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Validation of the Polish version of the Penn Alcohol Craving Scale (PACS).

The conducted studies were aimed at making a Polish adaptation of the Penn Alcohol Craving Scale (PACS) by B. Flannery and co-workers. The Scale is a self-assessment method, it comprises 5 statements, and is designed to assess alcohol craving experienced by a patient in a week prior to the examination.

Genome-wide association study of cognitive flexibility assessed by the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test.

Cognitive flexibility is a critical component of executive function and is strongly influenced by genetic factors. We conducted a genome-wide association study of cognitive flexibility (as measured by perseverative errors on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test) in two sets of African American (AA) and European American (EA) subjects (Yale-Penn-1: 1,411 AAs/949 EAs; Yale-Penn-2: 1,178 AAs/1,335 EAs). We examined the association of cognitive flexibility with genotyped or imputed SNPs across the genome. In AAs, tw...

The path forward for lignocellulose biorefineries: Bottlenecks, solutions, and perspective on commercialization.

Lignocellulose biorefinery encompasses process engineering and biotechnology tools for the processing of lignocellulosic biomass for the manufacturing of bio-based products (such as biofuels, bio-chemicals, biomaterials). While, lignocellulose biorefinery offers clear value proposition, success at industrial level has not been vibrant for the commercial production of renewable chemicals and fuels. This is because of high capital and operating expenditures, irregularities in biomass supply chain, technical p...

Physician Advance Care Planning Experiences and Beliefs by General Specialty Status and Sex.

Advance care planning (ACP) involvement could be substantially different by physician specialty or sex group, with implications for training and methods to increase ACP activities. The objective of this article is to compare primary care physicians (PCPs) and other specialty physicians and female compared with male physicians' views and interactions surrounding ACP.

Lumbar Discectomy Outcomes by Specialty: A Propensity-Matched Analysis of 7,464 Patients from the ACS-NSQIP Database.

To investigate the impact of surgeon specialty on 30-day postoperative complication rates for single-level lumbar discectomies.

Specializing in Specialty Drugs: A New Middleman Steps In.

Some companies are starting to challenge the hegemony of PBMs by trying go around them. Some of them contact Vivio Health, which says it can get employers the lowest cost for health care's current bête noire: specialty drug prices.

Clinical Pharmacy Services in a Multidisciplinary Specialty Pain Clinic.

To describe a model of clinical pharmacy services as part of a multidisciplinary specialty pain clinic by discussing 1) the role of a clinical pharmacist in a specialty setting, including clinical interventions implemented, and 2) how integration of a clinical pharmacist may translate into an improved patient care model for the management of chronic pain.


A systematic literature review was conducted to identify Hershberger bioassays for ~3200 chemicals including those used to validate the OECD/US EPA guideline assay, US EPA's chemicals screened for endocrine activity, and the library of chemicals run in US EPA 's ToxCast in vitro assays. For 134 chemicals that met pre-defined criteria, experimental results were extracted into a database used to characterize uncertainty in results and evaluate the concordance of the Hershberger assay with other in vivo rodent...

Tardiness of starts of surgical cases is not substantively greater when the preceding surgeon in an operating room is of a different versus the same specialty.

Switching from one specialty to another increases mean turnover times (i.e., interval between the exit and entrance of consecutive patients in an operating room [OR]). We estimate the effect on the mean tardiness of to-follow surgeons from following another surgeon of a different versus same specialty. Tardiness of a case's start time refers to the number of minutes the patient enters the OR later than scheduled; tardiness is 0 min if the patient enters early. Tardiness cause surgeon waiting. There are mu...

Reduced Cost Of Specialty Care Using Electronic Consultations For Medicaid Patients.

Specialty care accounts for a significant and growing portion of year-over-year Medicaid cost increases. Some referrals to specialists may be avoided and managed more efficiently by using electronic consultations (eConsults). In this study a large, multisite safety-net health center linked its primary care providers with specialists in dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, and orthopedics via an eConsult platform. Many consults were managed without need for a face-to-face visit. Patients who had an ...

Robotic weeders can improve weed control options for specialty crops.

Specialty crop herbicides are not a priority for the agrochemical industry, and many of these crops do not have access to effective herbicides. High-value fruit and vegetable crops represent small markets and high potential liability in case of herbicide-induced crop damage. Meanwhile, conventional and organic specialty crop producers are experiencing labor shortages and higher manual weeding costs. Robotic weeders are promising new weed control tools for specialty crops, because they are cheaper to develop...

Clinical Research Nursing: Awareness and Understanding Among Baccalaureate Nursing Students.

The American Nurses Association recognizes the specialty practice of Clinical Research Nursing, but many new nurses are unaware of the specialty and lack knowledge to effectively interact with research teams.

Endpoint sensitivity in Amphibian Metamorphosis Assay.

The Amphibian Metamorphosis Assay (AMA) is a screening test for detecting chemicals with thyroid activity. There is little experience in data interpretation and in using AMA data for screening, testing and identifying endocrine disruptors. To investigate the sensitivity of different endpoints of the AMA, the publically available data for 57 thyroid active and inactive chemicals were compiled and analyzed. Endpoints body weight and length appeared as sensitive as apical thyroid responsive endpoints hind limb...

A Case of Late Spontaneous Post-Radial Keratotomy Corneal Perforation Managed With Specialty Lenses.

To describe a case of spontaneous wound dehiscence 29 years after radial keratotomy (RK) and to illustrate how specialty contact lenses were used for tectonic support and optic correction.

Tenure Appointments for Faculty of Clinical Departments at U.S. Medical Schools: Does Specialty Designation Make a Difference?

To describe differences and trends among clinical specialty departments in the number and percentage of tenure-related appointments for full-time faculty.

Long-term exposure to chemicals in sewage sludge fertilizer alters liver lipid content in females and cancer marker expression in males.

The increased incidence of diseases, including metabolic syndrome and infertility, may be related to exposure to the mixture of chemicals, which are ubiquitous in the modern environment (environmental chemicals, ECs). Xeno-detoxification occurs within the liver which is also the source of many plasma proteins and growth factors and plays an important role in the regulation of homeostasis.

Tough decisions in medical specialty camps: Relationships between camp dosage, outcomes, and camper attendance.

Medical specialty camps play a significant role in the lives of the youth they serve. These camps have been found to improve self-determination in campers, to develop camper skills in managing a disability or coping with a diagnosis, and to provide campers with respite/escape from the challenges associated with their disability or diagnosis. Youth attending medical specialty camps are often funded through full or partial scholarships, mitigating a significant constraint to their participation. These resourc...

Building a Multidisciplinary Hospital-Based Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Program: Nuts and Bolts.

A nationwide trend toward "centers of excellence" for medical and surgical care has led to development and scrutiny of high-volume surgical specialty centers. The prevalence of hernias and the complexity of successful repair have led to the establishment of specialty practices. Herein we review and discuss the components of the successful establishment of a tertiary hernia referral center.

Serum polyfluoroalkyl chemicals are associated with risk of cardiovascular diseases in national US population.

Perfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFCs) as possible cardiovascular disrupters are universally detected in humans. However, evidence from epidemiological studies appears insufficient and ambiguous.

The roles of radio-functional natural chemicals for the development of cancer radiation therapy.

Ionizing radiation (IR) targeted at killing cancer cells also damages normal human cells and tissues through oxidative stress. Thus, the practical treatment of cancer using radiation therapy (RT) is sometimes limited because of the acute side effects in individual patients. In addition, some radioresistant cancers are difficult to treat with limited doses of IR, which leads to treatment failure. Natural chemicals that have unique physiological functions and low toxicity offer significant advantages for the ...

Chemical use in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

The semiconductor industry is known to use a number of chemicals, but little is known about the exact chemicals used due to the ingredients being kept as a trade secret.

Chemical carcinogenicity revisited 1: A unified theory of carcinogenicity based on contemporary knowledge.

Developments in the understanding of the etiology of cancer have profound implications for the way the carcinogenicity of chemicals is addressed. This paper proposes a unified theory of carcinogenesis that will illuminate better ways to evaluate and regulate chemicals. In the last four decades, we have come to understand that for a cell and a group of cells to begin the process of unrestrained growth that is defined as cancer, there must be changes in DNA that reprogram the cell from normal to abnormal. Can...

Variation in Outpatient Antibiotic Dispensing for Respiratory Infections in Children by Clinician Specialty and Treatment Setting.

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for children with acute respiratory infections (ARIs). This study describes the distribution of ARI diagnoses and specifically quantifies antibiotic dispensing for bronchitis and upper respiratory infection (URI) by treatment setting and specialty.

New approaches to cope with possible harms of low-dose environmental chemicals.

Low-dose environmental chemicals including endocrine-disrupting chemicals can disturb endocrine, nervous and immune systems. Traditional chemical-focused approaches, strict regulation and avoidance of exposure sources, can help protect humans from individual or several chemicals in the high-dose range, but their value in the low-dose range is questionable. First, exposure sources to problematic environmental chemicals are omnipresent, and many common pollutants present no safe level. In this situation, the ...

Workplace violence by specialty among Peruvian medical residents.

To determine the prevalence of workplace violence among Peruvian medical residents and to evaluate the association between medical specialty and workplace violence per type of aggressor.

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