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Management of Malignant Pleural Effusions: Round and Round We Go.

Nutritional and meat quality characteristics of seven primal cuts from 9-month old female veal calves: a preliminary study.

Beef is a highly nutritious and valuable food. In order to complete its nutritional information, in this study was determined the chemical and physico-chemical parameters and fatty acids, amino acids and minerals contents in seven primal cuts from veal carcasses (shoulder clod [SC], inside round [IR], eye of round [ER], bottom round [BR], heel of round [HR], knuckle [KK] and tenderloin [TL]).

Arc welding noise assessment from the measured ultrasound pressure levels: Part I: The metal active gas welding.

Acoustic spectra of sound emitted by metal active gas welding in series of thirty experiments with different technological parameters evidenced that about 50% of the acoustic energy generated during welding was transmitted by the waves belonging to the octave band with center frequency of 31.5 kHz. Since the time series of the sound pressure levels in this frequency band resembled that of the respective total sound pressure levels, empirical correlation equations of the two quantities and the welding curr...

The 1st WFH Gene Therapy Round Table: Understanding the landscape and challenges of gene therapy for haemophilia around the world.

In this first in a series of round table meetings, the 1st World Federation of Hemophilia Gene Therapy Round Table was convened to initiate a global dialogue on the expected challenges and opportunities that a disruptive therapy, such as gene therapy, will bring to the haemophilia community. Perspectives from key stakeholder groups, including healthcare professionals, regulators, payors, people with hemophilia and pharmaceutical industry representatives, were sought in the identification of the key issues w...

Jean Baptiste Octave Landry (1866-1940).

Spindle and Round Cell Sarcoma With EWSR1-PATZ1 Gene Fusion: A Sarcoma With Polyphenotypic Differentiation.

The evolving classification of round cell sarcomas is driven by molecular alterations. EWSR1-PATZ1 fusion positive spindle and round cell sarcoma is one such new tumor entity. Herein, we report 2 EWSR1-PATZ1 fusion positive spindle and round cell sarcomas with overlapping histologic features and polyphenotypic differentiation. The intra-abdominal tumors affected female patients, 31-and 53-year old. Both tumors showed sheets and nests of round to spindle cells, fine chromatin, tiny conspicuous nucleoli, mode...

Octave bandwidth hybrid-coupled microstrip diplexer for a broadband radio astronomy receiver.

A new octave bandwidth high selectivity compact microstrip diplexer working in the band from 10 to 20 GHz is presented, intended to be a part of an electro-optical interferometer covering the whole frequency band. The circuit is based on the combination of hybrid couplers and bandpass filters both on the microstrip technology. The diplexer provides two output frequency bands which cover the 10-14 GHz (relative bandwidth of 33%) and the 16-20 GHz (relative bandwidth of 22%) ranges, respectively, with a stop ...

Chemometric characterization of the trace element profile of raw meat from Rubia Gallega x Holstein Friesian calves from an intensive system.

This study was conducted to compare the essential and toxic element content of seven veal cuts: shoulder clod (SC), inside round (IR), eye of round (ER), bottom round (BR), heel of round (HR), knuckle (KK) and tenderloin (TL). Eighty-four meat samples were determined by ICP-MS. Overall, essential trace elements (Co, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn), except Se, varied significantly between the different meat cuts. By contrast, there were no significant variations for the minor trace elements (Cr, Mo and Ni) or the toxic e...

PAX7 Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Ewing Sarcoma and Other Small Round Cell Tumors.

Ewing sarcoma is a small round cell tumor that affects bone and soft tissues. Although the detection of the specific fusion gene is a robust method of its diagnosis, immunohistochemistry may serve as a practical surrogate. Recent tissue microarray studies suggested that PAX7 is a novel marker, because it was consistently expressed in Ewing sarcoma, in addition to rhabdomyosarcoma and synovial sarcoma. Here, we evaluated the utility of PAX7 immunohistochemistry in whole-tissue sections of an expanded array o...

Kerma area product (KAP) and scatter measurements for intraoral X-ray machines using three different types of round collimation compared with rectangular beam limiter.

The objective of the study was to determine the radiation dose reduction achieved when rectangular collimation was used on various round collimators. In addition, we evaluated the tissue doses imparted to various head and neck organs.

"Round versus anatomical implants in primary cosmetic breast augmentation: a meta-analysis and systematic review".

Choosing implant shape (round or anatomical) is one of the most essential yet controversial decisions in cosmetic breast augmentation. Many surgeons choose implant shape based on personal experience or expert opinion. This is the first systematic review and meta-analysis comparing the aesthetic effect between anatomical and round implants in primary cosmetic breast augmentation.

Correction to: Jean Baptiste Octave Landry (1826-1865).

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake. Title was incorrect. The corrected title is given below.

Table tennis playing styles require specific energy systems demands.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the differences in energy system contributions and temporal variables between offensive and all-round playing styles. Fifteen male table tennis players (Offensive players: N = 7; All-round players: N = 8) participated in the study. Matches were monitored by a portable gas analyzer and the blood lactate responses was also measured. The contributions of the oxidative (WOXID), phosphagen (WPCr), and glycolytic (W[La]) energy systems were assumed as the oxygen con...

HuC/D expression in small round cell tumors and neuroendocrine tumors: a useful tool for distinguishing neuroblastoma from childhood small round cell tumors.

The RNA-binding protein HuC/D displays a neuron-specific expression and is involved in neuronal differentiation and the maintenance of the nervous system. Here we investigated the diagnostic value of HuC/D in neuroblastomas. We evaluated 85 neuroblastic tumors: 81 neuroblastomas; three ganglioneuroblastomas, intermixed; one ganglioneuroma, maturing, and 101 other tumors consisting of 34 Ewing sarcomas, 14 nephroblastomas, 11 rhabdomyosarcomas, 15 pulmonary small cell carcinomas, 18 pancreatic neuroendocrine...

Laparoscopic excision of round ligament endometrioma.

A 14-year-old female patient consulted due to 4 months of recurrent right pelvic pain during her menstrual period. Sonography revealed a 35 mm haemorrhagic right ovarian cyst, initially treated with hormone therapy and oral analgesics with no response. Surgery was indicated due to growth on sonography control and no response to medical treatment. Laparoscopy showed a 7 cm leiomyomatous-like mass arising from the right round ligament that was extracted en bloc without rupture with right salpingectomy and...

The Impact of Two-Stage Subtotal Petrosectomy and Round Window Vibroplasty on Bone Conduction Thresholds.

To evaluate possible increases in bone conduction (BC) hearing thresholds in patients undergoing subtotal petrosectomy (SP) with fat obliteration and blind sac closure of the outer ear canal and subsequent round window vibroplasty.

Comparable Electrode Impedance and Speech Perception at 12 Months after Cochlear Implantation Using Round Window versus Cochleostomy: An Analysis of 40 Patients.

The objective of this study was to examine whether cochlear implantation using the round window (RW) route versus cochleostomy achieves comparable electrode impedance and hearing results.

Y-Peg-in-a-Round-Hole Closure for Immediate Periareolar Mastectomy Expander Reconstruction.

Mastectomies closed with a linear scar can distort the resulting shape of the breast. We present our novel Y-peg-in-a-round-hole closure method of the mastectomy scar, which improves the shape of the reconstructed breast while maintaining reliable healing, implant coverage, and minimum scar size for covering by tattoo.

Round Window Niche Drilling with Intratympanic Steroid Is a Salvage Therapy of Sudden Hearing Loss.

To explore the effectiveness and safety of round window niche drilling combined with intratympanic methylprednisolone injection for the salvage treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) and its associated tinnitus after failed primary treatment.

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel, orally bioavailable pyrimidine-fused heterocycles as influenza PB2 inhibitors.

With the aim to identify novel influenza PB2 inhibitors with high potency and excellent pharmacokinetic parameters, we have designed and synthesized two new series of pyrimidine-fused heterocycle derivatives based on two generations of co-crystal structures. Docking studies with the newly disclosed PDB structure guided the second round of rational design and led to the discovery of 25m, 25o and 25p as representative compounds with improved potency (EC 

A Comparison of the Histopathologic Growth Patterns Between Non-Merkel Cell Small Round Blue Cell Tumors and Merkel Cell Carcinoma.

Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a rare neuroendocrine cutaneous malignancy that shares cytologic, histopathologic, and immunohistochemical features with other small round blue cell (SRBC) tumors. Although the trabecular pattern is anecdotally associated with MCC, objective data are lacking.

Clustering time series based on dependence structure.

The clustering of time series has attracted growing research interest in recent years. The most popular clustering methods assume that the time series are only linearly dependent but this assumption usually fails in practice. To overcome this limitation, in this paper, we study clustering methods applicable to time series with a general and dependent structure. We propose a copula-based distance to measure dissimilarity among time series and consider an estimator for it, where the strong consistency of the ...

Ewing-like Sarcoma: A Case of a Primary Cutaneous Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor With Atypical Immunohistochemistry and Lack of Fusion Oncogene Detection.

We present a 25-year-old male patient with a primary cutaneous primitive neuroectodermal tumor (cPNET) with unusual immunohistochemistry and lack of fusion oncogene generation. The lesion expressed CD99 and WT-1, and the histological features were consistent with cPNET. Differential diagnoses such as rhabdomyosarcoma, desmoplastic small round blue cell tumor, hematolymphoid neoplasm, neuroblastoma, and CIC-DUX round cell sarcoma were ruled out based on immunohistochemistry, genetic studies, and histology. P...

Oophoropexy to the Round Ligament after Recurrent Adnexal Torsion.

Recurrent adnexal torsion is a rare gynecological emergency. We report a case of recurrent ipsilateral adnexal torsion in a woman with polycystic ovaries, previously submitted to a laparoscopic plication of the utero-ovarian ligament. Due to the recurrence after the plication of the utero-ovarian ligament, the authors performed a laparoscopic oophoropexy to the round ligament, which is an underreported procedure. The patient was asymptomatic for 1 year, after which she had a new recurrence and needed a un...

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