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The neural correlates of trustworthiness evaluation of faces and brands: Implications for behavioral and consumer neuroscience.

When we buy a product of a brand, we trust the brand to provide good quality and reliability. Therefore, trust plays a major role in consumer behavior. It is unclear, however, how trust in brands is processed in the brain and whether it is processed differently from interpersonal trust. In this study, we used fMRI to investigate the neural correlates of interpersonal and brand trust by comparing the brain activation patterns during explicit trustworthiness judgments of faces and brands. Our results showed t...

Poor quality male latex condoms found in Dominican Republic: Quality assurance evaluation and public health impact.

Male condoms are important to prevent transmission of HIV (and other STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. Research was conducted to evaluate the quality of male condoms available in the Dominican Republic market based on preliminary concerns of suspect product. Based on international testing standards (ISO 4074 and ASTM D 3492-08), condoms were sampled across ten prominent brands within the market and evaluated for airburst pressure / volume, freedom from holes, visual defects, package seal integrity, packaging ...

Assessments of some metals contamination in lipsticks and their associated health risks to lipstick consumers in Iran.

In this study, the concentrations of lead, cadmium, and chromium in lipstick samples were evaluated. The samples were from different brands and produced in different countries. The average lead, cadmium, and chromium concentrations in all lipstick samples were 1.851, 0.017, and 4.300 mg kg ww, respectively. There was a significant difference in the concentrations of lead, cadmium, and chromium among the brands (p 

Preliminary Studies on the Absorbance Ratio Method Used to Determining the Age of Stamp-pad Ink Seal.

Stamp-pad ink seals are often placed on important documents, and determining the dating of stamp-pad ink seal is important to assess the authenticity of a document. In this study, 20 different brands and types of stamp-pad inks were classified by ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer. Six different brands and types of papers were classified by micro-Fourier transform infrared spectrometer and visual spectral comparator 6000. Three different brands of stamp-pad inks and two different types of paper were used...

Data on spot-kits versus titration method for iodine determination in salt: Performance and validity.

The aim of this data is comparison of achieved data from salt iodine measurement by titration method with using sodium thiosulfate in presence of lugol׳s reagent and commercial spot- kit. Titration measurement was carried out in two different laboratories using standard samples. 437 samples including 20 commercial brands were collected throughout Iran. The iodine contents of the samples were measured by both the titration method and two most frequently used spot-kit brands in Iran. There is no significant ...

Characterization of canola oil extracted by different methods using fluorescence spectroscopy.

The potential of fluorescence spectroscopy has been utilized for the characterization of three types of canola oil samples: the first type was obtained by dissolving its seeds in hexane solvent, the second by cold press method, and the third from eight commercial brands. Fluorescence spectra from all samples have been acquired by using excitation wavelengths from 280 to 420 nm with step of 10 nm to investigate their valuable ingredients. The emission bands at 375, 525 and 673 nm that represent vitamin E/bet...

The price of Natural American Spirit relative to other cigarette brands.

American Spirit cigarettes feature American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) imagery in the branding, are marketed as environmentally friendly, without additives, and four varieties contain organic tobacco. This study is the first to examine retail price of American Spirit relative to other cigarette brands and to assess how its price varies by neighborhood demography.

Advantages and disadvantages of different pre-cooking and cooking methods in removal of essential and toxic metals from various rice types- human health risk assessment in Tehran households, Iran.

The aim of present study was to evaluate the effects of different pre-cooking and cooking methods on the concentration of toxic (As, Cd and Pb) and essential (Fe, Cu, Co and Zn) metals in widely consumed rice types by Tehran households, Iran. In this regard, a total of 90 samples were obtained from Iranian, Pakistani and Indian rice brands (30 samples from each brand), and were examined in order to determine the concentration of toxic metals including As, Cd, Pb, Fe, Zn, Co and Cu using ICP-OES. Among these...

An office based evaluation of various Itraconazole brands.

Analysis of elemental and isotopic variation in glass frictionators from 0.22 rimfire primers.

The majority of 0.22 calibre rimfire ammunition available in Australia, and overseas, tends to use glass powder rather than antimony sulfide frictionator in the primer. This glass can be the nucleus of a GSR particle, with other primer components condensing around and onto the glass structure. As the composition of glass frictionator remains largely unaltered during ammunition discharge [1] there is the possibility that frictionator composition could be used in GSR examinations to either correlate or discri...

The erosive potential of additive artificial flavoring in bottled water.

Acidic beverage consumption is a well-recognized contributor to extrinsic dental erosion. Although the pH values of some commercially available bottled waters are below neutral pH, water is still considered to be a safe and healthy choice. Artificial flavoring liquids or powders, known as water enhancers (WEs), have been introduced to the market to modify the taste of water. The purposes of the present study were to measure the pH and titratable acidity of WEs and to perform gravimetric analysis of teeth im...

Little cigars and cigarillos harbor diverse bacterial communities that differ between the tobacco and the wrapper.

Despite their potential importance with regard to infectious and chronic diseases among tobacco users, microbial constituents of tobacco products lack characterization. Specifically, to our knowledge, there are no data describing the bacterial diversity of little cigars or cigarillos. To address this knowledge gap, we tested four brands of little cigars and cigarillos. Tobacco and wrapper subsamples (n = 132) were separately subjected to DNA extraction, followed by PCR amplification of the V3V4 hypervariabl...

Sanitary pads and diapers contain higher phthalate contents than those in common commercial plastic products.

Sanitary pads and diapers are made of synthetic plastic materials that can potentially be released while being used. This study measured the amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (methylene chloride, toluene, and xylene) and phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP, and BBP) contained in sanitary pads and diapers. In sanitary pads, 5,900- and 130-fold differences of VOC and phthalate concentrations were seen among the brands. In the diapers, 3- and 63-fold differences of VOC and phthalate concentrations were detec...

In vitro efficiency of 16 different Ca(OH) based CO absorbent brands.

Data directly comparing CO absorbents tested in identical and clinically relevant conditions are scarce or non-existent. We therefore tested and compared the efficiency of 16 different brands of Ca(OH) based CO absorbents used as loose fill or a cartridge in a refillable canister under identical low flow conditions. CO absorbents efficiency was tested by flowing 160 mL/min CO into the tip of a 2 L balloon that was ventilated with an ADU anesthesia machine (GE, Madison, WI, USA) with a tidal volume of 500...

The Wild West of E-Cigarettes.

The popularity of e-cigarettes is growing exponentially. Yet, the health risks associated with their use remain unclear, mainly due to the fact that they are not "one product", but a combination of ever-evolving designs, flavors, brands, and modes of use. Research needs to better understand how these variables affect toxicity.

Contamination of Indian sea salts with microplastics and a potential prevention strategy.

This study reports the contamination of Indian sea salts with different microplastic particles, as a consequence of using contaminated sea water. Samples from all eight brands of investigated sea salts were found contaminated, and concentrations of these particles ranged from 103 ± 39 to 56 ± 49 particles kg of salt. Both fibers and fragments were observed with large variation in size. Eighty percent of the extracted fibers and the fragments were smaller than 2000 μm and 500 μm respectively. E...

Automatic graph-based method for localization of cochlear implant electrode arrays in clinical CT with sub-voxel accuracy.

Cochlear implants (CIs) are neural prosthetics that provide a sense of sound to people who experience severe to profound hearing loss. Recent studies have demonstrated a correlation between hearing outcomes and intra-cochlear locations of CI electrodes. Our group has been conducting investigations on this correlation and has been developing an image-guided cochlear implant programming (IGCIP) system to program CI devices to improve hearing outcomes. One crucial step that has not been automated in IGCIP is t...

Health promotion by International Olympic Sport Federations: priorities and barriers.

To identify changes in International Federations' priorities and the barriers to implementing athlete and global health initiatives. Results should influence the work of the International Federation medical committees, the IOC and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federation.

Aspects of in vivo endotracheal tube intracuff pressure in cats.

To determine the endotracheal tube cuff pressure produced with two inflation techniques, in two brands of endotracheal tube in cats. To determine the inspiratory pressure which produces an audible leak when the intracuff pressure is 30 cmHO.

History of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry: A 50-year perspective.

This paper demonstrates how the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD) arose from small beginnings in 1967. What started as an International Forum on Child Dental Health in London grew to become first the International Association of Dentistry for Children and then the outstanding IAPD with biennial congresses, regional meetings, cooperation with other children's organisations, Teach the Teachers programmes, a wonderful website and this International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. There ...

Barriers to rejecting junk food sponsorship in sport-a formative evaluation using concept mapping.

Energy-dense, nutrient-poor food and drink ('junk food') brands sponsoring sport is a growing public health concern. This study explored sports administrators' perceptions of the barriers to rejecting junk food sponsorship.

International Nursing Review: Celebrating Induction into the 2018 International Academy of Nursing Editors' Hall of Fame.

Original vs. non-original abutments for screw-retained single implant crowns: An in vitro evaluation of internal fit, mechanical behaviour and screw loosening.

To assess the internal accuracy, mechanical behaviour under static load and screw loosening before and after cyclic loading of implant-supported crowns restored with original components or with two compatible non-original brands.

Brief history of the Asiatic International Society of Hematology: our roots of international cooperation with Asian countries.

This year, 2018, marks the 60th anniversary of the Asiatic International Society of Hematology founded in 1958 and it seems to be a fitting occasion on which to reflect on our roots of the international cooperation with Asian countries. The Japanese Society of Hematology held the first meeting of the Asiatic International Society of Hematology in 1958 in Nagoya. Hematologists representing at least 10 Asian countries or districts, including Australia, Burma, Ceylon, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philip...

International assessment of inter- and intrarater reliability of the International Frontal Sinus Anatomy Classification system.

Inconsistencies in the nomenclature of structures of the frontal sinus have impeded the development of a validated "reference standard" classification system that surgeons can reliably agree upon. The International Frontal Sinus Anatomy Classification (IFAC) system was developed as a consensus document, based on expert opinion, attempting to address this issue. The purposes of this study are to: establish the reliability of the IFAC as a tool for classifying cells in the frontal recess among an internationa...

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