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Neural responses to heartbeats distinguish self from other during imagination.

Imagination is an internally-generated process, where one can make oneself or other people appear as protagonists of a scene. How does the brain tag the protagonist of an imagined scene, as being oneself or someone else? Crucially, during imagination, neither external stimuli nor motor feedback are available to disentangle imagining oneself from imagining someone else. Here, we test the hypothesis that an internal mechanism based on the neural monitoring of heartbeats could distinguish between self and othe...

Willingness to Pay for Mandibular Overdentures: A Societal Perspective.

Dental services in many countries are funded out-of-pocket by patients whose acceptance of a dental treatment depends on their valuation of it. Using a willingness-to-pay (WTP) strategy, this study aimed to determine how people who do not wear dentures value the benefits of dentures retained by implants and what factors explain variations in WTP among subjects.

Relationship Factors in the Theater of the Imagination: Hypnosis With Children and Adolescents.

This article examines the spatial and social nature of human relationships with children and adolescents in clinical hypnosis. Beginning with the unique way in which the phenomenon of rapport is intrinsic to the therapeutic uses of hypnosis and is distinct among other therapies, the stage is set for the importance of relational hypnosis. Through the use of case vignettes that illustrate developmental imperatives, relationship factors influencing the clinical interaction are demonstrated in practice. These i...

Vascular and neural basis of the BOLD signal.

Neural activity in the brain is usually coupled to increases in local cerebral blood flow, leading to the increase in oxygenation that generates the BOLD fMRI signal. Recent work has begun to elucidate the vascular and neural mechanisms underlying the BOLD signal. The dilatory response is distributed throughout the vascular network. Arteries actively dilate within a second following neural activity increases, while venous distensions are passive and have a time course that last tens of seconds. Vasodilation...

Is imagery better than reality? Performance in imagined dart throwing.

We investigated whether deviations from optimal performance are predicted in motor imagery. In Experiment 1, novices and experts imagined and executed dart throws. In imagination, they reported the final position of the dart. Experts performed better than novices in execution and imagination. Distance to the target and bias were smaller in imagination than in execution. In Experiment 2, we dissociated the roles of feedback from proximal and distal action elements for predictions. Three groups of novices est...

The effects of message framing on patients' perceptions and willingness to change to a biosimilar in a hypothetical drug switch.

Patients may hold negative perceptions towards biosimilars which can create barriers to their uptake. Physicians also report uncertainty in how best to explain biosimilars. The aim of this study was to measure the effect of differently framed explanations on patients' perceptions of and willingness to change to a biosimilar in a hypothetical drug switch.

Determinants of Nurses' Willingness to Receive Vaccines: Application of the Health Belief Model.

To assess the willingness of nurses to receive vaccines as recommended by Taiwan's"Immunization Recommendations for Healthcare Personnel" (IRHCP), as well as the factors associated with their willingness.

Sleep disturbance in PTSD and other anxiety-related disorders: an updated review.

The current report provides an updated review of sleep disturbance in posttraumatic stress disorder and anxiety-related disorders. First, this review provides a summary description of the unique and overlapping clinical characteristics and physiological features of sleep disturbance in specific DSM anxiety-related disorders. Second, this review presents evidence of a bidirectional relationship between sleep disturbance and anxiety-related disorders, and provides a model to explain this relationship by integ...

Neural network models and deep learning.

Originally inspired by neurobiology, deep neural network models have become a powerful tool of machine learning and artificial intelligence. They can approximate functions and dynamics by learning from examples. Here we give a brief introduction to neural network models and deep learning for biologists. We introduce feedforward and recurrent networks and explain the expressive power of this modeling framework and the backpropagation algorithm for setting the parameters. Finally, we consider how deep neural ...

The interoception and imagination loop in hypnotic phenomena.

We tested a working hypothesis that the ideomotor and motor-control suggestions measured by current hypnotizability scales depend on the activation of an interoception-imagination processing loop. In three experiments, participants were exposed to an induction phase, Items 3 (mosquito hallucination) and 8 (arm immobilization) of the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale, Form C, and a new version of Item 8 involving the additional activation of imaginative and interoception processes. We found that this mo...

A 5-year change of knowledge and willingness by sampled respondents to perform bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a metropolitan city.

Nationwide and regional interventions can help improve bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) awareness, knowledge, and the willingness. Periodic community investigation will help monitor the effect. This study aimed to compare the experience of CPR education, CPR knowledge, and CPR willingness, during a 5-year interval.

Artificial Neural Network: Understanding the Basic Concepts without Mathematics.

Machine learning is where a machine (i.e., computer) determines for itself how input data is processed and predicts outcomes when provided with new data. An artificial neural network is a machine learning algorithm based on the concept of a human neuron. The purpose of this review is to explain the fundamental concepts of artificial neural networks.

Experience-dependent mechanisms in the regulation of parental care.

Maternal behavior is a defining characteristic of mammals, which is regulated by a core, conserved neural circuit. However, mothering behavior is not always a default response to infant conspecifics. For example, initial fearful, fragmented or aggressive responses toward infants in laboratory rats and mice can give way to highly motivated and organized caregiving behaviors following appropriate hormone exposure or repeated experience with infants. Therefore hormonal and/or experiential factors must be invol...

"I was considering surgery because I believed that was how it was treated": A qualitative study on willingness for joint surgery after completion of a digital management program for osteoarthritis.

To explore, using a qualitative approach, reasons for patients' continued willingness or their shift in willingness for total joint replacement (TJR) surgery, following participation in Joint Academy, a Swedish, digital, non-surgical treatment program for osteoarthritis (OA).

Both Wnt/β-catenin and ERK5 signaling pathways are involved in BDNF-induced differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into neural stem cells.

Although brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) induces the differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into neural stem cells (NSCs), its exact mechanism remains unelucidated. Wnt/β-catenin and ERK5 are two important signalling pathways of the Wnt and MAPK signalling cascades and are speculated to be closely related to the differentiation of cells. In this study, we reported the role of the Wnt/β-catenin and ERK5 signalling pathways on the BDNF-induced differentiation of iPSCs into NSCs...

Determinants of blood donation willingness in the European Union: a cross-country perspective on perceived transfusion safety, concerns, and incentives.

Willingness to donate blood depends on personal characteristics, beliefs, and motivations, but also on the cultural context. The aim of this study was to examine whether willingness to donate blood is associated with attitudes toward blood transfusion, personal motivators, and incentives and whether these factors vary across countries in the European Union (EU).

Utility of Theory to Explain Village Doctors' Willingness to Treat People Living with HIV in Rural China.

Stigma against people living with HIV in China is common, not only among the general public but also among Chinese health-care providers, impacting their ability to provide quality HIV treatment and care. HIV stigma may be particularly common in rural areas of China, where village doctors (i.e., "barefoot doctors") have limited medical training yet are charged with providing frontline care for much of China's rural population. Therefore, the present study aims to use communication and behavioral theory to b...

Hypoxia-induced disruption of neural vascular barrier is mediated by the intracellular induction of Fe(II) ion.

Neural vascular barrier maintains the optimal tissue microenvironment of central nervous system in which neural cells can function normally. In various neural diseases, the decrease in oxygen concentration, hypoxia, of affected tissues is known to accelerate the disease progression through disruption of neural vascular barrier. Therefore, the clarification of mechanisms underlying hypoxia-induced disruption of neural vascular barrier would definitely lead to the establishment of new effective therapies for ...

Mental Health Stigma and Veterinary Medical Students' Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help.

Veterinary medical students may be at increased risk for a variety of mental health problems. However, research with student samples suggests that students in distress may not seek professional help, even when mental health services are available. The purpose of this study was to explore veterinary students' willingness to seek mental health services for several common presenting concerns, as well as their perceptions of their peers' willingness to seek help for the same concerns. We also sought to explore ...

The credibility of the effects of functional food products and consumers' willingness to purchase/willingness to pay- review.

The credibility aspect of any food product is important in order to find and keep consumers, which is especially true for functional foods. Market success of these products depends mostly on the credibility of their beneficial effects on health. The aim of this literature review was to identify aspects that make the positive health effect of a functional product credible for consumers. Based on the established connection between purchase intention and credibility, articles have been collected, summarized an...

Working memory improves developmentally as neural processes stabilize.

Working memory performance is a key indicator of cognitive and developmental status. While recent evidence indicates that stabilizing neural gain supports the stabilization of working memory during adolescence, the computational mechanisms linking neural stabilization to behavior are poorly understood. We develop a mechanistic account of behavior during the memory-guided saccade task based on a stochastic accumulator framework. Results indicate that a specific balance of independent gain signals affecting w...

The Voice and Speech Quality Correlates of Psychological Observations in Jungian Active Imagination Experiment.

Jungian active imagination is a well known and valuable method in analytical psychology and psychotherapy. The present study assessed, for the first time, psychological and psycho-acoustical (voice and speech quality) effects of active imagination experiment in outdoor, forest, ambient. In order to analyse the voice and speech quality, participants' verbal expressions were recorded before and after the experiment. Psychological observations were based on the thirteen features and were rated according to the...

Neural responses for evaluating self and mother traits in adolescence depend on mother-adolescent relationships.

An important task in adolescence is to achieve autonomy, while preserving a positive relationship with parents. Previous fMRI-studies showed largely overlapping activation in medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) for evaluating self and close-other traits, but separable activation for self and non-close other. Possibly, more similar mPFC activation reflects closeness or warmth in relationships. We investigated neural indicators of the mother-adolescent relationship in adolescents between 11 and 21 years (N = ...

What Levels the Association Between Income and Mortality in Later Life: Age or Health Decline?

Researchers frequently use the "age-as-leveler" hypothesis to explain decreasing inequality and a weakened relationship between socioeconomic position and health in old age. This study examined whether health status can explain the age pattern in the association between income and mortality as predicted by the age-as-leveler hypothesis.

Synchronization between overt speech envelope and EEG oscillations during imagined speech.

Neural oscillations synchronize with the periodicity of external stimuli such as the rhythm of the speech amplitude envelope. This synchronization induces a speech-specific, replicable neural phase pattern across trials and enables perceived speech to be classified. In this study, we hypothesized that neural oscillations during articulatory imagination of speech could also synchronize with the rhythm of speech imagery. To validate the hypothesis, after replacing the imagined speech with overt speech due to ...

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