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During Cycling What Limits Maximum Mechanical Power Output at Cadences above 120 rpm?

A key determinant of muscle coordination and maximum power output during cycling is pedalling cadence. During cycling the neuromuscular system may select from numerous solutions that solve the task demands while producing the same result. For more challenging tasks fewer solutions will be available. Changes in the variability of individual muscle excitations (EMG) and multi-muscle coordination, quantified by entropic half-life (EnHL), can reflect the number of solutions available at each system level. We th...

The sick artist: from suffering to artwork.

Recent Research in Science Teaching and Learning.

The feature is designed to introduce life science educators and researchers to current articles of interest in other social science and education journals. In this installment, I highlight three diverse research studies: one exploring classroom talk and how it impacts conceptual learning; one identifying a unique influence on evolution acceptance: statistical understanding; and the last a genetics lesson that reduces racial bias.

Potential and limits of a colloid approach to protein solutions.

Looking at globular proteins with the eyes of a colloid scientist has a long tradition, in fact a significant part of the early colloid literature was focused on protein solutions. However, it has also been recognized that proteins are much more complex than the typical hard sphere-like synthetic model colloids. Proteins are not perfect spheres, their interaction potentials are in general not isotropic, and using theories developed for such particles are thus clearly inadequate in many cases. In this perspe...

Development of the BioCalculus Assessment (BCA).

We describe the development and initial validity assessment of the 20-item BioCalculus Assessment (BCA), with the objective of comparing undergraduate life science students' understanding of calculus concepts in different courses with alternative emphases (with and without focus on biological applications). The development process of the BCA included obtaining input from a large network of scientists and educators as well as students in calculus and biocalculus courses to accumulate evidential support of th...

Multi-start heuristic approaches for one-to-one pickup and delivery problems with shortest-path transport along real-life paths.

The One-to-one Pickup and Delivery Problem with Shortest-path Transport along Real-life Paths (OPDPSTRP) is presented in this paper. It is a variation of the One-to-one Pickup and Delivery Problem (OPDP), which is common in daily life, such as the Passenger Train Operation Plans (PTOP) and partial Taxi-sharing Problem. Unlike the classical OPDP, in the OPDPSTRP, (1) each demand must be transported along the shortest path according to passengers/shippers requirements, and (2) each vehicle should travel along...

Key insights, tools and future prospects on oyster shell end-of-life: a critical analysis of sustainable solutions.

Oyster farming represents one of the most developed aquaculture activities, producing delicacies unfortunately related to a direct accumulation of waste shells. Facing what is becoming an environmental issue, chemists are currently developing solutions to add value to this wild source of raw material in line with the principles of sustainable chemistry. An argumentative overview of this question is proposed here with a focus on recent data. Starting with a presentation of the environmental impact of oyster ...

Innovative Assisted Living Tools, Remote Monitoring Technologies, Artificial Intelligence-Driven Solutions, and Robotic Systems for Aging Societies: Systematic Review.

The increase in life expectancy and recent advancements in technology and medical science have changed the way we deliver health services to the aging societies. Evidence suggests that home telemonitoring can significantly decrease the number of readmissions, and continuous monitoring of older adults' daily activities and health-related issues might prevent medical emergencies.

Correction to Mutual Effects of Pb(II) and Humic Acid Adsorption on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes/Polyacrylamide Composites from Aqueous Solutions.

A comprehensive analysis of cooking solutions co-benefits at household level: Healthy lives and well-being, gender and climate change.

Three billion people (>40% of the world's population) lack access to clean cooking solutions, including 2.5 billion people that still rely on the traditional use of biomass for cooking. In urban contexts, the rate of access to clean cooking solutions is normally higher than in rural contexts due to greater availability of these solutions. The relevance of providing access to clean cooking solutions (SDG 7) is linked to several associated co-benefits that contribute to a wide range of Sustainable Development...

Explaining the spatial variation in American life expectancy.

Since 1980, average life expectancy in the United States has increased by roughly five years; however, in recent years it has been declining. At the same time, spatial variation in life expectancy has been growing. To explore reasons for this trend, some researchers have focused on morbidity factors, while others have focused on how mortality trends differ by personal characteristics. However, the effect community characteristics may play in expanding the spatial heterogeneity has not yet been fully explore...

A second life for cigarette butts? A review of recycling solutions.

Trillions of cigarettes are smoked annually making cigarette butts one of the most common types of litter in the world. Due to the materials and toxic substances that they contain, this waste carries a very harmful risk for the environment and for living organisms (including humans). Only a few - barely sustainable - solutions have tried to tackle this waste and alternative solutions to landfilling and incineration are needed. Identifying the best methodological solutions and technologies for recycling this...

Paraxial optical fields whose intensity pattern skeletons are stable caustics.

We construct exact solutions to the paraxial wave equation in free space characterized by stable caustics. First, we show that any solution of the paraxial wave equation can be written as the superposition of plane waves determined by both the Hamilton-Jacobi and Laplace equations in free space. Then using the five elementary stable catastrophes, we construct solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi and Laplace equations, and the corresponding exact solutions of the paraxial wave equation. Therefore, the evolution ...

Profile of Dr. Jia Fan.

SOX30 is a prognostic biomarker and chemotherapeutic indicator for advanced-stage ovarian cancer

The authors and journal apologize for errors in the above paper, which appeared in volume 26 part 3, pages 303–319. The errors relate to the legend of Fig. 1A on page 307 and the artwork of Fig. 8D on page 316:

Coping and Life Satisfaction - Mediating Role of Ego-Resiliency in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis


Ego-resiliency is attributed a status of meta resource responsible for a flexible selection of coping strategies depending on requirements of a specific difficult situation. One of the considerably burdensome critical life events is developing a chronic illness such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Apart from coping with the symptoms, fundamental tasks faced by a patient include maintaining high life satisfaction. This raises the question of whether ego-resiliency serves the function of a mediator between copi...

Profile of Dr. Xiao-Fan Wang.

Admiring Dan's Creation.

Dan Callahan never tired of probing the fundamental ethical question that Socrates asked, "How should we live?" The investigation animated him. He asked, Can we, for a moment, set aside our preoccupation with better health and a longer life and think together about what we want those things for ? Can we explore what a good life consists in? It turned out there was no better alibi for asking that fundamental question than taking up the seemingly more manageable ones that were arising in the context of emergi...

The Hofmeister series: Specific ion effects in aqueous polymer solutions.

Specific ion effects in aqueous polymer solutions have been under active investigation over the past few decades. The current state-of-the-art research is primarily focused on the understanding of the mechanisms through which ions interact with macromolecules and affect their solution stability. Hence, we herein first present the current opinion on the sources of ion-specific effects and review the relevant studies. This includes a summary of the molecular mechanisms through which ions can interact with pol...

Comparative assessment of sewage sludge disposal alternatives in Mashhad: a life cycle perspective.

Municipal wastewater treatment facilities produce a lot of sludge which is concentrated with different pollutants. The sustainable design of the sludge disposal alternatives is of crucial importance for touristic cities like Mashhad in Iran. Increasing sludge generation and its accumulation in the city and more stringent legislations highlight the challenge of sludge disposal, recently. This study compares different alternatives to reach maximum possible environmental benefits as well as the most cost-effec...

Use of catheter maintenance solutions by community nursing staff: an assessment.

This article discusses catheter maintenance solutions, the way they are supposed to be used and the way they actually are being used in primary and community care in the UK. It discusses the knowledge that community nursing staff have regarding these solutions and the need for further education. Appropriate assessment from a suitably trained individual is recommended, resulting in both usage and cost being dramatically decreased, offering more appropriate management and the likelihood of decreasing the inci...

Late-onset laryngeal paralysis: Owner perception of quality of life and cause of death.

Late-onset laryngeal paralysis (LoLP) is an idiopathic disease of older dogs, and is common in the Labrador Retriever. Owner perspective of how LoLP affects their pet's quality of life (QOL), the degree to which LoLP is perceived to be a life-limiting disease, and how a glottic opening procedure affects these perceptions is not known.

Subjective Well-Being Around the World: Trends and Predictors Across the Life Span.

Using representative cross-sections from 166 nations (more than 1.7 million respondents), we examined differences in three measures of subjective well-being over the life span. Globally, and in the individual regions of the world, we found only very small differences in life satisfaction and negative affect. By contrast, decreases in positive affect were larger. We then examined four important predictors of subjective well-being and how their associations changed: marriage, employment, prosociality, and lif...

Understanding Continuity and Change in a Life: The Roles of Science and Fishbowls.

Pathways linking combinations of early-life adversities to adult mortality: Tales that vary by gender.

Socioeconomic disadvantage, family instability, and abuse are widely studied early-life adversities (ELAs) that may co-occur in the lives of many. The detrimental effects of these adversities may result in elevated risk of mortality in midlife and old age.

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