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Remogliflozin Etabonate: First Global Approval.

Remogliflozin, a selective sodium-glucose co-transporter subtype 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor, which is to be administered as remogliflozin etabonate (Remo™, Remozen™), the prodrug for remogliflozin, recently received its first approval as a treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in India. This article summarizes the milestones in the development of remogliflozin etabonate leading to this first approval for T2DM.

Strategies to avoid blacklisting: The case of statistics on money laundering.

Financial and legal entities (e.g. banks, casinos, notaries etc.) have to report money laundering suspicions. Countries' engagement in fighting money laundering is evaluated-among others-with statistics on how often these suspicions are reported. Lack of compliance can result in economically harmful blacklisting. Nevertheless, these blacklists repeatedly become empty-in what is known as the emptying blacklist paradox. We develop a principal-agent model with intermediate agents and show that non-harmonized s...

Using latent class analysis to identify money boys at highest risk of HIV infection.

Limited research has been conducted to investigate the characteristics of money boys (MBs) in China. This study was aimed to identify the subgroups of MBs based on sexual behaviors, Net-based venue sex-seeking, and substance abuse.

The career impact of the National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition.

Neurosurgery is a notoriously difficult career to enter and requires medical students to engage in extra-curricular activities to demonstrate their commitment to the specialty. The National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition was established in 2013 as a means for students to display this commitment as well as academic ability.

Single- and cross-commodity delay discounting of money and e-cigarette liquid in experienced e-cigarette users.

Delay discounting (DD) research has improved our understanding of important behavioral processes associated with tobacco use. Little research has explored DD among e-cigarette users, and these studies have exclusively examined money as the only available commodity. This secondary analysis of a laboratory study explored discounting for money and e-liquid among e-cigarette users using two single-commodity discounting (SCD) tasks and one cross-commodity discounting (CCD) task. A secondary goal was to explore t...

Affective perception of Euro banknotes: cognitive factors and interindividual differences.

Money can be a tool to achieve a wide range of goals in everyday life. Different studies have reported that both the mere exposure to money and its use as a reward can determine cognitive and social effects. Nevertheless, little is known about the basic affective perception of Euro banknotes. Thus, in the present study we aim to assess differences in valence, arousal and familiarity evaluations of banknote pictures (from 5 to 500€) by taking into account gender, socioeconomic status and Love of Money (LoM...

Money boys in Chengdu, China: migration, entrepreneurial precarity and health service access.

This qualitative study highlights the complex interplay between the social and structural conditions in Chengdu, China that shape the possibilities and vulnerabilities of money boys' sexual health. Within the context of China's liberalised market economy, we explore (1) how money boys' enter the sex trade market and navigate their sexual networks; (2) how their lives are enmeshed in fields of sexual desire, stigma and coercion; and (3) how the illicit and stigmatising nature of their work poses barriers to ...

Competition for Clinical Trials in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

2018-2019 Southern Illinois University National Health Law Moot Court Competition.

Schrödinger's pipeline and the outsourcing of pharmaceutical innovation.

In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2008) cheaper, softer money flooded the worldwide markets. Faced with historically low capital costs, the pharmaceutical industry chose to pay down debt through share buybacks rather than invest in research and development (R&D). Instead, the industry explored new R&D models for open innovation, such as open-sourcing, crowd-sourcing, public-private partnerships, innovation centres, Science Parks, and the wholesale outsourcing of pharmaceutical R&D. However, e...

Does marriage work as a savings commitment device? Experimental evidence from Vietnam.

Present bias, or the overvaluation of an immediate payoff, causes under-saving and financial difficulty. We investigate whether married couples utilize their spouses as a savings commitment device to alleviate the present bias problem using experimental and survey data in Vietnam. We find that individuals are less present biased when making joint decisions with their spouses than they are when making decisions alone. However, present-biased individuals turn over a smaller ratio of their earnings to their sp...

Competition Policy in Healthcare. Frontiers in Insurance-based and Taxation-funded-Systems, written by Mary Guy.

Do Commercial ACOs Save Money? Interpreting Diverse Evidence.

Risk stratification for sudden cardiac death: show me the money!

Fundraising and vote distribution: A non-equilibrium statistical approach.

The number of votes correlates strongly with the money spent in a campaign, but the relation between the two is not straightforward. Among other factors, the output of a ballot depends on the number of candidates, voters, and available resources. Here, we develop a conceptual framework based on Shannon entropy maximization and Superstatistics to establish a relation between the distributions of money spent by candidates and their votes. By establishing such a relation, we provide a tool to predict the outco...

Trends in List Prices, Net Prices, and Discounts for Originator Biologics Facing Biosimilar Competition.

Money for me and money for friend: An ERP study of social reward processing in adolescents and adults.

Peer relations during adolescence contribute significantly to the development of socio-cognitive skills and pro-sociality. The current study probed the characteristics of adolescent socio-cognitive processing through a card game where they earn money for self and friend. We investigated the choice preference and temporal dynamics of information processing by measuring ERP responses to wins or losses (valence) directed towards self and friend (recipient). Choice data showed that despite adults and adolescent...

Assessing the value for money of an integrated health and wellbeing service in the UK.

Lay health workers have been utilized to deliver health promotion programmes in a variety of settings. However, few studies have sought to determine whether these programmes represent value for money, particularly in a UK context. The present study involved an economic evaluation of Wellbeing for Life, an integrated health and wellbeing service in northern England. The service combined one-to-one interventions delivered by lay health workers (known as health trainers), group wellbeing interventions, volunte...

CH-Functionalization - Prediction of Selectivity in Iridium(I) Catalyzed Hydrogen Isotope Exchange Competition Reactions.

An assessment of the C-H activation catalyst [(COD)Ir(IMes)(PPh 3 )]PF 6 in the deuteration of phenyl rings containing different functional directing groups is divulged. Competition experiments have revealed a clear order of the directing groups in the hydrogen isotope exchange with iridium (I) catalyst 1 . With DFT calculations we have identified the iridium-substrate coordination complex to be the main trigger for reactivity and selectivity in the competition situation with two or more directing groups. O...

How Is Money Changing Medicine?-Venture Capital Investment in Oncology.

Getting Our Money's Worth From Clinical Care Studies of Prehospital Trauma Care.

The Effects of Voluntary Deposit Limit-Setting on Long-Term Online Gambling Expenditure.

Online gambling has become increasingly popular but for a small minority of players can be problematic (∼5 percent). Many socially responsible online gambling operators have introduced responsible gambling tools to help their players stay in control of their gambling such as monetary limit-setting (in which gamblers predetermine the amount of money they want to spend per day/week/month on gambling). Despite the widespread introduction of such tools, few studies have evaluated their efficacy. This study co...

Evaluation of synchronization measures for capturing the lagged synchronization between EEG channels: A cognitive task recognition approach.

During cognitive, perceptual and sensory tasks, connectivity profile changes across different regions of the brain. Variations of such connectivity patterns between different cognitive tasks can be evaluated using pairwise synchronization measures applied to electrophysiological signals, such as electroencephalography (EEG). However, connectivity-based task recognition approaches achieving viable recognition performance have been lacking from the literature. By using several synchronization measures, we ide...

Contrasting Responses of Wing Morphology of Three Blowfly (Diptera: Calliphoridae) Species to Competition.

Competition influences the expression of morphological, physiological, and behavioral traits and also regulates ecological and evolutionary dynamics. This study aims to identify and characterize changes in wing morphology in response to intra- and interspecific competition in three necrophagous blowfly species. Using geometric morphometry, we analyzed 3,238 wings from Lucilia sericata (Meigen, 1826), Calliphora vicina Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, and C. vomitoria (Linnaeus, 1758) raised under cloistered and pai...

Facing up to financial hardship.

, Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals, considers the problems with pensions, and the spectre of money problems generally facing nurses.

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