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Hierarchical structure in the world's largest high-speed rail network.

Presently, China has the largest high-speed rail (HSR) system in the world. However, our understanding of the network structure of the world's largest HSR system remains largely incomplete due to the limited data available. In this study, a publicly available data source, namely, information from a ticketing website, was used to collect an exhaustive dataset on the stations and routes within the Chinese HSR system. The dataset included all 704 HSR stations that had been built as of June, 2016. A classical s...

Internet use for patient care and health research: A cross-sectional study among physicians in a teaching hospital of Eastern India.

Internet is the world's largest network of information and communication services. The internet is widely used in medicine and had a significant impact on research, training, and patient care.

The Most Influential Medical Journals According to Wikipedia: Quantitative Analysis.

Wikipedia, the multilingual encyclopedia, was founded in 2001 and is the world's largest and most visited online general reference website. It is widely used by health care professionals and students. The inclusion of journal articles in Wikipedia is of scholarly interest, but the time taken for a journal article to be included in Wikipedia, from the moment of its publication to its incorporation into Wikipedia, is unclear.

The sleep network organization during slow-wave sleep is more stable with age and has small-world characteristics more marked than during REM sleep in healthy men.

Sleep plays an important role in cognitive functioning. However, few studies have investigated the sleep network organization. The aim of our study was to empirically investigate the presence and the stability with age of a small-world network organization during REM and slow-wave sleep using the effective connectivity measured by the Granger causality. Polysomnographic data from 30 healthy men recruited prospectively were analysed. To obtain the 19 × 19 connectivity matrix of all possible pairwise com...

Global medical device company launches new iTero element 5D imaging system.

Evolutionary dynamics of cryptocurrency transaction networks: An empirical study.

Cryptocurrency is a well-developed blockchain technology application that is currently a heated topic throughout the world. The public availability of transaction histories offers an opportunity to analyze and compare different cryptocurrencies. In this paper, we present a dynamic network analysis of three representative blockchain-based cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Namecoin. By analyzing the accumulated network growth, we find that, unlike most other networks, these cryptocurrency networks do n...

The Medical Student Summer Research Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston: building research foundations.

Interest in incorporating research into the medical school curriculum has grown over the years. One of the challenges involved with providing research to medical students is developing programs that allow a large number of students to perform research. This involves securing faculty to mentor students in the design of research projects. In order to accommodate students with research interests, well-established research programs must be implemented.

The Role of Disturbed Small-World Networks in Patients with White Matter Lesions and Cognitive Impairment Revealed by Resting State Function Magnetic Resonance Images (rs-fMRI).

BACKGROUND Leukoaraiosis is characterized by white matter lesions (WMLs) on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and is associated with cognitive impairment. The small-world network is viewed as the optimal brain network with maximal efficiency in information processing. Patients with cognitive impairment are thought to have disrupted small-world networks. In this study, we compared the small-world network attributes between controls (study participants without memory complaints) and patients with WMLs with cog...

Publication of Randomized Clinical Trials in Pediatric Research: A Follow-up Study.

Nonpublication of research results in considerable research waste and compromises medical evidence and the safety of interventions in child health.

Attitudes is the most important environmental factor for use of powered mobility devices - users' perspectives.

Different factors in the environment influence the use of powered wheelchairs or powered scooters, i.e. powered mobility devices (PMDs), but there is limited knowledge about how these factors interact and if any factor has a greater impact. According to the ICF the environment consists of five areas.

"Neuro-oncology research in Nigeria: a great untapped potential".

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and has sub-optimal access to neuro-oncology care. It has been estimated that there is approximately 1 neurosurgeon to 2.4 million people in the country, with only few of these trained in the neuro-oncology sub-specialty and no dedicated medical or radiation neurooncologists. There is a paucity of information on the field of neuro-oncology in Nigeria. This manuscript aims to provide an overview of the current state of neuro-oncology literature in Nigeria.

Research on convolutional neural network and its application on medical image.

Recent years, convolutional neural network (CNN) is a research hot spot in machine learning and has some application value in computer aided diagnosis. Firstly, this paper briefly introduces the basic principle of CNN. Secondly, it summarizes the improvement on network structure from two dimensions of model and structure optimization. In model structure, it summarizes eleven classical models about CNN in the past 60 years, and introduces its development process according to timeline. In structure optimizati...

Age-related network topological difference based on the sleep ECG signal.

Age has been shown to be a crucial factor for the EEG and fMRI small-world networks during sleep. However, the characteristics of the age-related network based on sleep ECG signal and how the network changes during different sleep stages are poorly understood. This study focuses on to explore the age-related scale-free and small-world network properties of the ECG signal from male subjects during distinct sleep stages, including the wakeful(W), light sleep (LS), deep sleep (DS) and rapid eye movement (REM) ...

Powered ankle-foot orthoses: the effects of the assistance on healthy and impaired users while walking.

In the last two decades, numerous powered ankle-foot orthoses have been developed. Despite similar designs and control strategies being shared by some of these devices, their performance in terms of achieving a comparable goal varies. It has been shown that the effect of powered ankle-foot orthoses on healthy users is altered by some factors of the testing protocol. This paper provides an overview of the effect of powered walking on healthy and weakened users. It identifies a set of key factors influencing ...

The Network Structure of Tobacco Withdrawal in a Community Sample of Smokers Treated with Nicotine Patch and Behavioral Counseling.

Network theories of psychopathology highlight that, rather than being indicators of a latent disorder, symptoms of disorders can causally interact with one another in a network. The present study examined tobacco withdrawal from a network perspective.

Network meta-analysis in psychiatric research: Opportunities and caveats.

Network meta-analysis is a methodology for comparing different treatments or modalities including both direct comparisons and indirect comparisons based on a common comparator. While this provides a wealth of opportunities in psychiatric research, both designing a network meta-analysis and interpreting the same requires meticulous care. This brief reports lists key features of a network meta-analysis and highlights the importance of careful interpretation with a few examples from recent psychiatric research...

General Data Protection Regulation and medical research: friend or foe?

As of May 2018, the use of personal data in medical research is regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While, as before, in principle patients' consent for the use of their personal data is still required, exemptions for medical research still exist. When all of the criteria for the exemptions are met, and the other requirements of the GDPR are adhered to, personal data can be used in medical research without consent. In this paper we present a brief outline of a number of GDPR-relat...

Automated Identification of Hookahs (Waterpipes) on Instagram: An Application in Feature Extraction Using Convolutional Neural Network and Support Vector Machine Classification.

Instagram, with millions of posts per day, can be used to inform public health surveillance targets and policies. However, current research relying on image-based data often relies on hand coding of images, which is time-consuming and costly, ultimately limiting the scope of the study. Current best practices in automated image classification (eg, support vector machine (SVM), backpropagation neural network, and artificial neural network) are limited in their capacity to accurately distinguish between object...

Consumers' Responses To Surprise Medical Bills In Elective Situations.

A surprise medical bill is a bill from an out-of-network provider that was not expected by the patient or that came from an out-of-network provider not chosen by the patient. We investigated consumers' hospital choices after receipt of surprise out-of-network medical bills in an elective situation, using a large national sample of medical claims for obstetric patients with two deliveries covered by employer-sponsored health insurance in 2007-14. We found that 11 percent of mothers experienced a surprise ou...

Commentary: Paradigms, Axiology, and Praxeology in Medical Education Research.

This supplement includes 11 research papers accepted by the 2018 Research in Medical Education Committee. In this Commentary, the authors draw the attention of medical educators and researchers to questions about the researcher's philosophical paradigm. Such questions fundamentally guide research-the choice of conceptual frameworks, methods, and methodology. The authors provide a brief overview of research paradigms and the related concept of axiology and praxeology in medical education research. The author...

Deep learning for chest radiograph diagnosis: A retrospective comparison of the CheXNeXt algorithm to practicing radiologists.

Chest radiograph interpretation is critical for the detection of thoracic diseases, including tuberculosis and lung cancer, which affect millions of people worldwide each year. This time-consuming task typically requires expert radiologists to read the images, leading to fatigue-based diagnostic error and lack of diagnostic expertise in areas of the world where radiologists are not available. Recently, deep learning approaches have been able to achieve expert-level performance in medical image interpretatio...

Contemporary global perspectives of medical students on research during undergraduate medical education: a systematic literature review.

The need for increased expertise in evidence-based medicine and concerns about the decreasing numbers of physician-scientists have underscored the need for promoting and encouraging research in medical education. The critical shortage of physician-scientists has assumed a dimension demanding a coordinated global response. This systematic review examined the perceptions of medical students regarding research during undergraduate medical school from a global perspective.

A comprehensive map of genetic variation in the world's largest ethnic group - Han Chinese.

As are most non-European populations, the Han Chinese are relatively understudied in population and medical genetics studies. From low-coverage whole-genome sequencing of 11,670 Han Chinese women we present a catalog of 25,057,223 variants, including 548,401 novel variants that are seen at least 10 times in our dataset. Individuals from this dataset came from 24 out of 33 administrative divisions across China (including 19 provinces, 4 municipalities, and 1 autonomous region), thus allowing us to study popu...

The landscape of NeuroImage-ing research.

As the field of neuroimaging grows, it can be difficult for scientists within the field to gain and maintain a detailed understanding of its ever-changing landscape. While collaboration and citation networks highlight important contributions within the field, the roles of and relations among specific areas of study can remain quite opaque. Here, we apply techniques from network science to map the landscape of neuroimaging research documented in the journal NeuroImage over the past decade. We create a networ...

Closing the Evidence Gap in Interstitial Lung Disease: The Promise of Real World Data.

The complexity of modern medicine generates an enormous number of clinical questions, resulting in an expanding evidence gap that cannot be addressed by traditional clinical trials alone. Simultaneously, today's health systems generate an unprecedented amount of routine health information, known as "real world data". Advances in computing power and analytical capabilities have recently made it possible to transform real world data into evidence. In turn, real world evidence can inform medical decision makin...

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