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Neither total muscle activation nor co-activation explains the youthful walking economy of older runners.

Older adults (≥65 years) exhibit greater metabolic rates during walking (worse walking economy) compared to young adults. Yet, previous research suggests that habitual running, but not habitual walking, exercise mitigates the age-related deterioration of walking economy.

Where Animation and Science Meet.

Animation is the collision of art and science. How does an animation studio like DreamWorks Animation use scientific principles and engage in science education to make our films better? By facilitating scientific master-classes, demos, and lectures we give our creators a fundamental understanding of reality that enables them to create the animation caricature known as the Illusion of Life. We leverage principles of biology and physics to create believable performances. I will share insights about our custom...

Mysticetes to MiniConference to Manuscripts: Introduction to Thematic Issue on Mysticete Anatomy.

This issue of the Anatomical Record is focused on the theme of Mysticete Anatomy. There are six included articles that explore the anatomy of the nasal region (Marquez et al., Maust-Mohl et al.), larynx (Damien et al.), lungs (Fetherston et al.), sublingual fascia (Werth et al.), and brain (Raghanti et al.). These papers document anatomical features exhibited by mysticetes (baleen whales) and their related cousins (including other whales, and the semiaquatic moose and hippopotamus). This theme stems from a ...

Existing evidence summarization methods can't guarantee trustworthy patient decision aids.

Our aim was to evaluate how organizations that develop patient decision aids conduct their evidence summarization process and assess whether their current processes provide sufficient information to instill confidence that patient decision aids are trustworthy and up-to-date STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING: : We identified 23 organizations from a public inventory of patient decision aid developers and included only organizations that have produced five or more tools. These organizations were asked to complete a 17...

Patient-derived questionnaire items for patient-reported outcome measures in pediatric eye conditions.

To identify specific health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and functional vision concerns of children with eye conditions, and create comprehensive lists of potential questionnaire items as a first step in developing patient-reported outcome measures.

Using 3D Printing to Create Individualized Cranial Nerve Models for Skull Base Tumor Surgery.

Using 3D printing to create individualized patient models of the skull base, the optic chiasm and facial nerve can be previsualized to help identify and protect these structures during tumor removal surgery.

Severe right ventricular hypertrophy in a patient with extracardiac and intracardiac shunt.

Cardiac MRI is a complementary and confirmatory modality to a clinical echocardiography in diagnosing patients with complex adult congenital heart disease, especially in presence of great vessel abnormalities. We present a unique case of a patient with pulmonary hypertension (PH), severe right ventricular hypertrophy, Gerbode defect, and a large patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). The diagnosis of PDA was not visualized on prior serial echocardiograms and discovered on a comprehensive cardiac MRI/Chest MR angio...

Coronary risk assessment using traditional risk factors with computed tomography coronary artery calcium scoring: Illustrative cases.

A patient's coronary artery calcium score (CACS) is a strong independent predictor of cardiovascular risk. Used in conjunction with traditional measures of risk, the CACS helps the clinician discuss cardiovascular (CV) risk and recommend therapies with the patient. We present several cases in which measurement of the CACS and traditional risk factors were used to help guide the clinician-patient conversation and guide therapies.

The Impact of Public Performance Reporting on Market Share, Mortality, and Patient Mix Outcomes Associated With Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts and Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (2000-2016): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Public performance reporting (PPR) of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) outcomes aim to improve the quality of care in hospitals, surgeons and to inform consumer choice. Past CABG and PCI studies have showed mixed effects of PPR on quality and selection. The aim of this study was to undertake a systematic review and meta-analysis of the impact of PPR on market share, mortality, and patient mix outcomes associated with CABG and PCI.

Patient capacity for self-care in the medical record of patients with chronic conditions: a mixed-methods retrospective study.

Patients with chronic conditions must mobilize capacity to access and use healthcare and enact self-care. In order for clinicians to create feasible treatment plans with patients, they must appreciate the limits and possibilities of patient capacity. This study seeks to characterize the amount, nature, and comprehensiveness of the information about patient capacity documented in the medical record.

Stop the Bottleneck: Improving Patient Throughput in the Emergency Department.

Emergency department nurses are faced with an overwhelming number of patients each day. The average number of emergency department visits is increasing by 3.5% per year. Numerous studies have been conducted to improve the patient throughput process, which has impact on patient flow. A disruption of the process can cause a backlog of patients and create a hardship for both patients and staff.

Creating longitudinal datasets and cleaning existing data identifiers in a cystic fibrosis registry using a novel Bayesian probabilistic approach from astronomy.

Patient registry data are commonly collected as annual snapshots that need to be amalgamated to understand the longitudinal progress of each patient. However, patient identifiers can either change or may not be available for legal reasons when longitudinal data are collated from patients living in different countries. Here, we apply astronomical statistical matching techniques to link individual patient records that can be used where identifiers are absent or to validate uncertain identifiers. We adopt a Ba...

3T Multiparametric MRI: Comparison of Performance With and Without Endorectal Coil for Prostate Cancer Detection, PI-RADSv2 Category and Staging with Whole Mount Histopathology Correlation in 429 Patients.

To investigate performance of 3TmpMRI with and without endorectal coil (ERC) for detection of prostate cancer (PCa) with whole mount histopathology (WMHP) reference.

Comparison of T2-Weighted Imaging, DWI, and Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI for Calculation of Prostate Cancer Index Lesion Volume: Correlation With Whole-Mount Pathology.

The objective of our study was to investigate the comparative effectiveness of different MRI sequences for the estimation of index lesion volume in patients with prostate cancer (PCa) compared with ground truth volume measured on whole-mount pathology.

Beginning with high value care in mind: A scoping review and toolkit to support the content, delivery, measurement, and sustainment of high value care.

To create a shared vision for the content, delivery, measurement, and sustainment of patient-centered high value care.

The effect of economy type on demand and preference for cocaine and saccharin in rats.

Economy type is an important determinant of reinforcer value. This study investigated the effect of open and closed economies on demand and preference for cocaine and saccharin in rats.

Dynamic simulation and assessment of the coupling coordination degree of the economy-resource-environment system: Case of Wuhan City in China.

The environmental and resource issues that accompany rapid economic growth have attracted the attention of the government and the public. Multiple non-linear and complicated interactions exist between the economy, resource and environment subsystem. Accordingly, understanding the operating mechanism of the economy-resource-environment (ERE) system and evaluating its coordination level are of immense significance for sustainable urban development. This study uses system dynamics (SD) to build a dynamic model...

Pulmonary artery aneurysm secondary to patent arterial duct and infection: A case report and review.

Pulmonary artery aneurysms (PAAs) are very rare condition. In this paper, we report a case of a twenty-year-old female patient with the aneurysm of the pulmonary trunk secondary to the patent arterial duct (PDA) and infection. Diagnosis of PAA was confirmed by echocardiography. The pulmonary artery computed tomographic angiography also revealed the aneurysm and drawn a similar conclusion as echo did. The patient underwent surgery of ligation of PDA and PAA aneurysmectomy repairing with pericardium graft.

Multimodality detection of multiple left ventricular diverticula: A case report and brief review of the literature.

Left ventricular diverticula (LVD) are rare congenital anomalies usually detected incidentally in the adult population. Most commonly, they are found as a single left ventricular diverticulum in association with other congenital abnormalities but multiple LVD are exceedingly rare. We are describing a patient who was found to have multiple LVD on multimodality imaging studies. He had presented with a sudden cardiac arrest attributed to a combination of alcohol intoxication and QT interval prolongation from h...

Retail Outlets Using Telehealth Pose Significant Policy Questions For Health Care.

Telehealth will enable new models of care to emerge as health care continues to undergo significant changes. Health insurers, providers, and pharmacy benefit managers are merging, which will consolidate market share among fewer large companies. Recently, retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon have announced plans to compete in the health care industry. As these organizations seek to provide convenient and affordable access to care, telehealth will play a significant role in the competition for market shar...

Fungal prosthetic aortic valve endocarditis and endarteritis: An unusual cause of aortic root vegetations.

Fungal endocarditis is a relatively rare occurrence with high morbidity and mortality. Patients may have an indolent and non-specific course requiring a high index of suspicion to make a diagnosis. Here, we present the case of a 33-year-old patient who presented with fevers and acute lower limb ischemia requiring a 4-compartment fasciotomy caused by septic emboli from Candida albicans endocarditis. The patient had a large vegetation in the ascending aorta associated with a mycotic aneurysm, which is an exce...

Three-dimensional echocardiography demonstrates a skewered left ventricular thrombus in a patient with a heart transplant.

A left ventricular (LV) false tendon is a frequently visualized structure in echocardiography with unclear clinical significance. We present the case of a false tendon serving as a nidus for thrombus in a post-orthotopic heart transplantation patient. Three-dimensional transthoracic echocardiography (3DTTE) was utilized to visualize a LV mass and facilitate its identification as a thrombus as well as the surrounding structures. Using datasets from 3DTTE, the lack of ventricular wall attachment and circumfer...

Three-Dimensional Printing in Urology: History, Current Applications, and Future Directions.

To review the history, current applications, limitations, and future directions of three-dimensional (3D) printing within the field of urology. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process in which a 3D model is created using a computer-generated image. This technology is applied by companies to create and test new drugs, design and manufacture instrument prototypes, and create patient-specific models of organs for surgical teaching and planning. A literature review was performed within the Web of Scien...

Use of isotope hydrology in groundwater conceptualization for modeling flow and contaminant transport at northwestern Sinai, Egypt.

The study area extends along northwestern Sinai coastal plain, which is considered an integral part of the Mediterranean Sea. It depends mainly on the groundwater resource for different type of human activities such as agricultural and drinking. Many programs and policies should be implemented in this area to concurrently improve the sustainability of groundwater use and manage the risks of its degradation. Leakage from some factories in Bir El-Abd might be a contamination source that would threaten groundw...

A Critical Review of Botulinum Toxin Type A in the Prophylactic Treatment of Chronic Migraine in Adults.

Migraine is a severe disabling condition, ranked by World Health Organization as the 6th highest cause of disability worldwide. It has great impact on the patient's quality of life, functionality, physical and mental health. The financial burden of migraine on the UK economy is conservatively estimated at £3.42 billion per year.

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