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Financing the Primary Care Behavioral Health Model.

The PCBH model of integrated care blends behavioral health professionals into the primary care team, thereby enhancing the scope of primary care and expanding the range of services provided to the patient. Despite promising evidence in support of the model and a growing number of advocates and practitioners of PCBH integration, current reimbursement policies are not always favorable. As the nation's healthcare system transitions to value-based payment models, new financing strategies are emerging which will...

Health financing policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: government ownership or donors' influence? A scoping review of policymaking processes.

The rise on the international scene of advocacy for universal health coverage (UHC) was accompanied by the promotion of a variety of health financing policies. Major donors presented health insurance, user fee exemption, and results-based financing policies as relevant instruments for achieving UHC in Sub-Saharan Africa. The "donor-driven" push for policies aiming at UHC raises concerns about governments' effective buy-in of such policies. Because the latter has implications on the success of such policies,...

Intraday Repeatability of Bruch's Membrane Opening-Based Neuroretinal Rim Measurements.

To assess possible intraday variability in Bruch's membrane opening-based (BMO) assessment of neuroretinal rim by spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) of the optic nerve head (ONH) as well as to evaluate its independence from intraindividual IOP changes.

Combining Theory-Driven Evaluation and Causal Loop Diagramming for Opening the 'Black Box' of an Intervention in the Health Sector: A Case of Performance-Based Financing in Western Uganda.

Increased attention on "complexity" in health systems evaluation has resulted in many different methodological responses. Theory-driven evaluations and systems thinking are two such responses that aim for better understanding of the mechanisms underlying given outcomes. Here, we studied the implementation of a performance-based financing intervention by the Belgian Technical Cooperation in Western Uganda to illustrate a methodological strategy of combining these two approaches. We utilized a systems dynamic...

The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium Announces New Vision and Goals.

Assessing income redistributive effect of health financing in Zambia.

Ensuring an equitable health financing system is a major concern particularly in many developing countries. Internationally, there is a strong debate to move away from excessive reliance on direct out-of-pocket (OOP) spending towards a system that incorporates a greater element of risk pooling and thus affords greater protection for the poor. This is a major focus of the move towards universal health coverage (UHC). Currently, Zambia with high levels of poverty and income inequality is implementing health s...

How to do (or not to do) … a health financing incidence analysis.

Financing incidence analysis (FIA) assesses how the burden of health financing is distributed in relation to household ability to pay (ATP). In a progressive financing system, poorer households contribute a smaller proportion of their ATP to finance health services compared to richer households. A system is regressive when the poor contribute proportionately more. Equitable health financing is often associated with progressivity. To conduct a comprehensive FIA, detailed household survey data containing reli...

Estimation of jaw-opening forces in adults.

To estimate maximum jaw-opening forces in healthy participants of diverse ancestry and to estimate whether opening forces are associated with sex, age and anthropometric parameters such as height, weight and BMI.

Initial participation as a predictor for continuous participation in population-based colorectal cancer screening.

Objectives To assess patterns and probabilities of participation in multiple rounds of colorectal cancer screening. Methods All individuals who were invited to participate in population-based colorectal cancer screening in the Stockholm-Gotland region in Sweden between 1 January 2008 and 30 September 2015 were included in the study. Guaiac-based faecal occult blood testing was used. All individuals invited to the three first consecutive screening rounds were included in the analysis. Results There were 346,...

Surgical Anatomy of the Round Window - Implications for Cochlear Implantation.

The round window is an important portal for the application of active hearing aids and cochlear implants. The anatomical and topographical knowledge about the round window region is a prerequisite for successful insertion for a cochlear implant electrode.

Increased Mental Health Treatment Financing, Community-Based Organization's Treatment Programs, and Latino-White Children's Financing Disparities.

Latino child populations are large and growing, and they present considerable unmet need for mental health treatment. Poverty, lack of health insurance, limited English proficiency, stigma, undocumented status, and inhospitable programming are among many factors that contribute to Latino-White mental health treatment disparities. Lower treatment expenditures serve as an important marker of Latino children's low rates of mental health treatment and limited participation once enrolled in services.

Purely Physisorption-based CO-Selective Gate-Opening in Microporous Organically Pillared Layered Silicates.

Separation of gas molecules with similar physical and chemical properties is challenging but nevertheless highly relevant for chemical processing. By introducing the elliptically shaped molecule, 1,4-Dimethly-1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane, into the interlayer space of a layered silicate, a two-dimensional microporous network with narrow pore size distribution is generated (MOPS-5). The regular arrangement of the pillar molecules in MOPS-5 was confirmed by the occurrence of a 10-band related to a long-range ...

Anterior Bite Opening in Adulthood.

To study anterior bite opening of unknown cause presenting in adulthood regarding prevalence, symptoms of Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD) and possible causes of the bite opening.

Household costs and time to seek care for pregnancy related complications: The role of results-based financing.

Results-based financing (RBF) schemes-including performance based financing (PBF) and conditional cash transfers (CCT)-are increasingly being used to encourage use and improve quality of institutional health care for pregnant women in order to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in low-income countries. While there is emerging evidence that RBF can increase service use and quality, little is known on the impact of RBF on costs and time to seek care for obstetric complications, although the two represent ...

Using a complex optical orbital-angular-momentum spectrum to measure object parameters.

Light beams can be characterized by their complex spatial profiles in both intensity and phase. Analogous to time signals, which can be decomposed into multiple orthogonal frequency functions, a light beam can also be decomposed into a set of spatial modes that are taken from an orthogonal basis. Such decomposition can potentially provide a tool for spatial spectrum analysis, which may enable stable, accurate, and robust extraction of physical object information that may not be readily achievable using trad...

Global Oncology Volunteering: Making an Effective Contribution.

Elements of a good health system are lacking in most low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and in many high-income countries, including the United States. 
A major problem is financing health care. On average, about 50% of healthcare financing in low-income countries comes from out-of-pocket payments, compared to 30% in middle-income countries and 14% in high-income countries.

Breaking the taboo: a history of monetary financing Canada, 1930-1975.

Monetary financing - the funding of state expenditure via the creation of new money rather than through taxation or borrowing - has become a taboo policy instrument in advanced economies. It is generally associated with dangerously high inflation and/or war. Relatedly, a key institutional feature of modern independent central banks is that they are not obligated to support government expenditure via money creation. Since the financial crisis of 2007-2008, however, unorthodox monetary policies, in particular...

UHMS announces position statement on low-pressure, soft-sided hyperbaric chambers.

Rhabdomyosarcoma, Ewing Sarcoma, and Other Round Cell Sarcomas.

Several recent advances have been made in the diagnosis and therapy of malignant small round cell tumors that affect children, particularly in rhabdomyosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, and other round cell sarcomas. These advances have provided new insights into the pathologic, histologic, and genomic characterization of specific tumor subtypes, which has led to the identification of novel therapeutic targets and improved stratification of risk. This has, in turn, led to improved efficacy in clinical trials of new d...

Foundation for an Evidence Informed Algorithm for Treating Pelvic Floor Mesh Complications: A Review.

To address evidence gaps on the management of complications related to mesh in pelvic floor surgery, we created an evidence-based algorithm, including defining evidence gaps. We utilized the Delphi Method within a panel of surgeons treating mesh complications to define a treatment strategy. The first round provided a list of clinically based postulates that informed a review, which expanded postulates to recommendations, including grading of the quality of evidence. A second round informed the final algorit...

Methanol-Assisted Phthalimide Ring Opening: Concerted or Stepwise Mechanism?

The opening of the five-membered ring is the essential step for phthalimide and its derivatives to be used as the reactants in many chemical synthetic routes. Reportedly, such ring opening follows the concerted mechanism in methanol solvent, which, however, has an unreasonably high energy barrier (36.3 kcal molat the M06-2X/6-311++G(d,p) level of theory). By density functional theory calculations, we report that this ring opening prefers the alternatively stepwise mechanism. The stepwise mechanism has a muc...

Power cavitation-guided blood-brain barrier opening with focused ultrasound and microbubbles.

Image-guided monitoring of microbubble-based focused ultrasound (FUS) therapies relies on the accurate localization of FUS-stimulated microbubble activity (i.e. acoustic cavitation). Passive cavitation imaging with ultrasound arrays can achieve this, but with insufficient spatial resolution. In this study, we address this limitation and perform high-resolution monitoring of acoustic cavitation-mediated blood-brain barrier (BBB) opening with a new technique called power cavitation imaging. By synchronizing t...

The Mechanism and Representation of Korean Three-Way Phonation Contrast: External Photoglottography, Intra-Oral Air Pressure, Airflow, and Acoustic Data.

This paper aims to refine our understanding of the speech mechanism and laryngeal features involved in the Korean lenis (/p t k/), aspirated (/ph th kh/), and fortis (/p' t' k'/) plosives. For this purpose we made measurements using a new noninvasive technique called external lighting and sensing photoglottography (ePGG) as well as intra-oral air pressure (Pio) above the glottis, airflow, and acoustic data. From simultaneous recordings of the experimental data, we were ableto quantify the laryngeal-oral coo...

Analysis of the influence of the transducer and its coupling layer on round window stimulation.

In this work, a finite element study is proposed to evaluate the effects of the transducer and its coupling layer on the performance of round window (RW) stimulation.

Electrospinning of gelatin with tunable fiber morphology from round to flat/ribbon.

The electrospinning of gelatin with tunable fiber morphology from round to flat/ribbon was shown, and the detailed studies were conducted to correlate the fiber morphology with electrospinning process parameters and gelatin concentration in electrospinning solution. Particularly, variations in the applied voltage and the concentration of gelatin led to the transition of fiber shape from round to flat/ribbon. The formation of flat-shaped fibers was attributed to rapid evaporation of the solvent (formic acid)...

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