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All that I need exists within me: A qualitative study of nulliparous Norwegian women's experiences with planned home birth.

The aim of this study was to gain knowledge regarding how Norwegian nulliparous women experience planned home birth and why they choose this route of giving birth.

The lived experiences of healthcare during pregnancy, birth, and three months after in women with type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Being pregnant, giving birth, and becoming a mother the first months after birth, is for women with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) a period of difficult challenges. In order to identify their need of support from healthcare, the aim of this study was to describe healthcare during pregnancy, labour, birth, and up to 12 weeks after birth as experienced by Swedish women with T1DM. We used a phenomenological reflective lifeworld research approach, and made 1-2 individual interviews with ten women in late pregn...

Differences in Cesarean section rates by fetal sex among Chinese women in the United States: Does Chinese culture play a role?

To investigate whether elements of Chinese culture, such as son preference, influence women's mode of child delivery, this paper analyzes how fetal sex affects C-section rates among Chinese mothers compared with Japanese mothers in the United States. It uses birth certificate data from 1990 to 2000, a period when women were routinely able to learn the sex of the fetus during pregnancy. Compared with Japanese mothers, Chinese mothers were 1 percentage point more likely to undergo C-section when giving birth ...

Difficult caesarean section: A literature review.

Caesarean section (CS) is usually perceived as a simple and safe alternative to natural birth, but in some instances can be technically difficult with consequent health hazards for both the mother and the fetus. We have proposed an evidence-based literature review of the most common difficult CS scenarios, with the aim to provide useful information about their management, possible prevention and resolution of complications.

Sustained versus standard inflations during neonatal resuscitation to prevent mortality and improve respiratory outcomes.

At birth, infants' lungs are fluid-filled. For newborns to have a successful transition, this fluid must be replaced by air to enable gas exchange. Some infants are judged to have inadequate breathing at birth and are resuscitated with positive pressure ventilation (PPV). Giving prolonged (sustained) inflations at the start of PPV may help clear lung fluid and establish gas volume within the lungs.

Using meta-analyses to improve risk estimates of specific birth defects.

Meta-analysis is a powerful framework for combining information across several studies and it is a particularly appealing option in birth defect research. Given that individual birth defects are rare, studies of specific birth defects are often hampered by small numbers. To deal with issues stemming from the small number of infants with a given birth defect, it is common to group birth defects, resulting in analyses of outcomes like "all birth defects" or all birth defects in a given body system.

Surrogacy and Pregnancy.

Surrogacy allows for parenthood when it is otherwise impossible or exceedingly difficult; however, the risks of surrogate pregnancy for the gestational surrogate and the fetus are not well defined.

Ultrasound-Guided Morcellation During Difficult Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP).

To demonstrate how bladder ultrasound can be useful in completing morcellation during difficult Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP). As HoLEP has emerged as a standard of care for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, multiple studies have reported the potentially catastrophic complication of bladder injury during morcellation. This video aims to assist any urologist performing HoLEP by providing step-by-step instruction for using ultrasound to complete morcellation safely.

Medical expert opinion of occupational illness using the example of pneumological diseases.

Orders for medical expertise reports of the accident insurance institutions and the social courts often have very difficult and complex issues and therefore require a high level of medical expertise as well as occupational health and accident insurance law knowledge. This applies in particular to the expert opinion as to whether a causal connection exists between occupational effects and the disease. Causality must be described on the basis of the current state of medical and scientific knowledge in such a ...

Estimating birth weight from observed postnatal weights in a Guatemalan highland community.

Low birth weight is one of the leading contributors to global perinatal deaths. Detecting this problem close to birth enables the initiation of early intervention, thus reducing the long-term impact on the fetus. However, in low-and middle-income countries, sometimes newborns are weighted days or months after birth, thus challenging the identification of low birth weight. This study aims to estimate birth weight from observed postnatal weights recorded in a Guatemala highland community.

Advanced maternal age and risk of adverse perinatal outcome among women with congenital heart disease: A nationwide register-based cohort study.

Women with maternal congenital heart disease have a higher risk of preterm birth (PTB) and giving birth to a small for gestational age (SGA) infant. Advanced maternal age (≥35 years) likewise increases the risk of PTB and SGA, probably explained by poorer cardiovascular status. It is likely that advanced maternal age is particularly detrimental in women with congenital heart disease.

Perceptions of Birth Fathers about their Open Adoption.

Birth fathers are the least known of the adoption triad (adoptee, birth family, adoptive family). There is a gap in evidence about birth father involvement in open adoptions.

Radiological Studies in Very Low Birth Weight and Extremely Low Birth Weight Neonates: 'ALARA' Revisited.

Very low birth weight (VLBW) and extremely low birth weight (ELBW) neonates are particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of ionizing radiation. There are limited data on radiographic practice among this population in resource-limited environments.

Emotional support (giving or receiving) and risk of incident dementia: The Ohsaki Cohort 2006 Study.

Previous studies have suggested that emotional support may promote cognition; however, the effects of giving or receiving emotional support on incident dementia remain unclear. Therefore, we sought to investigate the relationship between emotional support (giving or receiving) and incident dementia. In December 2006, we conducted a prospective cohort study of 31,694 Japanese individuals aged ≥65 years who lived in Ohsaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. A self-reported questionnaire including items on emot...

Vulnerability in Birth; A negative capability.

This article explores the literature on women's expectations for birth, the sociocultural context from which these expectations originate and their impact on the interpretation of birth experience.

Critical windows for maternal fine particulate matter exposure and adverse birth outcomes: The Shanghai birth cohort study.

Prenatal exposure to ambient levels of air pollution has been reported to adversely affect birth outcomes, yet few studies have investigated refined susceptible windows for adverse birth outcomes.

Use of complete blood count for predicting preterm birth in asymptomatic pregnant women: A propensity score-matched analysis.

Accurate prediction of preterm birth (PTB) is still difficult, mostly because of the multifactorial etiology of PTB. Previous studies have been mostly focused on the prediction of PTB in symptomatic women or those presenting with threatened preterm labor. We aimed to study whether complete blood count (CBC) parameters at 20-30 weeks of pregnancy can predict asymptomatic PTB.

From baby brain to mommy brain: Widespread gray matter gain after giving birth.

Pregnancy results in obvious physiological changes to the female body, but data as to what happens to the maternal brain after giving birth are sparse as well as inconsistent. The overall goal of this study is to determine the nature of cerebral change in the postpartum period. For this purpose, we analyzed T1-weighted brain images of 14 healthy women (age range: 25-38 years) at two time points, specifically within 1-2 days of childbirth (immediate postpartum) and at 4-6 weeks after childbirth (late postpar...

National population-based estimates for major birth defects, 2010-2014.

Using the National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) annual data report, U.S. national prevalence estimates for major birth defects are developed based on birth cohort 2010-2014.

Reproductive Parameters of Wild Rhinopithecus bieti.

Animal life activities are rhythmic and affected by seasonal periodicity. Based on 9 years of observations, we estimated the reproductive parameters of a wild, but provisioned Yunnan snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus bieti) group at Xiangguqing in Baimaxueshan National Nature Reserve, Yunnan Province, China. We observed 84 infants (43 males and 41 females) from 41 females between 2010 and 2018. We found the birth sex ratio was 1:1, the female age at first birth was 6.13 years and infant mortality was about 1...

Maternal health and birth outcomes in a South African birth cohort study.

Maternal physical and mental health during pregnancy are key determinants of birth outcomes. There are relatively few prospective data that integrate physical and mental maternal health measures with birth outcomes in low- and middle-income country settings. We aimed to investigate maternal health during pregnancy and the impact on birth outcomes in an African birth cohort study, the Drakenstein Child Health Study.

How Women Evaluate Birth Challenges: Analysis of Web-Based Birth Stories.

Birth stories provide an intimate glimpse into women's birth experiences in their own words. Understanding the emotions elicited in women by certain types of behaviors during labor and delivery could help those in the health care community provide better emotional care for women in labor.

Changepoint analysis of gestational age and birth weight: proposing a refinement of Diagnosis Related Groups.

Although the complexity and length of treatment is connected to the newborn's maturity and birth weight, most case-mix grouping schemes classify newborns by birth weight alone. The objective of this study was to determine whether the definition of thresholds based on a changepoint analysis of variability of birth weight and gestational age contributes to a more homogenous classification.

Intrauterine growth restriction, preterm birth and risk of end-stage renal disease during the first 50 years of life.

Low birth weight (LBW) is associated with a higher risk of end-stage renal disease (ESRD). The relative impacts of absolute birth weight, birth weight in relation to gestational age and preterm birth are, however, uncertain.

Oxygen-oxygen distances in protein-bound crystallographic water suggest the presence of protonated clusters.

The availability of high-resolution X-ray structures has shown that proteins contain numerous water molecules, but their role is still not fully understood. Protonated and deprotonated water species are often involved in biochemical reactions. However protons are exceedingly difficult to detect directly because they are electron-poor species.

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