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Novo Nordisk pays $58.7m to settle claims of mis-selling liraglutide.

Hiring a Gay Man, Taking a Risk? A Lab Experiment on Employment Discrimination and Risk-Aversion.

We investigate risk-aversion as a driver of labour market discrimination against homosexual men. We show that more hiring discrimination by more risk-averse employers is consistent with taste-based and statistical discrimination. To test this hypothesis we conduct a scenario experiment in which experimental employers take a fictitious hiring decision concerning a heterosexual or homosexual male job candidate. In addition, participants are surveyed on their risk-aversion and other characteristics which might...

Supporting the Health of Low Socioeconomic Status Employees: Qualitative Perspectives from Employees and Large Companies.

The aim of this study was to identify alignments between wellness offerings low socioeconomic status (SES) employees need and those large companies can provide.

Effect of Health Plan Financial Incentive Offering on Employees with Prediabetes.

Background Prediabetes may be improved or reversed with lifestyle interventions. A worksite wellness program offering financial incentives for participation may be effective in improving the health of employees with prediabetes. We studied the effect of employee health plan financial incentives on health outcomes for employees with prediabetes. Methods We conducted a retrospective cohort study using electronic medical record (EMR) data from January 2008- December 2012. Our study participants were employees ...

Diabetes News.

More than 31,000 attendeesfrom around the world gathered in Barcelona, Spain for the 2017 European Society of Cardiology conference. In presentinga post-hoc analysis of the Liraglutide and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes(LEADER)(1) trial, Dr Neil Poulter (Imperial College London, UK) showedthat results are still positive, indicating cardioprotection, after adjusting for baseline history of stroke or myocardial infarction (MI), which had no mediating effect on the significant association between N...

Work-sharing and male employees' mental health during an economic recession.

One approach to reducing occupational stress during an economic recession is to share work amongst employees. This may include reducing employees' working hours to avoid redundancies.

What faculty hiring committees want.

Swimming Against the Current: A Qualitative Review of the Work Experiences and Adaptations made by Employees with Arthritis.

To describe the experiences and strategies of employees with arthritis (EwA) to maintain employment and to use this information to build a conceptual model.

Age Bias in Selection Decisions: The Role of Facial Appearance and Fitness Impressions.

This research examined the impact of facial age appearance on hiring, and impressions of fitness as the underlying mechanism. In two experimental hiring simulations, one with lay persons and one with Human Resource professionals, participants evaluated a chronologically older or younger candidate (as indicated by date of birth and age label) with either younger or older facial age appearance (as indicated by a photograph). In both studies, older-looking candidates received lower hireability ratings, due to ...

Controversies Surrounding Authorship of Manuscripts by Industry Employees: Academic and Industry Perspectives.

The medical device and pharmaceutical industries play an essential role in the development of cardiovascular devices and drugs, and industry employees are frequently listed as co-authors of clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals. Potential conflicts of interest in biomedical research have attracted significant attention in recent years, but issues and challenges surrounding authors who are industry employees have not received nearly as much scrutiny.

E-mail communication patterns and job burnout.

A considerable body of research has documented the negative effects of job burnout on employees and their organizations, emphasizing the importance of the identification of early signs of the phenomenon for the purposes of prevention and intervention. However, such timely identification is difficult due to the time and cost of assessing the burnout levels of all employees in an organization using established scales. In this paper, we propose an innovative way to identify employees at risk of job burnout by ...

Incivility and Employee Performance, Citizenship, and Counterproductive Behaviors: Implications of the Social Context.

Drawing from the transactional model of stress, we examined how the social context moderates employees' behavioral responses to workplace incivility. On the basis of data from 384 employees nested in 41 groups, we observed a 3-way, cross-level interaction between individually experienced incivility, group incivility differentiation, and group silence predicting supervisor-rated employee performance, citizenship, and counterproductive behaviors. Specifically, employees' own incivility experiences predicted l...

Enhancing Resources at the Workplace with Health-Promoting Leadership.

Leaders engaging in health-promoting leadership can influence their employees' health directly by showing health awareness or indirectly by changing working conditions. With health-promoting leadership, leaders are able to support a healthy working environment by providing resource-oriented working conditions for their employees to support their health. Changing working conditions in a health-supportive way can prevent possible negative consequences from critical working conditions (e.g., burnout risk). The...

The complete mitochondrial genome of the Dutch elm disease fungus Ophiostoma novo-ulmi subspecies novo-ulmi.

Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, a member of the Ophiostomatales (Ascomycota) is the causal agents of the current Dutch elm disease pandemic in Europe and North America. The complete mitochondrial genome (mtDNA) of Ophiostoma novo-ulmi subsp. novo-ulmi, the European component of O. novo-ulmi, has been sequenced and annotated. Gene order (synteny) among the currently available members of the Ophiostomatales was examined and appears to be conserved and mtDNA size variability among the Ophiostomatales in part is due the ...

Return on Investment for a Payer-Provider Partnership to Improve Care Management of Employees and Early Retirees.

A large employer partnered with local health care providers to pilot test an intensive nurse care manager program for employees and retirees. We evaluated its impact on health care utilization and costs.

A molecular portrait of de novo genes in yeasts.

New genes, with novel protein functions, can evolve "from scratch" out of intergenic sequences. These de novo genes can integrate the cell's genetic network and drive important phenotypic innovations. Therefore, identifying de novo genes and understanding how the transition from noncoding to coding occurs are key problems in evolutionary biology. However, identifying de novo genes is a difficult task, hampered by the presence of remote homologs, fast evolving sequences and erroneously annotated protein codi...

Employee Attitudes Toward Aggression in Persons with Dementia: Readiness for Wider Adoption of Person-Centered Frameworks.

Implementing person-centered care requires shared attitudes, beliefs, and values among all care employees. Existing research has failed to examine the attitudes of non-nursing employees.

Improving Resiliency in Healthcare Employees.

The high prevalence of stress at the workplace has been well documented; however, few studies have investigated the efficacy of worksite resiliency programs. Therefore, the objec- tive of this project was to examine the impact of a worksite resilience training program on improving resiliency and health behaviors in healthcare employees.

Retrospective study on de novo postoperative urinary incontinence after pelvic organ prolapse surgery.

Reported incidences of de novo urinary incontinence (UI) following pelvic organ prolapse (POP) surgery in preoperatively continent women vary between 2% and 43%. The aim of this study was to investigate the incidence and the types of de novo UI and differences between operations in different compartments.

Does Workplace Bullying Affect Long-Term Sickness Absence Among Co-Workers?

To examine if non-bullied employees at work units (WUs) with workplace bullying have more long-term sickness absence (LTSA) than employees in non-bullying WUs.

Can a workplace 'sit less, move more' programme help Spanish office employees achieve physical activity targets?

We evaluated the impact of a workplace 'sit less, move more' programme (Walk@WorkSpain, W@WS, 19-week) on self-reported activity-related energy expenditure (AREE) in Spanish office employees (n = 264; 42 ± 10 years; 171 female) randomly assigned to Intervention (IG; used W@WS; n = 129) or comparison groups (CGs; n = 135). A linear mixed model assessed changes in METs-min/wk of total, vigorous, moderate and light physical activity (IPAQ short form) between baseline and 2 months follow-up. Over the CG, IG si...

Common mental disorders and sickness absence: a register-linkage follow-up study among Finnish municipal employees.

This study examined how common mental disorders (CMD) at different severity levels are associated with short (1-3 day) intermediate (4-14 day) and long (15+ day) sickness absence (SA) among Finnish municipal employees.

Job burnout predicts decline of health-related quality of life among employees with cardiovascular disease: A one-year follow-up study in female nurses.

To examine whether job burnout is associated with health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in employees with cardiovascular disease.

"It's not an Obvious Issue is it?" Office-Based Employees' Perceptions of Prolonged Sitting at Work: A Qualitative Study.

Current UK workplace health promotion guidance recommends that employers minimize sedentary behaviors, but understanding the issues relating to prolonged workplace sitting has received little empirical attention. This study aimed to explore employees' perceptions of sitting time.

Relationship of perceived job strain and workplace support to antenatal depressive symptoms among pregnant employees in Taiwan.

Most Taiwanese women continue to work throughout pregnancy. Few studies have investigated the prevalence of antenatal depressive symptoms in employed women and their relationship with work-related factors. We explored the relations of work-related factors, including perceived job strain and workplace support, to depressive symptoms among pregnant Taiwanese employees. During 2015-2016, we interviewed 153 employees in their third trimester of pregnancy using questionnaires to collect data on demographics, pre...

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