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A murine model of wheat versus potato allergy: Patatin and 53kDa protein are the potential allergen from potato.

Wheat allergy is the most common around the world as gluten is the potential allergen. People diagnosed with wheat allergy were mainly substitute with other novel food such as potato though it is also being reported for allergenic manifestations. Thus there is an increasing demand for developing a BALB/c mice model to empathize the allergic properties of potato protein and its fractions. Purified potato protein showed lower IgE-binding capacity (474.39 ± 0.6 ng/mL) even in higher concentration (30 ...

Cretaceous asterid evolution: fruits of Eydeia jerseyensis sp. nov. (Cornales) from the upper Turonian of eastern North America.

The asterids (>80 000 extant species) appear in the fossil record with considerable diversity near the Turonian-Coniacian boundary (~90 Ma; Late Cretaceous) and are strongly represented in the earliest diverging lineage, Cornales. These early asterid representatives have so far been reported from western North America and eastern Asia. In this study, we characterize a new cornalean taxon based on charcoalified fruits from the upper Turonian of eastern North America, a separate landmass from western North Am...

Variations in climatic suitability and planting regionalization for potato in northern China under climate change.

Investigating the variations in crop climatic suitability and planting regionalization can provide scientific evidence for ensuring food security under climate change. In this study, variations in climatic suitability and planting regionalization for the potato in northern China were investigated based on daily data from 1965 to 2014 collected at 321 agro-meteorological observation stations located throughout the region. Northern China was divided into three areas, including Northwest China, North China and...

A member of the TERMINAL FLOWER1/CENTRORADIALIS gene family controls sprout growth in potato tubers.

Potato tuber bud dormancy break followed by premature sprouting is a major commercial problem which results in quality losses and decreased tuber marketability. An approach to controlling premature tuber sprouting is to develop potato cultivars with a longer dormancy period and/or reduced rate of sprout growth. Our recent studies using a potato diploid population have identified several QTLs that are associated with tuber sprout growth. In the current study we aim to characterise a candidate gene associated...

Growth Patterns of Retroperitoneal Leiomyosarcomas.

The amino acid composition and protein quality of various egg, poultry meal by-products, and vegetable proteins used in the production of dog and cat diets.

New protein ingredients are used to support pet food market growth and the development of new products while maintaining animal dietary needs. However, novel protein sources (e.g., spray-dried chicken, and (or) rice, pea, and potato protein concentrates) have limited data available regarding their protein quality. The objective of this study was to evaluate protein ingredients used in the pet food industry by laboratory analysis and a chick growth assay as a model. Following analysis for proximate and amino...

Additions and corrections to the check list of the Noctuoidea (Insecta, Lepidoptera) of North America north of Mexico IV.

A summary of all taxonomic and nomenclatural changes to the check list of the Noctuoidea of North America north of Mexico since the last update published in 2015 is provided. A total of 64 changes are listed and discussed, consisting of 26 recently published changes and additions, and an additional 38 presented herein. One stat. n., one stat. rev., six syn. n., and two comb. n. are proposed for the first time. Schmidt & Lafontaine nom. n. is proposed here as an objective replacement name for Grote, 1874 [...

Trends in Overdose-Related Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests in Arizona.

Opioid overdose mortality has increased in North America; however, recent regional trends in the proportion of treated overdose-related out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OD-OHCA) compared to out-of-hospital cardiac arrests of presumed cardiac etiology (C-OHCA) are largely unknown. Our aim is to assess trends in the prevalence and outcomes of OD-OHCA compared to C-OHCA in Arizona.

In Vitro Activity of Cefiderocol, a Siderophore Cephalosporin, Against Gram-Negative Bacilli Isolated by Clinical Laboratories in North America and Europe in 2015-2016: SIDERO-WT-2015.

Cefiderocol (S-649266) is a parenteral siderophore cephalosporin currently in Phase III of clinical development. In this study, we determined the in vitro susceptibility of a 2015-2016 collection of 8,954 clinical isolates of Gram-negative bacilli (GNB), provided by 100 clinical laboratories in North America and Europe, to cefiderocol and comparators using the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute broth microdilution method. Iron-depleted cation-adjusted Mueller-Hinton broth was used to test cefideroc...

Recovery practices in Division 1 collegiate athletes in North America.

Establish current practice and attitudes towards recovery in a group of Division-1 Collegiate athletes from North America.

Lost and found: the Bermudan Donadinia seaveri found in North America, with comments on its juniper associates.

Collections of a species referred to Sarcosomataceae (Pezizomycetes) from eastern North America were studied both morphologically and using nuc rDNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 = ITS) and approximately 800 bp from the 5' region of the nuc 28S rDNA (28S) to construct a phylogeny. The analyses indicate that these collections are Donadinia seaveri, a species previously known only from Bermuda. Because the associated tree, Juniperus bermudiana, has declined as a result of insect att...

An Overview of Trends in Animal Poisoning Cases in the United States: 2011 to 2017.

Each year the Animal Poison Control Center of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals receives thousands of reports of suspected animal poisonings. By using an electronic medical record database maintained by the Animal Poison Control Center, data on current trends in animal poisoning cases are mined and analyzed This article explores recent trends in veterinary toxicology including the types of animals and breeds that are most commonly exposed to different toxicants, seasonal and geog...

The impact of pharmaceutical tendering on prices and market concentration in South Africa over a 14-year period.

We investigated the South African tendering system for medicines to (a) evaluate its impact on prices and market concentration over a 14-year period and (b) analyze the accuracy of government forecasts of drug demand.

Morpho-physiological characteristics by sweet potato cultivars as function of irrigation depth.

The sweet potato is an alternative energy source, but its sustainability depends on efficient water use. The objective of this study was to evaluate sweet potato morpho-physiological characteristics, and water use efficiency (WUE). Irrigation depths of 50, 75, 100, and 125% of crop evapotranspiration (ETc) were applied. The morpho-physiological indicators, WUE, leaf area index (LAI), leaf water potential, leaf temperature, and leaf chlorophyll index (ICF), were evaluated. The WUE of the sweet potato cultiva...

A revision of Grote, with the description of a new species from western North America (Noctuidae, Noctuinae, Hadenini).

The genus Grote is revised. is described from the mountains of western North America. A lectotype of Grote is designated. Illustrations of the adults, male and female genitalia, and distribution maps are presented, together with an identification key. The classification of the genus is reviewed resulting in its reassignment to the tribe Hadenini from Orthosiini.

Europe was a hub for the global spread of potato virus S in the 19th century.

Potato virus S (PVS) is a major plant pathogen that causes considerable losses in global potato production. Knowledge of the evolutionary history and spatio-temporal dynamics of PVS is vital for developing sustainable management schemes. In this study, we investigated the phylodynamics of the virus by analysing 103 nucleotide sequences of the coat protein gene, sampled between 1985 and 2014. Our Bayesian phylogenetic analyses showed that PVS has been evolving at a rate of 3.32 × 10 substitutions/site/y...

Limits to growth of forest biomass carbon sink under climate change.

Widely recognized as a significant carbon sink, North American forests have experienced a history of recovery and are facing an uncertain future. This growing carbon sink is dictated by recovery from land-use change, with growth trajectory modified by environmental change. To address both processes, we compiled a forest inventory dataset from North America to quantify aboveground biomass growth with stand age across forest types and climate gradients. Here we show, the biomass grows from 90 Mg ha (2000-2016...

Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Solanum tuberosum L., Potato.

Potato is considered the fourth most important food crop in the world, and the most important non-cereal crop. Potato is transformed using Agrobacterium tumefaciens with relative ease. Several improvements have been made in the last 20 years with respect to tissue culture, transformation, and regeneration of potato. This chapter describes a reliable and efficient potato transformation system using internodal explants. Plasmid preparation, Agrobacterium transformation, potato transformation, regeneration, an...

Chondrichthyan research in South America: endocrinology overview and research trends over 50 years (1967-2016) compared to the rest of the world.

The endocrine system plays a crucial role in regulating the activity of cells and organs among vertebrates, including the class Chondrichthyes. Accordingly, Chondrichthyan endocrinology publications have been steadily increasing in the global literature. However, while interest in South American Chondrichthyan research has been growing over the last 50 years, the field of endocrinology related to Chondrichthyans has been limited. Understanding the trajectory of a scientific discipline assists researchers an...

Promoting Potato Seed Sprouting using an Amphiphilic Nanocomposite.

Most potato tubers were used as seeds and sprouted relatively slowly in soil, greatly influencing potato production. To solve this problem, an amphiphilic nanocomposite was fabricated by loading hydrophobic silica (H-SiO2) in hydrophilic attapulgite nest-like and used as a nano presprouting agent (NPA). This technology could conveniently adjust the occupation area ratio of water and air (OARWA) on potatoes surface. NPA could endow potatoes with an appropriate OARWA and thus effectively accelerate sprouting....

Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of StTCP transcription factors of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.).

The plant-specific TCP transcription factors, which play critical roles in diverse aspects of biological processes, have been identified and analyzed in various plant species. However, no systematical study of TCP family genes in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) has been undertaken. In this study, a total of 31 non-redundant TCP transcription factors of potato were identified and divided into two subfamilies including three distinct subclades. The various orthologous TCP genes in Arabidopsis, rice, potato and ...

The Incidence and Outcomes of Surgical Pulmonary Embolectomy in North America.

There has been renewed interest in surgical pulmonary embolectomy (SPE) for the treatment of pulmonary embolism, but the real-world incidence and outcomes of SPE have yet to be well described using a large, granular dataset. We, therefore, examined the modern experience with SPE in North America as reported to the Society of Thoracic Surgery Adult Cardiac Surgery Database (STS ACSD).

Perfusion mammalian cell culture for recombinant protein manufacturing - A critical review.

The manufacturing of recombinant protein is traditionally divided in two main steps: upstream (cell culture and synthesis of the target protein) and downstream (purification and formulation of the protein into a drug substance or drug product). Today, cost pressure, market uncertainty and market growth, challenge the existing manufacturing technologies. Leaders in the field are active in designing the process of the future and continuous manufacturing is recurrently mentioned as a potential solution to addr...

Genome-wide survey of potato MADS-box genes reveals that StMADS1 and StMADS13 are putative downstream targets of tuberigen StSP6A.

MADS-box genes encode transcription factors that are known to be involved in several aspects of plant growth and development, especially in floral organ specification. To date, the comprehensive analysis of potato MADS-box gene family is still lacking after the completion of potato genome sequencing. A genome-wide characterization, classification, and expression analysis of MADS-box transcription factor gene family was performed in this study.

Migration corridors of adult Golden Eagles originating in northwestern North America.

There has been increasing concern for Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) populations in North America due to current and future projections of mortality risk and habitat loss from anthropogenic sources. Identification of high-use movement corridors and bottlenecks for the migratory portion of the eagle population in western North America is an important first step to help habitat conservation and management efforts to reduce the risk of eagle mortality. We used dynamic Brownian Bridge movement models to estim...

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