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Plasma metabolites associated with healthy Nordic dietary indexes and risk of type 2 diabetes-a nested case-control study in a Swedish population.

Epidemiologic evidence on the association of a healthy Nordic diet and future type 2 diabetes (T2D) is limited. Exploring metabolites as biomarkers of healthy Nordic dietary patterns may facilitate investigation of associations between such patterns and T2D.

Joint Nordic nuclear research to strengthen nuclear emergency preparedness after the Fukushima accident.

Contrary to most areas of Europe, the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Faroe Islands) have for many years shared a regional research and development program on nuclear reactor safety and emergency preparedness - NKS. In spite of its project results having received great recognition and having been integrated in state-of-the-art emergency preparedness tools over the world, NKS as an organization does not seem well known outside the Nordic countries. Although the Fukushima ...

Occupation and Risk of Kidney Cancer in Nordic Countries.

The aim of this study was to describe the occupational variation in the incidence of kidney cancer in the Nordic population.

Occupation and risk of cancer of the renal pelvis in Nordic countries.

To evaluate occupational variation in the incidence of the malignant neoplasm of the renal pelvis in the population of the Nordic countries.

Interseason variability in isokinetic strength and poor correlation with nordic hamstring eccentric strength in football players.

In elite sport, the use of strength testing to establish muscle function and performance is common. Traditionally, isokinetic strength tests have been used, measuring torque during concentric and eccentric muscle action. A device that measures eccentric hamstring muscle strength while performing the Nordic hamstring exercise is now also frequently used. The study aims to investigate the variability of isokinetic muscle strength over time, e.g. between seasons, and the relationship between isokinetic testing...

Biological treatment in ankylosing spondylitis in the Nordic countries during 2010-2016: a collaboration between five biological registries.

Large-scale observational cohorts may be used to study the effectiveness and rare side effects of biological disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) in ankylosing spondylitis (AS), but may be hampered by differences in baseline characteristics and disease activity across countries. We aimed to explore the research infrastructure in the five Nordic countries regarding bDMARD treatment in AS.

Health, Education and Employment Outcomes in Young Refugees in the Nordic Countries: A Systematic Review.

Since 2000, approximately 500,000 refugees have settled in the Nordic countries, about a third of them being children and young people. To identify general trends, and to detect gaps in the existing knowledge about the socioeconomic and health status of these young refugees, this review discusses the literature regarding three key areas related to welfare policy: health, education and employment.

Principles for managing OUD related to chronic pain in the Nordic countries based on a structured assessment of current practice.

Long-term use of opioid analgesics (OA) for chronic pain may result in opioid use disorder (OUD). This is associated with adverse outcomes for individuals, families and society. Treatment needs of people with OUD related to chronic pain are different compared to dependence related to use, and also injection, of illicit opioids. In Nordic countries, day-to-day practical advice to assist clinical decision-making is insufficient.

Nordic homecare nursing from the perspective of homecare nurses-a meta-ethnography.

The pressure on homecare nursing in the Nordic countries has increased in recent years because of a reorganisation of healthcare systems that has put a focus on very early discharge from hospital as well as demographic changes. This article details an analysis of the findings of 13 published qualitative research reports about Nordic homecare nurses' experiences of their work. Using a process of meta-ethnography, the authors identify five themes within the primary research: home care as a professional practi...

Preoperative radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer - Is survival improved? An update of the "Nordic" LARC study in non-resectable cancers.

The randomized "Nordic" LARC study compared preoperative long-course radiotherapy alone (RT) or with chemotherapy (CRT) in the most locally advanced/ugly rectal cancers. Despite significantly better local control in the CRT group, no overall survival benefit was seen after 10 years follow-up. The relations between local control and survival are discussed.

Per Bech 12.1.1942-9.5.2018 In Memoriam.

Influence of Training Load and Altitude on HRV Fatigue Patterns in Elite Nordic Skiers.

We aimed to analyse the relationship between training load/intensity and different heart rate variability (HRV) fatigue patterns in 57 elite Nordic-skiers. 1063 HRV tests were performed during 5 years. R-R intervals were recorded in resting supine (SU) and standing (ST) positions. Heart rate, low (LF), high (HF) frequency powers of HRV were determined. Training volume, training load (TL, a.u.) according to ventilatory threshold 1 (VT1) and VT2 were measured in zones I≤VT1; VT1VT2, IV for strength. TL was ...

Radicalisation and mental health.

Although radicalisation is invoked to explain how people become terrorists, there is little empirical evidence.

Short communication: Multivariate outlier detection for routine Nordic dairy cattle genetic evaluation in the Nordic Holstein and Red population.

It is of practical importance to ensure the data quality from a milk-recording system before use for genetic evaluation. A procedure was developed for detection of multivariate outliers based on an approximation for Mahalanobis distance and was implemented in the Nordic Holstein and Red population. The general target of this procedure is based on the Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation yield model, which is a 9-trait model for milk, protein, and fat in the first 3 lactations. The procedure is based on the phen...

Origins and wanderings of the Finnish hunting spitzes.

Deducing the evolutionary histories of dog breeds can be challenging due to convergent traits and frequent admixture. In this report, we have explored the relationships of indigenous Finnish hunting spitz breeds among other northern Eurasian hunting breeds using commercially available SNP analysis (the MyDogDNA panel test). We find that Nordic hunting breeds Finnish Spitz, Nordic Spitz and the Karelian Bear Dog, as well as the reindeer herding Lapphund and Lapponian herder are all closely related and have c...

Proficiency in pole handling during Nordic walking influences exercise effectiveness in middle-aged and older adults.

Nordic walking (NW) is a total body version of walking increasingly used as a health-promoting activity by middle-aged and older adults. The present study examined the relationship between force exerted through the pole and physiological response during NW. In this non-randomized exercise trial, 17 participants comprising 8 middle-aged and older recreationally trained Nordic walkers (NWrec: 63.7 ± 8.1 years) and 9 experienced NW instructors (NWinstr: 57.5 ± 7.8 years) underwent outdoor ordinary walking (O...

Sexual variation and mental health.

Cultures play a significant role not only in the causation and management of emotional distress and psychiatric disorders but also in sexual variation and attitudes towards sexual minority groups.

Application of microbial fuel cell technology for wastewater treatment and electricity generation under Nordic countries climate conditions: Study of performance and microbial communities.

Two microbial fuel cells were inoculated with activated sludge from Finland and operated under moderate (25 °C) and low (8 °C) temperatures. Operation under real urban wastewater showed similarities in chemical oxygen demand removal and voltage generated, although moderate temperature supported higher ammonium oxidation. Fungi disappeared in the microbial fuel cell operated at temperature of 25 °C. Archaea domain was dominated by methanogenic archaea at both temperature scenarios. Important differe...

NordiQC Assessments of MSH6 Immunoassays.

This paper is number 4 in a series developed through a partnership between ISIMM and Nordic immunohistochemical Quality Control for the purpose of reporting research assessing the performance characteristics of immunoassays in an external proficiency testing program.

Inflammatory functional iron deficiency common in myelofibrosis, contributes to anaemia and impairs quality of life. From the Nordic MPN study Group.

The study investigates the hypothesis that inflammation in myelofibrosis (MF) like in myeloma and lymphoma, may disturb iron distribution and contribute to anaemia.

Personal recovery within positive psychiatry.

One goal within positive psychiatry is to support the personal recovery of persons with mental illness and providing opportunities for well-being.

Changes in prevalence and correlates of alcohol-use disorders in Finland in an 11-year follow-up.

This study aimed to examine changes in prevalence and correlates of alcohol-use disorders (AUD) between 2000 and 2011. We also explored the impact of using multiple imputation on prevalence estimates, to address survey nonresponse.

Cancer after liver transplantation in children and young adults - A population-based study from four Nordic countries.

Cancer after liver transplantation (LT) constitutes a threat also for young recipients, but cancer risk factors are usually absent in children and large studies on cancer risk profile in young LT recipients are scarce. Data of patients younger than 30 years who underwent LT 1982-2013 in the Nordic countries was linked with respective national cancer registries to calculate standardized incidence ratios (SIR). Thirty-seven cancer cases were observed in 923 patients with 7846 person-years of follow-up. The SI...

Benzene exposure at workplace and risk of colorectal cancer in four Nordic countries.

The aim of this case-control study was to assess the effect of occupational benzene exposure on the risk of colorectal cancer, including its subtypes.

A New Zealand osteoarthritis model of care in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

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