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The Welch Emotional Connection Screen (WECS): Validation of a brief mother-infant relational health screen.

The Welch Emotional Connection Screen (WECS), a new instrument, assesses mother-infant Emotional Connection in clinical settings. It includes: Attraction, Vocal Communication, Facial Communication, Sensitivity/Reciprocity, and clinical decision of Emotional Connection (yes/no). We tested concurrent and construct validity of the WECS and associations with behavioral and physiological measures in preterm infants.

Calming Cycle Theory and the Co-Regulation of Oxytocin.

The biological functions of oxytocin in attachment and bonding between mother and infant in parturition and breastfeeding and between adults have been studied extensively. However, most current authors have proposed that infant attachment to the mother is learned through operant conditioning mechanisms via the infant's brain and central nervous system. We propose that oxytocin levels in the mother and infant are co-regulated by emotional connection or disconnection, and that the autonomic co-conditioning le...

The Mother-Child Relationship during the First Months of Life: Preliminary Considerations in Preterm as Compared with Term Mother-Infant Dyads.

 From the prognostic perspective, the quality of the mother-child relationship during the first months of life has been variously associated with different factors such as the child's psychomotor/cognitive development and emotional-behavioral disorders.

Developmental patterns of change in mother and child emotional availability from infancy to the end of the preschool years: A four-wave longitudinal study.

In this four-wave longitudinal study, we examined intraindividual developmental patterns of change in mother-child emotional availability (EA) during infancy and the preschool years, the factors that promote or hinder it, and the longitudinal within-dyad association between maternal and child EA. Mother-infant dyads (N = 56) were observed at home when children were 6,12, 18 and 55-months-old. Multilevel growth modeling revealed that mother and child EA follow distinct trajectories across time. While mat...

Five-year-old historian.

In this poem, the author describes a doctor talking with a five-year-old child who has been brought to the hospital after being in a car accident with his/her mother and brother. The child is not able to remember the mother's name, but the doctor continues to talk with the child. (PsycINFO Database Record

Sleep divergently affects cognitive and automatic emotional response in children.

Sleep enhances memory for emotional experiences, but its influence on the emotional response associated with memories is elusive. Here, we compared the influence of nocturnal sleep on memory for negative and neutral pictures and the associated emotional response in 8-11-year-old children, i.e., an age group with heightened levels of emotional memory-related sleep features. During all sessions, emotional responses as measured by subjective ratings, the late positive potential of the EEG (LPP) and heart rate ...

Social Media in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery: An Analysis of Twitter and Instagram.

Social media provide a unique method of analyzing outcomes and quality in medicine. The purpose of this observational study was to investigate the nature of social media content related to shoulder and elbow (S&E) surgery posted by patients, surgeons, and hospitals. A public search of Instagram for a two-year period yielded 1,177 patient-related posts. A categorical system assessed the perspective, timing, tone, and content of each post. Twitter accounts of 77 S&E specialists from the top five ranked U.S....

Maternal attachment is differentially associated with mother-child reminiscing among maltreating and nonmaltreating families.

In the current investigation, we examined associations between maternal attachment and the way that mothers and children discuss past emotional experiences (i.e., reminiscing) among 146 maltreating and 73 nonmaltreating mothers and their 3- to 6-year-old children. Recent studies demonstrate that maltreating mothers engage in less elaborative reminiscing compared with nonmaltreating mothers. To further explicate the nature of reminiscing among maltreating families, we examined maternal and child contribution...

Helping a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder Cope with Divorce.

Aaron is an 11-year-old boy with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with cognitive and language skills in the above-average range, whose parents have recently separated. Aaron's mother initiated the separation when she learned that Aaron's father had maintained a relationship with a woman with whom he has a 10-year-old daughter. When Aaron's mother discovered this relationship, she demanded that Aaron's father leave their home.Aaron's father has moved in with his long-term girlfriend and keeps in contact with ...

Limiting motor skill knowledge via incidental training protects against choking under pressure.

The paradoxical harmful effects of motivation and incentives on skilled performance ("choking under pressure") are observed in a wide variety of motor tasks. Two theories of this phenomenon suggest that choking under pressure occurs due to maladaptive attention and top-down control, either through distraction away from the task or interference via an overreliance on controlled processing of a skilled task. A third theory, overmotivation (or overarousal), suggests that under pressure, "instinctive" or Pavlov...

Depigmented plaques on vulva.

A mother brought her 8-year-old daughter to our office for evaluation of vitiligo "down there". The skin eruption first appeared on her vulva a year earlier and was intermittently pruritic. The lesions were initially smaller and red, but had since lightened in color, coalesced, and had begun to spread to the perianal area. The patient's mother had received a call from her daughter's teacher who observed that her daughter was scratching the area and might be masturbating in class. WHAT IS YOUR DIAGNOSIS? HOW...

Risk of adverse swallowing events and choking during deworming for preschool-aged children.

In areas where the prevalence of soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) is >20%, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that deworming medication be given periodically to preschool-age children. To reduce risk of choking-related deaths in children

Foundation Year 2 doctors' reasons for leaving UK medicine: an in-depth analysis of decision-making using semistructured interviews.

To explore the reasons that doctors choose to leave UK medicine after their foundation year two posts.

The Paradoxical Outcomes of Observing Others' Exercise Behavior on Social Network Sites: Friends' Exercise Posts, Exercise Attitudes, and Weight Concern.

This study examined the implications of observing others' exercise behavior on social network sites (SNSs). Social cognitive theory and social comparison theory were used to make predictions about the conditions under which individuals' (N = 232) exposure to exercise-related SNS posts from others in their social network were related to their weight concerns and exercise attitudes. The results revealed a paradox in which observing others' exercise posts was associated with both adaptive and maladaptive res...

Alcoholposts on Social Networking Sites: The Alcoholpost-Typology.

Young people frequently display alcohol-related posts ("alcoholposts") on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Although evidence exists that such posts may be linked with increases in alcohol consumption, hardly any studies have focused on the content of such posts. This study addresses this gap by applying and extending the alcoholpost-typology previously proposed by Hendriks, Gebhardt, and van den Putte. A content analysis assessed the extent to which alcoholposts were displayed on Face...

Social environment as a factor affecting exploration and learning in pre-juvenile rats.

Stress associated with social isolation in early life can lead to disturbances in the emotional regulation in adult rats. However, there are no reports on the impact of isolation from the mother while providing contact with peers. Under such conditions, young individuals have the opportunity to interact with others, are able to develop social behaviour, etc. Yet, there is no stimulation and care provided by the mother. We examined the relative impact of maternal contact and sibling contact in the rarely stu...

LaSalle D. Leffall, M.D., FACS and Leadership in American Surgery.

The term, Festschrift, is defined as a volume of learned articles or essays by colleagues and admirers, serving as a tribute to a scholar. The recognition of LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. adds credence to the merits of such a tribute.

High levels of an endothelial dysfunction marker (sVCAM-1) are associated with injurious and recurrent falls and mortality over a 5-year interval in an older population.

We investigated the association between elevated plasma concentrations of circulating soluble Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 (sVCAM-1) and injurious falls and mortality over a 5-year period. We studied the prospective relationship between levels of circulating adhesion molecules and falls in 680 community-dwelling participants in the MOBILIZE Boston Study. The mean sVCAM-1 (±SD) concentration was 1192 ± 428 ng/mL. Over 5-years of follow-up, 10.2% of participants died. The baseline sVCAM-1 (±SD) ...

Perinatal stress moderates the link between early and later emotional skills in very preterm-born children: An 11-year-long longitudinal study.

Very preterm (VPT) birth refers to an early stressful event putting children at heightened risk for emotional difficulties. However, there is an important individual variability, leaving unexplained why some VPT children do not develop emotional difficulties, while others develop such difficulties in the early years or later in life.

Mother-infant interaction assessment at discharge and at 6 months in a French cohort of infants born very preterm: The OLIMPE study.

The principal aim was to investigate the feasibility of assessing mother-infant interactions at discharge and at 6 months infant corrected age in singletons born before 32 weeks of gestation. The secondary aims were to describe these interactions and their disorders, explore the association between maternal emotional state and the interactions, and assess the relationship between disordered interactions and infant social withdrawal behaviour.

Mental health help-seeking patterns and perceived barriers for care among nulliparous pregnant women.

This study examined the patterns of consultation with health providers for emotional symptoms and barriers preventing mental health help-seeking among pregnant women. A total of 652 nulliparous women in their third trimester completed an online questionnaire assessing depressed mood, adjustment in their couple relationship, demographics, help-seeking behaviors for emotional problems and barriers to help-seeking in the past year. The prevalence of having consulted with at least one health provider over the p...

Factors Associated with Quality of Life Among Mothers Rearing 4- and 18-Month Old Infants in Japan.

Objective The purpose of the present study was to investigate factors associated with quality of life (QOL) among mothers raising 4 and 18-month-old infants. Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted using self-report questionnaires. Participants included 400 women who took their infants for health checkups at a city in Aichi Prefecture, Japan (4-month-olds: n = 197, 18-month-olds: n = 203). Study variables included the World Health Organization Quality of Life-BREF (WHOQOL-BREF) scale, mother's...

Is the association of deliberate self-harm with emotional relief stable or dependent on emotional context?

Despite strong support for the role of emotional relief in deliberate self-harm (DSH), no research has examined the impact of emotional distress on the strength of the DSH-relief association. Thus, it remains unclear whether the association of DSH with emotional relief is stable across emotional contexts or context-dependent. This study aimed to examine if the implicit DSH-relief association is stronger in the context of emotional distress (relative to a neutral emotional context).

Comprehensive review of factors and preventions of mother to child transmission of hepatitis B virus.

Mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) is one of major public health issues. Difference is found on effect of preventions of mother to child transmission of HBV such as Hepatitis B vaccine, Hepatitis B immunoglobulin and antiretroviral drugs. Based on the risks of hepatitis B virus on children, influencing factors and interventions of HBV mother-to-child transmission were explored to improve prevention mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B and to search appropriate strategies reducing...

Does poor oral health status increase the risk of falls?: The JAGES Project Longitudinal Study.

We sought to examine if self-reported oral health conditions regarding difficulty eating tough foods, dry mouth, choking, number of teeth and denture use are associated with incident falls. Our study was based on panel data from the Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study conducted in 2010 and 2013 using self-administered questionnaires. Data from 19,995 male and 20,858 female community-dwelling older people aged ≥65 years without a history of falls within the previous year in 2010 were analyzed. Multilevel...

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