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Intestinal parasites among employees of restaurants and cafeterias in a city of Brazil.

To investigate the frequency of intestinal parasites in employees of restaurants and cafeterias located in the Commercial Center of São Mateus, Espírito Santo, one of the oldest cities of Brazil.

A Standard of Care for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct by School Employees.

This article describes the development of a standard of care for the prevention of adult to student sexual abuse in pre K-12 schools. Standard of care is not a phrase often used in educational practice, and yet, it is a legal concept that may be useful for school administrators. A sample of administrators, child sexual abuse specialists, and attorneys with experience in school employee sexual misconduct responded to 101 items that the literature indicates should be included in a standard of care. There was ...

Patient Drug Safety Reporting: Diabetes Patients' Perceptions of Drug Safety and How to Improve Reporting of Adverse Events and Product Complaints.

Global health care manufacturer Novo Nordisk commissioned research regarding awareness of drug safety department activities and potential to increase patient feedback. Objectives were to examine patients' knowledge of pharmaceutical manufacturers' responsibilities and efforts regarding drug safety, their perceptions and experiences related to these efforts, and how these factors influence their thoughts and behaviors. Data were collected before and after respondents read a description of a drug safety depar...

Musculoskeletal injuries and absenteeism among healthcare professionals-ICD-10 characterization.

Healthcare workers account for 10% of the EU's total workforce, with a significant proportion of those employed in hospitals. Musculoskeletal injuries are the predominant group of injuries in healthcare professionals due to the physical demands of their work, such as the mobilization and positioning of the dependent patients. The management of this type of problem should take into account direct and indirect costs, such as periods of incapacity for work due to illness, hiring and training of new employees d...

Cost-Benefit of Hiring Athletic Trainers in Oregon High Schools From 2011-2014.

Hiring athletic trainers (ATs) in high schools may lower medical payments by third-party payers such as Medicaid or commercial insurers by reducing injury risks or may increase medical payments due to more referrals to other health care providers. To date, evidence is lacking on the actual financial effect of high school ATs based on an analysis of medical claims.

Complex treatment of recurrent herpetic stomatitis in employees of industrial enterprises.

Research ebjective was to study assessment of quality organization of work treatment recurrent herpetic stomatitis in patients of industrial enterprises from employees.172 patients on the industrial enterprises from 25 to 54 year were treated recurrent herpetic stomatitis. Clinical efficiency of immunomodulator quality therapy of recurrent herpetic stomatitis for assessment organization of work in employees industrial is proved by estimation of oral cavity local immunity (SIgA, lisozyme). After treatment of...

Community Health and Employee Work Performance in the American Manufacturing Environment.

Although better community health has long been assumed to be good for local businesses, evidence demonstrating the relationship between community health and employee performance is quite limited. Drawing on human resources data on 6103 employees from four large US manufacturing plants, we found that employees living in counties with poor community health outcomes had considerably higher rates of absenteeism and tardiness (ABT). For example, in one company, employees living in communities with high rates of ...

How successful are older employees in the timely implementation of retirement plans? : Social differences in concordance between planned and realized retirement age.

Retirement age limits of the pension system provide guidelines for the individual planning of retirement from employment. Empirical evidence shows that individual exit plans of older employees only delay and partly follow the raising of the retirement age by the statutory pension insurance; however, it is unclear how well the retirement plans of older employees predict the actual transition behavior and which individuals are able or unable to implement their own plans.

Why sabotage customers who mistreat you? Activated hostility and subsequent devaluation of targets as a moral disengagement mechanism.

We utilize the social intuitionist approach to moral judgment and moral disengagement theory to understand why and when employees sabotage customers. We contend that when customers mistreat employees (i.e., customer mistreatment), employees experience intuitive emotional reactions in the form of hostility, which automatically activates devaluation of targets, a specific facet of moral disengagement. In turn, employees become unencumbered by moral self-regulation and sabotage customers who mistreat them (i.e...

novoCaller: A Bayesian network approach for de novo variant calling from pedigree and population sequence data.

De novo mutations (i.e., newly occurring mutations) are a predominant cause of sporadic dominant monogenic diseases and play a significant role in the genetics of complex disorders. De novo mutation studies also inform population genetics models and shed light on the biology of DNA replication and repair. Despite the broad interest, there is room for improvement with regard to the accuracy of de novo mutation calling.

Employees' adherence to worksite physical activity programs: Profiles of compliers versus non-compliers.

While worldwide public health policies have emphasized the necessity to create a culture that favors regular physical activity, stakeholders and health institutions keep looking for new strategies and opportune settings. Workplaces have been identified since employees spent a considerable part of their time at work and several worksite interventions have been developed lately. While the actual scientific literature clearly points out the beneficial effects of physical activity programs implemented within co...

Device Measured Sedentary Behaviour Patterns in Office Based University Employees.

The aim of this study was to describe device-measured patterns of sedentary behavior in self-identified sedentary university employees.

Risk of de novo aneurysm formation in patients with a prior diagnosis of ruptured or unruptured aneurysm: systematic review and meta-analysis.

OBJECTIVE De novo aneurysms are rare entities periodically discovered during follow-up imaging. Little is known regarding the frequency with which these lesions form or the time course. This systematic review and meta-analysis was undertaken to estimate the incidence of de novo aneurysms and to determine risk factors for aneurysm formation. METHODS The authors searched multiple databases for studies of patients with unruptured and ruptured aneurysms describing the rate of de novo aneurysm formation. The pri...

Using the categorical data analyses in determination of dust related occupational diseases in mining.

Dust related occupational diseases are common in mining sector. It is important to identify employees who have high potential for having these diseases and to investigate the factors affecting disease formation. For this reason, dust and dust related occupational diseases should be carefully investigated in the mining operations. In this study, dust related occupational diseases in an open pit lignite mine were investigated. Firstly, dust measurements were performed and then, health check of all employees w...

On the possibility of death of new genes - evidence from the deletion of de novo microRNAs.

New genes are constantly formed, sometimes from non-genic sequences, creating what is referred to as de novo genes. Since the total number of genes remains relatively steady, gene deaths likely balance out new births. In metazoan genomes, microRNAs (miRs) genes, small and non-coding, account for the bulk of functional de novo genes and are particularly suited to the investigation of gene death.

Resources for work-related well-being: a qualitative study about healthcare employees' experiences of relationships at work.

The aim of this study was to explore municipal healthcare employees' experiences of relationships with care recipients and colleagues. The specific research questions were when do the relationships enhance well-being, and what prerequisites are needed for such relationships to occur?.

De Novo Sequence and Copy Number Variants Are Strongly Associated with Tourette Disorder and Implicate Cell Polarity in Pathogenesis.

We previously established the contribution of de novo damaging sequence variants to Tourette disorder (TD) through whole-exome sequencing of 511 trios. Here, we sequence an additional 291 TD trios and analyze the combined set of 802 trios. We observe an overrepresentation of de novo damaging variants in simplex, but not multiplex, families; we identify a high-confidence TD risk gene, CELSR3 (cadherin EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 3); we find that the genes mutated in TD patients are enriched for those ...

Grouper: Graph-based clustering and annotation for improved de novo transcriptome analysis.

De novo transcriptome analysis using RNA-seq offers a promising means to study gene expression in non-model organisms. Yet, the difficulty of transcriptome assembly means that the contigs provided by the assembler often represent a fractured and incomplete view of the transcriptome, complicating downstream analysis. We introduce Grouper, a new method for clustering contigs from de novo assemblies that are likely to belong to the same transcripts and genes; these groups can subsequently be analyzed more robu...

The ascent of man(made oxidoreductases).

Though established 40 years ago, the field of de novo protein design has recently come of age, with new designs exhibiting an unprecedented level of sophistication in structure and function. With respect to catalysis, de novo enzymes promise to revolutionise the industrial production of useful chemicals and materials, while providing new biomolecules as plug-and-play components in the metabolic pathways of living cells. To this end, there are now de novo metalloenzymes that are assembled in vivo, including ...

Blend in or stand out? Interpersonal outcomes of managing concealable stigmas at work.

In the workplace, employees must choose what personal information they share with others. Employees with concealable stigmas (e.g., sexual orientation, mental illness, and certain religious beliefs) face the added pressure of having to carefully manage information about a potential social liability. Yet it remains unclear how managing a concealable stigma may influence colleagues' perceptions and reactions. Using theory about impression management and social cognition, we investigated how employees strategi...

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program: Expiration of Coverage of Children of Same-Sex Domestic Partners; Federal Flexible Benefits Plan: Pre-Tax Payment of Health Benefits Premiums: Conforming Amendments. Final rule.

On October 30, 2013, OPM published final regulations in the Federal Register to expand coverage for children of same-sex domestic partners under the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program and the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). The regulation allowed children of same-sex domestic partners living in states that did not allow same-sex couples to marry to be covered family members under the FEHB and the FEDVIP. Due to a subsequent Supreme Court decision legalizing same...

Long-term risk of solid organ de novo malignancies after liver transplantation: a French national study on 11226 patients.

De novo malignancies are one of the major late complications and cause of death after liver transplantation (LT). Using extensive data from the French national Agence de la Biomédecine database, the present study aimed to quantify the risk of solid organ de novo malignancies (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers) after LT. The incidence of de novo malignancies among all LT patients between 1993 and 2012 was compared to that of the French population, standardized on age, gender, and calendar period (standard...

Alcohol-related absence and presenteeism: Beyond productivity loss.

Alcohol use by employees is associated with negative consequences for the workplace in terms of absence and poor work performance. The aims of this study were to map the prevalence of alcohol-related absence and inefficiency using survey data from a broad sample of employees, and to explore how alcohol-related absence and presenteeism are experienced and handled using data from qualitative interviews.

Natural History of De Novo Aneurysm Formation in Patients with Treated Aneurysmatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Ten-year Followup.

De novo aneurysm formation after completely occluded aneurysms via clipping or coiling is generally not well studied. Although known to occur several years following initial aneurysm management, the natural history of de novo aneurysms is obscure. The current study investigated the formation of new aneurysms in patients who were previously treated for intracranial aneurysms.

Genetic study of a fetus with a de novo Xp22.33;Yp11.2 translocation.

To delineate cytogenetic and molecular abnormalities of a fetus carrying a de novo 46,X,der(X),t(X;Y)(p22.3;p11.2).

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