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Your retirement and my health behavior: Evidence on retirement externalities from a fuzzy regression discontinuity design.

This paper presents evidence on intra-household retirement externalities by assessing the causal effect of spousal retirement on various health behaviors and health status across 19 European countries. We identify partner's and own retirement effects by applying a fuzzy regression discontinuity design using retirement eligibility as exogenous instruments for spousal and own retirement status. We find significant increases in the frequency and intensity of alcohol consumption combined with a significant decr...

Retirement planning and work-related variables in Chinese older nurses: A cross-sectional study.

To explore the situation of older nurses approaching retirement with regard to their retirement planning, and the relationship of their retirement planning behaviour with the job environment and job satisfaction under their current employment arrangements and other work-related variables.

Demographics, the Third Age and partial retirement: Policy proposals to accommodate the changing picture of female retirement in Canada.

Much concern has been raised around the potential impact of the retirement of the large baby boom generation. This article specifically addresses the unique issues surrounding the retirement of female baby boomers. Demographic changes, including increased labor force participation, coupled with declining fertility rates, have resulted in a social transformation of the roles women play in society. Despite these changes, women still bear much of the caregiving responsibilities in the household, which can comp...

Mental health and retirement savings: Confounding issues with compounding interest.

The questionable ability of the U.S. pension system to provide for the growing elderly population combined with the rising number of people affected by depression and other mental health issues magnifies the need to understand how these household characteristics affect retirement. Mental health problems have a large and significant negative effect on retirement savings. Specifically, psychological distress is associated with decreasing the probability of holding retirement accounts by as much as 24 percenta...

Historical and future trends in global source-receptor relationships of mercury.

Growing concern about the risk associated with increasing environmental mercury (Hg) concentrations has resulted in a focus on the relationships between intercontinental emitted and accumulated Hg. We use a global biogeochemical Hg model with 8 continental regions and a global ocean to evaluate the legacy impacts of historical anthropogenic releases (2000BCE to 2008AD) on global source-receptor relationships of Hg. Legacy impacts of historical anthropogenic releases are confirmed to be significant on the so...

Workplace Bullying as a Predictor of Disability Retirement: A Prospective Registry Study of Norwegian Employees.

The aim of this study was to determine 1) whether bullying is related to all-cause disability retirement, 2) whether bullying contributes to the variance in disability retirement above high job demands and lack of job control, and 3) to establish gender differences in the relationship.

Personal Experience Shapes Viewpoint on Transition to Retirement.

Executives transitioning to retirement experience professional and personal challenges. This article provides examples of decision points for timing and potential aspects to consider when transitioning to retirement. Examples are opinion-based as a result of personal experience and observations from an expert vantage point.

Oceanic dispersion of Fukushima-derived Cs-137 simulated by multiple oceanic general circulation models.

To understand the concentration and amount of Fukushima-derived Cs-137 in the ocean, this study simulated the oceanic dispersion of Cs-137 by atmospheric and oceanic dispersion simulations. The oceanic dispersion simulations were carried out with an oceanic dispersion model and multiple oceanic general circulation models. The Cs-137 concentrations were sensitive to ocean currents in the coastal, offshore, and open oceans. The mean Cs-137 concentrations of the multiple models relatively well agreed with the ...

Economic Downturns, Retirement and Long-Term Cognitive Function Among Older Americans.

Workers approaching retirement may be particularly vulnerable to economic downturns. This study assesses whether exposure to economic downturns around retirement age leads to poorer cognitive function in later life.

Determinants of working until retirement compared to a transition to early retirement among older workers with and without chronic diseases: Results from a Dutch prospective cohort study.

The ageing society and recent policy changes may lead to an increase of older workers with chronic diseases in the workforce. To date, it is unclear whether workers with chronic diseases have specific needs while employed. The aim of this study is to explore the differences in determinants of working until retirement compared to a reference group who have transitioned to early retirement among workers with and without chronic diseases.

Retirement and Cognition: A Life Course View.

This study examines the relationship between retirement and cognitive aging. We build on previous research by exploring how different specifications of retirement that reflect diverse pathways out of the labor market, including reason for leaving the pre-retirement job and duration spent in retirement, impact three domains of cognitive functioning. We further assess how early-life factors, including adolescent cognition, and mid-life work experiences, condition these relationships. To do so, we draw on long...

Retirement and Socioeconomic Differences in Diurnal Cortisol: Longitudinal Evidence From a Cohort of British Civil Servants.

Early old age and the period around retirement are associated with a widening in socioeconomic inequalities in health. There are few studies that address the stress-biological factors related to this widening. This study examined whether retirement is associated with more advantageous (steeper) diurnal cortisol profiles, and differences in this association by occupational grade.

Retirement blues.

This paper analyses the short- and longer-term effects of retirement on mental health in ten European countries. It exploits thresholds created by state pension ages in an individual-fixed effects instrumental-variable set-up, borrowing intuitions from the regression-discontinuity design literature, to deal with endogeneity in retirement behaviour. The results display no short-term effects of retirement on mental health, but a large negative longer-term impact. This impact survives a battery of robustness t...

Self-focusing of a partially coherent beam with circular coherence.

In a recent publication [Opt. Lett.42, 1512 (2017)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.42.001512], a novel class of partially coherent sources with circular coherence was introduced. In this paper, we examine the propagation behavior of the spectral density and the spectral degree of spatial coherence of a beam generated by such a source in free space and in oceanic turbulent media. It is found that the beam exhibits self-focusing, which is dependent on the initial coherence and the parameters of oceanic turbulence. T...

Post-retirement work and volunteering by poverty groups informed by Role Theory.

This study uses role theory to examine the association between post-retirement work and volunteering among older retirees and to determine whether this association varies across poverty status. Data came from the 2012 wave of the Health and Retirement Study. The sample was restricted to respondents aged 62 years or older and retired (N = 6,619). Ordered logistic regression was employed to investigate the independent and joint influence of post-retirement work and poverty status on volunteering, which sup...

Retirement Sequences of Older Americans: Moderately Destandardized and Highly Stratified Across Gender, Class, and Race.

A destandardization of labor-force patterns revolving around retirement has been observed in recent literature. It is unclear, however, to which degree and of which kind. This study looked at sequences rather than individual statuses or transitions and argued that differentiating older Americans' retirement sequences by type, order, and timing and considering gender, class, and race differences yields a less destandardized picture.

Retirement saving and mental health in China.

The Chinese population is aging rapidly while both the pension system is underdeveloped and the traditional family care arrangement is in retreat. This article's objective is to assess the relationship between concerns over retirement saving sufficiency and the mental health status of middle-aged and older Chinese adults, and identify the socioeconomic and demographic profile of those with insufficient retirement savings. A survey from about 2000 respondents collected information on self-assessed physical a...

Changes in Sports Participation across Transition to Retirement: Modification by Migration Background and Acculturation Status.

While total physical activity decreases over the life course, sports and leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) have shown to increase after transition to retirement. This paper aimed to investigate whether this change in sports participation differs (1) between non-migrant persons (NMP) versus persons with a migrant background (PMB), and (2) by acculturation status. Data was drawn from 16 waves of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) including 2664 NMP and 569 PMB. PMB were grouped according to accu...

Meeting the Late-Career Needs of Faculty Transitioning Through Retirement: One Institution's Approach.

Medical school faculty are aging, but few academic health centers are adequately prepared with policies, programs, and resources (PPR) to assist late-career faculty. The authors sought to examine cultural barriers to successful retirement and create alignment between individual and institutional needs and tasks through PPR that embrace the contributions of senior faculty while enabling retirement transitions at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2013-2017.

Propagation of partially coherent Lorentz-Gauss vortex beam through oceanic turbulence.

The partially coherent Lorentz-Gauss vortex beam generated by a Schell-model source has been introduced. Based on the extended Huygens-Fresnel principle, the cross-spectral density function of a partially coherent Lorentz-Gauss vortex beam propagating in oceanic turbulence is derived. The influences of coherence length, topological charge M, and oceanic turbulence on the spreading properties and position of the coherence vortex for a partially coherent Lorentz-Gauss vortex beam are analyzed in detail. The r...

Gates to retirement and gender differences: Macroeconomic conditions, job satisfaction, and age.

The different pathways out of the labor force have been the focus of many recent studies, yet not enough scholarly attention has been paid to the effect of country-level, individual, and job characteristics and their potentially different influence across genders. The current article examines the relationships between retirement decisions and macroeconomic conditions, personal characteristics, and job satisfaction, while focusing on gender differences. Data came from 16,337 respondents in 13 European countr...

Is retirement good for men's health? Evidence using a change in the retirement age in Israel.

This study examines the effect of employment on elderly men's health. A typical OLS analysis yields a positive relationship between employment and health for individuals in their sixties. Causality, however, is difficult to infer because healthier individuals are more capable of working than others. To overcome this endogeneity problem, this paper exploits the increase in the full retirement age for men in Israel from sixty-five to sixty-seven in 2004. After this change, the employment rate of men in this a...

Antisymmetry of oceanic eddies across the Kuroshio over a shelfbreak.

From the analysis of oceanic eddies detected in the drifter trajectories of the Global Drifter Program (GDP) data set, it was found that oceanic eddies are asymmetrically distributed across the Kuroshio in the East China Sea: predominant cyclonic (anticyclonic) eddies are on the western (eastern) sides of Kuroshio. This distribution is confirmed by high-resolution numerical modeling output as well. Most of these eddies are 5~20 km in radius, less than the local first baroclinic deformation radius, thus ca...

A process evaluation of the 'Aware' and 'Supportive Communities' gambling harm-minimisation programmes in New Zealand.

The Gambling Act 2003 mandated a public health strategy for preventing and minimising gambling harm in New Zealand . Aware Communities and Supportive Communities are two public health programmes subsequently implemented nationwide. These programmes differed from common health promotion initiatives such as media or education campaigns as they were community-action based (requiring community involvement in programme planning and delivery). We carried out a process evaluation to determine their implementation ...

Role of Oceanic and Terrestrial Atmospheric Moisture Sources in Intraseasonal Variability of Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall.

Summer Monsoon Rainfall over the Indian subcontinent displays a prominent variability at intraseasonal timescales with 10-60 day periods of high and low rainfall, known as active and break periods, respectively. Here, we study moisture transport from the oceanic and terrestrial sources to the Indian landmass at intraseasonal timescales using a dynamic recycling model, based on a Lagrangian trajectory approach applied to the ECMWF-ERA-interim reanalysis data. Intraseasonal variation of monsoon rainfall is ...

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