring to it as an isolated principle. In this paper we rather shed light on Morgan's overall scientific program and his vision for comparative psycho...

Campbell de Morgan Spots (Cherry Angiomas) Show Endothelial Proliferation.

Campbell de Morgan spots (also known as adult hemangiomas, cherry angiomas, or senile angiomas) show clinical and histopathological features that make them distinct. Despite this, they are not included as benign vascular tumors in the current classification by the International Society for Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA). In the current study, we investigated the proliferation rate (Ki67) of the endothelia of 23 cases of Campbell de Morgan spots, as well as the immunoexpression of Wilms tumor protein 1 (WT1) by ...

Testing the intermittent upwelling hypothesis: Reply.

We evaluated the Intermittent Upwelling Hypothesis (IUH) in Shanks and Morgan (Shanks and Morgan 2018), henceforth S&M. We presented five expectations, which must be true if the hypothesis is correct. We tested each of these expectations against available published results and, as part of this analysis, we reanalyzed data from Broitman et al. (Broitman et al. 2008). We concluded that available data do not support any of the five expectations and, hence, the IUH was not supported. Menge and Menge (this iss...

Dimensionality of mental health activities in a German sample.

For the promotion of mental health and the reduction of mental impairment, a person's behavior is of vital importance. Therefore, the assessment of mental health behavior is crucial in the development of suitable interventions. The present study investigates 14 self-help strategies compiled by Morgan and Jorm (Self-help strategies that are helpful for sub-threshold depression: a Delphi consensus study. J Affect Disord2009;115: 196-200) as items of a self-report scale to assess mental health promoting behavi...

Commentary on: Nakhaeizadeh S, Morgan RM, Rando C, Dror IE. Cascading bias of initial exposure to information at the crime scene to the subsequent evaluation of skeletal remains. J Forensic Sci 2017;63(2):403-11.

Heritability of metabolic traits associated with equine metabolic syndrome in Welsh ponies and Morgan horses.

Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) is a complex clinical disorder with both environmental and genetic factors contributing to EMS phenotypes. Estimates of heritability determine the proportion of variation in a trait that is attributable to genetics.

Effect of Ba and Pb dual doping on the thermoelectric properties of BiCuSeO ceramics.

Besides the thermoelectric properties, mechanically robust is also very important for applications in TEGs. Up to now, no studies have been reported to investigate the mechanical properties of BiCuSeO oxyselenides. In this work, the results of hardness test of pristine and Ba/Pb doped BiCuSeO are presented here. These data may help to further evaluate the mechanical properties of BiCuSeO based ceramics.

Automated Indentation Mapping of Vocal Fold Structure and Cover Properties Across Species.

Various animal models have been employed to investigate vocal fold (VF) and phonatory function. However, biomechanical testing techniques to characterize vocal fold structural properties vary and have not compared critical properties across species. We adapted a nondestructive, automated indentation mapping technique to simultaneously quantify VF structural properties (VF cover layer and intact VF) in commonly used species based on the hypothesis that VF biomechanical properties are largely preserved across...

Improved thermomechanical and electrical properties of reduced graphene oxide reinforced polyaniline - dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid/divinylbenzene nanocomposites.

Various efforts are going on to improve the electrical properties of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites. Conducting polymer is one the promising material to achieve the desired electrical properties of CFRP composites without compromising the mechanical properties as a lighting sticking material.

Mapping electrical properties heterogeneity of tumor using boundary informed electrical properties tomography (BIEPT) at 7T.

To develop and evaluate a boundary informed electrical properties tomography (BIEPT) technique for high-resolution imaging of tumor electrical properties (EPs) heterogeneity on a rodent tumor xenograft model.

Comparative study on the photoluminescence properties of monoclinic and cubic erbium oxide.

As a heavy rare earth oxide, erbium oxide (ErO) has many attractive properties. Monoclinic ErO has useful properties not found in stable cubic ErO, such as unique optical properties and high radiation damage tolerance. In this study, pure cubic and mixed phase of cubic and monoclinic ErO coatings were prepared. Photoluminescence properties of these coatings were characterized by a confocal micro-Raman spectrometer equipped with 325, 473, 514, 532, 633 nm lasers, and the influence of microstructure on the ...

Using a New Photo Scale to Compare Product Integration of Different Hyaluronan-Based Fillers After Injection in Human Ex Vivo Skin.

The rheological properties of HA products have been investigated thoroughly, and these properties have been used to predict the clinical performance of HA fillers. It has been suggested that firm gels have a better ability to withstand deformation, and softer gels have been claimed to integrate and spread more into the tissue since they are perceived to deform more easily. However, the scientific published data regarding product integration of filler products with different physicochemical properties is lim...

Pulmonary arterial input impedance reflects the mechanical properties of pulmonary arterial remodeling in rats with pulmonary hypertension.

Although pulmonary arterial remolding in pulmonary hypertension (PH) changes the mechanical properties of the pulmonary artery, most clinical studies have focused on static mechanical properties (resistance), and dynamic mechanical properties (compliance) have not attracted much attention. As arterial compliance plays a significant role in determining afterload of the right ventricle, we evaluated how PH changes the dynamic mechanical properties of the pulmonary artery using high-resolution, wideband input ...

Anion-Mediated Effects on the Size and Mechanical Properties of Enzymatically Crosslinked Suckerin Hydrogels.

The suckerin family of proteins, identified from the squid sucker ring teeth assembly, offers unique mechanical properties and potential advantages over other natural biomaterials. In this study, a small suckerin isoform, suckerin-12, is used to create enzymatically crosslinked, macro-scale hydrogels. Upon exposure to specific salt conditions, suckerin-12 hydrogels contracted into a condensed state where mechanical properties are found to be modulated by the salt anion present. The rate of contraction is fo...

Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties of Double-Filled CoSb via High-Pressure Regulating.

It has been discussed for a long time that synthetic pressure can effectively optimize thermoelectric properties. The beneficial effect of synthesis pressures on thermoelectric properties has been discussed for a long time. In this paper, it is theoretically and experimentally demonstrated that appropriate synthesis pressures can increase the figure of merit (ZT) through optimizing thermal transport and electronic transport properties. Indium and barium atoms double-filled CoSb samples were prepared use hig...


To identify studies that evaluated psychometric properties of functional capacity tests in children and adolescents, and to verify which of these have satisfactory properties of measurement.

Multifunctional modification of linen fabric using chitosan-based formulations.

Chitosan is a new-age functional biopolymer which can be utilized for functional finishing of cellulose-based textile materials. In the current work, linen fabric was modified using two-stage finishing using chitosan-citric acid and phytic acid-thiourea thus imparting multiple performance characteristics such as wrinkle-free, antibacterial, flame retardant and antioxidant properties. The multifunctional linen fabrics were characterized using FTIR, TGA, SEM and EDX analysis. The fabrics were evaluated for te...

In vivo and ex vivo elastic properties of brain tissues measured with ultrasound elastography.

Determining the mechanical properties of brain tissues is essential in the field of brain biomechanics. In this paper, we use ultrasound-based shear wave elastography to measure both in vivo and ex vivo elastic properties of brain tissues. Our results demonstrate that the shear modulus from in vivo measurements is about 47% higher than that given by the ex vivo measurements (p value = 0.0063). The change in ex vivo elastic properties within 60-min post-mortem is negligible. The results also show that within...

Covalent modification of soy protein isolate by (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate: effects on structural and emulsifying properties.

Soy protein isolate (SPI) has promising applications in various food products because of its excellent functional properties and nutritional quality. The structural and emulsifying properties of covalently modified SPI by (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) were investigated.

Two Decades under the Influence of the Rule of Five and the Changing Properties of Approved Oral Drugs.

Two decades have passed since the Rule of Five ushered in the concept of "drug-like" properties. Attempts to quantify, correlate and categorize molecules based on Ro5 properties evolved into the introduction of efficiency metrics with far reaching consequences in decision making by industry leaders and scientists seeking to discover new medicines. Examination of oral drug properties approved before and after the original Ro5 analysis demonstrates that some parameters such as clogP and HBD remained constant ...

Effects of static stretching on mechanical properties and collagen fiber orientation of the Achilles tendon in vivo.

The study was designed to examine changes in tendon properties measured during ramp and ballistic contractions after static stretching and to elucidate the relationship between stretching-induced changes in tendon properties (particularly hysteresis) and collagen fiber orientation.

Psychometric Properties Study of the Oswestry Disability Index in a Spanish Population with Previous Lumbar Disc Surgery: Homogeneity and Validity.

Evaluation of the psychometric properties of a questionnaire.

Multiscale Mechanics of Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces of Three-Dimensional Graphene Foams.

The mechanics of triply periodic minimal surfaces (TPMSs) with three-dimensional (3D) graphene foams are systematically studied to understand the effects of structure and size on the mechanical properties, e.g., elasticity, strength, and fracture. The design of lightweight open-shell porous solid materials with TPMSs has shown excellent and tunable load-bearing properties. However, fracture properties and their relations with surface topologies are largely unknown. Utilizing reactive molecular dynamics simu...

Low-level image properties in facial expressions.

We studied low-level image properties of face photographs and analyzed whether they change with different emotional expressions displayed by an individual. Differences in image properties were measured in three databases that depicted a total of 167 individuals. Face images were used either in their original form, cut to a standard format or superimposed with a mask. Image properties analyzed were: brightness, redness, yellowness, contrast, spectral slope, overall power and relative power in low, medium and...

A Heptanuclear Copper Iodide Nanocluster.

Nanoscale molecular clusters are attractive for the design of materials exhibiting original functions and properties. In particular, copper iodide clusters of high nuclearity are well-known for their stimuli-responsive luminescence properties. The synthesis and characterization of an unprecedented copper(I) iodide molecular cluster based on an original heptanuclear inorganic core are reported. This nanometer-size cluster is formulated as [CuI(P(CHCF))(CHCN)] and its novel structure has been characterized by...

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