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Correlates of Successful Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare Management: Clinician-driven Treatment, Home-based Strategies, & Medication Change.

Describe strategies used to manage rheumatoid arthritis (RA) flares that contribute to a successful post flare outcome.

Impact of Genetic Variation on Stress-Related Ethanol Consumption.

The effect of stress on alcohol consumption in humans is highly variable and underlying processes are not yet understood. Attempts to model a positive relationship between stress and increased ethanol consumption in animals have been only modestly successful. Our hypothesis is that individual differences in stress effects on ethanol consumption are mediated by genetics.

Targeting ER stress/ER stress response in myopathies.

There is more skeletal muscle tissue in the body than any other tissue and, as it is the organ of the majority of metabolic activity, muscle defect can affect the health of the entire body. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress due to defects in protein folding/degradation balance, altered calcium and lipid levels and alterations in ER-mitochondria contacts has recently been recognised as the pathogenic cause of many different myopathies. In addition, a maladaptive ER stress response triggered by ER stress and ...

The diversity of interest in later-life entrepreneurship: Results from a nationally representative survey of Americans aged 50 to 70.

While older entrepreneurs are more likely to be male, white, and have higher levels of human, social, and financial capital, we know less about interest in later-life entrepreneurship. This study estimates entrepreneurial interest in a nationally representative sample of Americans aged 50 to 70 using partial proportional odds modeling. We estimate that more than 31 million older Americans have some interest in entrepreneurship and reveal key predictors of this interest (e.g., younger age). Importantly, the ...

Development and pilot testing of a coping kit for parents of hospitalized children.

Serious pediatric illness places great stress on families. Parents who learn coping skills may better manage these stressors. This study sought to develop and refine a stress coping intervention for parents of hospitalized children, assess the intervention acceptability among these parents, and gather preliminary data on stress, negative and positive affect, anxiety, depression, and self-efficacy.

In the future, disruptive innovation in radiation oncology technology will be initiated mostly by entrepreneurs.

Radiation oncology is a technology-driven treatment modality in the management of cancer, and has evolved substantially over the past few decades. Particularly in recent years, there has been a boom in the introduction of innovative, and sometimes even almost disruptive, technologies in radiation oncology, such as Cyberknife, Tomotherapy, Proton therapy, and MRI-linac. Entrepreneurs have played an important role in turning ideas into products in many of these technological innovations. Some people, therefor...

Stress and Coping Among Nursing Students During Clinical Training: An Integrative Review.

Nursing students perceive stress during clinical trainings and use various coping strategies to manage it. This integrative review critically appraises previous literature on stress and coping strategies among undergraduate nursing students during clinical training.

Dementia Family Caregivers' Willingness to Pay for an In-home Program to Reduce Behavioral Symptoms and Caregiver Stress.

Our objective was to determine whether family caregivers of people with dementia (PwD) are willing to pay for an in-home intervention that provides strategies to manage behavioral symptoms and caregiver stress and to identify predictors of willingness-to-pay (WTP).

Characteristics of stress resistance and adaptive potential in the training of doctors in the system of postgraduate education.

Introduction: The article deals with the peculiarities of physicians' stress in conditions of exam stress in postgraduate education as a structural-functional, dynamic, integrative property of the person, as a result of transactional process of collision of an individual with with the individual stress factors, which includes cognitive representation, the objective characterization of the situation and requirements for the individual. The course of diagnosis and adaptive capacity is considered in terms of p...

Chronic predator stress in female mice reduces primordial follicle numbers: implications for the role of ghrelin.

Chronic stress is a known suppressor of female reproductive function. However, attempts to isolate single causal links between stress and reproductive dysfunction have not yet been successful due to their multi-faceted aetiologies. The gut-derived hormone ghrelin regulates stress and reproductive function and may therefore be pivotal in the neuroendocrine integration of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) and -gonadal (HPG) axes. Here, we hypothesised that chronic stress disrupts ovarian follicle matur...

A narrative review of the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of latent stress urinary incontinence.

To review the current literature on the development of latent stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or SUI that occurs following pelvic organ prolapse therapy in patients who were continent prior to therapy. To make recommendations on how to best evaluate and manage patients with pelvic organ prolapse who are continent.

Three-point stapled fixation technique to manage ileostomy spout retraction.

This paper details a technique to manage non-fixed stomal retraction using a using a non-cutting linear stapler.

Combining Hypnosis and Biofeedback in Primary Care Pediatrics.

The incidence of stress-related, psychophysiological disorders in children is increasing. A goal of both parenting and pediatric health care is to teach children the skills of problem solving, affective and physical regulation, and techniques to better manage stress. In primary care pediatrics, both hypnotherapy and biofeedback can be used to teach psychophysiological self-regulation through relaxation and stress management affecting cognitive change and improving the child's self-image. This article uses c...

Impact of an Innovative Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Model on Provider Satisfaction with Care of Behaviorally Complex Patients.

The increasing behavioral acuity and complexity of hospitalized patients overwhelms providers' capacity to effectively manage their behaviors. Hospitals must train their providers in how to cope with these behaviors to provide high-quality care. In addition to improved patient care, increased capacity to manage these challenging patients may improve resilience and reduce the risk and rates of provider burnout. We created a novel service to address this need via point-of-care resources. This service dually h...

Integrative settings approach to workplace health promotion to address contemporary challenges for worker health in the Asia-Pacific.

Workplaces in the rapidly industrializing Asia-Pacific region face growing pressures from high-speed development driven by global competition, migration and the aging of the workforce. Apart from addressing work-related injuries, workplaces in the region also have to deal with increasing occupational stress, chronic diseases and their associated socio-economic burden. Meanwhile, interventions in workplace health are still dominated by a narrow behavioral change model. To this end, the integrative workplace ...

Early mitochondrial fragmentation is a potential in vitro biomarker of environmental stress.

Mitochondria are essential dynamic organelles that ordinarily balance between fragmentation and fusion. Under stress conditions, a shift toward fragmentation or hyper-fusion is observed as a pro-survival reaction. Fragmentation of mitochondria occurs within minutes or hours after the beginning of the stress and occurs in response to a large number of stress stimuli, including those triggered by environmental contaminants. In this study, we tested whether the change in the mitochondrial phenotype, from tubul...

Rodent models of social stress and neuronal plasticity: relevance to depressive-like disorders.

Exposure to severe or persistent social stress may lead to the development of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression. These mood disorders are associated with structural alterations of neural architecture in limbic brain regions that control emotion, mood and cognition. Structural remodeling may either be a sign of successful adaptation, or of failure to do so. In neuropsychiatric disorders like depression structural remodeling involves apoptosis, reduced neurogenesis, and structural remodelin...

Retrieval practice improves item memory but not source memory in the context of stress.

Smith, Floerke, and Thomas (2016) demonstrated that learning by repeated testing, or retrieval practice, reduced stress-related memory impairment when compared to learning by repeatedly studying material. In the present experiment, we tested whether, relative to study practice, retrieval practice would improve post-stress memory by increasing access to both item and source information. Participants learned two wordlists, which were temporally segregated to facilitate distinction between the two lists. Parti...

Successful aging, cognitive function, socioeconomic status, and leukocyte telomere length.

In a rapidly greying world, the notion that some individuals maintain successful aging trajectories, viz. high physical, cognitive, emotional, and social functioning in older age, is increasingly germane. Biomarkers of such successful aging are increasingly sought. Leukocyte telomere length (LTL), an emerging yardstick of cellular aging that is influenced by but distinct from chronological age, may also be associated to successful aging. Furthermore, given that socio-economic status (SES) influences success...

Applied Biological Control in Brazil: From Laboratory Assays to Field Application.

Brazil has a long history of the use of biological control (BC) of pests. The first attempt to use parasitoids was reported in the 1930s, and the first successful case dates to 1967. For a long period, chemical products were the most widespread control measure among Brazilian growers. This situation has gradually changed because of the lack of satisfactory control to manage certain pests, a slow change in the culture of growers, and some emblematic cases of the successful use of BC. The use of BC as a compo...

Surface-engineered multimodal magnetic nanoparticles to manage CNS diseases.

Advanced central nervous system (CNS) therapies exhibited high efficacy but complete treatment of CNS diseases remains challenging owing to limited delivery of therapeutic agents to the brain. Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles are investigated not only for site-specific drug delivery but also for theranostic applications aiming for an effective CNS therapy. Recently, surface engineering of magnetic nanoparticles was recognized as a crucial area of research to achieve precise therapy and imaging at mole...

Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy-So Successful Because It Is Better or Better Because It Is So Successful?

Immediate and Late Effects of Stress on Kidneys of Prepubertal and Adult Rats.

Stress had been related to physiological and morphological alterations in different organs, however kidney morphology and function after stress conditions are not well-known. To evaluate the effects of chronic stress on renal morphology in prepubertal and adult rats, and to investigate if the effects of induced stress remain stable or worsen following removal of the stress stimuli.

Oxygen radical disease in the newborn, revisited: Oxidative stress and disease in the newborn period.

Thirty years ago, there was an emerging appreciation for the significance of oxidative stress in newborn disease. This prompted a renewed interest in the impact of oxygen therapy for the newborn in the delivery room and beyond, especially in premature infants. Today, the complexity of oxidative stress both in normal regulation and pathology is better understood, especially as it relates to neonatal mitochondrial oxidative stress responses to hyperoxia. Mitochondria are recipients of oxidative damage and hav...

The efficacy of stress reappraisal interventions on stress responsivity: A meta-analysis and systematic review of existing evidence.

The beliefs we hold about stress play an important role in coping with stressors. Various theoretical frameworks of stress point to the efficacy of reframing stress-related information through brief reappraisal interventions in order to promote adaptive coping.

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