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Everyday occupations prioritised by older adults participating in reablement. A cross-sectional study.

Little knowledge exists regarding which occupations older adults prioritize as rehabilitation goals in reablement and what factors are associated with their preferences. To explore which occupations older people with functional decline find important to improve, which of these they prioritize as their rehabilitation goals, and what factors are associated with these priorities. A cross-sectional study was undertaken with a sample of 738 older adults from a nationwide trial evaluating the effects of reablem...

A hidden aspect of the U.S. opioid crisis: Rise in first-time treatment admissions for older adults with opioid use disorder.

Older adults with opioid use disorder (OUD) are a medically complex population. The current study evaluated trends in older adults seeking treatment for OUD, with a focus on primary heroin versus prescription opioid use. This study also compared older adults with OUD to the younger OUD population on demographics and drug use behaviors.

Sleep and cognitive function in chronic stroke: A comparative cross-sectional study.

Poor sleep is common following stroke, limits stroke recovery, and can contribute to further cognitive decline post-stroke. However, it is unclear what aspects of sleep are different in older adults with stroke compared to those without, and whether the relationship between sleep and cognitive function differs by stroke history. We investigated whether older adults with stroke experience poorer sleep quality than older adults without stroke, and whether poor sleep quality attenuates cognitive performance am...

Fall Worry Restricts Social Engagement in Older Adults.

To examine cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between (a) activity-limiting fall worry (ALW) and (b) self-reported health-related restrictions and social engagement among older adults.

Community involvement, trust, and health-related outcomes among older adults in India: a population-based, multilevel, cross-sectional study.

this study examined whether individual and contextual measures of structural and cognitive social capital were associated with six health-related outcomes across older adults in India.

Classic challenges and emerging approaches to medication therapy in older adults.

Prescribing medications safely and effectively in older adults is a complex process. This review discusses challenges with medication prescribing in older adults and outlines a holistic approach to medication management in older adults. Well-known challenges including the alterations in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics that often occur with aging are discussed. Other classic concerns including polypharmacy, potentially inappropriate medication use, prescribing cascades, suboptimal prescribing, paradoxi...

Balance and mobility relationships in older adults: A representative population-based cross-sectional study in Madeira, Portugal.

Balance and mobility impairments are important modifiable risk factors associated with falls in older people.

Comparative study between formal and informal caregivers of older adults.

This study was aimed to compare the health conditions and burden of formal and informal caregivers of older adults. Cross-sectional and comparative study with a quantitative approach. The data were collected in 2014 in São Carlos/SP, using the Zarit Burden Interview and the SRQ 20 (Self Reported Questionnaire).

NUtraceutical TReatment for hYpercholesterolemia in HIV-infected patients: The NU-TRY(HIV) randomized cross-over trial.

Despite hypercholesterolemia has been recognized to increase cardiovascular risk in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients, cholesterol-lowering therapy is underused in this population, due to fear of drug-drug interactions with antiretroviral therapy (ART). We investigated the effects of a nutraceutical combination (NC) on lipid profile, proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9), subclinical inflammation and arterial stiffness in ART-treated HIV-infected patients.

Longitudinal analysis on determinants of vitamin B6 status in community-dwelling older adults over a period of 18 years.

Cross-sectional studies indicate an age-related decline in vitamin B6 status. Because longitudinal studies are lacking, the present study investigates the long-term association between age and vitamin B6 status in older adults by considering potential confounding factors.

Adherence to a Mediterranean Dietary Pattern status and associated factors among Portuguese older adults: Results from the Nutrition UP 65 cross-sectional study.

The aim of this study was to evaluate adherence to the Mediterranean dietary pattern (MDP) and its associated factors in older Portuguese adults.

Potential and clinical relevant drug-drug interactions among elderly from nursing homes: a multicentre study in Murcia, Spain.

This study purposes to determine the prevalence of potential and clinical relevant Drug-Drug-Interactions (pDDIs) in institutionalized older adults and to identify the pertinent factors associated. We conduct an observational, multicenter and cross-sectional study during the last quarter of 2010. We selected a sample of 275 subjects (aged ≥ 65 years) from 10 nursing homes of Murcia (Spain) by a two-stage complex sampling. pDDIs were identified using the College of Pharmacists Database. We only considered ...

Prevalence of concomitant hypertension and diabetes in Brazilian older adults: individual and contextual inequalities.

The simultaneous occurrence of specific diseases in older adults is explored little in the literature. The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of concomitant hypertension and diabetes in Brazilian older adults and determine associated contextual and individual factors. A population-based cross-sectional study was conducted with 10,991 older adults (≥ 60 years of age) interviewed during the 2012 Vigitel Survey. Statistical analysis involved multi-level Poisson regression. Mean age was 69.4. Th...

Is the Effect of Physical Activity on Quality of Life in Older Adults Mediated by Social Support?

Increasing evidence suggests positive associations between physical activity, social support, and quality of life in later life. However, the role of physical activity and social support in the influence on quality of life is unclear. In this viewpoint, definitions of central terms and key research findings on factors influencing quality of life in older adults are provided. We highlight the importance of both a physically active lifestyle and high social support in positively influencing quality of life. H...

Misinformation effect in aging: A new light with equivalence testing.

To better characterize the formation of false memories in older adults, we conducted a study using a French adaptation of the misinformation paradigm from Loftus, Levidow, and Duensing (1992). We aimed to show higher false memory production in older than in younger adults.

Older HIV+ and HIV- Adults Provide Similar Definitions of Successful Aging: A Mixed-Methods Examination.

As HIV-infected (HIV+) individuals age, there is a need to understand successful aging (SA) from the patient perspective. This study compared SA definitions between HIV+ and HIV-uninfected (HIV-) older adults and then examined correlates of SA categories.

The prevalence of pressure ulcers in community-dwelling older adults: A study in an Indonesian city.

The objectives of this study were to investigate the prevalence and the characteristics of pressure ulcers (PU) in community-dwelling older adults in Indonesia, including specific characteristics of the PU patients and their use of formal and informal care. A cross-sectional design was used for the study, with 325 participants aged 60 years or older, randomly chosen from the general community. The overall PU prevalence and the PU prevalence excluding category 1 were 10.8% (95% confidence interval [CI], 5....

Differences in Advance Care Planning Between American Indian and White Older Adults.

Advance care planning (ACP) is understudied among American Indian individuals. A cross-sectional, self-administered survey was conducted with a convenience sample of 200 American Indian and 436 non-Hispanic White older adults from two Midwestern states to identify correlates of ACP. Compared with their White peers, American Indian older adults were significantly less likely to have an end-of-life (EOL) care plan or to have completed a durable power of attorney for health care (DPAHC) or a living will. Multi...

Potential drug-drug interactions between antiretroviral therapy and treatment regimens for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis: implications for HIV care of MDR-TB co-infected individuals.

HIV-positive TB co-infected patients are at increased risk of multidrug-resistant (MDR)-TB compared to HIV-negative patients. Co-treatment of MDR-TB and HIV is common particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa where the co-morbidity is endemic. We discuss potential cellular metabolic pathway-mediated drug-drug interactions and the possible effect on HIV treatment outcomes of commonly prescribed antiretroviral therapy.

Manual dexterity and dental biofilm accumulation in independent older adults without hand disabilities: a cross-sectional study.

This study investigated the relationship between manual dexterity and dental biofilm accumulation in independent older Koreans using Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence-Digital (QLF-D).

Correlates of Depressive Symptoms Among Older Adults With Physical Functional Limitations: A Cross-Sectional Study in China.

The current study sought to determine the prevalence and correlates of depressive symptoms among older adults with physical functional limitations in China. A total of 2,410 older adults (age ≥60 years) were enrolled. Depressive symptoms and physical function were assessed with the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) and Barthel Index of Activities of Daily Living, respectively. Univariate logistic regression and stepwise multiple logistic regression analyses were performed. The mean score for depressi...

Prevalence and correlates of physical inactivity among older adults in Malaysia: Findings from the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2015.

Malaysia has an increasingly aging population. Despite the substantial benefits of physical activity for healthy aging, older adults are considered the most physically inactive segment of the Malaysian population. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of physical inactivity among older adults in Malaysia and its correlates. We analysed data on adults aged ≥60 years (n = 3790) from the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2015, a cross-sectional, nationwide population-based s...

Predictors of Emergency Department Use Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults.

A cross-sectional research study was conducted to explore factors associated with and predictors of emergency department (ED) use among community-dwelling older adults. Data were collected using questionnaires regarding demographic characteristics, health literacy, comprehensive assessment instruments, and ED use. Age, fall frequency, number of diseases, number of medications, health literacy, nutritional status, cognitive function, and activities of daily living were associated with ED use. Age (adjusted o...

Creative aging: functional brain networks associated with divergent thinking in older and younger adults.

Creative thinking is associated with connectivity between the default and executive control networks in the young brain. In aging, this pattern of functional coupling has been observed across multiple tasks. We have described this as the Default-Executive Coupling Hypothesis of Aging and suggest that this connectivity pattern may also be associated with creativity in older adulthood. However, age differences in brain networks implicated in creativity have yet to be investigated. The overarching goal of the ...

The Role of Sex and Physical Activity in Gait and Knee Extensor Function With Age.

Older females experience higher rates of disability than males, potentially due to sex-specific differences in gait and muscle function. We evaluated the effects of age and physical activity (PA) on gait mechanics and knee extensor muscle function in males and females. Three groups of 20 individuals (each 10 females) participated: young (21-35 years), and highly and less active older (55-70 years) adults. Knee extensor strength and joint mechanics during preferred-speed gait were collected before and after ...

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