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Sex-Based Disparities in the Hourly Earnings of Surgeons in the Fee-for-Service System in Ontario, Canada.

Sex-based income disparities are well documented in medicine and most pronounced in surgery. These disparities are commonly attributed to differences in hours worked. One proposed solution to close the earnings gap is a fee-for-service payment system, which is theoretically free of bias. However, it is unclear whether a sex-based earnings gap persists in a fee-for-service system when earnings are measured on the basis of hours worked.

Modeling sediment oxygen demand in a highly productive lake under various trophic scenarios.

Hypolimnetic oxygen depletion in lakes is a widespread problem and is mainly controlled by the sediment oxygen uptake (SOU) and flux of reduced substances out of the sediments (Fred). Especially in eutrophic lakes, Fred may constitute a major fraction of the areal hypolimnetic mineralization rate, but its size and source is often poorly understood. Using a diagenetic reaction-transport model supported by a large data set of sediment porewater concentrations, bulk sediment core data and lake monitoring data,...

Constriction canal assisted artificial lateral line system for enhanced hydrodynamic pressure sensing.

With the assistance of mechanosensory lateral line system, fish can perceive minute water motions in complex underwater environments. Inspired by the constriction within canal nearby canal neuromast in fish lateral line system, we proposed a novel canal artificial lateral line (CALL) device with constriction in canal nearby the sensing element. The designed CALL device consisted of poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene)/polyimide cantilever as sensing element and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microfluid ...

Association Between Childhood Behaviors and Adult Employment Earnings in Canada.

Specifying the association between childhood behaviors and adult earnings can inform the development of screening tools and preventive interventions to enhance social integration and economic participation.

Alternative measures of body composition and wage premium: New evidence from Indonesia.

This paper examines the relationship between body composition and earnings in a developing country setting. We use body mass index, waist circumference and hip circumference. Exploiting the panel structure of our longitudinal survey, we find that along with BMI, waist circumference is related to higher earnings in Indonesia.

Standardized metrics are key for assessing drought severity.

In their letter to the editor commenting on our call for improved characterization and quantification of drought in ecological studies (Slette et al., 2019), Zang et al. (2019) take issue with the use of standardized drought indices, one of the options we suggested for providing needed climatic context for drought studies.

2019 AMCA Memorial Lecture Honoree: William Richard Opp 1942-2017 A Life Well Lived Helping Others.

Since 1979 more than 40 individuals have been recognized for their lifetime achievements in the AMCA Memorial Lecture. These individuals have included luminaries such as Carlos Finlay, Leland Osian Howard, William Herms, Andy Spielman, and, most recently, Fred Knapp (2018). Only one of these individuals recognized, Harold Gray in 1987, was an engineer. Engineers are problem solvers, and mosquito control is, most assuredly, an enterprise fraught with problems. Thus, the selection of William R. Opp as the 201...

FRED Italian Registry: a multicenter experience with the flow re-direction endoluminal device for intracranial aneurysms.

OBJECTIVEThe introduction of flow-diverter devices (FDDs) has revolutionized the endovascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms. Here the authors present their Italian multicenter experience using the flow re-direction endoluminal device (FRED) in the treatment of cerebral aneurysms, evaluating both short- and long-term safety and efficacy of this device.METHODSBetween February 2013 and December 2014, 169 consecutive aneurysms treated using FRED in 166 patients were entered into this study across 30 Itali...

Night Call in a Teaching Hospital: 1979 and 2019.

High-throughput analysis of vocalizations reveals sex-specific changes in Fmr1 mutant pups.

There have been several reports that individuals with Fragile X syndrome (FXS) and animal models of FXS have communication deficits. The present study utilized two different call classification taxonomies to examine the sex-specificity of ultrasonic vocalization (USV) production on postnatal day (PD8) in the FVB strain of Fmr1 knockout (KO). One classification protocol requires the investigator to score each call by hand, while the other protocol uses an automated algorithm. Results using hand-scoring proto...

Supercharge your on-call bag: 4 must-have items for dermatology residents.

The contents of a dermatology resident's on-call bag can make or break their inpatient experience. This article explores 4 outside-the-box items to carry when on call (or in clinic): a hemostatic powder, antimicrobial marker, portable Wood lamp, and substitute for Michel solution.

Should Trolleys Be Scared of Mice? Replies to Evans and Brandt (2019); Białek, Turpin, and Fugelsang (2019); Colman, Gold, and Pulford (2019); and Plunkett and Greene (2019).

2018 AMCA Memorial Lecture Honoree: Fred William Knapp .

The impact of anticipating a stressful task on sleep inertia when on-call.

Sleep inertia, the state of reduced alertness upon waking, can negatively impact on-call workers. Anticipation of a stressful task on sleep inertia, while on-call was investigated. Young, healthy males (n = 23) spent an adaptation, control and two counterbalanced on-call nights in the laboratory. When on-call, participants were told they would be woken to a high or low stress task. Participants were not woken during the night, instead were given a 2300-0700 sleep opportunity. Participants slept ∼7.5-h...

Social calls of Myotis nattereri during swarming: Call structure mirrors the different behavioral context.

Swarming is a characteristic behavior of bats that occurs in different social contexts. We studied the swarming behavior of Myotis nattereri at a maternity colony and at an autumn swarming site in South-West Germany by using synchronized sound and video recordings. Swarming was always associated with social vocalizations consisting of four frequently occurring call types. Call type A was a short call with a broadband steep-shallow-steep downward frequency modulation. Call type B consisted of two elements be...

The effects of on-call work on mental health issues among wage workers in the Republic of Korea.

On-call workers are often on standby at night or on weekends and are called to perform work when unanticipated incidents occur. However, the effects of on-call duty on the mental health has received little attention. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of on-call work on mental health problems among Korean wage workers. Korean wage workers (56,553) from the 2011-2014 Korean Working Condition Survey were enrolled. The outcome measures included insomnia or sleep disorder and depression ...

Overnight heart rate variability and next day cortisol response during simulated on-call conditions.

This study had two specific objectives, 1) to investigate the impact of being on-call on overnight heart rate variability during sleep and; 2) to examine whether being on-call overnight impacted next-day salivary cortisol concentrations.

Meeting Report: Clinical Challenge and Call for Research on Keloid Disorder The 3rd International Keloid Research Foundation Symposium, Beijing 2019.

Web Exclusive. Annals On Call - Firearm Violence: A Call to Action.

Sahamalaza Sportive Lemur, Lepilemur sahamalaza, Vocal Communication: Call Use, Context and Gradation.

Stereotypical vocalisations can facilitate long-distance communication in dense and, thus, sound-degrading forest habitats. Despite this, primate vocal repertoires often also include gradations between different call types that are used in social interactions. Because many nocturnal primates show a solitary social structure, it has been difficult to assess the role vocalisations play in mediating their social encounters. Here we aim to expand on the call types of Sahamalaza sportive lemurs, Lepilemur sahama...

Corrigendum to"Ketamine metabolite pilot study in a suicidal depression trial" J Psychiatr Res 117 (2019) 129-134. doi: 10.1016/j.jpsychires.2019.08.005. Epub 2019 Aug 9.

Cavity Macrophages Get to the Heart of the Issue.

In this issue of Immunity, Deniset et al. (2019) reveal a reparative function for GATA6 pericardial cavity macrophages following cardiac injury. Their findings call for reconsideration of surgical procedures that involve the removal of the pericardium.

An overview of how on call consultant paediatricians can recognise and manage severe primary immunodeficiencies.

Severe primary paediatric immunodeficiency syndromes are rare and potentially fatal unless suspected, diagnosed and treated early. We provide clinical guidance and support for on call consultant paediatricians working in secondary level hospitals on how to recognise and manage children with these conditions. Our paper addresses four conditions that risk the most severe outcomes if they are not adequately cared for during on call periods, such as weekends: severe combined immunodeficiency, haemophagocytic ly...

Heritability of advertisement call properties of the Japanese quail.

The objective of this study was to investigate genetic variances and covariances among features of the male Japanese quail advertisement call. Duration of the first, second and third syllable, the length of interval 1 (between the first and the second syllable), interval 2 (between the second and the third syllable) and damping (extension of the third syllable) were measured as temporal properties of the call. Spectral properties were peak frequencies of each syllable and the damping component. In this stud...

Association between Ambulatory Status with Call Bell use in Hospitalized Patients - A Retrospective Cohort Study.

Characterize the relationship between patient ambulatory status and in-hospital call bell use.

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