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Performing the Parryscope technique gently for office tubal patency assessment.

To demonstrate a novel approach to office tubal patency assessment through infusing air into saline during flexible office hysteroscopy. We also provide data addressing pain and patient experience relative to hysterosalpingography (HSG).

"I Think I Can . . . Maybe I Can . . . I Can't": Social Work Women and Local Elected Office.

If women are more interested in running for office, it should be observable in MSW students. Not only are the majority of students women, but they have experienced a dramatic change in political fortunes within the last year. However, the 2016 election may be leading women to doubt their qualifications to run. Using survey data from 545 MSW students and 200 law students, this study considers how interested women are in running for office and what barriers they perceive to doing so. Results suggest that wome...

Cautious approach to genome editing urged: Statement says to hold off on clinical use but supports in vitro research.

A multicentre study on unattended automated office blood pressure measurement in treated hypertensive patients.

Unattended automated office blood pressure (uAutoOBP) may eliminate white-coat effect. In the present study, we studied its relationships to attended office blood pressure (BP) and ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM).

Genome-wide association study of offspring birth weight in 86,577 women identifies five novel loci and highlights maternal genetic effects that are independent of fetal genetics.

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of birth weight have focused on fetal genetics, while relatively little is known about the role of maternal genetic variation. We aimed to identify maternal genetic variants associated with birth weight that could highlight potentially relevant maternal determinants of fetal growth. We meta-analysed data on up to 8.7 million SNPs in up to 86,577 women of European descent from the Early Growth Genetics (EGG) Consortium and the UK Biobank. We used structural equation mod...

Transforming growth factor-β1 gene polymorphisms with liver cirrhosis risk: A meta-analysis.

Although several epidemiological studies have investigated the association of transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-ß1) gene polymorphisms with the susceptibility to liver cirrhosis (LC), controversial results exist. Consequently, we performed a meta-analysis to accurately evaluate the relationship of TGF-ß1-509C/T and codon 10T/C polymorphisms with the risk of LC introduced by chronic hepatitis B/V virus (HBV/HCV) infection. A total of 9 case-control studies, involving 985 LC patients and 909 controls, wer...

Genetic overlap between epilepsy and schizophrenia: Evidence from cross phenotype analysis in Hong Kong Chinese population.

Epilepsy and schizophrenia are common and typical neurological or mental illness respectively, and sometimes they comorbid in the same patients, however the underlying genetic relationship between the two brain diseases is still not fully understood. To investigate the possible genetic contribution to their comorbidity, we performed polygenic risk score (PRS) analyses and genetic correlation estimation so as to identify the overall genetic overlap between the two diseases. The global schizophrenia PRS is st...

In-office dental bleaching with light vs. without light: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

A systematic review and meta-analysis were performed to answer the following research question: Does light-activated in-office vital bleaching have a greater whitening efficacy and higher tooth sensitivity (TS) in comparison with in-office vital bleaching without light when used in adults?

PERF: An Exhaustive Algorithm for Ultra-Fast and Efficient Identification of Microsatellites from Large DNA Sequences.

Microsatellites or Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) are short tandem repeats of DNA motifs present in all genomes. They have long been used for a variety of purposes in the areas of population genetics, genotyping, marker-assisted selection, and forensics. Numerous studies have highlighted their functional roles in genome organization and gene regulation. Though several tools are currently available to identify SSRs from genomic sequences, they have significant limitations.

Genetic disruption of the oncogenic HMGA2-PLAG1-IGF2 pathway causes fetal growth restriction.

PurposeFetal growth is a complex process involving maternal, placental and fetal factors. The etiology of fetal growth retardation remains unknown in many cases. The aim of this study is to identify novel human mutations and genes related to Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS), a syndromic form of fetal growth retardation, usually caused by epigenetic downregulation of the potent fetal growth factor IGF2.MethodsWhole-exome sequencing was carried out on members of an SRS familial case. The candidate gene from the ...

Identification of the Optimal Protocol for Automated Office Blood Pressure Measurement Among Patients With Treated Hypertension.

Automated office blood pressure (AOBP) involving repeated, unobserved blood pressure (BP) readings during one clinic visit is recommended for in-office diagnosis and assessment of hypertension. However, the optimal AOBP protocol to determine BP control in the least amount of time with the fewest BP readings is yet to be determined and was the aim of this study.

A Novel SCCA Approach via Truncated ℓ1-norm and Truncated Group Lasso for Brain Imaging Genetics.

Brain imaging genetics, which studies the linkage between genetic variations and structural or functional measures of the human brain, has become increasingly important in recent years. Discovering the bi-multivariate relationship between genetic markers such as single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and neuroimaging quantitative traits (QTs) is one major task in imaging genetics. Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis (SCCA) has been a popular technique in this area for its powerful capability in identifyin...

The genetics and development of mandibles and hypopharyngeal sclerite and cornua in larvae of Drosophila gaucha.

The genetics and epigenetic processes associated with morphological organization are a principal aim of biology, ranging from cohesion between cells to shape and size of organisms. We investigate the post-embryonic development of Hypopharyngeal sclerite and cornua HPC and mandibles M of Drosophila gaucha larva. Integrated functioning of these Cephalopharyngeal skeleton parts of D. gaucha larva is essential for food acquisition, participating in locomotion and microhabitat selection. We examined two isolates...

In-Office Diagnostic Needle Arthroscopy: Understanding the Potential Value for the US Healthcare System.

In-office diagnostic needle arthroscopy is a cost-effective and reproducible procedure with potential cost and quality-of-life benefits for commercial payers and patients. Significant value was realized in this 200-patient retrospective review. Minimum savings of $418 and $554.62 were realized for noncontrast knee and shoulder magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, respectively, in independent MRI facilities. Those savings more than doubled in hospital-based facilities: $961.08 and $1097.62, respectively, ...

Exploratory study of barriers to successful office contacts for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The American Academy of Pediatrics published attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) guidelines, but significant variability exists in care. This exploratory study aimed to understand barriers to compliance with primary care office contacts for ADHD medication management. The study was conducted at a single academic medical center via retrospective chart review between 6/1/15 and 5/31/16 in combination with telephone interviews. Participants included 306 children 6-12 years old with an ADHD-related...

The growth of the IFHGS after 2000.

Face-name memory training in subjective memory decline: how does office-based training translate to everyday situations?

This study aimed to examine whether people with subjective memory decline (SMD) benefit from face-name memory training (single session) as much as older adult controls in an office-based setting. Approximately 2 months later, groups were reassessed for translation to a naturalistic setting. In the office setting, there was a significant interaction between stimulus type (cued name; uncued name) and training condition (spaced retrieval, semantic association, no training), but no group differences nor intera...

Unique association of hypochondroplasia with craniosynostosis and cleft palate in a Mexican family.

Hypochondroplasia (HCH) is a skeletal dysplasia caused by an abnormal function of the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3. Although believed to be relatively common, its prevalence and phenotype are not well established owing to its clinical, radiological, and genetic heterogeneity. Here we report on a molecularly proven HCH family with an affected father and two children. The siblings (male and female) with HCH also had craniosynostosis and cleft palate, respectively. The present report supports the conclu...

Obesity and obesogenic growth are both highly heritable and modified by diet in a nonhuman primate model, the African green monkey (Chlorocebus aethiops sabaeus).

In humans, the ontogeny of obesity throughout the life course and the genetics underlying it has been historically difficult to study. We compared, in a non-human primate model, the lifelong growth trajectories of obese and non-obese adults, to assess the heritability of and map potential genomic regions implicated in growth and obesity.

Abscisic Acid Signaling Inhibits Brassinosteroid Signaling through Dampening the Dephosphorylation of BIN2 by ABI1 and ABI2.

Abscisic acid (ABA) and brassinosteroid (BR) antagonistically regulate many aspects of plant growth and development. A physiological study revealed that the inhibition of BR signaling by ABA is largely dependent on ABI1 and ABI2, but genetic and molecular evidence is lacking. In the BR signaling, their crosstalk occurs after BR receptor complex, but upstream of BIN2. However, which components act as the hub to directly mediate their crosstalk has remains a big mystery. Here, we found that ABI1 and ABI2 inte...

In-Office Sutureless Correction of Prolapsed Subconjunctival Orbital Fat.

To describe a minimally invasive, sutureless, small incision surgical technique for the treatment of subconjunctival orbital fat prolapse (SOFP) performed using local anesthesia in an office setting.

Fetal somatic growth trajectory differs by type of congenital heart disease.

BackgroundThe growth trajectories of common measurements, including estimated fetal weight (EFW), head circumference (HC), and abdominal circumference (AC), in fetuses with congenital heart disease (CHD) have not been described for different cardiac lesions. We hypothesized that (i) fetuses with CHD have differential growth in utero, and (ii) different categories of CHD demonstrate different in utero growth curves.MethodsWe performed a retrospective observational cohort study of pregnancies with known fetal...

Genome-wide significant locus for Research Diagnostic Criteria Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar type.

Studies have suggested that Research Diagnostic Criteria for Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar type (RDC-SABP) might identify a more genetically homogenous subgroup of bipolar disorder. Aiming to identify loci associated with RDC-SABP, we have performed a replication study using independent RDC-SABP cases (n = 144) and controls (n = 6,559), focusing on the 10 loci that reached a p-value

High Heart: A Role for Calcineurin Signaling in Hypoxia-Influenced Cardiac Growth.

Introduction to behavioral phenotypes in medical genetics.

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